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'^■■^ --"■I- 

\ f'm ii ''j? >i lF 

Colognes and Hand- 
kerchief Extracts 

Fiom France and Germany. Ju»t re- 
celvetl. See our ■\vlnilnw. 

0«mpb«U's Fr«aorlptioa ator*. 




Wellington Colliery Co. Goal 

U3 2 Qovernment 8t Phon« St. 


VOL. CHI,. NO. 219 





Hall Marked 


"Stlver is 

h n W 1 1 1 L!' 

sive one. 
this line, ymi 
that are relial' 

\ Mall-Mirkcd Sterling 
a most xlivcrsrficd and conijjrchen- 
W'lu 11 "purchasing any article in 
c-as^rctl of c^^eliing goods 





Young Man Locked Up- at Tacoma 

After Artnouncing Intention to 

Kill Himself. 

Representatives of British Co- 
lumbia and' Alberta ill Con- 
vention at Vancouver Pass 
Various ResalutioRg" 



Hall Marked Goods Guarantees 
Highest OuaUty 

And can be had in Tea Sets, Salt and Pep- 
per Shakers. Book M^rlcs^ Book Knives, 

Candle Stic^^, i» fe<^^ 2^t^i«^ J^^ ^^ <^ 

sire. ' ■- ■ 



Challoner & Mitchell Co., Ltd. 

jewellers 1017 Goverritnent Street 

'-Standing Committee to- be Ap- 
I pointed to Deal With De- 
I tails— Co.mmission •Agents 
Come Under RevieVi/ 

T A CO MA,- Auk 

moot you' In J-feiiven 

mH. :;9l,h street, Ii^lnnupolls. ' AfU^r 
iiOTirlliiiK tliic above ni*i:«fiKe on a scrap ot 
imper on TucsiUiy nlKht, Clyde llllcli- 
(.•■ick, u clf'S|"ind<^nt yi)Uti|B; nut-n, InllmiUeii 
tlmt he wii.s boIhk to. Hiilcltic A \>o\\v^ 
offloor WiiK notified, with Ihc result that 
HltolH'ook was taken tf police lieudiiuar- 
\f.v». a hottli; of c!irbo|lC *toid wim takfn 
from tho hosoni of hl!#Mlnrl i,inil he ^vaR 
looked up for safe kfteplnK. That' the 
imlfortviuatn man Ik di'atiKod 1h evident 
hy hi.s ranihlInK and 'incoherent stute- 
nient about his anti^:edent«. He In- 
' form.s the offlcer.H tliaj lie han been hid- 
I lag in the bru.sli for i&o >fars and that 
I he has run several races with pa-saenner 
ii-alnii. All day yesterday ho >jtood at the 
KratInK of b*-" <'«'l staring into space 
with a vacant expression and repeating 
that-he desired to die. He will be taken 
before a lunacy commlBsion in the su- 
l>ei4or cpurt, and an of foi-t^^ wTrf~be madii 
ii> communicate wjtli hLs- mother. 

IK: — "Dear iuoIIkm-, 1 
t3ofl bb'Hs you. I will 
en.fbut I am dyinu in 


Contract for Construction' of 
Another 35 Miles Awarded' 
— rWork Proceeding on Othe 



i VANCOUVER. Aug. 1«— Better trade 

relations and lower freight rate.s be- 
I twecn the prairie provincfs and Brit- 
I Ish Columbia were the ■ - of dlB-l^^r 

I cus.slon and of.ttctipn a! ' ''''.5.t''^" 

j which opeuetl here toOax and'YvTlI 
j close tomorrow of the United Farmers' 
of yVlberta ;nid British ji::'0lumbiu rep- 
resentatives of agriculture and com- 
I merce. Contrary- to expectation, Mr. 
Scott, deputy minister ot agriculture, 
did not arrive. 

The,, chief rcsolutipn adopted ex- 
pre-ssed fhe conviction that "excesaive 

Miners' Killed nt Phoenix." 

i'Uui.'i,Nix, 1-;, I'.. AuK. IS.- Mike 
Bauer ai^^ 1>7 Hainan were rtinnlnp; a 
m(ichlne....a-ts.;Ul.tL_S-nc>wahoe . rnine. when 
witliout -warXlnB a lars.- citiantTt^Tof 
rock caved in, carrying the m*n .and ma- 
chinery <1own to the slopes below. Both 
bodies were recovered in irlghtfully 
mauKled condition. \Botb men were, ex- 
) Tnlauau-^-JaKUerJiM. a brother 
in > a. and~H£lnSn It^av e a a Twlfe.' 

Company Has Authority to Ex- 
tend Line Through MouTF 
tains io Connect With th'^ 
C, P. K. Main Line 

Cruiser Rainbow Sails: 
r,OXDON, Aug.. 18.— Admiral Kings 
mill inspected the Canadian cruiser 
Rainbow, which nailed from Portsmouth 
today on her long Journey to Esuut-' 
malt. She is the first British warslrip 
in many years that has left port \vlth- 

froi«ht rates are 8erlously hlnderlng>out a. "gtPX, tU^ 

Practically all ,+lu> 


The Store That Serves You Bea»^ 

Bouncing Bargains 

for — 

Today and Saturday 





j)C'r box, Fri(|ay arifl Saturday, $i.oo, $1.50. 
..........'.....'. ■ ........ Si. ^)o 

J^-lh. sackj Friday and Satur^lay. . .25c 

Fancy . 

.'?i.25.and -. 
Rowat'.s lyime Jtiice Cordial. Friday 'a|i<i Saturday, per b' t 

tic .i; ,;;*,,».. »■,,.,:, f25C 

Prune Plums, per crate, Friday and "Satttirday $1.00, 

Toi<ay Grapes, also Mtiscatcl Grapes. Friday and Saturday. 
per basket .; . iV; '.. .i^. ...... . .50c 

and diminishing the interchange of I crew are teetotallers but liberal mess- 
nrodi*t» uTKier present i:.onditlons and I Ihij nrranRements hav.^ been made for 
retarding future developments in both) tliem. Lord Strathco^a b*a- presented 



• * « ■« » •*• • • •-ft'# f * • • w 




Independent Grocers, 1317 Government Street 

Tie^« 5«S^5^r5^^ •"-"^- - - Liquor Dept. Tel. 1590 

Albert^ and BrltlKh Columbia, and It 
is further the conviction of this n^eet- 
Ing that a aubstantlial reduction In 
rates -should be effected, which will not 
only be of the" Importance and 
bcnetlt to the producers and consum- 
ers of these provinces, but to the rall- 
waj' conipaniea." fopies of this reso- 
lution will be sent to the presldent.s of 
th^ ,C. P. R., O. N. R., C. X. R. an.l 
(J. '^\ P. lind to Mr. NVhyte. reauesting 
that a meeting bo arraaged at a date 
to be agreed upoii. 

A staHjling committee of three rep' 
reaentatiy^s t^ach of Albarta and Brit- 
ish ('olumbift will be appointed to 
work out the. dotaiia covering Jfettcr 
trade ^ relatloii.s 'between the two 
provinef»H. The ixonveiitlon also recom- 
m. ■ • - hment in ■ both 

pV' of.|)ul'llc abat- 

toir.«, .nil. I I.;, iiic im4^niclpalitie8 or by 
the provincial govi-rrnnenta, "^tinder 
government inspection. 

On motion of Mr. Crerar, president 
of the 'Manitoba, tlraln C.^owRrs• as- 

plate to' the officers. 




McCandless Bros. & Gathcart 

555 Johnson Street - Victoria, B. C. 

j ' ' ' , Positively No Cpedlt. 

Federations rv^ay Unite 
l.\DIA.\Al'Oiil.S, Ihd., Aug. 18.— 
With aulet restored,! the conferen,oe 
rpgardinx the atriUatiBn oi^ the West- 
ern Federation of J.r|nPrH and the 
United Mine Workerstof America was 
continued today. The?delegates o£ the 
two orjranlxatlnns ^w- considering 
every pluiae of the proposed Amalfia.- 
matlon. UeaderH of the a8sf)clation.s 
declared today tlmt al];,Qi»8taclea have 
been removed, and &jt the combin- 
ation of the two b.dles would tnlte 
pi£\(ee without further difficulty. 

VANCOtlVBR, Aug. 18.— A contract 
for the extension of the KetUe Valley 
railway line from Rock Creeii to Bull 
creek, on the wes.t fork of the Kettk; 
river, a distance of .1.i miles, has been 
a ward ed lei I... M. Rice -& Co., con- 
tractors of Vancouver and Seattle. The 
gra.le has already been coitipleted 
from Midway west for ten miles. Con- 
struction 'work will be started within 
three weeks. J. J. Warren, of Toronto, 
president of the railway compa«.y, has 
left here for .Midway. — - 

\ Tlie building of a ?5-pille section of 
th^ same road ■ from Merrltt south 
through the Nicola Valley Is now In 
pr.igress. The company has, author- 
ity to extend its line from a. point 
iouthof M*n«itt- across the Hope moun- 
tains to Ruby Creek, below Hope. At 
Ruby Creek, after bridging the Fraser 
river, coivnectloh will be established 
with the Canadian Pacific railway, 
whose tracik# it already connects with 

I ..iidwa.v and Merrltt. The distance 
froth Midway to-Rttby Creek is about 
271 miles. 

Bv meat!* of lt8 . connections the 
Kettle Valley route will afford as di- 
rect a line— between the coast and the 
KootenavTs as. the V. V, & E. railway. 


Accident Results in Serious Injuries 
to Mrs. John Wolfe and Mr. Saun- 
ders, Clerk of Burnaby. 

>;EVV WKSTMlNSTl^K, .\ii-' 1- 
A rcuiarkabie accident whi. h i' - 
stilli'd- in ser|ou.s injurle.s i" c I'. 
Saundera, .clerk -of the nuinni)' ' iii ;■ "i 
Buruiiby, and which 'la tb.e. cause, of 
Mrs. .loliu Wolfe, of the Irljortb road, 
lying in the Royal Columblau liosi)ltiil 
with' one leg ■ fracturtid, happe.i.ed 
• about; (i or 7 o'clock Tuesday night. 
Q.. T. Sttunder.s, who has l)pen vis- 
iting \\\ 111" r<- i'l' I i .I'din W'nll'e,' 

and M r.v \\ .■!!' . .-. -.'i • i ■ i uriiiiir, Irom 
.\'ew WcMtmiiister. -'I'hey w..'re driv- 
ing on the new Yale mad arid when 
they had reached" tlio.—Xork§.. bridge, 
which spans a small ravine about 'a 
mile from the end dnheTV'??atminster 
bridge, the cayuse they -were ..driving 
became frightened and backed up, -the 
carriage, ocoui)anls and horse iilung- 
ing about eighteen feet to ih.' li.iltom 
oFihe gully. 

The... horse fell on tli" v'^n-^h bank 
of the ravine and was instantly killed. 
Both Mr. Saunders and Mrs., Wolfe 
were rendered unconscious, but after 
half an hour or two they partially re- 
viv ftd . -yB-y falling partly under the 
buggy . they were saved from being 
crushed to death by -the horse. 

Mrs. Wotfe hiwl owe of her legs 
broken imd Saunders was suffering 
from internal, injuries, but they man- 
aged to crawl up the steep bank of 
the ravine and— then struggle along 
the road for about half a mile before . 
they were discovered. 

To the unfortunate victims of the 
accident it seemed that no one would 
ever come, but after almost"^ three 
hours of unendurable agony a couple 
cf rigs came unexpecteidly to the 
rescufe.; Saunders, who _w'a8 the most 
serlou.sly hurt, was taken at once to 
St. Mary's hospital and' Mrs. Wolfe 
was taken to her home. 

Yesterday It was found advisable to 
take Mrs. Wolfe to the Royal Colutji,- 
blan hospital where she isi resting 

C. T. Saunders is In St. Mary's hos- 
pital, conscious but very weak. It Is 
supposed that he has some ribs 
broken, but the shock to his nervotis 
system has been so great that the 
doctors have not yet made a thor- 
ough examination and are allowing 
him' to rest. He Is in a very serious 
condition, but there is no immediate 


Lockout at Winnipeg 
. WINNIPEa. Aug. 18.— .Xotlce was 
served today oil union labor employees 
In the building trades in Winnipeg 
that a lockout would be enforced by 
the biiildlng contractors tomorrow. 
Thousands of men will be affected; 


^ ISSUES f m 

Sir Willric 

Laurier Heard i^y' 
Thousands at Meeting Un- 
der Auspices of Liberal As- 


Domi-nion's Premier Claims 
His Policies Are the Best 

•> for Canada — The Other 
Speakers :: 

.Afled, Ijbviers Wed 

TA'Cf^SlA, A.n.fT 1 «.— Conquering 



soclation,. a resolution was added, that 
the permanent >(tanding eoranllttec be 
requested to secure the co-operation ot 
the grain growers of Manitoba '^iid 
Saskatchewan and associations In the, 
four western provinces, on an^-' point* 
which will assist them In this woi?4f. 

ITpot) the question of bonding /and 
licensltig commission agreementjt. Mr. 
Crerar, warmly supported the «ugges-, 
tlon thau the rul&a that apply to those 
who sell,, grain oit corr^mission should 
be extended to dealerri ii> hay, fruit 
and other farm produce tWat was sub- 
ject to- inspection. Mr. Aga.isiz of the 
B. . C. l-'ariners' Institute a,gre7ed, and 
said that the farmerw of lirltish Co- 
lumbia .suffered considerably from 
curlWtmie agents /who Tn:flered ship- 
ments for whlch'they never paid the 
farmer ii cent. It was 8b in fruit, said 
Mr. Lawrence/ of Kamloops.-^ Prom 
AlbTnTTE" oan>e the .same complaints 
with regaV<f ttf "shipments of hay to 
Vanfouve|« .". ■ , 

Before, a resolution on the^. subject 
was p^fjod Mr. Crei-ar pointed out 

obstacles atid laughing lightly at 
opposltto^t of daughters, the scruples 
of minl^ter.s and the hertitancy of cata- 
tioua/riTSTIcrs. W. B. Henton. 79. and 
Kltfier Symonda, 4.S. have ended their 
brief courtship of two months with 
hilssful marriage. Under the shade of 
,^in old aptde tree near Btlrton yester- 
day. Justice Archer, of King co\mty. 
scorning the petty stumbling blocks 
that have hindered the feet of the lov- 
ing couple, utterofl the magic words 
ttiftt bound the two In weiidPTt union. 

' Prisoner Cooitnita Suicide. 
WiNNl.PICU., A>;k. 18.-t-.\ jury vva.s 
empanelled uu.ler Coroner Tnglls last 
night to InvestlRate the death of .fas. 
A. Anight, ftirhipr. of Rosewood, ar- 
reate<f for the attempted murder of hie 
wife and wb"~^"i>urcbased poison and 
committed auiddc while in custody. The 
jury reciimmended a pharihaceulical act 
regarding the salB.- of polHons and 
charged '.that the constable In charge 
of the deceased lacked fsufflclent knowl= 
edge of his duty and that' the chief at 


S0an[srC'"haplaTn to. .be Prose- 
cuted for Attack on Pre- 
mier—Statements and De- 
nials Afe Numerous ' 

provincial police should See J hat his 
that the bonding of commlBslon agents jm«t^ «r«-t»r*>p*rly , instructed. 

was'/almost necessarily coupled wtlh | ' ♦■ 

sop^f^e sort of inspection, .otherwise 
there was no one to decide between 
rh^ shipper and the agent as 


An eminent ga.siruiu)ini.>.t rcmarked:"XQ invite a piirsQii 
fo your house is to take charge of his happiness; as 1on_g as 
he is beneath your roof," 

grading of a particular shipment 
nally a resolution wa« adopted asking; 
the provincial governments of British ' 
Columbia and Alberta to enact a uni- 
form law, licensing and .'bonding all 
cohimlsslon merchants handlingT^any 
kind of farm produce, the provisions to 
be along the lines laid down In the 
Manitoba* grain act for the licensing 
and bonding . of grain! commiaslon 
merchants. " _ r •«. 

~The <|uostion Of Igradlng and utancir 
ardizatlon of hay will be discussed to- 
morro\v. Secretary Krcam said the 
Domlnicin Act regarding thi.«( matter 
wa«i not properly enforced, arid ai.plied 
to the East rather than the Wciji.' 1I<» 
thought that the' convention sjiould 
draft' regulations which would estab- 
lish th*' standard of (uiallth'?. '»!'*'' siil)- 
mlt them to the Pederal gpverhmenTr 
"The hay should be. in.spected, and un 
der stuh a system -he believed that hay 



Zioses His Memory. 

LONDON. Aug. 18.— A man who Bays 
he is .Tohn E. Drexel is an Inmate of .St. 
eorge's Infirmary and Is .suffering 
either from loss of memory or from 
illusions. It Is evldenr that he > ha-* 
traveled In British Colu'iTibla, as the 
('lothea' he is wearing. w^£fi .bought In 
Vancouver. . • »w,~, •- ' 

l^ulu Island Land Deal. 
VANCOtJTKR, "Aug. IS.— A local syn- 
dicate ha« disposed of a valuable' land 
holding on Lulu island t<i Alvo yon 
Alvenaleben. Ltd. .. The . property con-1 
slsts of 16.0 acres. 'beinK section 27, 
block 4 north, range 7 west. Lulu Islonil. 
The price paid wa.«i J.'7 ihmi at tht- int.; 
of $4r>0 an acre. • 

Fighting Fire in Oregon 
MEI>FORD, Ore.. Aug. 18.— P^orty 
men under the direction of Supervisor 
M. L. Erii-kson, of th<s Crater national 
forest reserve, are desvierately iTghtlng 
today to check the forest Area which 
are raging alxiut the base of Mount 


MADRID. Aug. 18.— The» gbvetn- 
nient has ordered the proeeciitioh of 
Chaplalu Gillln, of the chapel royal, 
for (I seditious sermon recently preach- 
ed by him. in which he called Premier 
Canalejas "a little Clemeitcean." ', ,_.„,,, . 

ROME; Aug. IH.^The Vatican is McLaughlin about 35 ",'1'*^» f»«\,^^.., 
iro«t h.iHv l,Hiilnff denials of state- this city. They, are meeting with little 
Stsgiv^n out by 'irSterCanaltL success. howTVrrr^e greatest damage 
^nd his supporters with reference to i.wrought-iry he fire "l'. "'^' ^^^J J 
the controversy between church ^Ad U^^Sl^o.^ ^^c tlmi>er, which la veo 
state. .TTe«« denials take the r^t^f vy -n th,.s sec hm^^^ It Is fear- 

o_r articles prlnt,^^ In ^^^ ^-^---\\%ft^J,ZZT' 
orgATts: ' 

The Obscrvatoce Romano 

damage Med- 

of last 


evening comments 'on a recently pub- 
lished InterNMew with a former Span- ] 
Ish minister at Rome, who was quoted j 
as .saying that the papal secretary of<j 
state was not opposed. to the bill deal- ( 
ing : with religious _j;ongregatlons. j 
"t'ardlnal M^rry del Val," says the j 
pMper. never expressed adhesion to 
the hill, the text of which he knew 
only through the Madrid papers." 

^Statistics Indicate That Out- 
break is Serious — Thirty- 
three Deaths and Many New 
Cases in One Province 

^ 10 flNiSH FLIGHT 

Advance In Sugar Prices 
NEW YftRK, Attg. 18.— All grades 
of .refined sugar were advanced ten 
cents a hundred pounds todays Some 
grades were advanced 20 cents. arc especially realizing- juSt. now 
the truth of this saying "and they Have carfied outfits be- 
hest with snfrcess» as far|^«'wine$ are concerned, selecting in 
champagne's the very best, a<i4:|>«i'e?*/^J^^^^ & Co.'s 

uririvalled ban^s,, At all tjfeeliigh^clasA dinners and import- 
an t fu ncii o u s th a t liave. ta ken place in Victoria recentfynt) — 
inferior champagnes have bi < n (.ffi n d to 'guests: G, 'H-.-.' 
^Ininm *'\' Coi's famous, "Extra 1 mv." "Scl. ct.ed'Brtit,*' 6t' "' 

"Gordon Ilou.c:c" ba\(' liccti ii'~.('<r ( xrlnsivcly, , Thie' tllOSt 
'"[Palates and mo.'^r^'V-n-iiiN c ijii^-fr 

BARI, Italy. Aug. 18.— 'The- latest re- 
port on the out'brcakr of Asiatic chol- 
■Wbuld .figure" afl, largely a"^' grain in the i era In the province of Bari Delle 

TTCtlA-ltles of manT'' "All rerta~fmTHnwrs4=-=;XUljdlglate 

,- ♦• — '■ ■ itleaths. ■"' - "'—."■, :,." " ' 

,, JEWELRY RECOVERED ! Blscegiler'two at Sarletta.' three at 

iTlrinitopoli, orVe .fatal case at Ope, five 

Robber of Los Angeles Pawn Shop-j ra.tes and two, dc;atbai.:at Marglierlta, 
Arrested and Part of Booty land one-^fleatlv at i^lerignola. — . — 

.Empire Day. 

I„ONi;>«:)N, Aug. 18. — 'The secretary of 

(he Hinrplrc I>ay movement reports that 

Empire Day would 'have been celebrated 

T» a ' 'for n' i or o-^««tended-.'!ma« n <i i ; Hiau tit 

previous years if It-had not been for the 
dentil of Kinp. Edward. Arrangrements 
had been made'Wheroby 7,85l),000' schol- 
(,>! ni"T "I'igT"'*'''""* i»r:i i^n rfwiiaa 

Accidents to His Aeroplane 
. Keep Him From Reaching 
London— Gets Much Credit 
Frq["n Newspapers ': ■ 

LOl'i'lroX "Aug. 18.-^John Moissaht, 
Anicrlcan-.SpatiiHh aviator, atternpteil to 
continue his flight from Tillmanstone to ,„^^,.^„,„,, 

•TTTsnBrpf^frc^nipeUed him i<, pMJTmre ^^^^^^^ ^^ 

Fotind In. Chicago. 

-CiHlCAOO, Aug, IS,— Jewelry valued 

Montreal. Tragedy 
MINTBEAL, Augiist 18. — Crazed 

cnt ir:il 



II rl.i- 

'itlKMiJ. any 




i- ' '! iin])U'a^;u 
iiT'iniincnt liaminct it 

linns c;in use thcscx 
.al't-fi'-i'ffects. X(i 

at about $2,000 said to have been part ' .tcalousy, John ()'Koefe, laborer, 1350 
. . ,: \i ;. , ,. -. \r "LoKan V«treeL shot his wile and then 

ot the bootV stolen from a pswu Bhop 1 1;'«_^.;^ tht- revolvet on himself and 

in L,oa Angeles ,jvas —roeuvored last ; <,xinunltted sulcl'dTc— The tragedy hap- 
night by defectives, followintr Ihclponed ourly I" tho ntorning, O'Keofo 

s old. I i,nd his wife rtceiniled the house with 
ery.Q.f.Laii(Ulior faiTiily, and it Is, thought 'the 


i\\'-;i -< 

. 1 L I ■ 

lays IS 


tlo il 


line, ,,tbi. 

II. .Mil 
I. li;.inii)a.i 


'.'iser, wholesale atrents for 

toria, ■N^^ancouver, Nelson 

arrest of Bsirry J. N(,i,u" 
The latter confessed to ■ 

the pn wuliroker. '"^ • i.-l. ilie 

pawnshop tiretendin* • ,v:int'(i 

to p\n"<'h:ise sunn- .j. ,.,ii\." ^iiiij 
N;tu\vt'> l.fiMit. [{ohMM,' .As til-' t^-'- n- 

',r' il'.'''' '■ •' ■ : ; ■ 'ii;-i:i;; . , , . I : ;it 

^t t I -.iV ■■•■ 1 )ll.C:i, )u\ ...111: :> ■ !' ■ ■ k 

Jhljuliver the head \)i1th 
-(vas made uhconscioii:^ 
aragRed him into aroji-r rji- 
■vve brutnd and gttgged him," 


M-Tyor Gil y nor Doinq WrII 
i ■ VOUK, Aucu- 
i,;t,vii"i pa.saed a good iii,;,.; ai.u ,x.i.-< 
nmfortable, the physicians said this 
morning, after tlToy cauu' from,, the 
sick room. The report ^vas circulated 
that the lodgment of the bullet in the 
iliroat was canning iiaraly8iH„htit this, 
the RttendiuB! phjTilcians miOTi whs not 

.'ther man paid too mucli attention to 
( t'Keefe'H wife. The first intimntlon 
ih;ii anything was wrong >yas a ringing 
s'mi uiilch er.ded the w<Mnan's life, and 
[then anotber a nilriute later ^yhv.•n the, 
ninrderer com|nitted suicide, Whiin 
arrived they -foitad the 

Vancouver Wins 
VANCOUVER, A^gr-18.— Vancouver 
bent Westminster tonight at West- 
minster ' and: cinched the provincial 
rimnleiJr"t;Tininpl<ln8hlp. The Royals 
.ippeared to have the game won till 

the last- qtvartePi when Vancouver 

came through and -scored , three I.t 
quick succession. Westmjnster led 
at the end of the third by; 4 goals to 
2. Klnal" score: Vancouver. 5, West- 
minster 4. 

Balloon Experiments 
PARIS, .\ug. 17.— ^Afi Iritorestlng ex" 
periment relu'ttvc tb tfte inflation of 
Wallooii." or airships has been carried 
out at the pA-rk of the Aero club. A 
siiherli'itj balloon, Of 200 cubic metres 
capacity, was Inflatod by a new pro- 
cess. A powder,- caJIfed hydrojjenlt*' 

htmrs at..v.-„ u.e.v .,^Mm v..^ -^^..^ , • jn „,psuiefl, ■ was uSed for the 
'.'••:!'^!^':V:!;,r;!:;:i;;:'^£:S^i:^;-,:iWent, F^ach c^psule. when light.,! 

♦ . ; ■•. ■ kigii' 


the attempt. , , . „ 

Molssant ascended fi'Mo TillnuinHtonc 
it 6 p.tii, carrying ■With him his niip- 
chanlcan, Flleux. -K<.H.r- •* S1ttinK=l»ourne.. 
the connecting rod on the exhHust valve'^ 
of hla machine biojii; auiLlUa.n'^'''?^ '''''«' 
forced, to descend at. 7 o'clock and spend 

Reward For Murderer 

riead in 
offered today 

nhti Uegiiinii,'^:, fmuiU 
1 here on_Suuda\ , was 
by the'commlssloi 
Dickinson county. Application 
was mitde to Governor Stubhs for a 
state reward, which wlUnPTob'ubly be 

n,— produces lumiedlatciy 

ifietri's hydrogen, with a 

force Of I.IBO grammef"! 'The 

, ,,r,^ct In (Irogen ns triani'factured - by 

' .ft1ng force 
I'd'c nielro), 
...iiatus rCi|ulM'd ' 
>i hutidredwei)?ht,''ruid I' 

.' process, collided w itli tlie 

1 water Is recpiir/'d, lunkea 

it prol.a!,>le that it will ' eonsld- 

ernble utility for airshi, .: ■ ir co.n- 


two hours rcpolrinK V''«> ipachtoery,. 

They rea-scetided" ut !*•:■'" but Juui'only 
gone its for us I'pchurch when one of 
the stii.vs broke, foulinR wTfTi engine, and 
In allgbtlnR the propeller and .part of the 
Chasslsi were broken^ tlie hl-plane nur-; 
rO*li' missed a tree aw It swooped to the 
groiuid, Molssant ii.nd. I'eluix were shaken 
up buJwl'either, WHS anticipated-.- , 

MolssJint Ik I he h««o-;(>f -i+ie Brttlah 
press.' His smiling portrait appears In 
almost every newspaper today "ntta*tRfTS", 
Riven much space. Many of the papers 
havfi editorials on his unique feat, whleh 
tt-l's held, wlU brtnt^ aerofilaiiitnf into 
priictleal every d'fiy life. 

The thing that inost imfireKses the 
London morning new,Hpapet« Is th«i fact 
.ttiat MolOsnnt .steered by eompa«t8. All 
air men haye coniplnli^ed^that the com- 
pass Is uaeiesH in conne<-tlon with •' 
nir fUghta on seeoont nf tlie sitinne 
liriitlon froi 
speal<ing of j 

'■WTi7»' :' ■ ■' i:';i':-ai •'oniiia'-:-. 

floatim: nlrlluht nnil 

pli-K'ed jw^l; hciwf'i'n r)y feet,'.' Th.''l 
what took me straight tQ Amlen.';, 
Calais' and Would hflve taken me i. i nirt,\> 
Dover had I not seen ships a.iul thought j .r.escut 
t»-,,ii ■■' .-Tfr must be the town." 1 

A fitting termination to the cordial 
reception of Sir Wilfrid Laurier, pre- 
mier of Canada, was given last night 
when nearly 4,500 A'li-'torians, without 
regard to affiliations, assembled to 
hear the prime minister speak on some 
of the issues of the day and speed 
their guest oh the continuation of hid 
trip to the North. 

The building was thronged as it has 
never before been and it Is doubtful if 
ever a larger audience has assembled 
on any previous occasion in this city. 
It was a tribute not to the politician 
but to "the man, the head of the Do- 
mliilon, and regardless of party the re- 
ception was unanimous an^ entirely, 
whole hearted. 

When at 8 : 30 o'clock Sir Wilifrld en- 
tered the btrilding and proceeded along : 
the isle towards the platform he was 
repeatedly cheered.- Hats were raiaed 
high, handkerchief § waved and the 
musltrtrr the Fifth Regiment band was 
drowned In the sound of the' cheering. 

Sir Wilfrid preceded by Mr. F. A.* 
Pauline, who was to officiate as chalr- 
rnan, and followed by Hon. George A. 
Graham, minister of railways and 
caimls; Hon. William "yemplemaii, 
minister of mines; Mr. Ralph Smith, 
Al.P., Xanalmo; Mr. E. M. McDotjald, 
M.P., Pictou; Mr. F. .F. Pardee. MiP., , 
West Lampton, Senator' Riley, Mr.' . 
John Jardine, M.P.P., Mr. W. H. Brew-, 
ster, M.P.P., and Lieut-Col. Currle, 
mounted the stairway leading to the 
platfortn with agility ahd as he bowed 
t(t the large audience the cheers were 
renewed... ' ■ ._:-i,_I- 

' 'The arrangements for accommodat- 
ing the lai*ge crowd had been .excel- 
lently carried outi The^-buHdlng trans- 
formed wit h an array o f flags, bunting, 
streamers 'and llglits presented 4 ■ 
pretty picture. The benches along both 
slde-s were packed and on the floor 
where are ,wont to disport . the blue ' 
blooded equlijes of the province, some 
3,000 persons found comfortable seats. 
The platform which was located about 
the middle of the eastern side of the 
builc]lng .was a profusion of evergreens 
and palms. Behind was a large ban- 
ner b(Mirlnghhe mottb "Peace, Progress 
nud Pro.sperlty," Directly opposite on 
the western side of thp building was 
the band .stiind whence the band of the 
Fiftli Regiment discoursed music at 
frequent l,utervals, Mr, Herbert Kent 
added to the p rogram me l>y his excel- 
lent renderin'gTTT the "Maple Leaf 
for Evei" simg immediately the 
Prime Minister wa"^ seated. 

The car servit;e provided- by the B. 
t", Electrlj railway wag good and the 
large- audience were enabled to make 
their v a\- homy In c on i ifor t.- 

Slr Wilfrid was In good, voice and . 
hlB every interance was heard in 
every <-orner of the building. Ho dealt 
with the Asiatic question, the navy 
question and paid a graceful tribute, to 
Premier McBride and nietnbers of the 
Pvovirnlal government for the "royal" 
welcome which he had received and he 
also thanked the city of Victoria, for 
Its real hospitality and hearty wel- 

Basket of Kjpwers. 

r. speakint? Sir ^tlfrld was the 
rei, ipiem at the hands bf^Qretty Miss 
Agnes Kinghahn of a. baskef'-of beau- 
Liful sweet peas, presented on:*b'>half 
of the children of/ Vancouver IslSi»'l, 
The gray haired premier and the Uttlo 
seven- year-old girl presented a prptty 
picture, which was enthusiastically ap- 
pliuided bv the audif nee?— • : ' , ' 

Mr. Paulino introduced Sir Wllflffd 

and party. He said: "On behalf of the 

TJberalsof Vancouver, Island 1 have 

the utmost pleasure . In' eictcnding a 

heartv welcome to Sir WlJj; 

ilie iue if ili mror?ns~party.I \Vould ^ 

couple with this v an e,xpreS3ion ot' 

thapkfulness that they have come so 

far on their long journey practically>— Bfli ^ Ki half u f th ' tr' 

aJwuMi V er ,Ialaud-tor#i>fprcJs'* 

pe that Sir Wilfrid and hitf fel- 

Ibw' travelers' will continue th^lr trl]) 

through the. rest of British ('olumbla 

and back to the capitaMn Safety and 

the best of hoalth. The cortimittee has 

chosen the motto. "Petice, Progress 

rt iitl P r osperity." It is not nedes^iary 

to enlarge on Xhi>. prosperity —oi^flie 


In 111 

..lilt', here tonight to 
but I desire .IS the rep- 
ib'itish Columblia In ibo 
.,,il .111 Page 4.) 


country as the .speakers will efnbody 
in theii- t-emarks som^thiiig of the sen- 
timent of the motto, sentimenf , Nvhioh 
lies close to 111.' li.';nf of our grca't 
loader," ■ ' ' 

Mr. Pauline called upon Hon. Wll- - 
Ham Templeman to address the audi- 
ence; The minister — of. mines „svas 
heartily received as- he arose to speak. 

Hon. William Templeman 
of mines, was greeted with hei^rty ap- 
plause and cheers upon rising. He 
saltk-— . — 1_^'-' , ' ■ .• ' ,'■ >', 

."Owing io.clfcuiTtBtances ovor-Whlrh. . 
the Llberiil puirty, lia!rno;ci1fn- 
not at present Uie reprvjsent . 
the city of Victoria in the. Commons 
It Ottawa. But ever since being re- 
ined, from the distrii*t;o* Com 
i,.. I ii:ive been the rept'e,«:eni.i 
iiiiivion cabinet itf ti; 
,..,. r r.rlll.'-ii ' 'iiluniM;!" 


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-In the Car With Sir Wilfrid Wa.s His Colleague Hon. William 
n, Senator George Riley and Mr. F. A; Pauline. 

't ! 

♦ ♦ » ♦ ♦-»♦ < 

!-♦■♦-♦ ♦ ♦-♦h 

An' I've left ma siller 
in ma breeks r* 


Prime Minister Receives Dele- 
gations From Development 
. League, Board of Trade, 

. Trades Council and Veterans 

Half a dozen diffet-ent delegations 
paid -their respectH to Sir Wilfrid 
l^aurior between eleven a. m. and one 
o'cloclt. yesterday. The.v had various 
petitions to present. ' They all re- 
i>elved a cordial welcome, a courteous 
hparlng. In several Instances " Sir 
Wilfrid went further than uny 
spokesman for his government has In 
the past., '■■< "'vv"- '>:;'.' ..•,'■■ 

V'lopnient league which urged the 
need for_ government action with re- 
gard to bridging Seymour Narrows, 
the' premier jn-omised cnn.ilderatlo.n 
and investigation of the prapysiU. 

To the delegation from t^'" Board 
of Trade wltK refferen^e to the prob- 
lem of Indian reserves generally 
throughout BtHtlsh C»l«mb>a. he— Ia 
a singU' sentence show'^sd that.Jifi. 
took tjhe provincial government's' 

r^i^tainahlc From - 

Messrs, Di\# H. Ross & Co. 

TH'p rD'Tcm&l "R-m-dy for Aridity of tk« 

Stom»r..\. Headache, lirarOniiu, Iii(lic;T,tion, 
6i li/ iuiictauoii*, ^ UUiou* * AilecUoa*. 

TTj> rhT»triiB%' 

Ciirp for Uout, ■■ 

Rheumatic Q at 

uxd UraToL 

Safest «tid most 

Gentle Medicine lof 

Infant?, Children, 
• Delicate Fcmalei, 
ind the 
iijkreii of rirgn».rir-T. 



Incorporated 1869 

Capital Paid Up. 
Reserve ....... 

Toial Assets .'. . 

.$ 5,000,000.00 
.$ 5,700.000.00 

A General Banking Business 



New Premises Arc P)cing Erected in Government Street 

For This Bank 


Corner Catherine Street and Esquimalt Road 


A. C- I'U'riMir'.K, Manager. 

of the world, not oiil\ nn c .■•unt i-f 
v'our eminent ability, but iil.'^o of ll>e 
l>rou(l .standing of the great Dominion 
: Mil represent." 

Ilie address then was rc!id. It fol- 

The BJghtJHon. Sir Wilfrid l/alirler. 
Prime Minister of Caniida. 

Sir, — Representing the \'anfoiiver Is- 
land Development L.oag-ue, whicli In- 
TlTntFsr^tw'enty-one. branch leagues at 
various points of this Island, we are 
glad jto be ablf^ to welcome you on this, 
your" first prolonged vl-sit to the far 
west since you became Premier of Can- 
ada. " - . 

We are pleased to see that the as- 
-slstanco whkli the Dominion govern- 
ment'has given will result In ..the com- 
pletion of the «rand Trunk railway, 
thus In effect widening the Dominion 
of CAnuda. But It Is with a feeling of 
disappointment that we have failed to 
notice any provision for tne extension 
of this railway to Vancouver Island. 
We woul d call your altentiivn to tbe 
great potential wealth of this island in 
timber, minerals, agriculture, fruit- 
growing jind fish In Its surrounding 

In particular we believe that we are 
correct In saying that the most Impor- 
tant timber fores-tB remaining In t~'an- 
ada are to be found on Vancouver 
Island, VS'e believe <^at an Invcstlgu ■ 
tion of the m Htttr wjU .sl ww that the 
time has coijj'e when provision should 
he made fora connection between the 
Mainland, and Vancouver Island via 
Bute Inl^t'.,iir,Borae other point In that 
neighboriioo(r~where the distance He- 
4^v.e^n the Mainland and the Islands is 
«o^ i^asened as to maUe such a connec- 
tion perfectly toftal-Wft^ — " " ..^ ■•. 

Your memorbill.sts trust tnat. you 
wtIT look favorably upon their prayer 
and they will ever pray. F'br the Van- 
couver Island Development Leagiit<^.. 

J. W, (JOBl'RN, "^ "' ^ 


Senior Vlce-Presldertt. 
fc. McGAFFEV. - 


In a short biH pointed reply the 
Premier said: "When you talk to me 
about connecting Vancouver Islam! 
with the Mainland by rail you are 
talking to a convert. I ,ma>' say that 
though there Is no ijeflnlte proposition 
before the gov,erinm'ent the ciuestion 
will be' given the consideration of the 
rabinetat the earliest possible date." 


ri.'c(ii i icini-i' I .- If .^11 Wilfiiil y>M uli' 
uild I.I,' llil.s our n:i'':i i' inuil. .-.^t > . a pru- 
<lnct of tlio, 1' M' )i precludes our 
milking .some re<iui .st.'^ which might t>" 
con.>*liiered reasonable "Tn otl^er '^conim < i - 
nitles, I |rust you will see the gro.ii 
need of yc(ur personal Investigations. 1 
have Kald that we have derhed much 
, oncourugemi^nt from the visits of your 
colleuKue.s and tills was especially 
marked in the recent visit of Dr. Pugs- 
l e y— This board is a unit ih'ttie tjelier' 
that to Ills personal Investigation and 
knowledge derived from an inspection 
of the harbors, of Victoria and Esqui- 
mau WJ? are Indebted for the prompt" 
and liherMl manner in wlilch the reijueHt 
of our delegates to Ottawa was met: 
and we take, this opportunity of thank- 
ing you personally. Sir Wilfrid, for'tlie 
very kind and courteous reception you 
accorded our representatlvea When they 
visited the capital. ■ ' , 

Time Is too short to dw«l! on recent 
progress" of prospects: of the futiire, but 
I must, refer', to the wonderful expan- 
sion of commerce on the northwest Pa- 
cific during the past comparatively few 
years. No one can review the record 
without a feeling of assurance that 
within measurable distance the com- 
merce of the Pacific ■ wlU be equal io 
wlvat the commerce of the Atlantic now 
is; and we desire to pay tribute to your 
fori^sight In providing additional lines 
of transcontinental railways for cnsiir- 
Ing to this Domllhon a full measure -of 
the fruits of the prospective changed 
conditions; nnrd also for the naA'aV pol- 
icy, designed ■/or protection, ^"^ro. the 
TOttsterly manner tn which kou' have 
initiated and are carrying out those pol- 
IcieB ifl '^targely attrlljutablerihe present: 
exalted position of Canada In the Brk- 
- i w lf e mp l-re,. and we are proud. Sir Wil- 
frid, to .have this opportunity and prlv- 
llegt* of personally' -greeting a statesman 
who'se fame ittm spread throughout the 
Ipngth and breadth of the world wher- 
ever the- French and 'EnglTsTrianguages 
are. spoken. • 

The Board of Trade Joins in tender- 
ing you. Sir Wilfrid, a mbst hearty wel- 
come to tbe city of Victoria. 
The mempran-flum' follows: ■ 
The Victoria, British Columlon. Hoard 
of Trade his the honor to submit the 
following memorandum: 

Indian Heaerratlons. 
.Th<J board desires to bring under 
your attention the unsatisfactory condi- 
tion of th<! Indian rf'aervatlons gener- 
ally throughout British Columbia, 
which are In many oases much too great 
for the needs of , the Indians now In 
po.ssosslon of tliem. whereby large areas 
• of vali^able unimproved land exist ir) 

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close proximity to settled districts', im- 
peding (he progress of the country.. 

The , board resp»ctfiitly suggests that 
the time has come wht-n., with advantage 
to the whlti- .i)opulattonva.iid /without in- 
Jury to the Indians.' the area, of .some of 
theKe resfrvatlons might, be reduced. 
• The board especially Ulrects attention 
to the Soligiiees. Keservntion, . whlcli Is 
on lbe~\Ve8t side of Victoria harbor, 
wholly wi'tiiln the city limits and sui't 

rounded oh all sides by business and 
residential districts. The "area of- tlv« 
Reservation Ik lo.^'^i acres. excb>slvc of 
the land occupied by the Ksqulmalt and 
Xanalmo Hallway companj'. and thw 
number of famllli'^ thereon is 4 2. of 
tribal voters _M only. Tiie maliitcmaLnc': 
of this Reservation in Its present con- 
dition is of bo adx'antage "whatever t<> 
the Indians themselvps. and I? a great 
(Continued on Pafto S.»' 

A depirtatlon from the Victoria 
board of trade was Introduced next 
and dealt principally with the Impera- 
tive necessity, In "the interests of the 
city, of A settlement of the Songhecs 
reserve question. 

In ansrwarlng &lr Wilfrid pointed out 
that the RroVince owned the lands of 
.he Indian reserves, and that the Dom- 
inion government's- position was only 
that of guiirdlans of the natives. He 
«i)l»«FeA-t4ie p*»Utlone-ns-thaJL^anj^_ar r 

_>^liaJn'-AVflfrl<I slionl^ )i;<nd.s, with- ^ 

♦ ♦-♦ ♦♦^ -♦♦■♦•♦♦ ♦-♦-♦-♦;:< 

Stand with regard JS L Tiirladlc tlon. 
over reserves. "The reserve belongs 
\o the provincial government; the Do- 
minion govornmetlt If the .guardian 

of the Indians.':- — '•, 


rangement for a set'tlemoiU of the prob-,, 
lem, which could be reached between 
the ritv, the provincial government 
and the Indians would be seciinaed by 
the Federal authorlfbs. 

The President. H. <» wns.>n. ad- 
dressed. Sir Wilfrid as follows: 

Sir Wilfrid— Time bning very tlmlte.l. 
on -bel»t»lf-^^f ^lI?r~Vlciorla Board of 
Trade, I will ask you kindly to acc«;pt 
this ijiemorandum n.s read;: as I under- 
stand that you have-iecelved an advance 
copy and therefore you are doubtless 
acquainted w ltd' -Its contents. 1 slioiiM 
state, however, that the number of sub- 
jects referred i to In the memorandum 
has been purposely limited in order tbat 
the most pressing needs of the commu- 
nity may be •emphaslKed. 

with these remarks It only femalfts 
for rhe to assure you. Mr Wilfrid, that' 
the memliers, of this T^nard of Tr a d e- ivro 

Advertise m THE COLONIST Subscribe tor THE COLONIST 

■ M: 111 

l-Ut; nf- 

w 11 frill 
I imp -1j,>- 
and to 
Mr. J. 
v\aR tho 
hm tlie 
111- s;iid: 
W lllTid, 
our Till! 
rei Mgni/ 

9 returii from nn a|itoniol)lle 
ttte^ t-lty and its ernirons sir 
I^aurler gaVe an hour of his 

the reception *-ot deputations 
siiprt replies to the requeatu 
d In thcli: ad'dres.scH. 

.1. Shallcross, I'ri^siden-t'of the 
or Island Development Ivcague, introduced. Itefoif reud- 

nieinorial from the latter hod.Vf 

"*The imv>erlHl sejiilmcnt?. Sir 

tr> whif^h you have Kl\en ex- 

whllr ill the west meet witli 
ai»proNal and \yo""are jirourt to 
a In \ ou one of tlie grcatc,«l 

lellghted t* W£l£»me you to this "Out 
post of Kmplre;** •-l£.-UUjis;,eJa_one regret 
ii in that we have not had the pleasure 

,1 ■ . Ml .rienei- during the ; It 

,. so admirably shapeii 

I ! I 1 ciJlin.u;H_< ,• r_ J hi s l>om Inlon. Some 
ur colleagues have visited us oc- 
la.sionaHy and wo ha v e, derived,. much 
.•n^jurngement from ibelr ' expres.sionM 
of astonishment at the rapbUty. tli!s 
•'exlretne west" has ileveloped.' and Uii' 
pb.'»slbi'lltr<{S"' of I !,. ' rut«TP''"''Fli^''' <'*'- 
■pnrlures hav,. ii> jiKn eablc ■ fc'clliiK.-* 
t,hat we have made.olli.M- "[■i:i"'iiils ■iit 
Court." .In 8a.yinK this I \\\"\> In no 
■way-t-O' disparage our michi appreciation 
of the servlccH our friend;jpected 
cltlZfii tlie- Hon. Willi >i'. T.-biFilemHii 
has and is riMidej^Inc '' ' ' <• .satisd..! 
that ho Iw doing all hi- po.uMlblv can 
to correctly lepresent tlnKo western In- 
terests;. hut there 1-1 ti?yrrthple.'«H a fret- 
tng that he is but one nmon-K inariy who 
are iiol rrjuttllv c.vm'rHiii with our 


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I K<"sts nnmhe cost of suoU a connection 
ADk PRPQPMTFD mi>ii1'1 not. bo out of proportion to tliu uU- 
Mntl rni_.OCI« I L-U y(in,,jj,e to bi' ilorived ttierefroni by Van- 
couver Islumi-tintl the Do mini on senor- 
ally. . . - .--..■: \,.^~~'..:^.^.. 

inhe necessary brld«es. were btiUt 
ami a railway con«t.ructe(l across Cen.- 
tral Urltish Columbia to Yellow HeacT 

(Continued from PifKe iiJ 

. I raw back to the proKress and prosper- 
ity of the city. Tt greatly restricts the 
.">ailable harbor frontago, already too 
.'■mall, for the needs of the port. It is 
required as a site for railway terminals. 
The land Is needed for* the cxpansiou 
nf business; It Is almost wholly unim- 
provril, it depreciates the vafue of ad- 
ja. ( II'. property and it in a Constant 
miliar, to the.liealth of the'comiiiunlty. 
Tilt- IjoiTrd is aware that your col- 
leagues, tlio lion.' MinMer of the Into- 
-rinr, and •' ■ ! ' - .Minister of Inland 
KfVfiiiir, ;ilviHed . 'as to the 

tacts oi' (m- ■.ii>,- .iiiii the urgent need 
—erf- -fteffie-- p»me dy Twliia provide d, .n ni l 
thnt (!■ ■• -ro desirous of raeetlrtK the 
\. ' iio citizens in that bohaU', 

and Lwi- iiii^serct reference to the subject 
is<^ n)a<}e onTy because the speedy open- 
ing of the Reseicvation, to public- •*i»e 
Is B fnatt(?r of such great importance 
that the board feels it ought to lose m) 
opportunity oppressing It upon the Con- 
sideration of the government. 

Bail Connection Wttb UaliilAnd. 
Th^ board, t-espect fully presents for 
your consi dera tion that the. time Is op- 
-^wpttm o fo r— t-he — exten.H ion of "th e r ai l- 

Pass, assuming that the route surveyed 
by Mr. H. P. Bell fi- the provincial gov- 
ernment In 1895 1.S found feasible, the 
distance frpni Kdmanlon to Yokohama 
by way of the three, principal Vancou- 
ver Island'ports would be as follows: ' 
By way of Quatslno. ....... .4795 miles 

By way of BArKley SotinA. . . .5012 miles 

By way of .Victoria giPEaciul; — -.-■ -,'" ..^ 

malt ..,; .... ......... .6160 mlle.s- 

, The sea N'oyngre ^rom Yokohama to 
Quatjslno is .slighBy Jonger thim to 
Prince 'Uuper.t, but ' not sufficiently so 

tin to offset the aavaiiiaije.'i ■rewuUl.iijr 
from tlie fact that the Immediate ap- 
proach to Quatslno is from the open 
ocean. - - , ■ - . , j 

lueeii the islaniTand the railway lines on 
the Imver mainland, that is" to say i 
t:'nna(ijan PajMnc and such others as 1': 
or mav havp-Xhelr terrrTiTrf'W*«=i»''«»e-ttWJUui , 
of tlie Kiaser, and to ask that any plana j 
for pei-ieeting that conncBttOn, whjcli ■ 
already of great value to Victoria 
Vancouver Island. may meet wjth the !;».- 
orable conshleraiion of the governm<>nt | 
whenev er they may be laid before it. j 

Harbor Xmprovementa. i 


The board also deislros to bring unde-r J 
Vouexa±lfiiiJtlflJDLjJie=lm»<>rtai(ice of pro-.i 
vidtng at Victoria tlie best possible ocean 
tormina! facilities, and to thatr end to! 
polnf^jut that la addition to the Improve- j 
menta being made in thAiimer .harboj-, 
whlfl i- the -boartl lippa^ will be carried to 
coTpi'le'lon at cording to the present plans 
at the earliest possible dote the outer 
harbor b* VictoHa can be made one of 
the most comiiiodioua In. Canada, as It 1.^ 
ilovv one tj ftlie nio ei t cu."- - lly nc'.^xinHilc 



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ft •- • « • • 

way of Canada to the western geograph- 
ical frontier of tUo^Domlnioti. that is 
to f9y\ to 111- ncciia,v&X]*t Of-.>y?i»CO\iViS* 

Island. .■-".,,•« -. .--■ 

' -TOe^'tt- ( r. t ,T-.". a*ftWtoari!*%f -'ttJ^'-" T)*rilT- 
lon. from Victoria at the' southern tit-ir 
tremity of Vartcouver Island to Stew- 
art at the northern end of Portland 
Canal 1? somewhat ovei;^ 6Q0 rtilies in 
length, without taking into accoVint the 
slriuo.slties of the shore line, of Tvhtch 
distance 270 miles aire made up of the 
ocean front of Vancotjver Island..' 

The area of Vancouver Island is ap- 
proximately i6,000 square miles, or feub- 
Htantially the same as that of the prov- 
ince of Nova Scotia, exclusive of Cape 
nretoH. .,, ,' __■; ; , 

The resourices of tlie Island are great 
and varied. They include timber, coal', 
metalliferous mines, a large area of 'ex- 
cellent agricajt,ural4and and tlsheries of 
exceptlgnal vailiie. These resources) are 
sufficient to sustain a population of 
several .millions of people.. . . 

The harbors on the ocean front of Van 
couver Island, including Victoria, K.'squi- 
malt anil those on Barkley. >Jootka and 
Quatslno. sounds i*re eceptlohally good. 
The approach to the harbgrs. from the sea 
is exeecdingiy favoral)!,^. especially "bfej 
cause the lOO-.fathom;lin^. which lleT*at 
a dl.stance of-from~30 miles to 60 miles 
off the coast is an infallible guide to 
mariners. • The approach to these harbors 
+s .not rendered perilous by Outlying .isl- 
ands, reefs or rocks, but Is direct from 
the open' sea. liJach of these harbors can 
be reached" bs:_liiies_of railway. 

It is quite feasible to connect these 
port.s by an unbroken line of railw.-iy 
with the continental railway, systemp. of 

The Board' desires .to njentlon that the, 
harbors on the ocean front of Vancou- 
ver Island arc free from the djsadvan- 
.tag,es necessarily Incident upom tjie'ap- 
proa<rh to ports along the eontineptal 
shore by reaaon .of the jnore or less tor- 
tuous channels by which theMattOr must | 
be reached, and the obscuration of the mis>t, fog. snow or smoke. An 
important factor, in this connection is 
the increased feiz«i (if Ocean-KOltilT' KTrTnrr- 
i-iiins, and the rapidlS* incre;i«inK toTmiige 
invj^nsert ttv'th'c coaislwlse traffic ;^n,thCKC 
citannels. " ' ' ",'■;.■■-■-. -..■-.;;',■), 

The Board rfeSpafttfwUlf rw>.x»8«»»t8-.*l»«»t 
as tjie e xtension of the National TraitiB- 
3;o,ntin entAl r»jlwa>- from Winnipeg to 
Moncton Inciutfintr the- construction Of 
tlio Quebec Bridge, and the proposed 
Hudson Bay rathvay were, adopted 

by the construction of a breakwater fitjm 
a point 'on the shoreline of t,he en- 


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matters of government policy so the con 
uectlon of the true western ocean fron 
tier of the Dominion with the continen- 
tal railwav systerrts might also be adopt- 
ed' as siich and would In point of fact bo 
necessary for the coirtpletehess Of the 
tran.sportatlon policy pf your admlnle- 

The Board desires to draw your atten-r 
tlop to the' fact J;hat the point at which, 
cotineclloh between the Island and the 
Mainland would be inade is Within the 
greatest timbered area in Canada, and a line of railway from the Vancou- 
ver Island ports' to some point, where it 
would meet the rails of the Canadian pa- 
cific. the-Grantl Trunk^ Pacific and the 
Canadian Northern, or of one pr more ot 
these tirillwaysi would cheapen the cost of. 
the delivery of manufact.ured timber by 
those railways in all part.'? of the prairie 
provinces, also that by leading to the 
e.slnbltahment of saw rhiUs In the ver.\- 
heart of the timbered area, it would re- 
duce the^^eoat of manufacture, by savlHf^- 
the e.tpense of towage of logH to mtlls at 
other points and the lossattendajaLthere- 
upcin; which amount* to a considerable 
t)erceritage. " ■ , 

Car-Perry Couneqtion. — ' 

The board desires to bring to your at- 
tention the necessity of providing the 
beat possible car-ferry connefctlon be- 





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Friday, August 19, 1910 

^e (Solonist 

Cb« Colonist muting and PntoUililsf 

Conipsinr, Xilmltad UKblUty. 

laiX-iaiS Broad St., Vlotorla. B. O. 

J. S. £L Mutaon. 

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tondon 'Office, 90-93 Fleet Btreat. 
- — ' , . , I 

Fridny, August 19. 1910 

i j.. I ■ ■ . . 11 I , -I M || 


plan Is better or woruo than the prov- 
incial ijlan, It In only a temporary ami 
superficial way of dlspuslng of a ques- 
tion 80 viist IVi its poteptiul import- 
ance that any puJjllo n)an mlglit well 
hejiitato before attempting to solve it. 


Referring to thp tt-lephono l)^■l:lw. our 
tvonliiK eontcmEKii""i'.Vi»8ald: ^ 

The mejisuro provltUng' for iil.iCln;.; 
. ,, ,, w .. ,r>,. „f . „,, ; unilerKrotind- the wires of the tele- 
monih If p*i.l a/ier th^ 10th of euo | ^,,^,_^^^ company and borl-owj.nff . the 
/month. Mailed, postpaid, to any P»' ^ i hundred thon.sund dollars required for 
of except tue city or suburban ^ hat on the credit of the a'-itv, 

ih'^rnrttcuiar,. s<houl.d be dlIIi?tJiiitly 

aUidied bi' bhe pooj+le. Fifty yeai»« is 

i frjrMi.y- timeTTif'. tUewe day?! "f r;i;iiM 

Liii!-luu.tiil(.;,. -progress. Tliat, wi' '" ' 

■'\< \\\r liTii) '''■ t'l.' Ii'!i-phon.{f l.iaii. i.,>iiu; 

Mir'i/-,. ii )!,',:■. ih.' sy.stem of t.nlk- 

iuK li.v will- ui,i> iie (■iimplelely nn-ulu- 

tkinized.' In wliat' manner is the me;'iH- 

nre lilcr'v Tn "an'.-iM '.]'.<-' '-li-irter of tii" 

tl'lt>l.'lli'' II' •■:::• I is tiVl- poilLt 

111' f;re;i t iin ji"i I , i,' r, 

\Vi' lliliiU ii;ir k'"iili'i'npi)iMr\' ; ]■,•■'•■ 
Icssly Hlurmed. Tll6 j)ropoKar Is ili-ii 
till' rlTv shaTr (ruaranti'e tlu\. nrlnrii'il 



In replying'' lo llie reiireseiiiation.s 
Of ••the I'ionrd of Trado in respect— to 
the Indian reservations, Sir ^VUfred 
lyaiirlur did nbt say, very i^nueh, /liut 
\Vlial few (iliservatlons lie madi~ sTfiTw { 
I hat hia views and th.aS.ii!, of Lhj.i Pro- ' 
\lncial froverninent aro substantially I 
iilentical. ii haa;„jaieen well under- ■ 
.stood that iho progress of negotia- ' 
tlons jfor the eettlemont of the Somk- 
lieea Reserve ha« lieen rendered more , 
dlfflfult: than It otherwise wonldjiavc j 

I list* of: a ^dlyerg&rice of view 

ihe prox'in''! il ■,iii! 1^'iril i' "-^ 

'.111.' I J r 

t Ih' I l<-'i';i I'l loi'lil 

' tile U'tjai ijlatut 

;'j'iier;illy, and it 

• I 1 ■ 

n tii'iva- 


n;.!' ih' 

I : : , I i I 

.\l r ' 

h', II. 



! . I '.. : 1' ■.■:;.:. ; ,\1 . 1 ■ , h ' .: ■A 

exlindevl to .Sir NVIlfrld LaUrtev u; 
Errre;',!!^: which was '.\s creditnViie to 


•t t!)e reception in ll»f I'arlia- 
■ , • ;;■»!!. i''!n.'>! thrft Mr. McBride ,al- 

ITiImself- He 

function- possible, anil 

' g-ood taste abstained 

fre .y part In It. so that no 

.iM I liiun any part of the en- 

■n of the occasion was brought 

out by his presence^ r Biit after all 

thefe cai5"ohly be one opinion and that 

is that the reception was a moving 

picture in li^^ng characters of Mr. Mc- 

Brl^e'a thought: Let this not be for- 

grotten. It was given to Sir Wilfrid 

lL.aurier since "the day he entered this 

province until the present hour, to 

stand before t^e people, not as a party 

leader, tiot even chiefly as the, tlr^t 

statesman In the^omfnion, but as the 

personification of O anadianistn. He and. 

more particularly thosej who are with 
him, :lrttve not been slow to take ad 
vantage:, -of the opportunity to s^jread 
the pplitical gospel of which thqy are 
the exponents, but the outstanding re- 
sult of It all Is the "profound imprea- 
slon produced upon the public mind 
that, whether v/e are Liberals or Con- 
servatives., or whatever else we may 
be in politics, we are flrist of ail Can- 
adians. And we are not-clalmjng too 
mtrph when we say. that this has been 
rendered so conspicuous largely by the 
fact that Mr. McBrlde rose abOv© the 
limits of the partlzan politics ' iind 
called upon the people cff British Co- 
lumbia .to accept In . good faith what 
Sir Wilfrid had said was the prime 
object of his western mission and' do 
what In them lay. to make it as com- 
plete a success-as possible. -'7 ■ 

We do not detract In the least from 
what is due to Sir Wilfrid Laurier 
when we say that the, "crowning of 
the edifice" was due to the Ijroad- 
rnlndedness and sinrere patriotism of 
Mn McBflde. We suppose that we 
shall all fall back again into the old 
party lines-. It is perhaps best that 
we ' sh'ould, but things can never be 
quite the same again. If the history of 
British pollj:ic» teaches one thing 
more than another it is that, when 
men labor ,'w:lth honest and patriotic 
motives, they- always" build Wiser than 
they know. When we say that in' our 
judgment the events of the past two 
days will mark an era in Canadian 
politics, we do not wish to be under- 
stood as having anything definite In 
mind. We onl y know that in ^he history 
of naHottis seed «owin IH lo^yaW 
good-"wiU ha« ever brought forth good 

for that purpose. Tjbe conduit fof the 
wires undergrou^nd will be the. proj>- 
^ je rt y of the city until it 1« paid for, 
and we venture to believe that ' this 
would be \vorth to the city aU tt would 
TOst. '•'."■ . ; ' . ■ ■ 

-As to the T'iSsi^HWy of prograps in- 
human In ventt<>ni> wf ,lcre ntji impressed 
with the InxiJhrtatice. -ot cbnslderliig 
this. We should be very sOrry to think 
there will be no prolfresa In that line; 
p\it as JA. is ^ao^■ the, praciitlf e to refuse 
tb do other things because in the years' 
to come Invention may Improve upon 
them, so we think this la a rather far- 
fetched conAld^ratidli attitabtta cttse, 'ancl 
anyway It is pretty safe to assume 

"There Is no-deflri4te prpppsHl he- 
fpre us at the present ^Ime; but I 
frulL AStf wcirhBir oniy-axld that Mr.-J^-recogniae^ the great Imp'wtance of 
McBridfe has ri«en to the occasion, 
which presenteQ^Ilself, In a manofir 
that few men .would have had the 
courage to attempt and fewer yet 
would have had the tact and skill to 
C9.try ■ out successfully. ^ 


While we ■ may admit all that Sir 

W'llfrid Laurier clalrrfs Inrespec.t to the 
imperial a.'^p.ect of the Oriental qucs- 
ti'>n, \. '• venture to submit that he 
does not .fully Appreciate the underly- 
ing motive of the policy favored by 
the' majority of the people living upon 
this C-onst. Hln opinion seems to be 
t;i:it It H primariry- a Isibor qtiesiiioin,' 
that white labor i.« hostile to Orientiil 
comp<>tittc>n l'»i'i';i us-i' it will have a.. ten- 
dency to rofhn ' We dp, not say 
that this does not influence many 
iMople, for It dnesr. What we dcT say 
is that behind this aspect <»f tjtye 'case 

iUr..-r. 1= .!,„ ,..,,.(,.1 Issue, pal) tf' -,■'-) 

: like, which 
! 'lae upon iiicn's mind the conviclimi 
ii :it,-Jf-the two races live side by 
.v^i.le, the wTiIte racse wp-^be crowded 
to the wall. Wo are, char^>ed with hav- 
ing enacted. -Iggt.Hlatlon in this province 
nf such a character that It wasi an In- 

•-•:": M the ra- !e of Oriental.s; 

! ■ was neT' • o'du Komethlhi a! . 

'i lie c'i)lnions of the people had to )>e 

< \|ir('s.«od in Koniie vvav. There wa« no 

1' relief from i it i i '.vm . .m.l w ',■ 

' ' ' W' llo tiot l<<-iH'VO 

;• 1 V. ■ '■ will I'hi iiii ib:it li,. 

i ' ■! IS, 111 

mil. \i '■ i'li'!! lO' 

i,i.|.'!i . 

Laurier hccuw ni Ihin 
fis a toijvi)orar\- nvpi' 

IMirHUCll li,\ h. 

taken by the pi" ■><■ 
but It Is to lio r.'o.'" 
latter did all it ' 

available to th«- l^'Oni 

I'c cxpi-iiacd Iti constructing ii ciikiui: 
ly .' ".1 Vfmovi ng t he poles and wirea f r o i u 
r4ie streets In the btlstness -Bectttan:, 
Tile caniininy, which Is a strong com- 
pany . (inancially, cpvenants . to pay 
senii-aniiually the and jsinkin.g 
fund thereon.- For this the city, g-iiins 
'il!?-RO\-itt'>"'^'V "I* thA^TPmnvfti nrf the, 
teiephorre pole« and wires from the, 
buslntsss se_cUon. ULD^e city shotrid aak 

connpany ° would have a good right tfT 
demand compensation,- because they 
have been erected under a chartered 
;'lght eo joyed by ihe cotnpatiy. What 
the compensation ought to be we shaM- 
not iindertake to estimate, but every 
one can see thai the - cost of the re- 
moval of the . poles will be large and 
that man}' of them will be of - iia, 
further use to the company,' "and "to 
this we may add that the wirOvili be 
of no use whatever after It has been 
taken do\vn.~The companjr does not 
ask any compensation for this 1(>S8, 
but only that the city will guarantee- 
the mQhey wWch has t o be bor rowed 

\\ II h , I ' , ' ' 1 ' , - . , ■! ' i ;.!:, ■' !,. ' -■ .in- 

Mil >)■■' ImiM Till I ' ■• liM - 

:;■ this \'l-.\t<i 'i'i' .-I ii'U Ii..i; !l"l 

. ,;■>■ rrioi.l<'. 'A ■ ■'•'■ iiiil h lo 

In 111 l.-^ll.l. ' ' ' '. ; .1 I "'■' 

to.,. b<;...t.ljo_u,tl,lu ..i.''l,.„i'J:'...l!.'JA.'_.L'i.t;-^j!> -i. nn- 

Ktruction Upon Sir Wilfrid, Laurier';^ 
iaiiguage tliai'it will not bear; but it i 
must -have .been tt surprise to" t-libsc j 
who have, "been aio'; » acustpmed to ; 
lieaFThTvser-who might be assumed to i 
apeali- for the -federal sunernnu-nt 1T5Ti"'j 
ahd'^TV:ho have claimed that ihki pro- 
vincial government bad-ftethliMf-to suj 
-ta-th^ premises, to find B\t Wilfrid 

Cabinet at Ottawa, to extend to iihu 
a hearty " welcouiC ou beliaJf of tin; 
province of British Columbui and cb- 
peclally <>n benaii of the , ciUaens oi 
Victoria. (,.\pi)laus«.> 
^ "TSTOV,^ wlcn Tgg a r d »o mattofs In 
•British Columbia. . Polities giineialiy 
go with a siviug, first one w.ay uod 
TliiEn the other. Foxxr yftars ago liri- 
tish ColiJniblu had a represcntfttlou in 
the Doroision house of eeven^LIbei-Ul 
iTsembers. l*ut now, unfortunately, 
there are ^ot so .man>'. And tbeu it 
Is not so, long a&b fiince the Conser-. 
vatlvetf swept British "Columbia. 

"P.erhaiJB you' wiil say that I am, u 
sifB prop^t, but J. hope that the 
pchduium Mas swung fH i^^r as It can 
in tills dlret?tiou. and -now It Wijl 
swing to the other, , , • ^ 

■•■But o'h iKtlJalf »>f tbe ciUzens-of 
Victoria, there Is to be aii earnest ei- 
fort to bring Victoria back to the 
ranks of the Liberal party. 
, "It Is, tlitHefore. my grejit privilege 
tofil^ht, on behiift of the ciiizetis ot 
■^rletdria'atJd the »iiirireunrf*ng"dlstrlcts, 
and un behalf V.f: tli>.<-nil purlv Ot 

that the B. C. Telephone oomp&ny' will ttrts city and aisy foS- live CoBSwyu- 

tlves, a most hearty welcome." 

utilize ,al| the InventionB of science 
end be dqiJ^ bu»in«JS when the bonds 
mature. A report has rea ched u s that 
it Is the intention of the cotiipariy'to 
increase Its 'tolls. We have jisRed Mr. 
Halse, of the company, in regard to' 
this and he gives* it an unqualified 
denial. He authorizes us to sa^- that' 
such ii thing Is nbt tOi/Bi never has been 

tH"ietmtempIapoh by the company. We, 
need hardly add, but perhaps, as there 
are always persons who suspect slnls-' 
ter motives In anything a newspaper 
may say. It ma>£'be a» well, to state 
that the Coloni^fis hot Interested in 
the telephone company in any way 
wl«teyer, holds rto brlrf for it and fii 
prepared whenever it Is necessary to 
criticize or oppose Its plans wheh they 
appear inimical to th« public interest. 


making a direct rail connection with 
Vancouver Iglfiridi and the matter Is 
one that shall recelvie our cons.ldera- 
tlon at. the earliest possible,-, day'.*' In 
these worcts, substantially. Sir Wilfrid 
Laurier referred to tlie representa-, 
tions made by the Board of Trade 
and tlre^ "Vanfcouver Inland tSevelop- 
ment League. In, regard to the Ibng 
hoped-for' rail connection betiVeen 
this Island and the continental rail- 
way system by way of Seyijiour Nar- 
rows. We thinlj we arc right In say- 
ing that, this is the first occjtsion 
upon which this project has had an 
unaiutllfted !bfttcla.K en^arsemeni. -A 
distinct step-has been taken towards 
the ac^blhpiiBhffi^Tt'of th great un- 
dertaking. What remains now> to be 
donti is to present some deflhitei and 
feasible -t>la.|l wliere'by-thia. great pro- 
ject may be realized. There has al- 
wlTysriieeh a dtfricuUy whejrfhlS prS- 

jeet was. Urged upon capitalists be- 
cause of uncertainty as to bow It 

government. The Colonjisl In its 
treatment of it has alway.-s been erp- 
bai'rasaed was not able to 
Siiy that the goyernment Would look 
favorably upon it, an(} the public 
will bear its out in tlie statemont 
that the burden of agitation has fal- 
Inn chiefly iitHniif' this papef. No mfit- 


i iitiicnt, 
that the 
ihe methods 
■ ii government 
were 'not o])cn to it. But whetMcr liis 

ter ' What other projects were tirged 
tipoh the considerattbh of gdvern- 
ment.", we have never, allowed a suit- 
able occasion i6t presenting it to 
pass unimproved."- We think 

' ■ ' ' At- len,st we ii:td 

A'ed and «,-mr dcter- 

iiiin.-itioti ."It'' ' oti 




to ki 

m\jch , 

present it is more in the 

listing capitalists in the in 'j > i t'lm 

ill public agitation. 

Laurier declaring that the Dominion 
authorities "Hud unly'li r'IiTOerary In- [ 
terest In the reservation and that the i 
title to th'- l"!'! v^'is vc'ilcd in tile | 



'(Continued from Page 1.) 


/ i- 



—a name tl!;it 1i;i -'"Imhmi fiiiiMii-, ! liri »iil;]i (lie W'^i'l'l ni" (:^.M\'in,iics^;i.Qir-years— a-great iiiaiiy years. , It stands 
for as lu ;u ]utU I'l h M 1 ;i - 1 -, |)( I -.-il )lr in china ;iiifl ;i ! 1 ].)oIRt\".. ,- .'"- • • :..,,. . ' 

I i \ on lia\-f lu rt-iMinir li.n! iii t Ic (i]i]iMri iiiiii \ loview'tlic creatiGH-s- ofthis'"Wbrl'l ■ tained pottery, yqu 
^WoiiJ.d lake <.M!l\ ;i(i\-,tiii.i'j. Ill ilic .i]ijM)rtii!iii K's this- store jofiers. ■ We .are Headquarters for this factory's 

w 1 mI( I, .-IIKI Wf !i 

,1 \ c a g^oodly supply awaiting your, inspection. 

■ Cbalrman F. A. Pauline Uioh called j 
upon Jtalph SmltB, M, P., " for N U - ' 
nairao, who Was well knuwji to the , 
ptiople lu-r> , and nt»eded no Introduc- i 
tion. * . . . 

Mr. rt^jlph Smith, M. P. 
Mr. Smith said: "My good friend, 
Mr. TOmpIcMiao has remittSied you jthiit 
thtet aimienee is con.iposed^i of the peo- | 
pie of Vldorta. 1 w'ould liko to re- ■ 
mind ypy Ihat just now we iirenyt In j 
VicturJa. (L»iiighter.) We are now In ■ 
part of the Nahaimo district, and ; 
whe-n polltio«4- angels come to visit 
you, you iiartrtri 0if o'utsi^ie the bound- 
aries of Victoria W Iind. ample aocvni,- 

*1 have, been given- the prlvlIoge_for 
fhi.«»,, oiie T»inu&3 "to , >>ln wijllj Alfr. 
Tempjcmah and the peopk^-«rf the dis- 
trht In the welc?,tm«,to Sir Wilfrid 
Lanrlor, and I think thai, we are in 
"a. unit and Join h"s a unit m welconi- 1 
ing the Premier of Ciiniida to BriliHli ■ 
Corumbia." ~ I 

Continuing. Mr, .^inith ;=ihl thiitthcj 
exctyptional prospcj'lty vshiriu ISritisii | 
Colinhbia has enjoyed xlu ring the last j 
few years is due in n very largo, ex-, 
lent to the policy of the g<ivernin,ent, 
at Ottawa^ The mii)port <it the British ' 
H'ofiimbia. members has always "iie'-n-, 
in the fjest' interest^ .,1 \' ijc oj 

this province. i 

, "Thia Is an' In.splrlng (/i-iTi-fjoii, and 
tempts one to. nfoke a little spcfv'h, lait , 
1 must refrain. ladlcH and" genileinen, ' 
I jqin With you in. the great wel<;<)n'ie 
you have glvm th, Prtmier of Can- 1 
ada." I 



The recejition acconu'd tin- t>ir W'll- 
Ijjvurler and hia party on tiieir trip 
througli the west- lui.s bei h Iriily w.on- 1 
derful," declared Mr. K. M. ,fl4cDon- { 
altl. M. P., of Phitou, who has ac- 
■complqintinr" tlTs--T«iTrrcr«mtntBtPr^Trow-f 
the east and was tiie nti.^t speaker \ 

"Six. wfjeks ago toda,\"- we left Ot - j 
tavVa and thrcjUghout , the varlons* 
western provinces untH' we arrived j 
at Victoria. • the gatew'uy of trade to 1 
JJbia_QE.terit we have Wt^u accorded a I 
welcome w^Jjlch for warrrith ahd 

h<>artlness has been truly royfll. Your, 
greetings here hiive exceeded' them 

., , .^ , . . ^. ,^i^ , , all. Diiring our. trip there was nol 

would be ^lreBaT^i?,d-4)y -«M5-rO!(Va^^ ^^^4^o-dtd not Trfrmr hij 'admlr- 

atlon of faith. In a.nd coni:ide}vce_J.n 
that grea t man . and statesman, Sir. 
Wilfrid Laurier.' "The welcome paid 
him comes not dnijs. from, peopiiit>^ ot 
his own political I'alth but from men 
bf- all shrideS <vf p(.>Iltl»al faith., The 
people veallze that we have hfre ri 
inem-i+'r without reproach in pt-lvate 
or public ili,'t\ a man. whom .all de- 
light to honor, and we are proiid tu 
know thf|t Ijc possesses tliosE Sterling 
(j;ualitles which make lijm reVerpd- n<Jl' 
rtti'ly at liom<»:bui throughout, the Em-. 
])lre: and indeed- ■ the /World.. ; lie ItHs 
eome In see for hlnii'elf th« twrnen-, ' 
douB dfiv'eiui»mt*'it of this great wesTt- 
ern countrj', tolwvrn of Us; needs, tt- 
• usi.:ej;;f.ain-*wh:j.t-ittra--ik'en, doner-wlia:t r 
lia.s to he done, that good work til- I 


i.'i.v, b'' lmTiTf'inr«nt('(l' ainl ; 

Hilpietiirtit It." j 

I of itfJ priini? -j 

th'" I'rotrro^.' ■ 

oi' i:-,iifri 1 \ I 111 ', I 

Mr. McDonald 
Llbordi rftgltno' ii,..i 
<Ounliuited on 

cts for tl.iis part of tlu- _ ^ _ ^ _ _^ 

We SthMlbie; delight e4|o. lia\r ...u visii ihe china store any time that suits y^ur convenience. ^ 

-- Wedgwood Blue Jaspe 

'i'liere's probaljly no single protiuciion of the Wedgwootljmttcrie.s that has clcVne^^iTTfclriiyii^raake this name famous, 
than 'has their IMue Jasper. The famous Port 1 an (f Vase of the-carly ,V\'e(tgw(3ods made tine mak6r lamoiis. and r'ei)roduc- 
tions in this Blue Jasper are the pride of many a colkction. ' f - - 

\V'e have just rtrceived a big shipment, and i.s now on display on the fir^t floor.- Don't.failto take a piece home with 
.At least ..e thnic in aiid see sonic of t_hcse productions of tliis famous pottery. " - 

VI 111 

Take Home a Piece of Tliis Dainty Ware 

^^^Ji'^Li^'^^-®''^^^^^ **^ ^^ items shown in 
pitHr t.) be a genuine Wedgwood production- 
Teapots at $1.75 to ...... : 

Creams at, from $1.00 lo ...... ^_^ 

Sugars, covered, at from $1.50 to 

Sugars, open, at each , 

Cups and Saucers at, each 

■Vases at. each . 

Tea Ca^aics at, each '. 

Cheese Dishes, covered, ai,,each . r-.-.-.-.-. 

Pomade Jars atrr^ac h -77-77%--.-.-; .. . i-r-v^. ....... 

Jugs, upright sjtyle, at from $.i.'5o to 

Jugs, Dutch shape, attcach, $i.Oo and .:'• 

Match-Holders at. each, 8sc a,nd 

this ware. R 
there are man 

!?1.25 ^ 




. .S1..50 





.:...'. 85^ 
1 65^* 

emember when cofhparitig pfttes, that we- guarantee every 
y imitations offered elsewhere. - * 

Candlesticks at, e;acTi, $1.75 to „ .^1.25 

Pin Trays at, each . 50<? 

Trinket Bojtes, covered", at eac:li $1.00 

Portlan'd 'Vases, pnced"7roiTi> eaclv . . .• ^.....$2.25 









Toothpick Holders, priced at 
■ Brush and Comb Trays at, eacb 
Jardiniere froni, eaclf, .S4L00 to . 
Fern Pots and Lining at. each „ . 
^ ^Ghoeolate-J ugs at - . t ' .ich,-S3ire 
Biscuit Jars at, . icli. ,;«;^.50 and . 
Hot Water Jugs. ui<"tai tops, at 
Marmalade Jars .It, c;'.«:h' ........ 

aint ¥¥are 

>i if^ 



Motto ^\"are. These <]uaint produc- 

with sonit^ of 
Come in at 

The iiio-L soUi:hl-l<ir tourist litie thi.s .store- handles is this Royal' .Mlcr rile Si-iti; 
tiqBS certainly appeal to the Tourist and the Visitor to our city. 

Vtctortjrrrs too havp been liberal in their appreciation, and there's niany .1 talil. that is now diecorated 
these interesting antl decorative piecics- — for theseate scrvtceablo as well as (irii.inn in.ii pieces. 

The decorations , are unusual and the addition of qt iai i iir S<. ' otd i, inoti"t- - niHlxt- iluin doubly interesting. 
yottr leisure and havi? a look at these pibce^s. • 

Cups and Saucers at 25<? 

Sugars^ knd Grearris at, per pair. 75c. 50c mid 35<^ 

Plates 'at. each". 50c, 35c and ' ;250 

Teapots nt. earii, Si .00 to .' • 4 Or 

Candlesti^cks at, each. Si. 00 U 
Mugs at. each 

4 Or 

Loving Cup- .i: 

MuslaEd Pots,. I • I' I 

Jugs at, ea^'Ii, Si .ix 1 t- ' ...... 

Match Holders ;n .foe and . 

Porridge- Bowls :>{ 750 and 

Butter Dishes ai ^nc and . . 


■ \35<t 

Another Popular Line— ^Bretby' ■ 

1 1- 'I' 

ircly different, and ynn :^li'niM take 1 
-Mi\' tliere are spmc pieces iiert that' 

A ill ])Mpnlarity pi the .Mler \ ale Ware- is Mils i'ntliv \\ .H' 
a piece of hii- a- v.*]] a;? *ojne mf the .\iler ■ValeT~X"i''liie in .ui 1 .-ee u/a 
lurnibered with \onr collection of art i>ottery pieces. ' ' 

Soiiie tif'the most arti.stic and attractive pieces u'chax'.- r\ .._]. li,i'! ii'Im lin^ uuiory were received fhis -ea=ron. 
still ha\ f a ;.;imm11;i '.supply left in some iteni-^, a^ ilu- I'l-i' ■ ' " ~ 




Vases, with marine view 

$!,_■;, 8;. 


Vases, i)i.L; cIiiiht nf styles and I'u-ei 'latii iiis.' at ."^3.00 to 50<* 

! .25r 

Ash Holdete, t'tap^>t style, at 

Ash Trays at ami 

Paper Weights ai. e. u ii 


Tobac^to Jars, a splendid assorlmient uf 

,Nut I'rays ai. eaf-li ■.......:. . 

Hani.' inti Flower Pots at ..'. 

Flower Holders ,1 ' , caeli 

Lily Tray.--av-, ; .u ii . ; 

Umbreiia-^Stands from $8.^0 lo 

tlu>e .at Si.fM i i--./'65<*' ■ 

.'... 350 

... ... $1.00 

Miss^ the Cut Glass 


1 , Another special feature nt tin-- (--tai.I 'n 
> {^^^X M' Hi ' ''"' '" "■' '' ' "' ^'"' '""''' *''ia"-- Kii'iin. .Ti 

^ C^^^^*^*^^ij \ room, devoted exclusively to ilio (li^plav , ■ : >. i:' 
"'^ \ mirrors and- lit^-hted entirely by 'hidden a.rtiti; !■ !i 

) i+pf^lbc; ,. * —- — 

(■Ev/EPV PIECE) -The displayof glittering crystal is snniciii;!' 

^^ — -^ — '--'> — ^^^ — ^ forget.^ Wr-aTc sole Victoria agents for tlie lai;- 
^-rec0gnized o be the 'World's best; We have a specially 
moments neeosary. to ins pe ct this room^ of ferhigs. 

■ Come in at your leisure for you. are , welcome— fii-i 

• ■■ ' ill -1)1 mldn't 

^ I rislril.cted 

Lined with 

-'- .1 brilliant 

\iiii w'.n't (ptickh: 
■jiMuw Cm OtJiVs 
-ml., and \ - ui 

eertainh, v. 

Here Are a Few of the Libbey Productiorts Offered 


Nappies- iro'iu. each' . . 
Bowls frcini, each ... . . 
Vase.s from, each .- . . . . 
Sugars and Creams, ikm . 
Water Jugs iroin. eai^h . . . . 
Water Bpttles from,- each . . 

Decanters fr- nn. each ■ , 

ButterTTishes ft'om^ each . . 

Cdmpotfes from, each- . 

Flower Baslcets from, each . 
Punch Bowls, small size, at 
Finger Bowls at. per dozen 


Packed and 

Shipptn 1 :ce 





. .87.50 

.. .$8.00 



. $'6V00 



.f S5.00 

Ice Plates ;il...p.c.cJ1o7:en ., -t , 

'^Tumbler;-..;, ]■■■: A"/\\\ ........... 

"'©il Bottles in in. each . 

Candleslicki* irnin, ea'h 

Ice Tubs ill iiii.. I :iiii . , . 

Kose Bowls It-Mill, each . ,. ... 

Knife and Fork I^csts'^oni, each .'. 

Lovjng Clip? from, earh 

'■'TuTfT5oxe's fr-.tlT. each 

Hair Re'ceivers fmni 

Large Ice-cream Plates ■A^ ......... 

Perfume Bottles front 

\'iirt rc'^rcl the few 

.. $'45.00 

^ $20,00 
:. . . $3.50 

. . $15.00 


. .,/.$4.00 

. ./. .$0.00 
. /. ..$J).0() 

'...$1 .">.(><> 


Use Qur 






Friday, August 19, 1910 



At the 

Montelius Piano 


I'irit i-,li 


S('\ ci":i 1 ' ' 
ii <■ ( - r.i 
■ lu I 
\ in 
1 1'. 
:\ nil 




;!•-, ami 
l;i \ n :;ni 

,1 I 


1 . ! 1 I 


I Mr. H. KcHSt, nl" Dunciui, ictuni.Ml 

i-"**^'* ♦ • • 

I Miss .M.rviiard vm'iU "MT 1" Vun- 
;,, diner la^.■l iiiK.Ht mu tlui ClianiuT. 

j MisM Hall^o^l^ 1. 1 1 last nlglil on u 
visit with friends in Vaiu;Ouv.!r. 

I ♦ » • ■ ■ 

i Mr and Mrs. J, I^ci.ikoth arc vi^^itinii 
Willi iriiMiits- in l^i-'Mnortun.// 

! .Ml-. :iii.l .Mr: I':, li'ii;. v i'W .' .-si.'i - 
' ,1 , ^ i..r \ .iii.-^.iM cr I'l r l lir T' Un'i.^:. 

Mr. Wilson pir.s.'tued In Sir Wlltrld 
I-aurler a liamlsi.inu'is- 1)uuihI miiy o'^ 
.Mr, LuKPln'.s Ij.jolc <'ii N'ancoiivcr Is- 
land and I^iilwav dcv(>lii|>nicnt. 'I'l^t; 
.Minister i>f Uailwavj* and tin- Ml.iilfji-'f 
ol' tlio ■ InU'rlor uCto iirrsulUfd wilii 
''iiiiiliir fi'idcM. ' 


.•,'-1 ,■ 

I n 


vl Ol 

I lllllf 1\ 

\ i;i III 
M i 1 u 1 • ■ 

III tin 

111 I' 

-in il,. 

i| I 

llilii'li, /,; \\ iiiiiip' u, '111! S\\: 
Mavety, wifo ufj-^-'"- Ma\.i '• >' 

ilinp Mrs. I'T'Tiriir S. Sniitli, "i l.^il' 

: I \ 1 : 1 1 1 1 . ■ 

■ I . ; '111 II' 

-,•.11 ii .\1 

a \ I'll III-. 

I iihllli. W ll'i 

-;. \i\a i;l 
I'ctiirns t'liii 

lUl.S llCl'M 


i,iru\>. In 

r IMIIlr 

in a 

ai Spi'kam.-, Waftli. 

I ■T,,,:- 

i I I '11,1 
I ;, hi' h, 

1 l.uiiillS 

\r, !■:,->■ 
iii'i i' I ; 
I • n t ' " 
111' '■ '' 
w ' ; 

■pill, 1 1 


l;ir S'm'i't Mii.^ii.' 




I i04 Government Street 

Ci'i 1 • ' I V.rt , -l-eU 44 


Manager Victoria Hou^e 

,\ii iiicii lii.llaiiii left ' \ la 
: ^ortli^rn I'iu-ifii- I'or N»nv Y(>rl<, 

In nil' lie \vill fiail on the Whito Star 
liner .Ailriatto on Ills n-turn to Cani- 
laidn'- l'ni<M-.syi'ty, • where he will rt-- 
.siiiih- \\is Studies. ■ 




Ulll 1. 

I ■ 

I '..Uliril 

1,1 Trades 


Uiis etini- 

rnu«.s aiii.l a sini-iTi 
luagnififi-nl Provinn 


and I" I'lir liraulirnl 
ital, and in w i.'-li y" 
from . your joni-ii, ■ i ■ 
million )ia' k 111 ' I 

.iiiil 1' • • ■ ■ > ' ■ "' 

.■o.ilii, '■, ili'l-l 

the K"0'l "i" ■■' .^■'""' '''"' 

•'The deputation is In: 
to seelT, through ihf fa 
interview to place before 


'•liirii j 



Madras, Swiss and Scrim 

Curtain Muslins 


fi^ontlnweH from Pajro 3.y' 

beacon at 

Curls, FulTa. Br.inU and. 

TrancformatiOBs lu ftU 

Styles nt 

'Phone 1175 . Douglas St. 

Madras Curtain MtiHlins, laiu'v '^''-^^^\^j^S£l}}_^y.'__^£lJi}^lLj'-'' ■ ^''''^'^'L- ------- ^--^---^^^^^ 

Colored Madras Curtain Muslins, fancy ')'-''t"i<lo^j_i;iimTi.l^^: ' '^ ' v^ rd. 50p an d ,. .'>^. . . ■ ■ ■ ■ • . ■ ■ -405^ 
Fancy Madras Cur tain Muslins, ecru wuU culurcd-d-wngitk' Per yiivA. 7S^:m^'^f^^^-y' ^ '''''•'^' ■ ■ ■ ^r 

-T H E—- i- 

Real Lace Shop 

tiaadkerchlefs from eaeh 

•i iiii\' 



1214 Broad St. 

Madame Russell 


all kinrt.<i oi 

715 cbXIKTEtTAV 

, lamSe to 









Queen Olives, per bottle 
Glub House Olive*, vierj* 

Iter liot.tle, ..;.■...',... 
Manrahilla Olives, large 

|.ir bottlo ■ 

Stuffed Olives, Piinento. Nut H'r 

Ccrerv. per bottlq ....... ..35c 

Olive Oil, Map of U»»y. Iiii)!** 

tin' ......... ....... 90c: 

Olive Oil, gallon tin ■ ■ ■ ■ W^\ 

half gallon tin $1.75 

Cooking Oil, flrieat ' quality, i><-i- 
tralh.n •.♦-• ;-»1'50. 

iriince of the harbor 

Hrotchifi I^edgc. , 

til preMonilng these matters for .yJOur 
con;^lide^atlon• the' Itoard is cfyjfident that 
ihey will bp'conHiU€*red by you Ih th«- 
same broad .spirit n.s has chHrncterl/.eil 
your treatment Of the -tranaportallon 
iliie.'^tlon \p other parts of Canada. ^ 
Sry .Sock. ^ 

The Board has already brought under 
44^ 1 o -att e n t i o n of the government the Im- 
portance of constructing a drydoeU at 
.lisfiulmalt sviffieiently largo to meet tile 
In<-reased requirements of commerce and 
i)f tlie Uoyal Navy. tlw-tire«ent drydock, 
being In.sufflclent for UTOse purposow. 
.Xppeiided hereto Is U' eopy bf a m<^K»<*r-r 
ami urn which has already t)een laid be- 
fore the goveriuTrent ojithls stibject. The 
board believes that Its posliioTi in this 
regiird Is strvngtliittned .by tlic decision, of 
the governiiient to hinintain a tictiiadi-on' 
of-tlic Canadian .\'avjj on this coast with 
lieadciunrters. at Ksuuihialt. Signed on 
behalf nX the, Victoria Briti«h Columblia 
Board of Trade. .. *^ 

H. C. WILSON. Preajdert't. 
, F. EtWORTHY. Secretary. 

. Ask& Suggestions'» lying to Mr._\Yil3 on, the premier 
.sul<l: "I have carefully 'read over the 
document presented to me by your 
board, but bfetore you resume youi- 
seat, Mr. \Vll»on, lot me say that I 
desire further information on two mat- 
ters ^'trteh- It deals with .the Songhees 
reserve, and the Indiran question jjren- 
,er8i*y..!' '"■•■!' 

After reading the first two • pa**?" 
grfrphr oE the memorial, tb Uie dejuita- 
tioij. Sir Wilfrid pointed out that the 
Dominion government was -jilniiily the 
guardian of the Indians and that the 
reserves. beIonged--ttv-tl-M^— prov+«*?er-^ 

"Under the»se oircumstanees,"' he 
asked, "what L-j the course you want 
my government to take?" 

Air. Wilson: "We would like to have 
a settlement of the reserve question 
AvV-WWrftrWe^, to' have the 
thrown open; and at the same tl nie 
have' thfe " fndihna properly" protected." 
Sir VVjIfrld: . - . B ^i t h o w la that trV be 
|-done? So far -t+ie liidlan.s have, unfor- 
tunately, re'fusod such offers as have 
been made to them." 

As no further sliggestions , wero 
forthcoming the premier ag ain pointiid. 

A. Pool, Grocery 

6:23 Yates St. • i'hone 44« 

out the position of the provincial and,: 
r>6mlnion gDvern^M^nt8 in regiard to 
! Itte Indian rese^rvcs. 

"The - Dominion government,'" he 

{said, " Is the guardian of the Indiana, 

and you. Know with what scrupulous 

regard the crown takes care of the 

Indians' lixterests. My govornrhent will 

' be , pleiasetl to do whatescr is possible 

1 toward settling this question and when 

1 the city and the provincial goveniment 

[can do anything of a' definite nature. 

'fw..- will heartilv second It." 

lu-allli .'lai 

'«■ ril i/.'-n.-^, 

' , l,Tl,-(i 

,1 , ,; tlii« 
you their 
.v,.ic.w«--»tt-ft-<tu«'8tion of «xiiiut impor- 
tance which affects the welfare uL 
everv ..^in-ad- winner of this vast Do- 
minion of ours, hami-1y,.tlic subject oi 
Oriental IniniiRralion. This, questio.i 
has been in the past, njul still is, a 
subject of first impurtanc o \^\^^}]y , 
worklugnp"iople of this clt> and I'rw — 
vince. U Is the unanimous opinion 
of the organic.ed workers represented 
l,y-_thls "deputation that in order .to 
insure the unquestioned preppnder-- 
ance o,f the occidental races in this 
land of great upimrtunltiea and prom- 
ise, that an effectual clieck must be 
maintained on immigration to this 
country of all Asiatic races, and toi- 
tho purpose of attaining that object 
the Acts, Agreements and Regula-- 
tlons -governing same ^Should and 
-must be amended and adjusteil fronV 
time to time, as changed and chang- 
ing comlition*^. i-equlre. - , ,.. 

With k view to bringing theW«©aH 
and wishes on this subject to your no- 
tice in a cohcrel^ie form the deputation 
is Instructed to 8\ibmlt the following 
a.nd to' recommend same to ydur fa- 
vourable consideration, vla:- 

1. Resijectlng the admission of ^'"" . 
-dns or'such otv theninhaHltantS of ttiij-t- 
Provinces, comprising India, as are 
British subjects, the Trades and La- 
bour Councli is of the opinion that 
tht exhstihg Federal Regulation, 
baqed on an agreement with the 
p€rlal Government, affords u reason- 
HWtr~ttnd sufficient protection agalnSt 
anv undue numbers of these tribes 
flocking to oiir Shores, and that faith- 
ful application of the re.Bulutlon now 
in force is all that is required under 
•pxiitihg ' conditions. ,But should an 
Influx of those ■ people commence to 
'ihreaten, then the regulatiort should 
,|je ^d amended as .to.tujfluce jjfie nmnh 
tier Hdmit tetl- 40 such .. a deg ree as 
would not cause the driving away nor 
reducing In any way the standard of 
VOmfort obtained by the Canadian 
workers. • 

•>, VVlth— rxigitrd- to immigration ,of 
Japanese. It is felt and candidly ad ■' 
mitted that the regulation - now in. 
fore* itetfi-govomlng samo ifnder an 
agreement belwee« the Imperial Gov- 
reserve 1 ernment of Japan and your Ciovorn- 
ment Is a sufficient chock on arri- 
vals from that siMXTlrt^. — That the said 
regulatipn provld9d always that same 
Is rigidly applied .-Ind faithfully ad- 
h ered to by the respective Govern- 
ment parties thereto. Is a satlafactory 
settlement of a grave and . scriouB 
jiiieatfon. - „«. 

-—3r-Kes pec ting immigration of Ghio- 
esc Several years ago when in -re- 
sponse to the unanimous demand o'" 


Scrim, ecru with culorcd sidi JCs. Fer yard . . ..0^. . ; . >. . v.- .♦ * .;''.i ♦ '^ » ^-^ » ^^^v^<'-^• • '^**v 

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Lir28 , • 


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f>vereoats . ■ . 

Prices, . . 


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pesmr wojrk. '' " ^ '. 

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U . • i-n 1 1 ' •■■it's .are tlie -gfcatest values' c\'cr 

nnrrn'! 'in iin-"-cit\ . *■■■ ■ "" • .: 

the workers of this Province the head 
,<tax was. bv an, act of Parliament. In- 
creased from one hiirtdred 
dollars to the present amoa-nt of five 
hundred dollars. V^^he result was ah 
effectuifn check on th6 inimigrsitlon 
of thes.e peoiJle. The deputation in 
Informed that the credit of Introducr 
ing into Parliament thf legislation 
necessary to effect the said increase 
belongs to 5 ourself, .and' (testfefe to 
(onvey to you the appreciation of 'the 
working people of tHIs city,, of your 
response to their Just demands on 
that occasion 

But since that date many new con- 
ditions havfe , developed, bringing in 
their train new demands, which must 
b(^ dealt with as they arise. The Ue^ 
prec,lation In the value of gold. wDich. 
with Us nomLiul value fixed, is ex- 
l)res8ed in the Increase in the prlci 
of the necessities and commodities ol 
life, has r,educi»d the potency, of the 
five hufidred dollar head tax on Chin- 
ese us »>» bar against th^lr immigra- 
tion, proof of which can be found In 
the Increasing number of, nrrlvali-i 
from' that 'country, who . aire readily i 
•paving the o'nce-ptOhibitlVe tax of 1 
five hundred dollars,. In the light 01 
these facts , the conclusion has be<:ii 
arrived at that the present head tax : 
Is irindequatte ' and -the ' deputation , 
strongly ,MrK'es Ihe advisability Of \ 
J.;4^H!- .f^) v,<H^nm«Mvt~'AClupti4igi. .acte^jof- Jiie i 
two follovvlng alternative proposi- 
tions as ti riocesaary measure to mo< 1 
n question. requlri:ig immediate at 
tention. namely:- Total o.\i-hi«ion 01 
all Chinese or,, an Increase o£ flvi 
hiinrlred' dollai*s in the head tax 
bringing sawwv .wjr^to a ^ousBWd: dol- . 
-htrs-nfi er h e a't l 

Sale of 

with ' regard to all Other Asi- 
atic nations, or races,, it Is rCcom- 
, mchdcd--£Tiat the ■satufi measures in 
! those urged respecting Chinese shbuM 
I be adopted and hiade to apply. 
I AW of whlclt i- I'-apectfuliy suli- 
I mitteil. ^ , ■ 

I ■ .CHRlStlAN SIV15RT5J, 

,■ Secretitry. 

ly Sir Wilfrid said: . 
"{ have rcjexelve^— «M)d read an ail 
\::4ijftCfc.J6opy of, your petition and wIkh 
to congratulate ', von upon Uw abi- 
MiM moderate, expres.sjoh of ynui 
vie^a.' you 'refer to Chinese Imnii 
jgration, a.Td from .your-. petition yon 
a.(;4». appariiiitlyaatisTlerlwith tiie iin- 
1 sjM'm lis rcg'iirds tliiiiiu 
I IS'' ilTunigfation. I ae' Hi. ^ 

the poll tax (if JyllU doiibltil ii 
, ' iilnr-He ThiH 
I .mal.ler upon wlildi I ■ 
i prcs.s an 'opinion, h. 

j },, ■ ,|f';il- \\ iili HI' '1 in;, 1:> ■ 

i i1i«l)i. 

' This ts the stjorcNYhcrenl.en,boy.>^ and ^^"^^1 I'voir tasic.s .ipprcciiiUMl. The ai.parcl 

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ill clH-rk 

'if v.; < i\ 1 ' II 1 1; I '-0 i in,' 

UiiU not be rtlloAvod j 

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inpr al5oiit"^ntt 



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is marke 
the same tn all 

iis: and prices are 

I lU'l'Vll' 

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I' '1 



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Victor hi, B. C. 

i ?i 

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.riTf. plduo.s: I'PH'eliliiji; yti 4it Ked. niiilT. Cni... , 

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'•'Ml street, i-a.)lfrt .out ilo- li'''' '>>'iKi''''V| S'ljin. ..,, •■ 
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ii'i v>.i'- iiroii put Villi ii.'.M. i!'- . ,,,,,., ;,■■ 

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To L e c 1 11 1 r T o n i y 1 1 1 

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I t 


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II. .. . I ..1 • •■ 1 

11 'hi 


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besii ijiatlc. 

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•t. '.V."Xl,g4.\lkf>ii, K.i'. ■ '-il Kiiiiwii 

j,.'9.V.'\-*''' and tiiiaiii'lor . " iiu'C >\ Im 

)>< a delotcato to ilii- i .um.I.iii Mi-'ilin- j fohfffenoe, .now, .lir .session in' this i 
. ' ii.\, has ronsontcd to address the '■'- * 
; iiadiHii flnh Dn A\>rln9sday iipxt, 

t'.road silrcrt hi-iU. Th'n. Iiinohpo'n 
I til- at thf^^'t w s wtl 'hnur.- 1 oclocK i>. 
I .Member.^ of tho chii) can spctiVe tic 
' on .Sutun-liH^^i-anfi I'ollowing da.v at 

r.i , i..' 
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line ciiid 

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M : 


in Ladies' White 


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1 luag.'izine 

I'.n-li^h Mall 

ci;4artttc cases 

1 M 




Victoria Houto 

636 Yates St. 

I ;i I west 
• '»- ••Meair—f 

'f; , stjni9tirif«." lij Ti6i8i& " 

IV ill- 




li 1 


lioirj! and the Yic-toria BoAk trrrri-iSta- 

I iiui'-rv'. 

— • 1, I. i' i.iiii ; .— 


t^rovinciar Potioe 'Hav« N« Word 
Yb* 6f Identity of. Montana 





J a pan CSC Fancy 



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8x8. $1.-5. and 6x7 7oC; 

1404 Gov't St. Cor. .lohnson 

."^1 further; wara Jws Ibeen received 
ity the provincial nolit-e liulhorltlea 
- the identity of the prisonej^ 
hold ai r.>illOi->, Mont.. who' i.s 8H»- 
i pcftetl -ttt—tjfi-.ig VVilHnni Hune>', the 
„ slayer of Hi'Ctlal i^onslable Isaac.' 
i Dcckor. near AslHroft. last >ear, aiid 
_: iv-tn»-4* bel+^vefJ-^-*;*— h»v^ b^en one of 
' ilu' EaiiR (jf train robbers wlio held un 
i ilift V. P. R. ex\.>fess near Ducks, «n 

the night of .Iun«i~:iX. 
I A police officer frohi . I..0.9 .Xngelep, 
- to whofn Hailey Is perssomilly known, 
j has been !5Pcureil^tS> the proxineial 
I authorities vu proceed to, Dillon and 
I if pii.isible identify lUo pi'lsonei-; thii* 
; iileritififntion waa expef-ted to h^ve 
■ lij'en made last .Momlay but so far 
; iiothinR- has l»ee;i heard herij • of the I 
jiesiilt. Ji^heriff (jousman, of Dttlpii, ! 
lin'w-hoste ciislcidj the' |jri»on*r-4*r lia.s 
wired ■SiipeiintejYdent of Proxincbil. 
Polli-o; K. S5. Hii-'^fy, itia't he is writ- 
ing fi'illy, but he rorfveys ;jo hint as 
I t<i «ht'ther his prL^oner" hjis .vet beeii 
identified as Hane.v;- • 

Pantages Tljteatre. 
Amuteiir.s will tonlest asatn toniphl 
fo(" ea'»h""i)rize.s, ^nu.»tion. idctnrcrr- and | 
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Victoria, B.C. JBiU Stuff 

tn.i niMiufaciurers of, aU kir.da of 
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'The Italian ship:S(>erai|iza %iiit'(t leCFr 
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MilK Supply Co. 

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Phone 1344 


McLeod 1 

AI s,4.i u'cilock: tlTliW iTiorning the! 

ineral of the late tAfn. Klten .VlcLeod j 
.vill take place from' the B. C. Funeral 1 
(■<>in|i»an.v*s parlors and proceed lo tihe 
Roman Catholic cathefiral. Interment 
^111 be made In Rx)s« Bay i-emetery. 

Latest Importations From China 

l.,*dl*«' and Gentii' allk utiUerweax 
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Qxrova KJL2T rxriro & 06. 

p. O. Bui 9S. 171S OoVernment .=!t. 

You Take Pains 

Tri mnkc Uic ohildrcn Ici 
nii-r iu'-i p r a day.' W'hy.iv ■ 
;hi.--i4i-ipi-fcttinc5s, 1- 

! H , 1 ! I ■ ■ ' ■ •■ . 


' )tTr""7Hct tfrc iN eithg"FoT in- 

(li\ iilual- IT L:riiu])>.' ,, i^o' 
r.\i<- i'rri'i ili.-ii iliex!jdxal.".Lhc- 
-ircl '■",:;!"■■;'■ "I';; in ,' softnes>." 
,in(l tar o.vccl in faithful por- 

; .liliirc the work n'f fbctno'jf 

• ilful artist. 

AI^J%INTMEtJTS"Trr" , ' 


I The funeral of ^ the late ^Jr3. <:4ard- 
! Irer took place, .yesterday morniuK at 

11 ocloek , from* the H^nqa chapel. 
; ^^-herc servlcibs \>'ere co'nducted by 
■ Ke\-. G.' Co»k. TJiere <va8 a ntnitber 
j <if friend."* in attendance, and several 
I floral offerinKa Avere presented In- 
' ivfrnent was made in Riis>; paj ceme- 

"•■ry.. . . ' 

Decree Says 
** Diamonds'' 

lie >c;i»Mi 

ol llie • 
. nvi^ke."'* 



wlien . St)aei\ 
heavie.'ii deniaiiHs upon 
voiarie.-i .wil] -stiNlfli* t>c here. 
Then "pcrnS, ricli and, rare"' 
are allnost hece!J.safy tb the 
attainment ol..;«iM;ial sutecs^. 

TO T)ppi)i - 

1 in- 

ly n&t 

"Trinity uf 111 
elrase,'< noiv?.- \\,^" had ttic' 

^Fctlroug^nt to piirtbase bc- 
fore tly rise ih price anil can 
"ffcr yini fla\vtv.s.< I liainoiid.s 
a I fig-jiresi\tUdt \m11 jdea.^e 
and ast^JmShfj^pn 

Tourists Kindly Note 

That Diamonds Enter 

Canada viDiity Free 

W. H. Wilkerson 

100 Sheets 



Carbon Paper 

English Bicycles 

WJH, UJ. I I WB» ll.ll|» ! H .' t li mw I ' l i WP 


Complete witli Dunlop Tires, Bell, Tool Bag, Plm^p,\^yrench' 
and Oil Can-r-ready to ride , .., - 




^ 1 . Z o 




r_M Yates St. Phone 730 


1110 Government St. opposite spencer-. Victoria, B. C. 


>-%■<(-•-*• 4 e e.^ 


M. Gt a. 

Temporary Quarte rs, 1209 Blanchard_St; 


Reading arut-Came Rooms— Hot and Cotid Shower Baths— 
Men'.«i and Boy's Summer Camps— Summrr Membership 

50c per rnonth . 





Fort George. 

Only $10,000 

Vifw Ptrpet nreji^eTty, the new T. M. C. A. bundinff, !)«xl20. 

thrr. -■ t'lpv 1'-"!. -.Mirfh I'S". , 

with, new 


V«« Ii^mbtt, Saidlw soers. . «nA , »U XSaAm eX BuJidiii« ici.t«ruu. fo m 

TEe Taylor Mill Co. 

■ i«jLBiltad Z.lakill«r. 
Mm. C»ffle» ana Tar«a; 111* GovernmaBt 8U P. O. Box «2t. Telephone »*♦ 

I can 

oflCL^jsailiii SPod 


aKoiit 5JI -imles 
isouihwest of the townsite. 
, v. fidd notes may; be .seen 

Price $8 per acre 
Subject , to prior sale 


A ^ 

All appreciate a go<>d cup > i 
tea.'' pure it:e 'ercam and ap- 
jKti/.in'c^ hinchenn.1; 


6ig Fort Street. . 

le cwclci 


! I M )" 


Anderson ' 

1^ The funeral trf the iRta fJeorg* Ari-'j 
|.dersim_ toojk pltjce yesterday afternoon ! 
•it ^ ^oT'lm-k from the llanna viarlors. i 
i:ev. Mr. V\eJling conducted- impres- i 
, .-*ve ser\ices at b-jth the parlor.s and j 
lat tlie iB:ra\-e8ld,e. There were numerous] 
i floral Irfbiues .-irivl tbfer.e wafi a large: 
! aitenrtjiince. af friends. The followim; ! 
I act«Hl a* pallbearers,: S. I-".. < Jalllgrbe.r, j 
i«;, .Jameson, .V. K. VN'ii.xon, T.' Aiider- j 
i «»'m, li. H. Hardy, and .T. .\I. Hueh'--- i 

Perkin ' 

Albert Kdwarri. PerUln. a, native of 1 
I <.',ornwall. Kng,. dled.,at tlie St. .I"«e|jlj\s 
1 bo-^pital \^■ednesday night after a | 
1 short illnesM. Deceased came to this 
, ( ity a few •week.s afto from England 
', and bad been .<»tayinK at the Rupert 
I Hoiise. He was i"! years of affc a-nd 
j i.s .«!urvived Ijy a wlf*, and tftree chll- 
I diyn.--, who reside in r^rn^^afl. The' 
j funeral wilt ■ take place tomorrosy ' 
I afternoon at 2 ,8 o'clock from the AMc- I 


- ■ ■■ ; '• , ' I. . ' I '■ -r g^--- 

Something new and frotn 
a poud recipe- -in fact a 
guaranteed recipe. i lui; 

Dry Hopper Food 

• ,\sk your Iieigh'-KM al'.'Hi 
it. ' He ha.s Ifcard <'t " ii 
you. have not. 


Ernest Brammcr 


— THE~- 

Geo. H. Larrigan 


I '■ ii i\ ('niini Ml .-^1 , 

i'lmnc ^'-.^o..' Iv'.'v, rill me i i,X;- 

iii ..r 

.\ l.-i.ii'i- 

,n \ iil.l 

Your Eyes 

1 hoy rcijuifife pfrOf©** 'idliedtfc. 

iiMii.' \mii -c\ t!iis''ir0m 

|Jioria undertakinK parlors, Rev. HA. 
j t'arHon will iiondnct the flcrviceB. ; 
'i'lip deiith oeeurred ^■ei<ter(la,^' morn 

ut^ at the St, .Ii>seph'.«i hospital of Mrs*. 
! nnm> Klin .fohii. the w " 
i n. F.. Joii-ri. of South .Snanich. Deueaa- 

■r] \vaa 46 years of age, and there siir- 

\ n e her three rtaughterf*. .Mfo. David 
I li.oyd. .Seat tie. Hazel and Helen who 
J reside. atr home,, and one won. Edft^r F. 
i of thi.t city. The" body ha.s been rei 
Iniwed'-to the Hanna parlors from 
I where It will be transported to" the 
! family residence, S6uth gS<<anich,' on 
' !=«atiirilay_jaft*irftoftn ne>;t. The funeral 
' v^til take plact! <\n .Sjjndsy afternoon 

Mt -2 o'clock frorin t,%e residehpei 

;'■ 'filtehi*. ' ■ . 
ii^Ath wcctHreif last evenipK at 
1 ill* family 'i'p.<«iileni'»'. "i>4'i ('ornwajl 
I Street, of JaiHcs Triti-nie. a nafive ti 
! t,'M>'luke,_LAnarkshlre. gtr-oTrajrid. atfed 
j fri-years. The deceased camp to Vic- 
toria about ^Ti \ear'^ aK" .arid was in 
I the en>i)loy.i)f the cit.\: for tft. years 'as' 
I water iivqii-itur. and was wr-ll kno'wrt 

'■■4 the 1. 

.J. H. LePAGE 


V. 0, 8(u 2::,s 
iDVfrnmcnf M. ViJoria 

Office 644 Fort Street . |. 

Smoke the 

Silver Tip 


Made of clear Havanna filler 
Ita the beet cigar on the markeL 




an -^KiM' 

Giizzelle Bicycle 

..^hi.l'- ;. ilT- . 1 1' '"!■, 
I "> 1 li'' ( '., v^'it !i '■ 'i ' 
-ir. li'T Ci'a.\ 

I -,-iii atiii 

^1,1 I HI' \\ llffl '. 

lir.i i- ' .-1 -'I $ *<•• a,i.>i 
W lii li' 1 insliT III ,iK 

•1. .1 ' l;,. 

II • i"'ii 

,11'. ml'", 

• ill Sll ' 

Harris & Smith 

U.'O I'-'i-'ii'l .--I, 

'I'l' ' 


Lukenheimer Valve«, all 
sizes in stock 

Brass Tubing and 


A larcie, assortment ^f .ill 
ing brands in stock 



3-43 Bay Street 

Bannerman & ]lorne 

Broad and , Johnston 


•line ]> 

The men w'ho make ti^iniey'-H>e the 
in e.n wh o de ret6p-thy — r:if'« distnetn. 
'Fhe .Vinatifeainrittied f>eTeTopi"' 'nl 'rom.- 
jiany U dolii(r this trith nm- orTTffSlFK 
clilt'f • resmirces— All. Ha'\ »■ ,\ oi.i loo kcfl 
iiito this company's prospei'tv it will. 
pj^i' you as a business rtian ti do so. :• 

'Sxein^i'ent aimi ^nB the f» iiif ' 
Wednesduvs «rrd Saturdays. Now is 
the time tO see these beautiful Islands. 
.The novelty of this trit> rannol be ex-. 
celled in any part of the world. Take, 
v. -&r7iS7*Tfaln connecting with tliei 
a;teanier at .Sidney.' K«i;. Xurthtr 1n- 
l^rmatioil telephone Wl. , 

^ , »rt the Sount* by 

steiimers o^ f. 0> 8. S. f"o.. sji fling 
weekly. Gbieap excursion rate. Phone 

i. ' '-■■• , ' " ."■ ■ . 


and hiRhl 


I'.n Vl. 


i'-'d. Me leavi's- 
f.o (I nd t wi> 5,'""- ' 
\\ inlor, v. 

Spa t; 


I hdra \\n from 
I Iver not1e«. •■ 

Who. published j ViUKBep-i 
in sale at Vic- u-apl'' ' 
Co.. Llmitetl, • 1 |„g 

The— fjr^dani ma n . Wh o, . JbuU jCLves In 
i.iacini 'filR Inve'stitteiits "]yrtf\Wft'liW- 
trlct,«i where the leadiOjBT financiers of 
Ihe w««J4 'aro turnttip "^'';iLJ!".!^"^''^'" 
will drnw""1if^'owtr'T7ifrctTTMo?ur'rr7fnr lie 
■fac^t thrtt Alaska, vvjycrc ^' ' • 
of the' -i\ma4«aivi'ate(i 
company f^X^ Slfu'iiterl, u.i'* linrniK ih" 
p ASffew* w ee k s -I'reen NM'Slf^ii prrjmn^. 11- 
by sucir iea<lcr.sof the ninui'.y ni.u k, ; 
as J a colfKt -hiff. l li •'• ^ve 1 1 -kn 1 1 ',v 1 1 .v,..,s 
Y,ork b:,r^'' ■■■ ■:-' • '•■■ ■ :1," 

t'oom ..">to a 
you'll b,e fin- 
llRurea ■wll 
thouffh ~i)i 
i«ii(. prior. 

Smoke has no 

effect upori 

if althoid Roofing 

, Sulphur fijmet around smetting 
jliaiU'*, ft' up a mctil roof in 
shore order, and very few other 
materials cati withstand -=fhe at- 
taclv. IVIahh' oid Roofing does 
ttic hujiiicss: "EnPinecrT- and 
owners of property .ifi dvstncts - 
a.ff^trd'by these -fumes wijj save . 
mi-nc-.' i>v looklnp car(fful!y into, 
the mr-;-'i'o( MaTthoId. Wrjte 
fot s' ■-' 

Wharf St., Victoria 


i!l«ry one, 
■ ii-at our 
uf any, 

The Colbert Plumbing & 
Heattmg Co., Ltd. 

755 Broiighto.n 


Phon« S52 


mated ,l,>e\-clop- 
ilwin' & M" 
.^trstit W' 


Hosif ■ 

Oli 'i."''- 

-gains' — I , 

'iiftoa i.i ,; ,, 

I'tluti h" 1'. 

l\ai,r; spc.-l,. 


aitfiff aioVei^ 
:• Wh&ri S" 

1^.1, ' 

-^t-ei' Range* antl, 
Larke &' Peart^":.- 
near John 

Ivoryware and " 

VVr arr' ?showlbg ii' S;p;'l#tld^1tl, Stuck,,' 

, ,of Ivory *itre. i(smbl'iW*Jn«, I*"W<l«'r 

i)(»3tn«ii, Uafipin boxe*, I'JctuiH 

frunum. ote. j Alwo ' •lawloti , liRnd- 

;pri i n iisd CTitflr I'iT^ailrtr ■'«fr*t?tyr-- 

I • ' " " '■■ •■ 

-Jjhnnlre 'W-iL-A-riler 
.^t Bnd b"csl \r,'i irhi'iTB-^wf-i 
1 Book & SiYiti'.j;icry 0(>.. 

Le6 Dye & Co. 

a 13. 

^'"M*MtAM '■■■■•)i»,iiMi'X)iAhiitiJ»itjgJi^; 

Friday. August 19, 1»»1» 



When veil finlcr Ale from your dealer, yovi want the' best 
and purest. Ymi dnii'i want- to pay for'-a-Headach'eT'i'n the 

morninj:^-." A'ou'll a^rci.' to that, .we're sure. 

When you order Ales or Beers here you skip t he irnpuri- 
ties: you get pure hop and^ ma lt drinks , with spar kling life in 
-rthem, too. Ales and Beers that you l ike to have i n your home 
lor vourself^yo.urJ[gmijy and guest s. 

C)nl\- ilu lu'-t .iinl 111' i>l reliable Itraiids ni' Ale-, I'orter^, 
Wines, l,i(iu"r-, l.i(|uc-ur< and .Mineral \\aier> aw \k lu- found 
at this store, 'i'hese are -«'M ai poiuilar i)ru-es. 



Tel. 1974 r- — ^-Lg2.7_X>-0.uglas. Street ' Cor. Johnson 

The Prime Minister's Visit— The Garden Party at Government House 

Open 8.00 a. m. to 10.00 p. m 

Lieut, -Governor and"Mrs. Pat- 
— e r s o n Entertain Distinguish- 
ed Visitors in Grou nds of Of- 
Cial Residence ■ - 

Cotton Crepe Kimonas, regularly selling 
* at $1.25 

Tomorrow, 7|5c 

Regular price $1.5( 
Regular price $2.5i 

Tomorrow, $1 50 

The beautiful grounds oi Uuvern- 
ment House, the retsldence of Lt. 
Qovernor and Mrs. Paterson, Svere en 
fete yesterday afteFnoon In rf'Bporiso 
to their kind iiivitation to mc'et thfj 
Rt. Hon. Sir Wilfrid Liiurinr. tjie 
Premier of Canada — whose vjslt to 
Victoria terminated yefftei'daj'T r~ 

The weather was absolutely Ideal, 
and the lav^ns and flower-beds 
showed~~ro their fullest advantage on 

gowned in a V7ry nnnilsoino cream 
Siilia applluuid in a ruisfd ilesiKii 
With this she wore a becomliiK \\1ik^- 
toque with while plumes. 

Mrs. McBride wore a charniliiig* 
lircRs of Nile green over a paisley un- 
,],.j-,li., s>. \-ery oharininKl\- niadi\ and 
,, 1, It :.;■ pale" pink tullf». 

Mr.s ICberts.!— wwi — «a»med-...-ia.._a 
wliilw.fUnvered silk With a large bjlack 

hat. . 

Mr.s ' M Hunter was very band- 

somely attired in brown relieved with 
wiTjte and a white" "cornhue toque. 

Mrs. Templeman wore a beautiful 
shade of blue and a blue toque trim- 
med with plumes to match. 

Mrs. McPiiillips looked very well 
In ii verv smart blai k gown, relieved 
with paisiy trimming and with this 
she wore a large black "hat. 

M r« Ro wne r vffm p t n-Mu e -<ylth -a n 
overdress of black, a hat en suite. 

Mrs. .Frank Barnard 9 looked . ex 
tremely smart in a black dress re- 
lieved "with apricot with which she 
wore a vel-y handsome sequin scarf 
and a black picture hat with apricot 
colored plunies. 

Mrs. (Scrialor) "Macdoijald was in , 
black with gold embroidery, and a 
gold bonnet with wliite plumes. 

Mr.'». ciHi'Kiiic 'wore a .ver\' hand- 

n.w sliridi. nf lir')wn and large blacl< 
h.ii uirnmfd with bine feathers. 
'■MTFr-RisfinulKT was in imle apri- 
cot satin with a large black picture 
hat. ^ _____ 

Mrs. .Ariiiiir I^lndsay looked very 
charming in a Vjeautiful rose-pink 
dress with &■ raised embroidered de- 
sign on net of the same shade. 

Mrs. Nathiinlel Shaw looked ex-- 
tremely well in an emerald green 
"go-wn with which she wore a hand- 
some black la re piarf and a black 
feathered hat. 

Mrs. W. Langley looked very smart 
In wisteria .soft satin and a larg • 
black hat trimmed with jiale pink. 

Mrs. V ; EU ot — looked smart in 
black. •__„--_„. ..' . 

Mrs. Blackwood, who. looked very 
well In black, brought her two daugh- 
lers. — :: 

Mrs. Winrem Atkins was In palo 
•roije relievJ'd with black and a black 
picture hat. 

Mrs. C, E. W-ilson was In pale blue 
with a large black feathered liat. 

Mrs. Glbjwa, Oa{c Bay, wore a very 
•handsome tt|«« . dre^" vyith a black 

Mrs. , Lwington wore a mauve toil- 
ette arid hat en suite. are figured in floral designs, 
300 to choose fronn. 


510 Cormorant street 

Opposite E. &, N. Depot 

The Prime Minister's. Visiit^Lfc'Govfernbr,andMns. Paterson Received. 

Red JacKet 

"So Easy to Fix" 

Force ^"^ Lift 


The Hickman Tye Hard- 
ware f!ompany, Limited 

\M.lni-la,. JJ 


• ♦ ♦ ♦ >j»W i t ' ii ' * <' ,»- i , » » »'* * ♦♦♦♦•♦♦•♦•• 

the brilliant sunshifte. The house it- 
self — the ground floor of which was 
thrown open to the guests, was, ex*- 
qulsltely decorated for the occajJion 
\vlth masses of bea]utiful MoBSoms'' 
and plants, 

Lieut. Ot>vernor and Mrs. Paterson 
received ori the • frbnt lawn, at a 
short distance froi5t which was n, 
la°rge marquee In which refreshments 
were served., ' •. 
The!,- band 6t tl^ " 6th regltnfent' 
., T'layed, a eharmlrig selectiOtt of tauslc 

on the lower lawn. 
i Never had a garden party. a!t' (^ov- 
I ernment Hoviso presented a more bril- 
liant see.Te, everything eomblntng to 
make the affair a very , picturesque 
and imprcs.'^lve function. 

Some verj' striking and handsome 
toilettes were not;. ' »' 

If • ■ - ,>, 

Mrs. I'aterson 



some- mauve govvii and a- black hat. 

Miss Price Kllison also wore a pret- 
ty shacli' of mauve ut^' ,{t Utrge black 
hat. r .'^T ■■'■'■*■ 

Mrs, Roper wor^ a -very'hand«omc 
white Jftce robe with which she wore 
a mauve, flower toqufi with touches 
of pink. I , 

Mrs. Marvin, Pasadena, was in 
white with .^jaie gieen ._^em^rolderles 
~««d toque to match. 

Mrs. Qandin* was- In linauVe , a nd a 
Vjinpip lint. * 

. Miss S. Qftndln^ wa» In black witli 
a Bcarlet and' paisley Mtirtoan. 

Mrs. Pooley svaa In cream with a 
black hat. , ' . ■ , 

Miss Vlol(t Pooley wor e a"* white 
muslin and a iVirge cream net hat 
with a wreath of pink arid, blue flow- 
crs. , , , - 

.Mrs, OPiWIths "dofced very well In a 

Mrs. Rea wore a wliite er 
dress and a black hat. 

Mrs. Lawdor wore, a pale hhter 
dress with a white boa and a black 
and white hat. 

Miss Devereux wore a maize-col- 
ored silk and a black hat, and Ml.v.s 
(i. Devereux was prettily dressed in 

Mrs. ' Develih was charmingly 
gowned In soft. White "silk.* 

Miss Bowron wore a very striart 
ernbroidered linen, with a blacl^^lc- 
ture hat. 1 

Mrs. Allen wore a white dress and 
,\ Allen vv^B, In pale l)lue with a 
JKu to ma tell., 

." Mrs. 'McCurdy wore a handsome re- 
seda green satin. 

Mrs. McMlcking was in pink and 
grc^en wli'h a hat en suite. 

. (Continued on Page 10.) 

h-* • * • « * 

♦ ».» ! #' ♦» : ♦ I* . »■♦: • ♦ ■♦■ t • •. *''> f ♦ * ¥ ■ *•* p t ^ i * *»-*-* -*~*^- - 


is the , pa-slry lioiir if you want 
hii,-tj.ind in' good humor. Per sack 

Trv a .^ick and keep your 
'. .fl.65 

SYLVESTER FEED CO., 709 Yat«st .Tei.4i3 



must )).'' considered l)y the average 
liousewil'e. l-'ooUsh ones econoni'lze 
by buying cheap foods and a rKX'r 
stove, wise ones choose a good, 
economical cooker and baker like 


.■\ fuel-saver that leaves a inonoy 
nwrgin f<Vr the b(^t foodstuffs. SeC 

tiii.- ..;|ilr.!iiild rangf hiTr toda.s-. 
I'll. <:. |65 to HO. 



608 Yates Street „ Cor. Government Street 

Makinjr .both cnil- 

,^ ,,„,,,. , nu'ct i- ^' iiu--;:' .1 lia'^l .proposition, InU 

iiTilic niattiT of li\in- necessaries we,j.;iir doing onr Ijcst to 

help' volt. - 

Guarantee- to Save. You Money Everyday. Try Them. 
" .S We Deliver the Coocls. 

— 'J i.. ' i ' ' .I ■ - ..; • Ill ' ^— ••' . ' — ' ■ ■■—■■I !■ II-' ■- 

PURE ONTARIO HONEY— s«lb. tin .?-1.00 

PURE NEW~Z'EAX^ANIl_hLONEy-=2=tb. tin •45x-^ 

HONEY IN THE CORlfe— per section 25<^ 

MAPLE^tA:VOR 'SYRUP— Ka-pallon tin 65c^ 

quart tin ...4.^.. • 35<^ 


FiHDE- OF CANADA MAPCE SYRUP— quart bottle 50c^ 


OGILVIE'S ROLLED. OATS— 8-lb. sack ............ 35<^ 

ANTI-CO MBINE JELLY POWDER— 4 . packets for 25«^ 

CANADA FIRST CREAM— large 2,0-oz. can lOo 

PURE LARD— Wild Rose— 5-lbv tin .^1.00 

. 3-lb, tin , .60«p 

-ANTI-COMBINE TEA— in lead packets— 3 lbs. foi- . .?1.00 
CALIFORNIA SULT.^NA RAISIN^— S" packets for ..25^ 

LUNCH SAUSAGE— per tii^ • . . .... .•• . - .10<^ 

CANADIAN CORN STARCH— 3 packets for . . ..25e 

We Sell Everything at the Lowest Possible Price. ' 
^ — No Specials or^Bait 

Copas & Yoong 


Corner Fort and Broad Streets 
Phones Q4 and 05 Phones- 94 and 05 

Ask Any Man Who Owns a 

McLau ghlin Buic k 

Auto, .and you will find liis aiiswer will be that il is the 
best car on the market for all-round purposes. 
.-.There are thousands of satisfied purchaser^ 
thr6ugh£>ut the unrki who arc unanimous in their 
opinion. - 

■ McLauR-hhn lUiick sales are more than double that 
of their nearest competitor. This is proof positive of 
their* superi|.rit^ 

Western Motor and Supply Co-, Ltd. 

." , . . R. P. CLARK, Mgr. . 
P.hone 695. Bro:if\ Street. 


Will Attract Attention 

If '^ ,. . ^ ; ■ ; , , 

and aOLslH' (I^.^ikiuuk 
l.H a hobby with us. 

1 ]. f i », 1 1 i- 

C. H. Tite & Co. 

Lee Block Josnson Street 
■oiione 2060 

Thousand Islands.— Next Sunday I ♦ 

: tlie S. S. IroqnoiH will make one of, ^ 

I thoBe delightful irlp^ among the Gulfj* 

: iHUu^ds,_*topping one hour at Mayne, ♦ 

and returning via the plctviresquei ♦ 

I'endor r.Tnal. PicnK- parties can' , 

!.■■ i.asltets and lunfh iin<l"!- ♦ 

I I.. I, I alte V. & S. train lehiviiiK « 

\ ■..11:1 St;45-arfli. Kefresbments and,,* 

■h,. - . ..IT. board. For ivirther Infor- 1 J 

niatibn telephone 511. ' j *i ♦ 

♦ ^. I ♦ 

Lr;»ttier and serge tams for boys | ^ Kill;' ;il suui,'ial pru'''"- Ser«:e, | ♦ 
tioe.; leather, 7$c.. and ,8'>e. each. Rob- I ♦ 

iii-i.iiVH f'ash Store, 642 Yates street. • 

_ '. ♦ i 

vv.ii.LCfl pupils for embroidery. Work 

if all klndft.—Mra. ,E. Claufllo, 851 

Broughton Street. ^ * 

Cheap re.iflln'g for campers and 

others: ^Vp are rlparlng a Int of our 

75c copyright novels at 25c e&cYu 

five for $1 00. Victoria Book & Sta- 

-•"""■'tlonery Co., Limited. -' * 

S. S. Iroquois is withdrawn from 
ScatUe route untU furtb!sr,_nptlce^__» 

Advertise in THE COLONIST 

I * 

i ♦ 

; ♦ 


We Ar^ Sup.plylni^ ' 

the ?oy Scouts 
With iirums 

W'c have a large •^liiiitnent 
"i drums, which has. just 
lictn unpacked. 'I'liese^sn*?! ; 
inten'dcd for the Boy S cctits,-' 

Hotter vCon1(? iii and Qia.kc 
^ selection. Eyerjf one reti 

Fletcher Bros. 

Music J )ca!ors, 

gov}';rnment street 

Long Distance 

' Service . 


to"~ V an c 6 u v e r 

and Aii Main- 
land Points. 

New eujijily <'f lUin-'tal liiiinlnis <i) 
t^e.fiphere. Illustrated London News 


riietio ;iri. all 

md Graphic, ^ust received by 


nl in 

torla. Bool^ arid Statttmery 

1 he Prinre MinistrfHir'-V-tsit--- Mit: ( »ar 


♦ ! • 

► ♦♦-♦-♦-♦•♦♦■♦♦•< 

►;♦--♦-♦-♦ * « « ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦.5 ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•.♦♦♦♦♦ 

* * • • ♦-♦ « 

Subscribe lor THE COLONIST 

;irr))ifTti'>R cf tlv" Amalgarnni- 
,.,) ; ,, ,,,,,,. .•.,■! ■ ■■ .■■M'nny are" 
on tldew . there wilt be i 

,]oi«,v. i„ . .\hllc.a rallroiifl 

i.ciii, .e, ovjt .fftiLajfoai'' ■ 




ff»^f(v-4i:^*-'-^-nrrir'T- w» ^» . y ) ^ . a| , , i.i, ;^« ;«i 'i-» »y"' ^» - 







Friday, Auguat 19, 1919 



One of the Demands of a Modern Housewife 
^'^ ' -— -Is an — 

Electric Flat Iron 






Mic has a ri^lii ti 

1 inMiiaiKl It and \ mi w i itil'i 
irrant it 

|iica-c luT In 


In Woman's Realm 


llie ckil) of the Woman's Council and 
artlliuteil soi-iftles as well as of the 
Nurses Club are at lll)orty to invite 
friends. Aa the receiitlon Ik in the 
nature of a "(fuest Da.\" hoHtcwses will 
pay the usual fee ol' twenty-five eents 
foi- the enlerlainment of those whom 
they Invite. W,ui'h ji.ains its hoing 


The wonien' of Victoria felt It a hig'h 
honor to he' presented to Sir Wilfrid 
I..:uirler on Wednesday nlglit. In wo- 
Mians way they showed theii appre- 
riaiion of that honor and , their nense I 
of what was ditte to ■*heil- Kuest by 
wojirlng the nioHt hecijnilntf and- the 
riihoHt , i«i' their ijowns. Very ,.lif;^,U- 
•tifnl inxtOTd niilnj of these were and 
ver.v fair their wearers lo(ike(^a8 they 
moved through the brilliantly Hfe'lited 
and exiiuisitely deeoratcd ' chamber. 
Vet ' little thouiflit attention was 
fiiven liy those wIid pas.sed through 
the uudienee room tn women however 
ehurming. All eyes were fastened on 
the refined and intelli-etual faee ')f the ; . ^^'''«- I'reston hope.s to detp.-n the 
old gentleman who courteoutily Kreet- j '"'"^■'«'S' '■'^ "le women belonRin^: i.i 
ed the thousands nf stiaiiK.-rs who •J'''^ •'<'"'tty,' "'^'l >-vt''nd its usefulnesH. 
passed before him. I She has not met all iiieniV)ers of the 

To many women it must have seem- I "'<''''■ >'ff. 'Hit she attended a meet- 
td as If it were sean-elv kind to keep I "« "^ '*"■ tlaxter Hive reeently, and 
Sir Wilfrid Laurier standing for hours! '" fl«^'»Klite,d to learn that th 

unless assisted/continue to eke' out a 
subsistence an host they can In the- 

pooH It not seem as if, so far a« the 
adult po|)ulalion ol/eilies Is eonct^rned. 
tliere Is HttU. use ly(i trying to alter the 
ronditicjii of ^nifiTgs so greatly com- 
plained of? 'i'he man who has grown I 

j .ady who will work among the badlesj with countrv ocrupatlons, hf has lost 
"I the Maot-abees on Vancouver island.! his si<ll| and his capacity for ))lannine- 
I lle.r title Is provincial district deputy bis work, if indeed, it was not his fall- 
; commnnder. Shf has come to relieve ( i"e as a farmer which drove him to 
I Mrs. Koini. of the, worU of ihis parti t"^^n. How can the man whci has 
I o.** British ttolumbta. I grown up and received bis, training in 

M'nl fai-nier or 

The Man at the Bat may 

be caught OUT on 

his third strike, 






Sixty yr'nr-^ '■: 'Xiierlencft have brought Kddy's 
ACME of PERFECTION.. The famous "Silent.'" 

ALiQ-l:kLiiyla._l^ii£r— ilt Oftffpnw H rp ,, , ?'l h reware , P a il g, Tubo and 'Waah " 

boards. ■_ , ■ , ■ . 

Mitchell Bros., Selling Agents, Victoria and Vancouver 

v.hile lieshooli hands wltli tlniat 
ctowded lurward to claim the honor. 
That after a busy day and Itefore an- 
other not arduous, tlie venerablt; 
.sta'iesman should have been denl<-d the 
rt'st to which his years and his labors 
I'ntiilcd him was u proof that affec- 
tion Is sometimes , very exacting. Fur 
there Is anuuig ail Canadians a feeling 
of very sincere ptitsomil regard for the 
man who has siient a lifetime in tlve 
service of his countrv-. 

Ir Sir AVilfrlds presence among: us 

shall t)elp to ctinvlnce us thnt-thtr-nten 
V. hv) devote their lives to their ooini- 
try "are worthy of all honor and timt 
to fit himself to perform the duties 
\vhleh devolve upon a member of par- 
liament Ia„ one of the noblest ambi- 
tions which any Joung Canadian can 
entertain, an important end will have 
been served by his visit. Women ns ; 
"'elh as men in Canada need to learn 

to learn that Uie ener- 
getic membcxA- hiiyj}= duLcrxnin<sd to I vtnjstecyienVps "jc his "ow'ii Idlen 
work for the i;o\s' ( ; Mnnn.simn iuVir- <'Hs«rparfG"iLir.IJasliiu.tions for tli 
toria \Ae.>>t. 

Mrs. Preston, wlio is working under 
the direction- of Miss \\'efft, who was 
recently In Victoria, has had a varied 
e.\perience. t5he was army nurse in 
the Phllllplnes. and helped -to 
tUti-dlstress in San J-Yanclsco .luring "" 
the eartlniuake hy doing eme'rgeney I 
work. She is, however, an enthusias- 
tic member of tJie society whose dl- 
rectlon she has undertaken, and ^yiU 
bring tact and energy n.^ n /f}] g a f y - 
perience to her task. 

It will ^e^^a surprise to learn that 
there is already an organized bodv uf 
nurses In connection with the Can- 
adian mlUtla. More than that, these 
"Nursing Sisters" are already in active 
service. While the militia was in camp 
at Niagara a few weeks ago, six 
trai ned nur geii were a n the ground to 

the cit.v l)econif' 
>''\fn farih' Uil)(iri 

It may l)e true, .i^ ii.i,., !..(.u .-i.ueil, 
tliat an unwise philantbrop.v bas con- 
tributed to the congestbHi of cltle.s. 
'I'he poor man's wife is nursed in slclc- 
iicMs, His childreti are fe.l. He him- 
self. Is not allowed to sulYer the full 

ess or 
e caie 
of aged care for liini and his wife 
when tile pittano- that sustained them 
can no kuiger be earneil. .\ll tliis has 
much, truth in it ;uiil none are more 
coiiscloris of It than W(jmen who en- 
gage In charitable work. But we can- 
not leave helpless women and children 
suffer for the faults of a vvurthless 
father. Humanity will not i^ermlt us 
to refuse-our aid even to, him when 
alid<ness leaves him helpless at' otir 
doors. But an-TTO&f "nren In cities are 
ot -unprovldf-nt.,-or_vcumivless. Cojild 
nttt some of these be In some way pro- 
vided with land? If they were, it Is | 
doubtful If they, would succeed In > 
making a living for themselves and I 
their families, The cultivation of land 
is nnt-xinly hard' and 8trenin>u8 work 
but Jt is a skilled emjdoyment. A man 
cannot U-arii It (|ni<'kly. A farmer's i 
son can come into town and in a few ! 
nionths, If^he has the requisite knowl 



Esqulmait & Nanaimo Railway Co. 


The Cleared Lots at Qualicum Beach, 
Newcastle District, are now on the mar- 
ket in tracts of from thirty to forty acres. 

For~pTans and prices rappiy to L. K. 
Solly, Land Agent, Victoria, or L. E. Allin, 
Local A^ent, Parksville. 

nobler the character of our leglala- 
t< rs will be come worthy of the great- 
ness of the country tind of the example 
set by Sir Wilfrid Laurler. This is jk 
work In nation building in which wtj- 
n)en may bear a shares. 

This evening the Nufse's CJiib and 
the Woman's <.'«)uncll tender .<i recei>- 
tion to Miss Mary Ard McKenzle. the 
head of the Victorian Order uf Nurses. 
It is hoped that there will be a very 
large attendance of ladles to meet the 
bead of an organization that has done 
much excellent Vk-ork in Canada, and 
which is rapidly extending its sphere 
of usefulness. , 

The reception will be hold In the 
rooms of the Alexandra Club, kindly 
lent for tbe ucctoioni All membei-s ot\ 

clpllnt!^n_tW»^ tnniMry hospital was 
strict, but the fresh air was good for 
both nursca and patients and recov- 
eries were rapid. The exi>erlment was 
such a success that In future Nursing 
Sisters will acwompany the 


The world owe»,« great debt to the 
men -who spen<i their lives on «$- 

searches Into the causes and tht> cure r"'^re pleasant, if young men and wo 

University School 




jTias Term Commences Sept 6th 

At 9 :3o a.m. 

Fifteen Acres of Playing Fields 

in Spacious New Brick BTiirdnig. . 
Accommodation for 120 Borders., ., , . _• 
Chemical Laboratory: Organized Cadet Corps : MuafcetlT' In- 
struct!.. ;;: lootball and Cricket: Gj^ninasium 
! ' and Indoor Rifle Ranj^c. • ■ -r— — 



Rev. W. W., Bolton, M. A., Cambridge. 


R. V. Harvey, .M.A., Camb.. J. C. Barnacle, Esq., Lond. UniV.. 

assisTed by a resident staff of University Men^ 

For Pmspcrtns .'\|)plv the Bursar. 




J lave given<«** unlimited ca- 
pacity whereby we can pro- 
[)erly attend to the wants <>t 
all Contractors and Rtjilders. 
If we haven't done btisi- 
ness W4th yt?u yet, why not 
give us atrial order now ? 

Raymond & Sons 

613 Pandora Street 
Phone 272 Res., 376 

of diseases, Manj of these have given 
their lives their fellow men.%Amonfe 
these \^>as Hh rry VV. Cox. of London, 
Eijgland, who rei eatly p'ussed hwav. 
Twelve years. ji<o this scientist, while 
making exr'erhnents with Roentgen 
rays, burned Inmself verj' severely. 
The burns could not be cured but .Mr. 
Cox went wi ^yitli hhs work, in sp.Ue 
of the most acciite suffering. He suc- 
ceeded by^Jiis_hero'lc. oiTorts in perfect- 
ing rm'eTTTIortsIor great value to radlTP 
graphers and surgeons, and through 
j them to thousands of his fellow, mtjn. 
iJSut the struggle w as t oo great and 
: for scven^ years; .notwIthatandlnK all 
j thin physiolaijs fthd-tmrgeons could do 
; for his relief', thl."! noble man has lln- 
< gered on, a hopeless ln\ ;llld. Such 
J lives as his are a rebuke to the selfish- 
ness so common in modern life. 

. Most of'un know in- a general way 
j that gardonef.i have, had much to. do 
jwith the prqdiictlon of the Hot^ers 
[ which we admire most, but just ho.w 
i rhuch care and patience lovers of the 
I beautiful. exercise Is not often told. The 
I following article from the Ottawa Cltl- 
I zen shows how that brisht favorite of 

mldsuniiper gardens was obtained 
I "The 'tihlrley' poppy owes Its exlst- 
|ence to a casual glance which the Rev. 
j\V. Wllke gaVe to a freak wild red 
.i'oppy many years ago. Now It Is a 
, dainty t1ow«*^-^hlch ■ blooms, in red, 

whttcTTHlow and orange-.but never in 
I blue. In a waste- corner' of hiA garden 
j years ago Mr. Wilkes noticed ,a p^itch 
jOf wild popples of wiilc li one soJl)ldr>'. 

^- ptton.«), but , 
the rule Is that men 'Who' have passed ' 
most of their lives In cities have j 
t)elther the disposition nor the ability I 
tV) make their living by cultivating the; 
land. What then is the remedy for ' 
the trend of population to. the cities I 
which is causing so man>-.o£-thc eco- I 
nomlcal troubles of our time? Is It! 
hot to be found In the Countrymself ? j 
If the conditions of farm life are made 1 

•men see that they can fl.nd on. the farm 
«c«)pi? for their ambitions and exercise 
for their abilities, if rational amuse- 
ments are provided and If it glvt^s a 
reasonat>le recompense ■ for their toil, 
the city will cease to attract such 
great numbers as formerly. There arc 
many Indications that great changes 
.are taking place In the businesR of ag- 
riculture. It Is no longer the pnriiiilt 
of the' uneducated. In the agricultural 
colleges young men receive a training 
in the work (if agriculture and in the 
Hclenccs which have to do with JJfe. 
The placing of the crops In the market 
I.? no longer left to chance or consid- 
cred^of llttlcJmpontance.- Tlie-Jnflu- 

cnce of. these edOcatcd men la widely 
felt. TlievT-as well ag the women' wh,o 
attenjd other departments of the same 
college, bring back to their homes a 
love of the refinements of life whlcl\ 
lends to change the manners and' cus- 
toms of not pnlj- their own homes but 
of those of thelf neighbors. The Wo- 
men's Instttiites l\av^ their share in 
the improvemerils" of. the country 
homes of Canada.' Books and music 
and to some extent pictures, .are no 
longer rarities In' farmers' homes In 
the older provinces. 

But. It Is tobe feared, the education 
of country children still tends to take 
them away froni the farm. ^There la ■ 
very little attempt made t<v connect : 
school with home life. Of the plants 
and animals and all' the natural pheno- 
tnena around themi-^he schoai ' teaches 
the children very little. School gar- 
dens arfe the. exception. It Is lltt.'t 
wonder that the child who Is amblthiu 
looks .upon his ■studies as a TTreana 01 

1 flo^;er h.ul aveb' narn^w white edg- j **scape froni what often seems to him 

a life of tininterestlng drudjgery. 

The aim of Dr. J. W. Robertson, In 
our own country and of. distinguished 
educators Ifi Europe tend the Cnlted 
States la to niake the ru'ra'l schools fit 
boys aiul girls 'for a happy and useful 
life ^n the land. In our new province 
the growth of a,n Inlelllgeht and pros- 
perous agricultural population is of 
the utmost Importance. ' Every means 
taken to bring this about should have 
the support of all loyal British Colum- 
bians. The governnieot. a»d .th e rail 


Collegiate School 

' ^ ron BOTB. 

trhe :panr«Iii, 1349 KookUnd Ayena* 

Th(» liord Sishop of Columbia. 

„, Supervlior; 

,The Ven. Arch deaco n Scrl'ren. 

. M. A., uxon. 

ing on the petals.. He skived the seed? 
.nid In the second year, out' of alwut 
j twri hundred plants, he h;id four which 
I had all the flowers .wlHte-cdged. The 
I best of those wei-c marked, iind the 
1 seeds saved. If was li long task, de- 
• ma nding great patience lusting several 
j years, but In the coiirsc of time there 
jcame a large infusion of white which 
I toned dovin the red to a pale pink, 
jaiid one plant at la.Ht grivti pure wjilte 

I petals. Finally, after ninny years," Mr. „, ^.,^ ^.^._ ^^ „ ,_ 

i VVllks changed the . Dlack 'centres of 1 ro'ftd"'rompanTc» are" do''iirg" "m\u5^ 

j the flowers to yellow or white, and he 

I got petals varying from the brightest 

scarlet to pure white, with all shades 

of pink In between. The .^hlrley poppy, 

j he sa.V8, was obtained only by true 

j selection, and .. elimination. Involving 

the total, eradication of any plant that 

jhad any Inferior flowers.. Mr. 'Wllks 

4TaTl— tn-bn out iimongsf Ti 1 iriQiHve?s~T>e^ 

Jween three and four o'clock every 

.nuwnlng In order to destroy ffig bad 

one.<< before the b*es liad a chance 

,of c.ttrryiiiK the_pollen from one to the 

other. Thus the gardens of the whole 

world are furnished with popples 

Which arc tlie direct descendaiitft of 

one single capsule of seed aived in the 

little Vitcnrage nt Shirley Iti August, 

ISSO. Here surely' la something for the 

amateur gardener to emulate;"-—-^^ - 


Cllvo-Wolley House, O.nk Bay. Vic- 
toria, B.(^., high-grade day and boa<d- 
ing school for young ladles of all 
opes. , .All subjects taught. Pros- 
;i';^otu.«i on application.' 

Principal — Mrs. Stedham, Cert. Eng. 

Corrig College 

Beacon HIU Park Victoria, B. C. 

Sflert llik;ii-( iiade t'ny nin! 
Hoarding CoUogu for Boys of g 
10 • Ifi years. Ileflnements of 
\vell-api)olnted frentlemj'n's homo 
In lovely Beacon Hill J'ai'k. Xnm- 
i er llntlted. Outdoor siiorts. J're- 
imred for Bnsioes.'s \A(v. or HrO' 
fcvisional or Lnlverslty exiimin.a- 
fions. Fees hicU;s!vi5"and slrlci- 
i\ moder4»t<';,i-.,A" few -vaciinclos at limn (•Tin, .'^(■pti'ri-n^Pr I si. 

Principal, J. W. bHTTBOH, M.A. 


3Ca«.a Mast«ri 
A. i>. Muskett,;B«l. 

Excellent aocommndatlon for hoard- 
ers; spacloiis school buildings, ' gym- 
orKfnil/;e<l cadet corps.; 


A Prlvnts High Soliool 
Arafiflrtiic Dopnt-tment— 1 Mil matrlcii- ■ ChH»tma» tarm beglnn ••pt. 1«. 9 ». m. 

■ iident.s prepared 

"I- <'.X!lllll;iHt IclIlS. 

Splendid iTiatrioiiln tlnii 
■ utntnsr. 

Oommerclnl Depnrtnienf ■-- \ filly 

"l"iril"'.l III...;.'!;, BuslneiiB Collcire in 
<'har«i« .'f Mil . xrH'iifnri'ii Conjmercl.T 1 
SpeclMltt, :i aold MedalUt ii, Cr.c,.' 
.-•h'.i ih;iii.l Text bookii furnliihwfl fros to 
»tttdBnt« of thtif rtepHrtment. 

Day and Ev.ntng Clii»«««. 

^■I'll I--".: Hil In.pih'il.., tn 

The Principal, Janiep Bay Academy, 

''■'"""■ ■-'""• .iMi .Medina, .SI. . 

l'"or pro8p6ctii.<« n|i|.iv the Secretary. 

Queen's Academy 

3715 Book Bay Avenue. 

It la the v>eopl«S 'themselves who can ac- 
complish most. 

' *' ■ 

Ice at Spitzberge.n 
CHRlSTlANlA, Aug; 19.— ,New8 ha^^ 
b^en received from _ Hpltzbergen th;'; 
there, have beeii unusuaT ice dlfficul 



.VCI{ tlierc was an old maid who said that .she did 
iioi uecd to ituirrvi vSli<? had a parrot that .swore, 
a rm.Mikcv that chewed tolvaectt and a eat that, went cut 



The mail wlin has an l-",(hson Phonograpli mij^lit .say 
lie ne\er needs tn ^i> anywhere for amusement, ?ls he has 
an iii^irimu'iu will jihiN' dance music, sin^f ilie pi)|iu- 
lar .s(in{4.-. icll tunny -^lories, render iItc old bal.lads, give 
selection.-^ frnm (.rand i ijicra and pia_v rap^-time, ajfwith 
equal facility. 


U the jdace tn hear it fii'st atterw'^^ard.^ in yotir own Iviine 


Mixed Medley of 

Groceries You Need 

Splendid Cooking Apples, o U>^ ... . ... , .25c 

Table Jellies, nicest and easiesi oi ,ill dc>serts, 4 packets.. 25c 

B.C. Cream— cxcellent=j>cr tin loc 

B. & K. Rolled Oats, fine brain aiufmuscle forming food, per 

■ ^^■*^'< ■ -^^ 'rrr-r^- 35c 

Fresh Creamery Butter, gjaiid l^argain, 3 lbs. . . . .$i.oo 

Fowler's Ginger Syrup, just What you and tlie \-iddies will- 
enjoy; per tin . . .^77. .^ ^...,...305 

Where You Oct the Rest and Chcapes fc— -^r 

The Saunders Grocery Co., Ltd. 


one 2^. yotjr cho'Ce at yonr price. 

561 Johnson St. 

You Never Saw 
Us Saw 

a whole lot more meat than a 
customer wants Just . tq^ maktii. 
sales. We dpnt liftv'e~to.~ "VVe 
niake sales and steady customers 
too b.v Riving people just exactly 
what they want of the choicest 
meats we can get. And so good 
,'ire our meats that we notice peo- 
ple always order a larger quan- 
tity the second time. Ti;.y It. See 
our windows for prices. 


Special Values In Fine, 
Fresh Fruit" 

liLXK L(')C.\L PLU.MS, per basket .. . 
FJ.Vi:, RIPK UJC.M. apples, per.bp.x 


W ill .\rri\c I'.cginning of Xext Week. .\void Disappoint- 
ment by Placing Order.*, Now 

The West End Grocery Go., Ltd. 

1002 Government Street , ' Tels. 88 and 1761 

tics this year on trte western coast. 
*Piie steamer Staiae, having the Prince 
Heihrlch' Zeppelin expedition on hoard, 
narrowly escaped being enclosed in 
Ice. It la reported •tt4«e^44«>4- the eastern 
fiotpaa are barred b.v masses of ice. 
Eastern :sv'lnter Ice used to apiiear at, 
the earliest at the end of August, but 
this .vear it apprpached Sohth C^apc in 
Jiil.v where It f«>rmed a belt twent\ 
sea miles long off the const. I'mler 
these, Circumstances aoj-ne feaFs — arc 
felt liesfthe expeditions^ now coastlnc 
111 Spltebergcn waters, should be <m 
closed ,or hindered. 

1 New Grand Theatre 



■ Tlie' Niiitofi MIn.'s.rrfl Singer 


Skillful and hrllllam TU g 'gll ir infrtlsta. 

ZS&SI^X. B&bTbEX8 

In marvelou.s enuMibri.stic featB, 


"Tlif- Silver Lesson." 
t'liAi'aftor <Jon>,'s nna iI.inQes. 




Pantages Theatre 


Have You Remem- 
bered It ? ' 

l.rit !■: '.f nil 

'I'lir !>nli).it of ih.' oil vfriis of the 
Amalgamated Oevptoi-nnMit comtinny 
h.TS a home market " ■ 1 m,! uintlntr 
at Its doors the deniainl m Aln.<<k,-i anrl 
tlifi jyukfiri bel'ng a large and iijrowInK 

Rc- Opens Thursday, 
September 1 

ThnrouKt), prnclUat ln!«t nict Inn jflvon 
in nit KnKllsli niibJ(>clH a.s well a« In 
)lip higlier lirnnrlios nf sliiilv. 

t'''nr furth'.T infiir iiialliiii ,.|in ..ri m- 
BdflrcH-i B. D. POPB, LI.. D., 

.,,-l'honc l.poo. Pr>nclpa]. 

EvArxarhere, tttr 8e.elng hUBlness 
meh are repeating the statemem: ot 
-J.- J. 11111 that there Is too large a 
proportion Of the population of this 
continent In thecitles. .% few days ago 
It was .K.Tid thfit In Winnipeg alone 
there arc nln^■ tliouHand men wlio 
ought ^o be on the farm. In"~"1*nronto, 
in Montreal, in Hamilton and in other 
Canadian cltle.«( men arc allowing the 
puhlio tp 8Ui)port their fiunllles whO/lly 
or In part, rather than h-ad the simple 
ImK rlftoroji.s lift- of tl)e farm iaboi'cr. 

II hAH h,.,.n said ag.iln. and again that ^v^^n packing for the country cot 
li' II; > ii-ovlnce people will take up t*ge.--'don't fOrgftt.-^-our box of Zam 
■ lo" t 'u'v occupation- rather - than j r„^; nil.sters. f^unHurn, ScratcITP?; In 
'"'" "o the land. , ;-,'^ r |-secrirrTnjfs, nic;;-i-f' not immed'tffrtdy'tTt 

A frw (iHyp ago '■n''SeattIf bahker, t^Midcd to, are likely to .-spoil your 
-Mr: .1. \V. Alanviil. said at a conven- ! pjea.sure. Zam-Buk ensures, 'vou 

tlon: "The startling swiftness of the , ^against trouble froni ■ these. Tak',» 
iiiovomcnt of a large part of the conn- \zam-riuk Instead of "taking chan'ces." 

ny.i population towards the cltv li;,.« ' - - 

been a suh.lect of serion i 

Mr. Manvell added that ii i, i'; 

•things have cnmblped to maku country 
life easier and more pleasiint there i«. 
as yet, iim.- sign of thf ni.' ■ ' ■ ■ 
bade to ih'' liind so gr<-'nli i ■ '■• 

He points om i imi r ■ - ., i t , ., 
Ihdn.striou«. tllrill.^ nicti—who (lu<l it 


vAui)Evii.iiE ~TS?OTioiT PidTxi»i:8 


Pun? Why CnrtalalJ*'. 

Hudson's Bay Co. 

Sole Agerits ] 
For British Columbia; 


Oeorgs A. Iiavell*, MKnngrar. 

/am-Mnk Is antiseptic: kill.s all.pof' 
n In Avounda, whether from barlii'd 

. n'i' *' fo'iice or in sect • ■ 8t-l^ga !><.-« i(l it- «. 

Hchiiig fcft and bllsterefl hands, li 

l>;th\'''~' . Ii.'ifod rilrip'i''S': cools those 

I'Tcvnts fr'.'( kl.' 
'.\ itli'.-.iit it !■ !■ . 

';•''' /.ani-l-iul-, 

i - r ; ,\ ,, ... I ij'\- otiii 

niont.s cuntaiiiing aoinia 

ltnpo.s-5|ble tn Kivc up the life they arejand mineral coloring rnntl. \ ..,,, 

Icmllng. Th(\\ have ncji th^ mciins tnigists anrl stoces sell" 7;;4tn-i;ulv, Imt 
bus iiina and iinplcmenlfi. They must, avoid harmfuT substitutes. ' " 


_ Specially Good In Quality 

"Our Butter m nsr. ,,r ,1 \\,^ 

for Si. 00 

Fah<^y .Trunk <<< Toa rvni, i.irk, 
contains 3 lb«., iit . .$i.oo 

' ^i. Ivcl 1-11.1,1 
I;amb ToTifrno, 

-lUuaih JllniiirM I 

"' 'I'litlKue, 

I'oltpd .Yur- 

\tnvy rnste 

' ;i'e n.« ;i I I ,■• I ^\ t. --h,!!! \ Hldfi 
. ' If p.'i I I'Mii u; '■. 


Corner Jolinnnti and Cjuadr*' Sta 
Ptionfl 106, .i* 

Victoria's Exclusive Piclure House 

.Showing only, the Bast pictures ' oh-. 



!i ri fl a \ o i i1 til'' " > 



The Return of Tn-W,%.WB.. Indian 
'liania HItIO 'l"l' A KeRiiage of the Sen. 
Ulsnn drama 1 "11 r, Betty -a* an Er- 
rand Olrl. Comedy -*icr«fBni. LeRTAlly 
Dend, I'oweis drama 1000 ft. Hnwklnjfr- 
Cducatlonn ' WRHhlngton Qunrtette. 

Mteln son*;, Koniano Orclieetra. 


'iATi';.s .sTiti-rkT; " 

Don't lulsii thl« big featnre blU. 
"A Wireless Romance." "Maieppii.". 

"I- llipKwilil' ,,f Tin'tnr\- fr.'iii l,..i'l 
Byrrfir.«; poem. "A« the B. U» Kunj;' Out," 
biojiriiph ani4-'<li'Hni;i.,. "Sejloue Sixteen," 
f.r-ntlm'-'nfrti- -ifv^M*"!'- "tta the ' tt'ttU Of 

Salerna," lianiJ ctii I'-d 



Fridayr'Aiigust 19, 1910 







You Are Assured of 
Perfect Satisfaction 

When sclectin,!.- i»nc of the splcnclidly ma(U' I'all Suits, livery Suit. carries with 
it that toucli <)t individuality which so ^-reatly characterizes 

Hobberlin Tailored Clothes 

'iMicv arr inadr !> > i 

,iOri ihf dcniand> nf ihc UDSt c\;iot iii.i;' <hT-srrr, oi I'mUi) 

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""7lNC!Hr& FINCH 

1107 Government Street 


yictoria, B.C. 

lugh D. Mcintosh, Australian 
' Fisht Promoter, Talks of 
Arranging Figiit for Cham- 
pion—The White GiarVt 


\ I 

True Cigarette 
— - Satisfaction 

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1 1. :.icluii.':i!. r,^; 
!iii:,:.ii..t ;-■ promAfer. .-- 1' . '- 
Vui-k lor tlic; purpo'.^o •.: !■ 
8un Into another tifflit »i 
Bums, and ia .toutiac. i5W. i. 

ly. He speak-s enthuMiustU'ai: 

"In another twelyfenionth i....; ^ < 
, be good enougli to lislit Juiiuaou i 'i' 
itho chaAipl«)isfiii... mill lie is eager lo 
Iget on a match with the negro." saiil 
: Mcintosh. "I aiV well acciuiiinted with 
' tVin \voj=l! 'oT botlv l^ang and Jnhns-nti, 
.iimI hili, '..- :i li^ht between thi-n. w.'.l 
I bt: one oi' Liif- greatest ever.""" 
1 More about Miles McLeod.- the great 
j(V> unknown, dlscoy^fed by ;lampa J. 
! Coi'bett. The other day he. (Jro-ve in 
! from his farm to Albany,, Mo.. -where 
he had his picture taken. Then tl]e 
' :ir;^us-oyed roporlers elicited^ the fol- 
i .ving data ; '. '• 

, ■-.Miles McL'Hid weighs 235 poun. . 
It he-has never been in a .prlzellghi. 
,]!>.■ is six feet six inches tall, fwenty- 
I eight years old. was born la Gentry 
county, and he looks It. He. Is as 
str<)ng as an c)X. When he contracts 
tho muscles the upper part of his 
right arm measures in circu mference, 
exactly fourteen inches. 

'•iTIs normal chest measurement is 
forty-two inches, as mucli as John- 
son's chest measures when it Is fully 
expanded. McLeod'a cheat expanded 
measures forty-six Inches. Jack John- 
son has a remarkable forearm; It 
measures fourteen and . a — hal f inches. 
Jeffries' forearm measures, thirteen 
inches. Miles .McI-.eod's forearm meas- 
ures twenty -one inches, and-lne has Sl. 
reach of eighty-one and a half Jnches, 
nine Inches ferciiter than that of Jef- 
fries/' ■ - 

AUViitry '"♦"rpsting, but it Is doubt 


CARTS, Etc. 


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Sole Agents, for; B.C. , 

E. G. Prior & Co., Ltd. Lbty. 

Victoria, Vancouver and Kamloops, B.C. 

Your Fall Hat, Sir 



Victoria Fuel Co. 

022 Trounce Ave. Phone 1377 

"* " ' V ' 


"Tliat mM -rr\- hcniu't with t!u; ■■■nil -■liiiiinL: ■ m it" i'^ .ill 
rig-ht for vacatTon'. but vv-licu a man returns to Inisiuc^s il docr^ 
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%^ %0 ^l& 

ful if tho giant wlU ever be heard of 

again. '• ;. 




Third Wicket Stand by Pooley 
and Thomas " Gives. Esqui- 
malt Cricketers il, Comfort- 
able Win OveV Rivals 

"'IG AI 

Vancouver Izaac Walton Re- 
turns From Island Resort 
'full of Enthusiasm and 
Laden Witb Salmon 

Ing for the home team while Robertson 
will handle the big mil. 

' ♦ ' ^" 


Kortli Ward v«. Oiapttala. 

Tlie :s'orth Ward Baseball team will- 
play a game with the fast Capitals at the 
North Ward park this evening. The game 
shoulS prove 'roost Inter^stlnB aa, there 
lias been Kreat, rivalry between these 
teams. Aa the Capitats have won from 
the "Wards twice and tied once the "Wajds 
have made up the)r minds to win. As ttie 
•evenings are getting shorter now both 
{enms are reauested to be on the f1el| 
«: 15; o'clock so that nine innings ma^y bo 
played. ., • .( 

The following 18 thp. Wfy In w^hicU 

(Is the^fishing at Campb.el'l River good 
this Season? 

.Well. If you would con'sider a catch 
of over, one ton weight In game Tyee 
salmon a good two-days' tlBhtng. the 
answer Is easy. 

IT you need JMiy furtHer confirma- 
tion of the excellence of the -sport In 
the vicinity of Campbell river, ask Mr. 
G. Clayton Leonard, the local restau- 
rant magnate.. He is just buck from a 
fishing trip to Campbell river, bring- 
ing Avith'him 1» flah tiaught during 
a few hours' trolling morning aiid 
eivenlng durlpg a two-day stay. And 
' these 19 fish aggregate 510. poynds in 
weight. They were all of the Tyee or 
king Halmon variety, and furnished 
Some of the' greatest sport and tho 
gamest fights that any dlBciple of 
Izaac Walton could, wish for. 

Mr. Leonard had good liitk^ on his 

.very first morning at Campbell river. 

The very firnt fisli hooked' was "a tine 

4-3 pounder. Tliink of that, ye ,troller.rJ 

who have Inuiglned you have cap- 

t ired- it w-lttrlc-whcn-n.-l'9-i>r-t5~pw-i?*dei'^ 

.W.LS pull"d ui'k Tho next !?iiv<'ry beauty, 

to lake Mr. Leonard's sspopn was u' bl§ 

fellow ^that_.?iqiilt.'d'r).' pounds, Afr^ 

ter that hfe hooked ».. 4.1 pounder that 

gava,ncurly half sin hour's struggle .be 

fore It \va,s llnally palTed. . TIi'mi Mt^. 

' JL,eomird ""decided to cull off hostilities 

— ^»»4he finny tribe for thktiiwFBln. He 

Jftad ev^-ii better luck oil the second 

, day as fnr a.s numbcr-s of li.«h crtuglit 

Were concerned, although they did not 

' run as big. ■,* \ .' ., ■'■. 

An<ithcr Vuficouver flahermflM -^-wlto 

was tip with Mr. Leonara WAS equally 

HucccssfTil, Ills cntoh ; being larifer in 

numbors and H Kreiitervvelabt of (Iflh. 

Iviif- nont- pf tlKtu w.ote :'is big U.v the 

B7 ponder Mr. Leonard hook-Fd, 
rind whlcjj Is de';lared to be one of the 
1 Isgf^i Tyee sialmon secured, there this 
.^(■■ii,'J''in. ' ■ ■ • • : ■ '■-■^i-. 

Kn.iii Campbell river .' and leveral 

other places along tho coast comes ro 

,.,...,. ,i,u. Slimmer that thf» Ty<>p-.flal- 

ninnlng bftter than ever thl.") 

I'i.ij :-i-i)..t:i') \' li.'liiiiclis vvllcii 

both teams will line up 
North Ward 

tVJlllams. catcher . .. 

Humber. , pitcher . , 

McKenr-le ...... Ipt base . . 

McGregor. ......* 2nd base . 

Walker. s. stop • . 

Campbell. .. 1. . JlrcTBaso ., 
Meldranj; i . i , . .. 1. field 

c. f l«ld . ; i 
r. ft«Id .. 

. ...Pj;ke 
... White 
. . . .1 ;imc8 
•. . . irvj^ne 
. , . . Hray 


. . .Hawk 

flSl RACE 

Only \Ope Cruiser In Evidence 
at kelchikan on Day Set for 
Cammencernerrt of Run h 
Vancouver , 

Autumn' 'H a t s— .America's 
|)est .and newest sbapcs, 
in fine felt, all the desir- 
able sbades.for fall wear. 
Each, $2.50, SXQQ..,., ,$i-So 

Christy's .Stiff .Hats— this 
[iopular b'ngli,sh ..riiak.e_-i.-^ 

■• well represented \ ' v.^ 
latest blocks, as ijccuiiuiii; 
as the>Lare stylish. Each, 
$3.00 and $2.50 

New Consignment of Caps 

Tweed Golf Caps at 75c, 
50c and 50c 

Mnf-nr C aps^the most- de- 

sirable shapes for the 

aiitoist or business man. 

I'^ach, 75c and ,. 50c 

Leather Motor Caps — com- 

, fortable, strong, and dur- 

---abl^r—siTiart-looking, ton. 

Each *-v^. ..$1,25 


The Cash Clothier 

5S1 Johnson Street 

"Runrifng," says Pra Elbertus. re- 
ferring to the horse raclqg ^ame, "is 
a barroom fight, with not even spit- 
toons, stoye-poker and chair barred; 
but trotting is a boxing bout for 
points." He might have added that 
you generally get more acthm for 
your money In a free-for-a\l notwith- 
standing the rtff chance of being pinch- 
ed a>nd held as a witness. \ 

mmm . 

^^ 1I11._MLLESE 

Champion Greek LiglitweighT 
■.-^Wrestler Anxious to Pull Oft, 
s, Match in Pm^virvce---Clairas 
^•Wofld Title ■•^'•, ' 

VAiNOpU\113IV~--a*rtig-— I-*' — Tuesday 
A'as the date announced for the start 
of the long; distarice power boat jaco 
from Ketchikan, Alaska, to "Vancouver, 
but there "ain't no racei" as the small 
boy; puts It. , ^ 

The' limit, owned by Marriott ■'&.■. 
Fellows of Vancouver and commanded 
by Alf. Le, Page, is the onlS' contest- 
ant at Ketchikan. 

All ,the Other dozen or so prospec- 
tive contestants failed, to turn ui> at 
the scratch and a pitiful scream for 
help came out of tho northern wilds to- 
day m the shape of a \\ii9;t\.x&m\\x\%. 
.wire from F. M, FOulaerv secretary of 
the raclflc Power Boat AssocJailon. 
who has been looking- .after the ar- 
rangements, for the rare. 
. The wire declared that the Limit 
I wa,s the only contestant at the start- 
ing point but "admitted that the Ketch- 
ikan boats would race if the cash 
■pi^l^'FwFfelrliararriJ^Tl-ia'S'm'avertta.od . ■ ■ 
>jr. IL-G. T, \A\cdM received the 
mes.HUge after it had circulated around 
4;vrt-ij«> had nothing to. do with, the ar- 
rahgementSi for the ratie so that he was 
unai)le to answer.'" Mr. Foulser is prob- 
a'bly .camPf f* ""h-te-wh^ at-J^etPfti'k'an 
>:aitli:ig for a refily. It will" be a -weary 
wait, as well as ii Icnghthy one. 
/ The other VftTOomrBrlte boatsl which 
were reckoned as certain', stiirters in 
the mue'h advertised race did not go 
norjh. • The Konomjc. built by East - 
hope' brotht-rs, specially for the race*' 
was unable to go on h'ccount.of *h* 
gino troubles, while ■ Pr. Bakey's new 
power botit aliio had "TjiWiculty with 
Its engines -aa4 could /not Oegfotlate 
the trip. The WandercTi-of Sun DURgp 
was reputed to have . gonp nortfi . ;t6 

A single Innings cricket match play- 
ed...,xealfi£dtt>:^ S-K-iyie ' Work Point 
grounas between the Garrison C. C, 
and the E8a.ulmalt eleven resulted in 
the victory of the latter combination 
by 49 ruris. The match ^va8 an In- 
lereetlng one, the.. bowling on both 
sides being good; EBUulmalt on go- 
ing m lost two wickets for no runs. 
A prolonged stand was made for the 
third wicket. tha partnernhii^ of 
Thomas and Pooley resulting in close 
upon a hundred runs. Their play was 
the feature, of the match, and to their 
united efforts the win of ;the Villagers 
was due. I'ooley amassd 64 runs 
when it was finally out leg before to 
the bowling of Macdonald. Thomas 
was reaponslble-for a carefully com- 
piled 39. On the Garrison side Rob- 
erson was top scorer with 28. 
The detailed scores follow: 
Garrison C. .C 
Q. M, S. Macdonald, b-WoOdley.. 1 
Corp. Hawtrey, c .Woodley, b Ppoley 16 

Gr. Doyle, b Poolft.v ..».., 1 

Col. Sergt Roberson, b Woodley.. 12 

Corp. SteVens, b Po,oley 

Corp. Wyndham, b Pooley .... • 

Gom Gale b- Pv)oley • ■ 

Bom Cross, b Baker . . . , . . ... 
Bom Gooch. c Woodley, b Pooley 
Gr. Smith,, not olit . . .. ., .... . 
Q. M. S. Pater.«i<m, b Pooley .. .. 

TOtiil • ■ • • ^- 

Esquimalt C. C. 
A. B. Ne^^rtham, c Doyle, b Stevens 

A. E. Thijm'ia. b Cross .. 

R. H. Pooley, l.b.w.,b Macdonald. 
W. Baker, c and b Steven^ . . . . . • 

C. Hinch. run out . . . . , • 

H. Pragnell. c Hawtrey, b Cross.. 
W.. Challon, nyt ..>ut .. . . '. . .. ... 

E. 'E. Riley. (/ Macdonald, b Ci;o8i^ 1 

C, Jaspier, b ('rnf;« .. 1 .. . ^ 

J. Ball, b Macdtinald .,. .< " 

Jfv "\iVoodley. b Cross .. , . 16 

All Crood Land, jETine View 

and A'djoin-s Splendid 

New Residence 


Let us taJtc a look aLiLand see. if It needs cleaning or repairing. We 
ffuarantee all «Tnr work and will put- It In proper shapo for the Game 
Season. Kow. while you dort't use it Is the^ime for repairs. Qur^ 
charge* are always moderate.. ' _ ,; 






-Sir" ., J. R. COLLISTER "?i.o%^ 


Succo or to Jchn B&rn«lry &. Co. 

Easy Terms 

■ SCOtM 



We have on display iti our window a fine line of Scissors 

from 3SC to . . . $i-oo 

Pocket KniVes froni 20c to ... ....?.....-.. • • "l^.as 

Razors, $1.50 to . . y .$2,25 

LAlso a nic^c line of Chilian Silver Table Cutlery' 
PEDE N BROST^^^^I,^"''^' 




The Victoria DuncI 
the Spirits of S.-altW- 
^■tic park on- Kiiliird!! 
i.r)ys all feel tbnl . i 
i.iblcH on them from t!;'':i 
Tb* .Snolmmlsh team Wer. 
IIP an excursion ftti4-wlll !"' <'^< ' '^n sotno 
mturo date with their cr.nck bull tosser.". 
.Ml (litj !)oy.M are in the finest of tihapn 
wnd capable of putllnsr up the 
kind uf hiiW. Hi-irp!-;?! r.-!!l do tho twlrl- 

Pfeiet Biizukos, a Grpeli wfestlfer, 
who claims the llghtwedght cham-' 
pionshlp of the \yurld. Is in ^ h;torla 
with a B weeping jbhallengc to wrestl^ 
any man in the , province, caAcl>-tta<r 
CHlch-can -strhsr- his „ opponent t| 

weigh 145 pounds or lessr— -Huieukoa „„„ ' v.t' "."'■• '' ""'^ ■«■"■•■ ^i";" ■ y^ • '•' 
wrestling weight is 135 pounds. , ?.'he '-ICetchlkttn, but apparently this Infpr 
Greek 'vf iust arrived flrom Portland, mntlon was wrong., Mone of the htb.. 
Ore., whtTC he has been ehgaged in a'«— ^ -'*'-- •"*"'' ' 
nunibcr of matches, in all of which he 
lias been s-nctressfnl. • • - .- . 
irii= ,ia!iuto tlu,v_«rory:tHl:e.,came 
which he made With 
. Salt Lrtke city.' Lutt-- 
1,. yy ,. h<;l(icr of the lightweight 

I'!!. uer drawing with liuzukos 

>.. .meet him In ;niuth<r match, 
. i, h:m drfoated ' K«l<lie Con- 
t flivrcstliug chanir 
i,^\ing liim five 

Total . . -. 



8.::Ab.-.,.»... nta.tch-i,Jki»iWl<L:: 

, ... — a- None of t.|ie other. 

Sotmd cities sent' any 1"fi^r((«sentatlve». 
and. the race 18 the bJgjtcst . aquatic 
"bloomer" in yesir». 

-—'-;■■ -. ....I . ;■ ■» > ,• ^ 

■ Johnny 'Sltfti'TfS^B* donb nothing 
startling this ycaV-as: h hatter, but the 
m.»lnstay of the CWt?fiVo Cliib.s hi the 
catching departntcnt ha-s been* reBpo.n- 
s'ltle for several of the.victoVies scored 
by them thiii. reason, it Is doiibtfnf If 
Ihere 1.m :i t'acksto|) In tli 

i League " I'," liTf~""n 


, 1.- 



^'EW 5t.Ol^K. Au«r.~18.-^It was neVva 
}n thfe i?porttrrg~clrel«'s today that Stall - 
ley Ketchel, the mlchlleweh^--^ tlH 
holder, has suffered w- severe v^if^z 
d uwit -and hn.« been' ordered to koj.w 
his home in Mlchlsran for a lonl f'sA- 
According to nohie well Inforn/ed/ His 
condition Is po .s»rlo»» that It is «y«ul>t'- 
fut , wh?(ther he ever ^lll be| ajple to 
iadljlge in a chaiiu'donishlp baMtle/agalii. 

Ketchel ha* not been -in -good -tewvt 
since Johnson stopped him in ^'alitor- 
nla last fnll/fald a friend Of the pugll-, 
1st. Although- he has taken part iir 
several minor baittj*», he_ has done so 
TPgardless of his> physlcftl condition.. 
He was compellt"rt™m /call off his boi^t 
wUh Bill liang last /week because of 
a breakdown. He /Itad worked a few 
d';tvs lip Stat'>n l«l/jhd,^ biit he lo.?t 
weight and 'sttt'cnR/lh «o rapidly that 
Ivls friend^ became alarmed. A slight, 
lulury Uf his .f»n1<le flni,i.lly~*^ohvtn<'ed 
him "th&ti be rtiaaUptiilly uMt to enter 
iiu' ring* ■ ■■ :.' '. ' ' ■,-,•___ " 


|vents in Series Held -by the 

Vjntnrh I 3w^ Tenn is Glill>| 

on ■Cadboro Bay Road 

; Grounds 

■1, M." 

to get 

.:....:;... !.■■■ is wilHni-T "•"! VMint" 

wrestle im\' man in Ah.- 

tlic weight, mciil MJi-^^-''.-.i.':"' 

anywhere from $-0 to $iji" 

While In Victoria he Is 11 

•hfadatjqi.rters at the Vl.';''ia 

where «ny aspirant -hiu.:!'" ' Uif 

which he claims can get • Into 

municatlon with hTm, 1 



mid siiMUK I — Rnm,,;nTt~-ftTTbrrts, the la l;:^ 
*!i.ti'<>rs ,th,nn I ,, ,, ,,, iTT;T-yTiin!,i'r>"al team. -riT P tlu. I'^'nd"." 

in 'the Niuional I.^ucm'S'^i' 

■ iltl ll,(\-f ■ tillMjf'd CiglltciMl 

Till- inland an' h.iy-''' 

t !;< I lu> liono.r.s. !!:ji'- 

Tii. 'i"'!' ' l"'*"^^ tournament of the 
Vlctori.i La«u Tenrils Club wfll bo 
held during, the week beginning Mon- 
.Ouy, AMigyst 22, liUO. pn llio. grounds, 
'cadboro Bay r'<:ul. The events areas 
J'o.liows; ^ 

1. Oi>ou singles -<.'li;vnu>tunHbii.),, of 
VaTJcouvev Ishiud-Cup ' prc.sertted by 
James Dunsmuir, Esq. The cup must 
he- won three years In succession to 
i;pcoifnrtFrproti^"ty T>-r" fiTi;"i^^^ 

2. Open DOOhles . tmlxe'D—Randl- 

3. Ov)en Singles (Ittdies)--ChamplQn- 
ship of nrTlfsh Columbia — Ctrp-pre- 
Wte.d by Mifti ' tnimimulr. The cup 
must be won three years \n succession 

.-^>, t.a..,^mfl thf. property t>t any -holder. 

Put "PI.A.G'' Paint on 

■Your Roof 



Newton & Greer Co. 

1326 Wharf Street. Phone 887 , 

of .KnBi..«..i .^..i i.Hia-v. .1. 

rlayors are rc'titirod' to \' • n-- .ither 

tehnis shoeri or 'nrbliors, .mii !■> I'lay 

an whatever, court Is assigned in 

The entries dope on Vrii^i' . .Vuiinst 

19 at 6 o'clock p. ni. 

bisfiues to be fuTvpn In each ganie 

shall be half the dlfCeronce between 

the' resi>ertlve Joint i-iniuHcaiPS 

In all handiVap events, with th 

^tusption of the riii:rl.«, .there will be a 

^ime limit. of two hours.. In the event 

of a tie, fifUen. minutes additional 

plav will hb allowed. 

No'">sntry shall be' va^ld. the money 

brrr w:cr 
■ In'iiiri've. 


■ title 



ilieiV jutap in iIkIu 
retain your Ifaf.tlng 


liJM ii-c'dil tjaiinnutaux ui' the .\.i 
tionals, has "wored 16, and Is third. 

4. Metis Doubles (open.), 
— frila iijlir ' a] ' l^ o u hi<g^l/rii» 

Rules and Rsflulatiobs . 

Til.-- rnii-"^-" '■■•" "■'" ''f^ *1 f"!* «a<^'*^„ 
cnti-y. . ,;■ 

■^ ..pia.yers, u H'M .Ml ,.!■ ^.loiuiil twenty 
nilnnK'Fr-rrfler the lime scheduled for 

tl.. • '- ''' '■- - '-•"■' 

for which has not' be6n paid prior to 
the draw. • 'T""~ 

The dlaKirHniB__flL£ — tb^ competitive 
oard (Posted on the club house) ivlll 

-T-bf time to play will, bte published 
ever\7 nrornlng in the Colonist. 

Kntriei no."! fce.'i ti. be ff'Tit to Mr;' 

iiuffaio rIderH teamed him and rtiadw tlie' 
K'.ilug decidedly rmigh. for, him, although' 
ilicy.wore uiuible fo tiCat blm. even In 
mili* of thelj- VaclicH. Andrews always 
bad a rough time of it In the Bison 
eliy., lull — lB*i«u;ial}ly .shows tbe-Yanketr 
tt.torfi' tlie way- to the tape, ^peaking of 
the rivf-nille rave. *5. L M'acKny. thri 
w'cll-Uiniwn. racing man, .says: "Schledel^ 
the -Buffalo . cliamplon, Wiuii-::Xbe last, to 
come, but when he qnme" op, Andrews 
knock ed ifim cold; by looking .over .at 
Tiini'-iiiijJ . ?iaJ'l\l«.- :My^.liut, these boys 
work bard for- you'/ Hch le d c l - dropp e d 
buck,., nnii every llmei ho' came' rm. An-; 
ilrews (H.itrode him.- 'In tfte flve-mtlc 
the Buffalo pfople g.Tve Afld^eWs a hiiri- 
dirid )-ards- on ..Scliiede.l. Thnv , dUlP't 

think much of Andrew's over there be 

cntise Scliledel beat him every tlmfr tliry 

met Indoors last winter.- In flve-ml! • 

.fichle'ders friends hi»t he.avlly bn bit 

T.)te.T<>ront/> bovs toolt tliew iiit:-i}ik1 :• ; 
the cirfkrii oY the'ilin'Mc'Millau and M< 

'IHiiuild look Andre awn v so fast that 

}ip »rnlnf<>l !iii>\-Hrd« on .Scbicdel tho first? 

.'';;■; ■ ■ ill for the 


I,.,, I 





SubsK'ibc 'or THE COLOMIST 




^fHiWiywWjiiri "i" 




Friday, Augu.t 19, 19l«> 




(Continued from PRRe 7.) 


l( I 

Mra. Jam«H KayiMur looktMl very 
Hmart la petunia satin with a hat to 
malcU anil Mrs. Snuirt liobertaon was 
smartly gowrii'd In blue. 

Miss Rebbeok looked cliarming la 
wliUf with a lHr,Ke pieture ■hat^.tliid 
with .blue strings. 

Mr.s. Hcilnie.s looktcl exlromely 
Binart ,in a palo hhu' and biack tull- 
f.tti;, with whlfh !>Ue wor^ a palu blue 
t/urban, / , 

/ Mrs. Martin (JraJngiM- was In palf 

There Wore many mure beautiful 
dresses besides these nientipned, . hut 
space would not, permit of their de- 
pcriptlon even if It were possible t,a 
rememb(n- all of thnn. 

A full list of invil''il is ap- 
' pended : 

The RlKlii li'M ■ i^ir_.>Y.ilfricl t,anricr, 
• -t.he Hon. U. 1". ("irahanv-, ?ilr.\ I'l M.' 
Macdonakl, M. P., .Mr. I' I'. I'lrdee, 
M. P. 


^Irs. James Au,i,mis .m.l ; 'u' .MissK^u 
Angus. Mr. and Mr.s. ,1. \. .\l. .\ikln.s, 
Mr. a-nd""Mrs. ^V. 1'. Alloway, Mr. and 

>Tfi:'XineyrT\rr. ancr Mrs: J. Willis 

Arnbery, Rev. and Mrs. W. J3au^h_Al- 
len, G. \V. Allan, \V. M. Allan. Mr. and 
Mrs. ,J. B. Anderson, Mr. ami .Mrs, .1; 
R. Anderson. Mr. and Mrs. ,|. .\l. ,\ 
land, Mr. and .\i's \ii^i: -. .\lr. and 
Mrs. Alexander, .>!;. ■ ■ : -M '■'■ .\ikman. 
.Majr.r -antrMrs,- Aiictatn-, ;\l,rs. -AdantM, 
Mv. .\ldous, Mr.- Arbuclile, Mr: Arm- 
strong. Mr. Anderson, Mr. Ard, Mrs. 
\V. Archibald, Mr., Mrs. and Altss Ar- 

Mr. and Mrs. H.' Uurcholl, Mr,, Mrs. 
and MiSK Brldgman, J. ('. Bridgman, 
Mr. and Mrs. C. V. Oaxtor, Mr. and 
Mrs. Hannermiin, Mrs.' and .Miss Bain- 
bridge, Mrs. F. A, Bennett, Mr. an^l Burdtck, Mr. and Airs. \V. Bell. 
Mr. and Mrs. Boggs, Mr. and Mr.s. 
Crow Baker, Mr. and Mrs. F. ISone, Mr, 
and Mrs. H. Brlggs. Mrs. Bowroh, tHid 
Mls¥ BowrQn, Mr. and Mrs. Ballantyne, 
Mr. and Mrs. ;Crown, Mr. and Mrs. 
Becker, Mr. and Mrs. Beaslw, Mr. ami 
Mrs. Brewster, itfT7-"^Hridgman, Mr. 
Benen, Mrs. A. JH. Bowen, Mr. and Mrk 
and M1S.S Bone, Mr, and Mrs. T. C. 
Boulton, H. C. H. Bai-nes, J. G- Brown, 
Mr. amI.Mr§.LBlakem()re. Mr. and Mrs. 
G. H. Barnard, Mr. and. Mrs. Beachan, 
-Dr. and Mrs. Bapty, Mr. and Mrs. 
Boulton, A. J. Brace, Captain Butler, 
AV. F. Burton, , Mrs. Barntird, Mr. iind 
.Mrs. C. W. Bradshaw, J. Boscowitz, 

Mr, aml-Mrfc-.E. Ifletchor. Mr. and 
.Mrs. and the Mlsaea Falkner, Mr. an^ 
Mrs. R. I). I'Mnlayson. Mr. and Mrji. lUid 

Dr. and M l^•^• 
Kltzgibbon, Dr. 
T. l''iill, Mr. and 
ai\d JNIrs. Free- 

-N:-!-tr Bo& toc k, E. D .— B oatoL-k.Mrui and 
Miss Bu^r^>wes, Mr. and Mrs. H. K. 
Beaviin, Mrs. F. Bijllen, Douglas Bul- 
len, Mr. and Mrs. and the Mls.seS' 
Blackwood, Major C. C. Bennett, Major 
an,d Mrs. Beale, Mir. and Mrs. and Miss 
Bagshaw, Mr. Bagshaw, C. A. Black- 
st.ock, Mr. and Mrs. . F. S. .JBarnard. J.; 
P. Babcock, Miss Jessie Brown, Mr. 
and jJirs. and fITe F. Bralne, 
Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Brown, Mrs. \V. C. 
Berkeley. C. K. Berkele,v, Mr. g., Bag.s- 
ler, Lieut. Brotherton. Mrs.' Brotherton, 
(i. V. O. Bulkeley, Mr. and Mrs. H. W. 
Buckland, Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Brett, 
.Miss L.. Boyd, Mr. and Mrs. R. G. 
Hurries, Mr. and Mrs, T. J. Bumes, 
Mrs. Balss. Mrs. Blalkloek. Mr. and 
Mrs. F. Burrell, Mra. and Miss H. P! 
Bell, J. Bryden, Mr. and Mrs. K. V. 
Bodwell. Mr. and Mrs. ,K. G. BllHng- 
hurst, -Mr. and Mrs. and Miss Sutchart, 





-♦♦ ♦♦♦♦»♦♦ 

;Mls.s Thorntmi Fell, 
Fraser. Mrs. and Miss 
iihil Mrs. I'\i«'an. Mr. 
nwin, .Mr. and Mrs. II. 
Mrs. J. l-"ori"«i.n, CiVpt. 
man, J. Fall, 'the Missies Fernvlek, Mr. 
and Mrs. A,, r. Khimerfelt, A. W. B. 
Fr)/>tr, M-lss'.fesslr Fnlriul. ,Mra. H. M. 
FuUerton. .Mrs. 10. M. Fort, Mr. and 
.Mrs. and .Miss !•'. W. Foster, F. Fos- 
ter,' Mr. and Mrs. 11. Iteming, Mr. and 
.Mrs. C. T. P. FordrvMr, and Mrs. nnd 
the Misses Fawcatt, Mrs. P. Flneh,, 
.Mrs. and Miss Fraser, . the Misses 
Fraser, Mrs. \V. S. Fraser, Miss Fraser, 
G. Fraser, F. .\. Futcher, T. S. Futcher, 
J. A. pnetcher,' V. \V. Fawcett, Mr,, and 
Airs. Edgar' Fawcett, "Mr. and Mrsi 
i I'-ulton, Mrs. A. F. Forbes. ' ' .,.■,■■-■■. 

Mrs. P«rcy Gooch, Mr. Charles Gore, 
Mr., m/«j. and the Misses Oaudln, Mr. 
and MVb. QltJt), Mr., Mrs. and Miss C. 
11./ B. Green, Mr. J. R. P. Gaudin, R. 
D/ Olllriapie, U M. Gillespie, Mr. and 
Mrs. Greaves, Miss George, Mr., Mrs. 
iUid-.Mitfs Uoodacre, Mr. and 'Mrs. P. 
D. Gueiiel, Mr. and Mis.s Gosnell, Mrs. 
and the Misses Goddard, Mr. and Mr.i. 
B. G. Gosvard, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Grif- 
fiths, Mr. and Mrs.. L. C. Genge.. Mr. 
J. H., Gray, Air. n nd , M*-*. 1... O, Gar- 
nett, Mr. 1.. M. Gar^-Ht, ^nw. and Miss 
Gordon Grant, Mr. llarcild .\rant, Mr. 
W. Grant, Mrs. and Miss (ieorgc, Mr. 
and Mrs. Gibson, Mr;' Gil)bon, Mr., 
Mrs. and Miss J. H. Gray, Mr. and 
Mrs. N. B. Gresley, Mrs. and Miss 
Gardiner, Mr. Goodwin, Mr. fJrirne, 
Miss Gerrard, Mr.- and JMrs. Gould. 


F. Hewitt, Rev. T. E. HoUtag, Mr. H. 
C. Hopgood, Mr. A. Hentlerson, Mr. 
Chas. Hay ward, Mr. K V. Harvey, 
Mr. F. S. Hussey, T. R. Heanage, Mr. 
Iiinls HopkluH, Mr. S. 1 liinUTSdn, M. 
P. P.. Mr. and Mrs. Ha nningtnn. Miss 
Hannington, Mr. G. O. Howell, Mr. 
Parker Hibben, Cliief Justice 

Hunter, Mrs. Hunter, Mr. arid Mrs. J. 
Hunter, Dr. J. U. Hunter, Mr: andMrs; 
llalhen. Miss Halben, Air. M. F. 1 UU- 
bcn, Mr, and Mrs. It. J. Hartley, Mr. 
and Mrs. E. J. lleam, Mr. and Mrs. 
T.~~'A. Hinion. Mr. Cx. D. Holland,- Mr. 
W. Hun,LeiV_Al. P. P., Mr. and Mrs. E. 
M. Ij. Harriyfeon, Miss Hari-lson, Mi.<38 
L. Hunt, Mft's. E. Henny Mi.'is. llasell. 
Dr. and \\rs. Hasell, lion. .J: S< Helmc.- 
ken, Mr. and Mrs. W. Hlgglns, Mr. :^nd 
Mr.s. '1'. Hooper, Dr. and Mrs. Harper, 
rrtr. A. Holmes, Mr. C. S. F. Holmes, 
Mr: II. Hogg, M.r. C liogg, Mr. J. S. 
ilurv.-y, Mr. I. F.^ Hill. Dr Harlman, 

Fred W. Jones, M4»8 Emily Jone« 
Mr. and Mrs. Malnwarlng Johnson, 
Miss Junes, Mr. and Miss Macnaugh. 
ton Jones, Mr. E. S. Jephaon 
Lieut. -Col, arid Mr. A. W. Jones, Mlsi 
■[■:. l). Jones, Dr. and Mra. O. M Jones, 
Dr T. G. Jones, Mr. M. Jenkins, Mr, 
Trowartliu James, Mr. D. V. James, 
Mr. Geo. Jay, Mr. H, D. Jackson Mr, 
C. D, Jansun, Mr. J. R. Jackson, Rich- 
ard Jones, Mr. E. C. Jacob, Mr. Jeff- 
cott, Mr. Watts Jones, Mr. J. K. Watti 
J,,,nes, Mr. J. Jardlne, Mr. R. IL 
Jamieson, Mr. VV. C. Jamleson. Mr, 
Jackman, Mr. Jesse, Miss Jesse, Mr, 
Jeffrey, Mr. Johnsc.m, Mr. Johnson, 
Mr. C. il. Jenklnaou, Mr. T. A. John- 
jstoue, Mr. M. B. Jackson. , 


Minister'.s \'isit- 

ir Wilfrid's mi;!!, 


♦ » ♦ o 4 > ♦ 


Mrs. White BurTli, G. Bushby, Miss F.'Croft,^ the Misses Carr, STrs: 

V. Barter, J. S. Baile.v, H. A. ..Bromley,4 
Mrs. and Miss l^rooker, D. Broughton, 
Mr. and Mrs. 1). H. Pale. 
Mr. and Mrs. and Miss, Mrs. 
A. T. Campbell, Mrs. Chamiierjs,^.-. Miss 
Cooke, Mr. and Mrs. Crawford. Mr. 
aitd Mrs. Cusack, Mr. and Mrs. "^ruik- 
shtinks, Mrs. Cameron, Mr. and Mrs. 
Carmichael, Mr. Challoner. Mr. anil 
Mrs. Christie. A. G. Craddock, D. N. 
Carter, Mr. and Mrs. Campbell, Mr. 
and Mrs. Cornwall, H. J. CuUln, Mr. 
and..^lrs. Harvey . Combe ' and Miss 
Combe. Llcut-.x:;oL Codd, Mr. nmlMrs. 
Geo. L. Courtney, Miss Corsan, Mr. 
and Mrs. H. H. Crotty, Mr, and Mrs. 
G. K. Cumming.", J. G. V. Ciimmlngs. 
R .- B . < :ummliign, Mr. and Mr s. H . M . 
Ciimmlngs, R. ,11. Cummings, Mr,-!wid 
Mrs. R. E. V. Cowley, Mrs. Charles. 
Ijiidy Crease, Llndley _ Crease, Kev. 
-arnd Mrs. C. E. Cooper, Mr. . and 
Mrs. F. V,.' Cornwall, Mrs. C, F, Corn-, 
wall, Mr. and Mrs. anc^, the Misses C,. 
Trevor Cross, Mr. and Mrs. G.,y. .CUJK^ 
page; Mrs. H. C. Courtney, H. E. A, 
Courtney, C. K. Courtney, Mrs. arid 
Miss Crocker, Mrs. R. G. Cumpibell, 
Mr. anil Mrs. O. Cup- 
Mrsi D. E; Gafmpbell.. 
W^ColUnaori, aev. and 
' -'!d (May, M. 
nzie i'le'.-rind, M"*. 
k . ,. on,.iMr. ;ind. Mrs. 
iihff MrH. A. Cttles, 
Church, Rev. and 

Mr. and Mrs. 
Col. and Mrs. 
<'urtis Smith. 




R. Croft, 


n.i Mvr. 

Miss E. Corey, 

page,- Mr. and 

Mr, *nd Mr«.^J. 

Mrs.. Leslie Cl ■ 

B. Carlln, Mr 

and Mrs. C. M. ^ . 

R. H. Chapman, Mr. 

Mr. and Mr.s. J, W. 

Mrs. G. Cook, Mr. and 

Crease. J. Cahibie, Mrs. ( 

M rst andi-M-lsa Clatrke .. 

Mrs. A. D, 
ged, Mr. and 
Nfe'Vttd Sviiss' 

Ma.)or and ^rs. Dupont, Miss C. E. 
Dupont, Miss X. Dui>ont. 1.. R. Davios, 
Miss L'AbbadJe, AIlss P. Drake, Mr. 
and Mrs. and MIs.s Day, Mrs. M. O. 
Daw e. Miss Dnncun, Mr. nnd Mrs. F. 
Xapier Deiilson. Mrs. E. H, VTTffmwP 
van. Miss E. Darle,- Mr^ and Mrs. D. 
V.' Dewar, Mr. and Mrs. A'an Dumble- 
ton; Mr. and' the Misses Devereux, F. 
A. Devereifx, Hon. and Airs. Eiigar 
Dt^wdney, Dean of Columtjla iihd Airs. 
Dtmll, Mrs. Durtek: Mr. -and Mrs. 
Devlllne, Mr. and Mrs. Dickinson, Mr. 
and Mrs. Darnell, Hon. J., Mrs. and 
the Mis i bes ' Dunsmuir. All. and Mt.t. W. 
J. Dowler, Mr. and Airs, Duncan, Mra. 
Dattiy, Mra. and Mlsa Dennjs, A. J. 
D'Arcy, E. Dempster, Mr. an4 Mrs. R. 
L. Dru«Y, Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Dumble-r 
ton, Mt. and Mrs. Dallaln, Mt". and' Mrs 
|)S?hgrt5K. V,' 

Airs. Kirkbrldc, .Mr. and 

Kitlo, Air. K. H. Kingscoto, 

Klngscote, Mr. :ind .Vlrs. A 

Kenninglon, Miss Kerby, Air. J. King- 

ham, Mr. D. R. Ker, Air. J. Kennedy, 

Mr. K.vuiasLer, Air. A. J.'. Keppele, Air, 

Air. and 

.Miss, J. U. 
Mr. VV. A. 



VV. C.'Klitf, 
H., Air 

L .'.■ 

Mrs. J'. C( 
Kent, Mn 

Miss Ellison, Mr. arid Mrs. JJl- 

worthy, Mr. and-Mra. Prlcp,^ Ellison, 

Hoh, D. 31j:, Eberls, Mrs. and the Mteses 
Eberts. F, H. H. EI.erts.Mr. and Mrs. 
V . A . C».:-Elii>t.. ('••mmander and 
R. Edwai'ds, T. G- Elj.)hinstotfxv Mr. and 
Mrs. and the litisses Ellis. Mrs. L.. $3. 
Brb, lit'v. Eatfq;^. Mrs. an.^ uuu EWn, 
H. Ella, Mr. EltSs, JVJr: . nnd 

the Misses E.irle, Afr. an l'. El- 

liott. Mr. an'l Airs. R. . Mrs. 

K Ellis. Mr. Edwanls, ...j^ J-Jvan.s, 
'Miss k. ElUson; 

The Prime Minister's Visit — Hun !rtd 



Mrs. Grant, Mr. and Mrs. Grant, 
"Mrs. Gordon,, Mr. and Mrs, Green, 
Mrs. Gleason, Mr.. F. C. Gamble. Mr., 
nnd Mrs. W'iUlams Gor don, M r. J. 
Goodfellow, M.r."Tnd Airs. GanilreT,"Mr. 
and Mrs. J. O. Graham, Mr. and Mrs. 
Gallotle.y. the Mi.sses Gallet- 
ley, Mrs. and Miss J. C. Griiha:m, Mr, 
H. M. Graham, Mr. and Mrs. M. A, 
Granger, Mr., Mrsr and' Miss Gilles- 
pie, Mr.' D. Gillespie, Mr; and Mrs. H. 
(.}lll^Hpl" . Mr nn.1 Mrs. A. Gillespie, 
Mr. and Mrs. C. N. Gowen. Mr. and 
Mrs. H; A*. Gpwan;' -MisS L. Goward.' 

Mr, '^nd 4|rl i^'g-^Grira^^^ Mr^ and 

^•^'^■^ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦■»■» 

p. Han'ey,;,Mt'van^ . Mf*v ..JH-. 
mcken, i>r.. Mirs. and Miss '3. 

riironged the Grounds of Government liouse 

Air. Le Neven, Air.' Love, Airs, amj 
.Miss Langlliyj Miss .Lally',« Mr:' .and 

Airs.: Lawry, ^I»"- and' Mrs, VV. F. 

J^ovelauct. Air.' KOwe Lewis, Mr. and 
Airs. Lc Maistre, Mrs. Lajng, Mr. and 
AlrS. Lampman, Mr. and Airs. A. P, 
Luxton; "Mrs. Loenholm, Misses 
Lugnh, RIJS3 Law.on, Air. Art^hm 
LawUer. Air. A. ', Longfleld, Mr. J, 
Longlicld. Air,. C. - Al. ..LaraJj, J4r. ■_ 'W, __ 
A. Lawson. Air. Lubbe, Air. Simon 
Leiser, Mr. J. Al. Langley, Mr. T. Ix 
Lonhurft, Air. J. C. Llndsey, Air. J, 
Langturr,' Air. Lovell, . Mr. Lost, Mn 
Larigley._Alr. Loudes, Mr. J. H, Law-_ 
son, .Mr. J. M. Lawson, Air. Leaski 
Mr piing, Air. D. Leemhig, Mr.~D, .' 
Leason, Air. P. A. Landrew, Mr. 
Leary, Air. Thomas Lumsden.- Mn 
Laundy.31r._B.J-ewlS. Mr.-'B. F. Lang- 

I'iU. . ■ 


-Mr. Morris, Mr. M[ar3^:in.-Mr^MesTien 
Air: Morley, T^Ir. Moor, Mr. Mann, Mr, 
-MttelteUr-^M r.- T.. S . . .M iUgan, Mr. H. W, 
R. Moore, Mr. D. D. Muir, Mr. C. F< 
Aloore, Mr. G. Mohun. Mr. F. G. May-4 
nard, Alrf A. T.- Monteith, Dr. G. D, 
Milne, Air. J. N. Manseli, Mr. H. Mar- 
tin, Allss Martin. Mr. J. A. M^tchelb 
Mr. and Miss W.~A~Mnra, Mr. and 
Airs. P; C. Mjjsgraye, Mr. and Mrs. -H, 
A. S. Morley, Tvns3~Morle.v, Mr. Amolg 
Atorley, Mr. A. H. Morgan, Mr. W. H4 
Alanson, M. P. P., Mr. J. F. Meridetli, 
Air AI. Mason, Miss Mason, Mr. Du- 
hot.q Mason; Mr. G. T. Mattchews. Mr> 

■ ♦ « I 


Helmcken, Dr., Mrs. and miss J. S. 
Helmcken, Mr. C. L. Hunt, Mr.' A. D. 
HarrltJ,, Mr. and Mrs. F. W. B. Hall, 
Mr. P. Hall, Air. J. Higgins, Mr.liar- 
•moTi,Major Hart, Mr, Hope, . Mr. 
Hihben. Mr. T. N. Hibben. Mr. Hy- 
lands. Col. Hall, Mr8.Tlall,_Mr.. F. A. 
R. Hall, Mr. Louis HaTi, Mr. Ernest 
Hall, Air. Hutchinson. Mr. lli s c tirks, 
Air. Higglhs, Mr. Hlnton. Mr. Hey- 
land, Air. Ilolden, .Mr. Hind, Mr. Han- 
nington, Mr. Humber, Mr, Houston, 
Mr. Hodgekihson, Mr. Haynes, Mr. 
Hay ward, Mr. Heiste.rman. Mr, Rich- 
ard Hall, Mr, W. IP'ndrrsnn, Air. IT. 

Mr.. Dennis Harris, Mr. J. C. Harris, 

Mr. R. W. D. Harris, Mr. Hamburger, 

Mr. Howell. Mr. A. Harvey, Mr. 

Hickey, Mr. W. H. Haywai-d, Mr. L. H. 

Hardie, Mr. B. S. Heistermnn. 

Helsterman, Mr. J. B. Robson, 

C. Holmesr-Mr. tt. C. Holmes. 

N. Hincks, Mr. C. Henshaw, 

R. Houston. 

■ I 

_iI6n. Juistlceahd Mrs. Irving. Miss 
Irving, Air. Bruce Irving, Mr. A. I. 
Jnness. Air. C. B. Innes. 









ATr. C F. 


Air. and Airs. 

and Miss Moore, Mr, G. Moire, Mr.'W, 
J. Mllroys, Major- Mutter, Mr. islay" 
Mutter, Mr. Allan Alutter, Mr. A. ,Mar.« 
tin, Mr. Mason, Mr. C. C. Michene^. M^^ 
R. Myres, Mr. D. Miller, Mr. H. A. 
Munn, Mr. Archer Martin, Mr. D. 
Carew Martin, Mr. H. A. M. Mellln, 
Mr. B. :Cv Mess, Mr. J. S. Matterson, 
Mr. Montelth, Air. Roger Monteith, 
Mr. Berkley Montelth, Mr. G. Mus- 
grave, Mr, J. Musgrave, Mr. W. J, 
Mason, Mr. Charles Muirhead, S. P. 
Moo d y, A, — Mairiey ,— ftevv ~M illeri — Mr , 
Myer, Mr. Mayer, Mr. M-atson, Mr, 
Munsle, Mr. L. Macrae; Mr. lyloresbyi 
Mr. M lines, Mr. W. Marchant, Mr., 
Macdonald. Mr. Mackay, Mr. ,A. R, 
Mac^regor, Mr, MacDonald, Mr. Mac- 
jFarl^d, Mr. Alunsie. - 

•' (Continued on Page 14.) 

We Have Developed 
Expert Tailors 

It's team-work that wins—' 
".Persistent, heady team-^play." ' 

You see . l3ie beautiful result on the 
L{icrosse fieUd, on the J>otball "gridirpn," 
Mild around, the Baseball diamond — in , 
every walk and Work of life "team-play" i 
wins out. "" 

,Semi-reiidy Tailoring is a system of 
organized team-work— wliolcsale tailoi- 
ing— that develops team workers, tailor 
men who become ".stars" arid "arti.sts" in 
the conception and production of fine 
clothes for men. 

The quickest man we convince is the man . 
Avho knows-— the retail tailor himself.^ 
Last season 1 00 . lii e r c h a n t tailors . in 
(.'anada alone applied for the Semi-ready 

Tailoring rights for their town. [ 

1 udc Mitk 


Bat hin^ Suits, Workini^ Pants, Outing Suits, Flannel Suits, 

Straw Hats, A It to Dusters, Tenuis Hats, Nes^lige Shirts, 

t^MIWMW— 1«— ■— W— i ■ " 11.1— — p— M^— —Wi— ^1" ■■ ■■""■- — ^ '^" "■ ■""'- — ,— — - 

Business rSTrirts arc still being Isold at Sale Prices 


lundreds ol harifams stilT to be turiiedlinto. cash, ias 

rofyirTmusf be rliade for immense shipments 

■niree-Boifton ttouble-htf . itn— In 

Scrsfs, Woiiteds and TwctJi—ai : : . i:0 

of New Fait Goods 

Clothiers and Hatters. 

usiive A^entsfor Semi-Ready Tailorini^. 614 l^ales St. 

•Tirrr wj» wmmmWHmnmmtm 



M**^l>Mi*'MMt ilV-lfl" 


Friday, August 19, 1910 





i\ietliodists Welcom^/ Sir Wil- 
fiid and His Collea.i;ues — 
Delegates to Ecumenical 
' Congress Are Uhosen 


. p. 

649 Yates St. 

■What Elie? 

At hreakfiist ii-i'eiuly Aii'irew 

I arne- 
A diet re- 

gie indulged In a pieie of pie. 
fornier present remonstrated. 

"Why, Mr. Cargenle," he said, 
eat pl*>?" 

"Of course." repl ted the not ed philan- 
thropist. benignTyT^What do ySU Tierwttti 
It?" — Success. 

"do you 

Oklahoma has had the remarkahle 
growth of almost, 540 per cent In ten 
rears. The prcsieTit population Is 64,- 
205, an Increase of 54,1S» since 1900. 

Sir Wilfriil T.,aurier, llie Hon. (t 
Graham. iliiiist<M- i.if RiilKvajs, 
Ml-. K. M. MarilonfiUi. ili'- Federal 
menilior for Flctnii. N. S.. wen; vlslt- 
or.s to the afti-rnoon session of tlie 
Methodist General Cotiferenoe yester- 
day. The aisUnKii'shccl quests wne 
given a hearty reception. The Prime 
-Minister was in his usual happy vein 
and the Inief address whicli lie deliv- 
■ere<l-tc) the- nssemhly \vii-< nt a iiiont 
appropriate cliuructer. 

Sir Wilfrid said that so many ol' the 
delegates had done him' the honor of 
eallins on him during the provincial 
government rece])ti,on tliat he had de- 
rided to return the call. It wus a 
Kre"at' 'pleasure to liln\ to m«et such a 
lepresentative body of Methodists. i~>r. 
Carman and he were old friends. Mis 
address would be of the briefest, as 
ho I'elt that he was trespassing on the 
time of the conference. In the course 
of his tour through the Dominion he 
had occasion to refer to the iate Sir 
John A. Macdonald as a groat.. „man. 
He believed that he was a great man. 
The time for differences in national 
eonsiderations had passed away. He 
liad never had the fortune to bo as- 
soflatect with Sir .John, but In any 
dealings he had had with him ho had 
received consideration. 

Agree to Disagree. 

In religion jjnd politics, said the 
prime minister, 11 was possible to 
agree to disagree. What vvivs wanted 
in politics was the welfare of the 
state; in neliglon the .welfare of hu- 
jnanity. Canada ho would describe 
aa'Fhe star of the world. It was his 
pride to bo able to eay that after vis- 
iting' the three western provinces and 
now British f'oUiinbia, after seeing the 
Immigrants drawn from so many dif- 
ferent races, during his whole tour he 
hftd-not heard a dlsoordant note, . Tho- 
l)opulatlon of the prairies was happy |_t)ut that 
as Canadian and British subjects. This 
spirit of iinlty he believed also pre- 
vailed In the deliberations of the Meth- 
odist conference. Those doliberations 
he bellved tended towards aTreeahd 

broadening Christianity. In the line 
oX human endoavor along which they 
were travelling he could say that hla 
views on the bubjeet and those of 
i)r. Carman were Identical. 

The Hon. «;. P. Orahiim. who alw 
spoke, congratulated Dr. I'arman on 
the ability which he had displayed in 
carrying on the buaiu(-ss of the gen- 
eral confeAMire. It was not Inap- 
prui)riate to eall hlni the "Cirand Old 
Man" of Canadian Methodism'. He 
undersKiod from tlie oewspnper re- 
IMHts that the conlirrenee had been 
considering the nuestion of Church 
Union. ' In the present tour of Sir 
Wilfrid and hla colleagnes the aa.sem- 
hU'il delegates pVight see an exhibi- 
tion of union. Sir Wilfrid was a 
Roman Cathbllc: Mr. Pardee was an 
.Anglican; Mr. Macdonald was a Pres- 
l>vlei-lun, and he (the speaker) was vi 
Methodist, the son oj a Methodipt 
parson. ■ He personally cinild say that 
there was nowhere he felt so nnuh 
at home as amidst .such a gaiherlnt;. 
He . hoped .the deliberations of the 
conference wunid nut only result in 
good to the Methodist churc;h but also 
In'good to the whole Dominion. He 
believed that the effects of what they 
would accomplish would be felt in 
their ramiticatlons at the conJlnes of 

th'CT-gtobe. H©.-■^^'1.shed• the crmforenee 

every success in the work upon which 
It was engaged. 

Mr. Macdonald cxplalnodJlis Inter- 
est in such assemblies by stating that 
he was the son of a Presbyterian el- 
der. He 'was sure that the olijects 
enpaging-the attention of ih» confer- 
ence of the- greatest church in the 
Dominion would lead to the deveiOi>- 
ment and upbuilding of Canada from 

a fruitful ending. 

Before Sir Wilfrid and hla colleag- 
ues left the church the assembled 
deh^gates and audlenco rose and sang 
"Cod Save ihe King," / , . 

Deleis;atea to the Kcumenlcal confer- 
ence of next year were appointed as 
follows: Dr. A. Carman, Rev. Dr. W. 
Brl" 's Toronto, M"" " H Kod;:'"" antl 
JusUi'e Maclaren-^nsr -fmrr Tommlsslnn- 
ers selected without election. Repre- 
senting lirltlsh Columbia. Rev. Dr. W. 
J. Slpprell; Alberta, Hon. W. H. 
ing; Sankatch.evyaii, lU-v. .1. C. Swif/.er; 
,Maidtul)a, Rev. Dr. J. Woodswcirth; 
London conference. Rev. Thomas .Man- 
ning; Hainilton conference. Rev. Dr. J. 
S. Ross; Hay of Quinte ' conference, 
Rov. Dr. W. Burwa.'^h:. -Montreal con.-f""'-" 
ferenco. Re/-. Dr, W^i^lltman; New- ' 
Hrunsvvlck,/Hev. Dr. H, .Sprague; Nova 
Seolla, Rev. G. J. Hond;, Newfound- 
land, Hon. J. 1^. Woods. Ther.- arc 
nine names to-be addi;.! 1- Uii ; 
hiehid'inM' a represc,ntali\ . ii-m 
111' the provinces. 

-\ unanimous re'^oluticMi ..1 i! 
to the ReV. Dr. Albert T. Moor.- I >i 
his eminent services as secretary im 
intf the iiasi (luadrennjum - .- p ■>.-- | 
ed \. I 

Memorials dealing wltli suiieraoMia- 
tlon, the rei)ort of the laymen's hm:^- 

Hl(>nH4»,v.--stK4t»ty, A,\.viLrd- J 

ship, changes in marriage ritual, mls- 
.sinns and Immlgrailpn, women's fran- 
chise, church uniou, induistrlal in- 
struction in Indian missions and from 
the conference of friends to the In- 
dians, were roforreji to the several 
eommittees whic h d^al wltlL.8uch-mat-v 



Saturday at the Majeatlc ttl «. special 
exciting and original drama entitled 
"A Wireless MoHsuge." The story con- 
cerns a wager made by'.a young- mil- 
lionaire that he^ would mttrry a certain 
girl within one, week. The girl In ciues- 
llon Is attnaoted' by tlie iTioney, l)ut 
really loves a wireless operator, who 
has tajUght tier the rudiments of the 
lHiijlnes.s,''^Tie goes on the former's 
yacht and then discovers that she Is 
being abducted. Slie Hashes -the wire- 
less for help. The ,o|)erator gets the 
inessage and an exciting jiursult fol- 
liiws on the launch, follovved by the 
daring rescue f)t the girl. "Mazejipa,". 
a romantic dri/ma, breaks ntsw ground 
In 'regard to seonarlo and set- 
ting. The plot 1^ laid in Central Asia 
and cruicerns the struggle between two 
rival chiefs, for the hand of, a prlnccss.- 
In-the, first contest tlie defeated aspir- 
ant Is bound to a horse's ■ bacif and 
■^ent adrift cm the. ntwppes. The animal, 
imwevei-, tiU,-s hi.H burden back, to 
i-.ini;i ,ui.l :<n eX|iedi'tlon is tiwlflly 
;'i>rined ami Ihe rivals stronghold 
iionoed in the iii.'k Of time to pre- 
\ent the m.irrlage of the princ:ess. "As 
the Rolls Rang Out," ^s. an Intensely 
dramatic stor.\' id' a manipulator of 
liigli finan-ce. wli" is about tn be ar- 
-resti'd-frvr-- -speculation -oii7;.i:l>e;day 
his daughter's ma,rrlago. "Serious Six 
teen," sen-'es to introduce suni.' of the 
sentimental comedies of e:i!l,\ , youlli 
which iH-ove highly iil\'{'rting. "In the 
Gulf of Salerno," U a hand-colored 
subjei I — 

Proper Clothes 


Filling Outside Pulpits. 

iiuestioii of lining outside pul- 

sea to aea. In the composite masses j^j, its on Sunday -next ■raised a brief 

wlxich comprised the.-population of l|-ie ' 

prairies he saw a tremendous mission 
before the churches of the land. In 
the fnlfllment of this religious" dilTer- 
ences should be laid aside. When the 
question of Inurch" Union came up 
for consideration Western Canada of- 
fered .a problem which must be consid- 
ered in connection with it. Sir Wil- 
frid's ambition was to make the people 
Of the -country from sea to sea Can- 
adians one and all.. He believed that 
his visit to the west would help him 
to carry out thi« task. 

Dr. Carman's Reply. 
Presenting the^tttrwiks of the con- 
ference to Sir Wilfrid and his col- 
leagues Dr. < 'arman referred to the 
honor which they nil felt in the visit. 
They hafl been Instructed by the 
speeches delivered ,and strenRthoned 
by the exfjreeslon of unity In ruitlonal 
sentiment. He could tell the mem- 
bers of the government that they 

tniyiht huil±..i&hKasn.. .HJ\A:^i3}lS'MlR^.. 
these were useless unless tno 
religion of the country was laid on a 
strong and immovable foundation. He 
expressed the hdp^ on be-half of the 
conference that- the touring minlstera 
would have. a «uccessful journey: with 



$15, $20 and $25 

atorm. A number of delegates object.^ 
ed to having _to leave the cltj', srattng- 
triat it would b<* ■ Impossible tO- get 
back In time to attend the committeo 
meetings (in Monday, morning. One 
"clerical brother objected tO' the ex- 
pense which a trip to Vancouver or 
New Westminster entailed,. A resolu- 
tion to the effect that the lilllng of 
outside pulplta -should be unbinding 
was voted down and the appointments 
for next* Siinday, which are as follows, 
hold good: Rev. J. A. Long, D.D., at 
-Central Methodist church, Vancou- 
ver, at 11 a. m. and at Grand .View 
church in the same city at 7:30 p, m,, 
In place of the Rev. G. W. Henderson;, 
Ttie Rev. 3. C. -Switzer-, B.A., at St. 
Paul's Presbyterian church Instead of 
the Rev. R. J. GarTmtt. The Rev. J. V. 
Smith, D,B-f-*t St. Andrew's in place 
of the Rev. W; J: Slpprell. D.D. . The 
Rev. George Paine at the Old Men's 
Home at 3 p. m. The Rev^-J. W. .Cor- 
ley at the W. C- T. I), mission at 7:30 
prmr-yhgrReVT A; B apnei ^-Uv-t4w -P^iea*- 
hyterlah~ pulpit at -Gordon Head at 11 
a. m. and 2:30 p. m. ' 

On the report of the Itinerancy com- 
mittee forthcoming today it is under- 
stood that a recbmnieindatlon will be 
made dealing with the ejctension~of-t4je 
time limit for the, sti^y of ministers on 
circuit fro m f ou r y Gt * r^ t o eight years. 
The matter Is likely to provoke a lively 
discussion. The general superintend- 
ency committee Is engaged Iw^iobatlhg 
the question as to |vhether . there 
should bf one auperl)|tendent, as Ut | 
present, or three. Thfl result of thel^ | 
deliberations Will proWably bp known' 
before the end of the /jiresent week. ; 
The conference mtifmbers , yesterday ' 
recelvecrari Invitation from the Beacon 
Hill Bowling club to atte nd and play 
In a match this afternoon at i o'clock. 
"Through a request of Dr. Ebenezer 
Robson' Di-. Carman was, y<?sterdiay 
presented with a gold rnoilnted cane, . 
made of wood which fdrmed pat-t of | 
the first M«tho:*»ts- ehurch 'built .J,n 1 
Vivtoria. In 1S59. This church was I 
demolished & few years ago. The pre- . 
.sentatlon was made on hehaU" of Dr.' I 
Robson^ by :5|T88 Bowes. ' 1 

But few, matters of contrpverslal Ira- 
jjortance have as yet engaged the at- ; 
teritlon of the conferetice but lively ^le- ; 
bates on the questions of the generttl j- 
.■^nperlntendency, church union, exten- | 
.sion to tlrte limit on circuit, super- J 
annuatlon salaries atid the higher criti- 
cism are Ukelv to co^ne within the nVxt 
few days. Uwder the skilful guidance ; 
of the venerable Dr. Carman the pro"- i 
ceedlngs of the conference AFe-4>eingl 
cojiducted in a brisk and business- i 
like manner. • 

Walter (_ ainpbell. the ol d-time light - 
weight boxer of Philadelphia, who is 
now in U^e city, pays the following 
tribute to the memory, of the late Joe 
Sans, having known him irom thu 
time he boxed in the ' old-Aim mnientiil 
theatre In Baltimore: 

"Joe Cans' first contest that brought 
him to the notice of the public was In 
the early part of 1894, when Walter 
Edgerton (better known as the Ken- 
tucky Rosebud), was meeting tUl-com- 
ers at the Monumental theatre. Gans 
n:ore than held his owwr' ^ahd , irom 
that trine on -htB~ rise ~to~promin^nee j 
was rapid. Clfans was a pugilist who 
possessed more quality than any of the 
champions In the last twelve years, 
havShg been clever with both hands, 
a good hitter and with the best of 
judgment. Although colored he and 
the late George Dixon had as many 
white friends as of their own race. 
It will be a long time before ^ye have 
another champion In the lightweight 
class that will In any way compare 
with him." 

During the fiscal year ended Juno 
30th. l,04i,S7O immigrants'* were ad- 
mitted irfto the country, being 289,784 
less than during Xhe preceding year. 

. . ■ ' ,, ' ■ . v • ■ 

WgCag'ffa -t .r ^r i- ^,- !. t ill. ■ I n II j i , , l„ M ..- 


. _„ F. O. B ox 363 

Plione 77 

■ v.^- , : — ^—^ ■■ 

We can nupply Just what you want In' lumber, 
steamed slash, grain fir and the latest In .front 
flush doorfl they are beautiful. 

sasn, and doors, 
doors. Howiard'a 





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FITWELL H:ATS ........... - $:^ 



Ron^ano Thoatro 
At the above! the atTy toda y, and to- 
morrow there will ' be showTTTT vX'fy 
fine Indian jdeture. It te entitled TTTe 
Return wr Ta-\Vji-\Va, arid is a pro- 
duction of th«.i - i.t. Melles Co. After 
graduating froro a college where he 
has learned the ways olf the white 
man. Ta-Wa-Wa- returns to Ijls na- 
tive village, and stops on the way, at 
Vall's ranctti whor o l ie meets Kawlsia, 
hla old time p weft heart. Wliile' he lis 
' there Mr. Vull gets a letter fnnn Cu\. , 
I Leigh, asking, him if he can get an 
I Indian pow-wtnv fixed up for his bene- 
! fit (is he Is lomlng to stay lor a few 
I weeks. Vall asks Ta-Wa-\Va aboi!n 
I it, and he Siiys that he can get thinR.-^ 
; fixed up tor tilni. .He goes to his na 
' tlvc, village ilrcsaed lo a blrinkel, un<i 
! after seeing thiit everything is In 
readiness hp rttiucns to VaiUa ram h 
to iheef Col. Ltlgh ancl .his daughter. 
Th^ colonel' together with his nelt-i 
and Lord Wyndhsiiin arrive. Lonl 
Wyndhain Is a.ttracted by Kawistaand 
Ta-Wa-Wa is iittracted by Rose Leigh 
One day while Ta-VVa-,Wa Is learning 
.Rose to ride she gives W«i her photi> 
graph, which he places In the bosutiri? 
of his shirt. Ka-wlsta sees .thlj ami 
tries to dis pel ' Roise's affections from 
lra-Wa-Wa» but In >aln. W fien " THc ; 
co}ont»l and Rose leave for England, \ 
rpa-Wa-Wa follows them. Kawlsta | 
ronowa Wm IT)' I^hsrWhd ' t«* , 'tvr and j 
stop his affer'ilnns tot Whch ; 

-qJa^xy^i^iXjii^ iirriv-oa — In , JSnglaad hs ' 

tlnds' that ;ilT5£fe and bor* Wyrrdhmrr 

I ha ve jus t been married. This drives 

I him into such a ,rag6 that he loses his 

■ reason and Manders the London' 

j stueets. Up is found by *t ■ polic e ofl'i- 

i cer and taken to - the Jrfll. Kawistn 

arrives and pirads for his release. Sh> 

I takes him ijaok to America to his lia- 

tivc village,' and restores, his reason, 

after which, thoy are happily married. 

other plctnr*!? which will be shown 

are: "The Message of the Sea. l^lson 


After MONDAY, the 22nd inst., the 

price of stock in the 

amated Developmen 

811-813 Government street, opposite. P.O. 

Victoria, B.C. 



drama; Betty a. s^n - n B i l THhd Ulrl.Vnm- '• 
edy screffm; Mawk,lng, a fine educa- 
tional film; and liegally Oead, Pow- 
ers dr>ima. ..The Wtvshlngton quar- 
tftte will bo heard In the Stein Sojif,', 
which Is a rpnslng numbef, This is 
the Inst Chancre that the people oC 
"^Tcfnrla will have of hearln^i thl.s 
(luiirtette sIng. «s they Iftavc^on .Sun 
light to_t»,tk,e o\pr nn ongagemeni 
' i-otna'. Wash. Ami they will li 
il to sfng any number whlfli 
>■ lav.e suni^i in fhls th'-atre If an\ 

III tite -tmt r nns -would like to heap_i' 
over .(igHln. ,Th«- Romano ofchest.r • 
' i' 'id heiird ' in snnio ..f the late.'^i 
;;.iii«:. ThiK (TrrlK'ii rri lisis hpon 
; dvinti •■; - ■' ■ ' ' " '■■ > - . 


Majestic' Theatre 

-Thf Kii: npnny of ;i ■ 

number ni vvere recentl 

torla enacling several romance.-) with 
local colorinit, can be seen today ai'ul 

Will be RAISED to the following figures , 

General Investors . - - $2.00 per share 

Investors holding Interna-, 
tional or Northern Oil 
Certificates of Ex- 
change can, purchase 
up to HALF the num- ' ~ . 

ber of shares they hold 

■ "'/•' ,1 

.in these companies . 


$1.00 per share 

1 . M -, 

As the-stock-gfj -th e Ajhalgainated- Dev-elopment^Co^-^y^IU 
shortly be, withdrawn frorn the marketTwe^ give the pre$eht" 
stockholders this oppoftunity of incneasing their holdings at 


-— APPLY T[0 

■':/\.:\— -- V, TELEPHONE 4327 ^_ ; ^ 

SiTHastiiigs St., Westr— Vancouvcr-^, B, C. 

Canadian American Realty Co. 
1204 Douglas Street . Local Acfc^nts 



I' ' 


■ / 




Friday, August 19, 1910 



^-♦-♦-♦-♦-♦-* ♦ ♦-♦-•-♦-♦-♦-♦-♦■-♦- 




Langford Street— 7-room Cottaf:,^(.' and one lot, Co x 130. 

rricc,.$2,500. Easy, ..terms given 
Victoria Gardens- One la-rgc iot, ninnini; frnin llic mad tO" 

llu- -wat*'!'. S)/e i^ 5.S X J\J. J'l'lco $3,006, i>ii any ira- 

snnalWi- trnii-.. 
S.W. Cornxr, Stanley and Grant Streets — 7 ni'^ni nuxUrn 

1 )\s clliiii; and ri mmut li u , sdMU- !'■ 'Uiidai iniv I'riri.', $2,600 

Si ,000 ca.sli, halaiice t and J years 
Albany Street- — ^-riHini M«iu->v, with 'ar'_;e reccpi ji iii liall. 

With tin- !ii'n-e, a •|narlej aere nl' LMonnd, CDinnianding, 

nice view. I'net'. $3,200. ."^'woo c;'..^!), halaiue ai 7 ]iei' 


Cc'.i.ii llii; Roa.d — 7 I' I roiis^^Sri'd onc^T^^^^ f'liee $2,650 

, .:7(i5') ea>li, I ^ii.ilH■(♦:-^JS jici' iimntli 

Cambridge Street— One lot, 62^4 x 104, fenced witli pnst 
and rails. S450 cash will handle this. Price, $1,050. 

Montreal Street — ( )ne Int, l)et\Veen Ontario and .Michii^an. 
51; x' I _'(). I'riee $1,200. 

Farm at Metchosin, B. C, oj So acreN, imdndin- a nine ioi>ni 
d\\ rlliiif.^. 50 aere- oi this is eXeel'rni -.m1, whih/ halanee i 
is i.;ood pastui'e. I ^^ .'UTi.'S under eullnalion i )nly -1 5 ' 
iviinutes froni scho. 1. c hnreh and I'. ( )., am! Inn tive inilcs 
from C'ohvodd -tation,- I'riee, on terms, $8,000. 

10 Acres at Gordon Head, with .] ro..m dwellin'..;. This is 
A I trnit land, and old V 't mih- tr.'in X'.'t'oia, i*ricc, 011 
lenns $4,200 

One Lot, 50 x uj On Roheriso,, o,,,, t. I'onl I'.av. eio.e tr. j ^g^ ^^.^^^ ^^ Sooke, lu be sold at' $10 per acre. Te 

ear Imo and beach. I'riee $6oo: .-> 1 00 .-.idi, baianei- ^jd * ^^^-^^ rmieha-ri. • ' " 

nils lu 


2 Lots off Oak Bay Avenue-- \\ ibiMf ri.nce. Lots arc hii^h 

,ii;d dr\ . and ■ ii!\ 130 yards from ( )ak llay .\\-einic. $750 
each. Hail cash. ■ - ' 

160 Acres at Fulford Harbor, 5 mde-^ loMn Si-jney. |)artly 
cidii\ated, with ;i loj;- hon-^e on property. I'lice. on 
terms ....-.»,,.... .$1,600 

rt-TTVr^ Tr\/7Tr^ /^F=::^ 















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Nice Home, Read 

POWDERLY AVENUE, ie,o f.-el iioiuagc by l30-feet deep, and ro!t,iL;e conluin- 
iii-j; p,ii!o:. dmne.' 10, .m. !•, !!■ l.^'n, ! \'o ■ l^o rooms,, bath, pantry, toilet, in iaii. aU modern 

CI 1 !i \"c I ! !rnt <■-.^c .garden ,.\ ilm.-ty irnil: lree», in_,|Bil: ■jbearillg, numeruH^ -^-'-'»»liiubs, llow-^r?, etc. 
Cement sidewalivrn 7 ■ , ■■; '''. • ■ - ^ 

Price $2,625 

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Fort Street 


on t,i^\ terms, will buyL 
a full si^ed lot jclose in 
and near a ^rner that 
was sold last week. 

'This . property is at 
preseirr~pf0diicing $40 
per month rent. 

Fort S^t. Corner, .$15,000 

This corner lot is of 
full size, 60 X 120 feet, 
and can be purchased on 
any reasonable .terrtts. 

' The property is pro- 
ducing- a rental of $55 
per month, and as. "a 
^business site it is an- 
excelled. , 

_ $5,000 House Snap 

Thia property is situated on one of the nlceat streets in the city* 
Cement walks, curbs, boulevards, trees, sewers, gas,' light, phone, etc. 

The house Itself is especially \well built, the foundation alone hav- 
Ingr eosi considerably over $600. The rooms are very larRO arid especi- 
ally well laid out. front and back staircases, sliding doors, dumb wait- 
ers from basement to upstairs; furnaces and everything modern. Fine 
lawn and largo lot >4 block from cars, and within 15 minutes walk 
of city hall. Very reasonable tetms. 

Fairfield Estate Cottage 


This perfect snap (we do nc(t hesitate to use that term either) Is 
situated on-the rnlle circle,. % block from car, one' block from Beacon 
Hill park, and Is not more thana,.12-mlnutfes walk from the office. 

The cottage Itself lalne'w, o'f 5 rooms, Hhe ofcliafdt ' burtapp<?d arid 
panelled walls. In hall and dining ,'room, 7buUt-ln sldejxiarda. "tull 
Btzed basement, stairway* built In so that two or more rooms can bo 
added if .desired. Smaller houses In this district, are priced at $3,750.' 
. This positive snap can be purchased onTeSsy terms for $3,20B'for a 
short time only. ' 

Cowan Avenue, „corncr_-^^ 

. lot $500 

-Ttiis lot is only one 

block from Oak Bay 
Avenue car line. Size 
62 X I02' feet. This cor- 
ner is of perfectly flat, , 
smooth rock o'ver nearly 
the whole of its surface, 
but '^ it would require 
very little soil to work it 
into a beautifyl home 

- Can be purchased on 
any reasonable terms for 
$500., . . 

"Cbwichan, lot .... $250 

This .lot 1« aliiioHt of full 

el'^o and la covered with 

«niaU r trees.. JWb»qai»t!ely .no 

• rock and. only' two blocks' 

from Oak Bay A^>eBusp ^.:^ 

This Is a good Investment 
for the buyer of sm«ll pro- 
perties. Very easy term.s at 
»250. . 


614 FORT ST. 

<« ■ 

< > 

4 . 

♦ • t 

.- ■-/ 

at 1 his I 



BUILDINtiS, containinj^ gas, electric light, bath, hot and cold 
vvatef. Lot is 6ox 120. For terms and particulars apply to 

,/ . [ ■ ! ' . 


-EJXBox 307 


Phone 664 

Head Offices 



HAM & CO. Jordan River. 


!>■♦'♦'♦♦■»■ , ♦ ♦ '♦ f ' 

> ♦^"♦-^ ♦♦♦♦» •••*-* 

mmm mi 

/ Mr. Joseph M arin, M.r>J . S." 

;) Harvey," T. F. Paterson and 

' W, Innis ••Paterson Purcliase 

Milt and Pulp Concessions 

A syndicate cort8l8tlnT5-of Mr. Joseph 
Martin, K. C. J. S. Harvey. T. V. 
Paters.jn, jiptl T5?",' Innls .Paterson 
hiive purchased all the assets of the 
British, Canadian Wood Piilp and 
I'apcr compatiy. The price Is not- 
mentioned but the statement 1» fur- 
nished that It "Is at a price which, 
will allow the 8hareho1fJer« a large 
iMTi<Mii;ig« of., the money put • Into 
• • i!i;m,\' toK''i)i*-r witli the prlv.- 

i.ikiMi< .«tiicl< In the new cor7-, 
I".' i>!' iKmied at' par. ■ •. ' ' 

■! • ••'irjioHfa falling, ahead 
'!■ millrf at: 
iidy coni- 
tVic coni.- 
. prupasitiou. 
"iM • n iru Its succe.sw; ' 
lti"!'i.iiii ill till' aasetft acquired hy 
•. .a^aiaicaie'aTP-thr-pptKi-xQir^ 

i ,ii)f llii> Qufit^in^ ■■■ 

i'ulp ' ■',' 'ni'' 
Hrinu'wliut iii\'i! 
(.r Ihr "!-i-in,)l :-.■:.■ 

\S I'-i- '^ lnii' il I'Vl'I' 

I ■ -, . W-^mI'Vu! 
:tii-h iirMcfi 
' - -'.iiili Hi.- ■ - , . 
■ iiil ii")' '^uri !•• 

. I ■.,-■ • ; . II .r,, I, ,-| , :.- ■ ■ .■- 


cally, capital by . stock subscriptions 
and" haye been endeavoring to float 
bonds or to dispose of the property 
on the best possible terms. Many 
deals have from time to time , been 
pending but the fact that always 
there was' more or less uricertalnty 
as to tfie tenure of the- Quatslno con- 
cessions militated against the con- 
summation of the sale. This was put 
through on Monday last. , 

Mr.-W. Innls Paterson haa-J)pftri re-r 
sponsible for the succesfl of thlsi. 



When Drought to Mr. Martin's atten- 
tion that gentleman with the decision 
characterfstlc -of, him at once took 
hold and the sale was concluded In 
short order. 



r>(nv>'r find 

i.U'j liuiU'_r 

At the Xing Sdward — 

K. ('. Tnkida, Serittie; P.' Carter. Port 
Townsefjd; W. .1. -Castley, Miss O. Van 
Norman, puncarm; 15. J, Biennett, Mrs^v 
Bennett. Phoenix, Ariz.; T. H. Kerrner, 
Mrs. R. 1), Falllngf H, H. .Jones. Port- 
land; Wm. Oldley. DuncHns^—A — IX-Mac- 
Donald, Calgary; II. B. linWKIns, Kan- 
sas City; C." H. Shaw; Ml.<» sHhaw, Den- 
ver; E. Stouffer. Ij. Kennecke, St. Cen- 
tf r, Aif-k.; M,rs. -1. Murphy, Seattle; Miss 
Murphy. Seattle; Doc J. C. McCllntock. 
Topika; Dr. A. L. Chuleis. &. Colon, Mln- 
n.npoHs; t>. C. Mlttln, Tekanlah, Neb.; 
I' .VI. UotI). Mrs; IX M. FlOth, Cassel- 
toii, Mo.; MiM. A. S. Goodman, Michigan; 
A. C. Dfiptich. Vancottver; .1. H, Chap- 
-mtTO'7-MT«r--ChftpHrnn?f"=-K»»sar8--e«-yT- -I^at- -■ 
Ba7net, Keaitle; William Praser; Grand 
Forks; M: -C. Dre.w, Vancoiiver; Dr., 

mt'i't; , 

.\, (". 

n. WriKlii. iteotrfw, 
Kdliln.sdn, liivorpool; 
.Smith, 'K. C. Draknm, 

AVni. Stewart. H. 

H. ]•'. AIIe«ter, 

iiarr, MIhh liarr, 

Ont.: H. Marshall 

.T. H. Kmlth, It. 

Vancoover; Bjn-®. 

* ^' Forty Feet on Fort St., near 

Quadra. IVice $8,400 



BE f 9,000 

. Fort. Street property is advancinj? 'rapidly. See ns Imla} 

,1 _ ' ■ 

'Fnit Street 

Go X uo, near corner o^Quadra and Fort. Price for a few days ^ 


Terms: One-third hash, balance i and 2 years equal pay- ',[ 

,ment.s,.7 per cent interest. 


'»♦♦»'#♦»«» ♦:»-»^ ^*-¥'-*- »-»«♦»»-»-♦'• »♦♦'♦ ' ♦♦♦♦ ' ♦♦ ♦'»♦ » ■»'♦' , » »»»■♦» , ♦» ^ » , * . <»'♦♦ ♦» ♦' »' » * ♦ ♦♦■♦■♦'♦■4 » »»• » »♦»»» 
' y "-"— ■'-'— ■• — ;, Y , nrrr;n i "r i -y7*'"' — ..— ^t>- «■>.->-■-,,. — - - - , „. - -,.--- — . . : .. . ' ■ ■ , » , —y— p.-,— ,, • ■,..,. .,1 ■■'■■ _ _ • _ - r~ -, J..J .. ' j r ~. ""! '. . ..^ 2 — — -r- ........•■'.■ - 



Klllfirney; C, R. IJlderton. J. 

At the Bmnswlck — 

Imur, Goo. ■^f' iSsley, "'TTew Ml8H"T^-vhu\V'\VeHimi;wtrr''.Iunctfoii; 

J.; n<)(hw«<ll. .Vew Wcfltmln.Mter.' 
At tho Dominion^ — 




\ ..(■ -the 

:lli.l'l:-' i 


, Papc-r Coin 
mill ciipabl 
of finished 
fifteen ton 


o 'A' i 





son, SK'WHit; .T. DouKh- 

irllnKtop;' TlvimaH Mc- 

.SlauKliloo., M. 1). 

Mtm. iviiiilngfrfn, 

< 1. r'(?nnlnKt.on, 

I". %Vivnri^i7-Tster- 

:' yv. 


Albf>rt .Sel 

York; E. Mace. Kate Mace, AHc« Mace 
Denver, Colo.1'8. A. Caw ley, Chilliwack; 
Tiev; Q. A,, .Bel land Wife, Brockvlllf, 
Oht.;< J. O. .Bmstn and son, l^akotlfi*!, 
Ont.; ArJfrT^Jton and .wife, purllngton, 
^nfcr H . - P ; gfaandler and wife,, Miss 
Klieri Chandler, Miss B. B. )Valker..B08- 
t(in, Mass.; C. W. Sohuler. Slan Fran- 
<2)hco; MIhs K Shields, Sacranrtento; Miss 
ilT 11. Cownlute, Miss C. C. Schuler, 
Miss I.,. .Sohulrr, Stockton. Cah; Il'ohart 
r!i;^war(, (iiielph,- Ont.; Hev. A. C. Eddy^ 
.liirvls, Orit. ; A, Davis, Toronto; J. G. 
Hrown, Vancouver; Mrs. V. Bayne, 'To- 
lrtfir..'.'K. ~C. VU)Ui, lllRh Klver; A. T. 
wiff'; Kl?ur=tfin, Onf.; Miss 

''hown- ,Hi\il 

<!■ Ml' 


It. $V'.«/ 


.1. I 

U. .\ 
l(:ti !■• r 

At, Mil 


'I'mI nlil.l 


. i!i;iinl f' 
iu.Mll,,- , . 

nXake minor udUitu'i.if- vuuii^y 
enable them to turn out a Krnntei 
ric-jy of grades of paper. Tho ".frec- 
u>vii bad realized, for, some time that 
;is thinKs are In the mono>TTnnrket"tt 
u,ii.s u.scle!iis to, liUempt to raise lo- 

M Ml I 



a. Mr win;.. - •■> 

Mi:iinl, 'I'lrripiiri.'y, liiln- 
'^ \''^K"'' meoiiver; Job ;- 
!o ami c^iilii, Han I-^ynficlscn 
illams and mother, Toronto > 

i »j>h.'ird, Daw.i3oni Mr, NoVld, wife nnd 
clilld, Kenton, Wash.; D. IJ. McKenssle 
and son, Ilonton; F. Bovard and wlfo; 
-Sw-n .Franrlsm; :r. K. JUejnrrrit"7r:^mr"r!il- 
Kfi'' I! ! 'IS, Seatii V, 

S'lttiiuok, M. i,i)tv 

.liunes Barde and' 1 
J. H. MicCorkey, .SliawulMttii 
Grf'.enwood, Kenorn: It. A. 
wife, A. McPherfimi \ii 
M7Viilf'y, Vancoiiv,ei i' \> r 
I'M: r^?ed Wel ■• \\ .'"■;; 

Lako; A 

; t;i W: 

Colclwnll, Ko.>«,lyii; J, EvanK, Lyd Gas- 
kUI, Ijondon, Kukv; ^J. Cnnolnsham and 
wife, A'. Yoiiiip, J, C. HollfinM, Montreal: 
Tj-T, Brook; .S|iiikiiiie; R. O. UoncanH and 
wife. Miss lluncniva. Miss Ilos'.eln, Lon^ 
don, Ont,; A. H. Mcnzles. T'endor Uland. 

At tllilMUaoral-- ,. ' ' ^ 

IVml Falrweuther, Kinra, Ont.; P.. A. 
Bodk,ln. Cb%Ylt!hnn; A. \j<^kk h W illis and 
family, V'nncouyeri ., W.. "fe\ Lovelii'ni 
Saanlch; Mls« I lay ea, San Krnn(!lsco; T.- 
M. Maftln, 'I'oronto;. Mrw. HnRan, Se- 
attle;,.!. Criichlfy, Sidney; Mrs. A. G. 
Miss Weston, Van- 
III, 'it, "Ganges; H. f^le- 
V or Ketne, Co%v- 
Wlnnlfie^f: Mrs. 
'. 11. M. Manning, 
Mnckl n i W)n ; — P«m-^ 
i rtha Marsh, MlHH 
.-.::iinnzoo, ■I.TU'li.: V. 

\Vlm>lnr<ff: ,\i .. , ^. ,1. 

' arv, Na- 


Koenik'^fi t ti.nv-iilffaji I..-1K0 — 
(unl iMi' ■ ■, iiiniMoii, , Will. 

.1. Mrs. .1. Al.llot,), VIctgrtii; II W. 
i.iinrlon, wlfo Hnd children, VancoiM . v .1. 

Mr«.^Pri«o, Vlitori.i; 111 ■ ■: ; ■ , 1 

land; Mrs. .\ H, 
frittH- HUM'iandi V .l ctt>w fe;, , ;JMr-': i, , .. ^ L. 

Burns, A. Schroeder. 
.Si-hroedor. Tlielma 

Wm7' "SrttTrrrrrTtnr," -Vtrrtnrfai* AHss— 3*;-^3k>I 1 , -'Co- 


Bownass Building, Broad St. 


6 Roomed House,, Toronto Street, 

2 Houses io Spring Ridge, I'l.r ii.itti ... 

.'...$3,^0 I 
....$1600 ♦ 

New 7 Roomed House, olT Foul Hay Uoad, Onli Bay, rent $22 

Suites of 3 Office Rooms, In rtov.rniiu^nt Street. va<;,(nt Sept. t?t. 

Ilent per siiiir' • 

si>\ii: (;- il iMioPEnxy at oajiboro bay 



Real Estate, Financialand insurance Agent. 1007 Gov. St. 


Sneollng. htewurt 
cdiivef: ,"\V.' 'M .M 

m. ii.'i. \V. 
I<'ii:ni. S 

Wlim.y 1: 

^•onto; Kobt. Borpiiow and wife, Van- 
couver; a; MburlUeand wife. Carl Jones, 
Ed Norrthoff, Seattle: K. M."Wai:e,, Lon- 
don, KnK.: Thi>s. Taylor; Victoria ; M. 
Manson, Cortez Islandi IJ, Palmer. y<c- 
toiia,; W. A. McFadden, Toronto; .1, 
MaoQijIlhyi,, Mrs. .MacCJulUarr. ailss Alae- 
Uui'llan, Vancouypr; . Mr. and "Mrs.' A- 
Onions, Vlctorik; Mr.- and Mrs. V) jlL 
(Jodfrey, VJarieouver: Ijioe Simmons, 
Brown, Victoria; Mrs. • A. Mac- 
Ijonald, Miss It. MiicIWnald, Vancdu- 
ver; B. T. Ijomphis, EthoJ. !•«. Wheeler, 
Vletorta; Mrs. A, , McAllister, M. K; 
Brown, Mrs. BantlS, Mr»> Goddard, 
Denys Ooddard., Vancouver; K J"'. 
Hedges, M. M. Hedges, Victoria} V. E. 
Humber, Victoria; Mrs'. .1. «. Reekie, 
J-'lorence M. Ueokle, Va ncQiiyac; • MJ*h 
Axnos If.- Woof en, Mrs, A. A'. Davla. 
Victoria; Mr. and Mrs. Ia HInUly, fcie- 
(illie; Wi.'W.n.-ila.yji.Jje f^upiir, Vietoria : 
Mi'H.'''. , VaiiCMilvi''r; ■ Mr 
'A. "l.lnil.yay,' Virlorlii; Mi, 
N'iriiit'lii; lO'dward'li.un ,i:;il \vU>, 
.•-:. HI I.>; 1*. 'U. Scurrah. Viiiu-'i\i\ ,t- Mr, 

"♦» ' ♦' ♦ " ♦.♦■♦-♦-»-»^» 

^.♦-♦.♦"^-♦.♦'■»-»V» ♦ ,» ♦ ■ ♦ •». ♦ »., > - » -. t ., * -»j t ->JtJ > - Ms.- 

♦ f 

Linden Av. J il ^ Gorge Water 

Two ,.]Lo.t.S::.^^!l>- Oscar;;;; ^ T TO lit 

- Street. Price, <.n icrm.s, .-."• ;; • , , ' . 

$1,500 ''' I A LOVELY Mew ^IX ROOM 

This is an excellent buy.:.J,^;j^^^-^;^^^^ ^^^ b«sen..n. 

■ .. 'I and all modern conveniences'. 

, -. ■; ■• ■ ▼ tn-tUito. Biillt In nldflHui rd 

Fleming & 'Dowsweii ; SLv'-rr;ir;;.' 

«. ? loi aon7 T ▼ nlflecnt scen<"\-. 1. 

634 View St. 'Phone 2307 I * .. 


♦ }.>f, u\- t-<>rnis!. 

Tlion, Dunn, Vli ' 
■ , .Mr.' a lid Mrs. 
wis. Mr.Sv ' X. Lewi,- 

Iftorin; C 


1 )M 


Cdmo.x.Vnncotiver is'and ; • 

ONLY »€<)00 

Wescott & Letts 



4 • • ,^ * ♦ 

# « #.♦♦**•■ 

.1, 1. 

Uscoe, -Real 1 

.., ,..., ■ 'r,7, ,.^ . I T^fr'8 Y-Z ( WT«e Ttead) T>I»fnfec1sm 

♦ F- I fiw(icr._du8ted in the bath, softer,* 
**« water aad*ismfevti» Jf 

>,***«*«**«••«*«• »-♦- 

' SLi 

'"'."' ^'•MWW^'W'i'^'''*!**''*''''-*'''^' 

■»::«<»* "Ja* 



■ ■'iir.^-;):^'iTt:'!^'!!Sfi»^^^M''''^^>'^^^ ' 

Friday, Augu«* 19. 1»10 






♦»« , ♦»»*>««•♦ 

♦♦♦-♦♦•• ♦ ♦■♦♦ 

«..»-».».»»«>♦■♦ «~*^-»* ♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦•♦♦•♦•-••-■' 

Victoria Arm 

Sevpn-rnomcd mo<lcrM tw'i storey -^hinj^lcil dwcll'mpj 
comparativclv new. iH'wly j^radctl crnifiil sidewajkl. 
Rooms, include : \ Cstiburc (.doak ntcin, hall, dniwin,!:,^- 
room, den, dinin£:rV""'m, kitrhcn. p.mtix- and scnllrry 
doAvn stairs. 'I'lirtc licdn'f)ni- \^ull tImiIu'-. ch'-ct.-, Iiath- 
room, toilet and Imcn r^unn u\> •^taii-. li..u-r w a-; wi.dl 
built for owner and heated -.vith hot an. lar-'v -lu-n graie 
in drawing room. .sta)uc foundalion^jai l;'' l.arnient wi'.Ii 
stationary wash tubs, house well \ciiiilalcd and 'first- 
class plumbing ihrougliont. 

Olio Block from Car Une 

L^ 1. .^1 -g— 


. 30 


1 890 

♦ ♦ 

♦ ♦ 

♦ ♦ 

♦ ♦ 

: : 

♦ t 

♦ * 

♦ * 

♦ * 

♦ ♦ 

♦ ♦ 

♦ ♦ 

♦ * 

♦ ♦ 

♦ ♦ 

♦ ♦ 

♦ ♦ 

♦ ♦ 

♦ ♦ 

♦ ♦ 

♦ ♦ 

♦ ♦ 

♦ ♦ 
.♦ ♦ 


♦ ♦ 

♦ ♦ 

Fort Street 

Valuable Incorrte Bearing Property 

\' ■ " , . ■ 

\\ c Ii;ivc f(.r^:iK \\\c Property sit ti.itcd on the corner of ]'"'t X' 

-Hiul .\h';i!- Sircfts, liaviiiLi a fronla;.;^ of 60 I'ee.t, on-fFort ^TiaTt . ami riiir\iin,G: 

'TriTou--li to Mcars sircet. JJiirinj:;- the past twd weeks more proj)crt\- oil 

l-'oi't -^trroi has been S(.)l(l than in any othrr part of .the city, h'ort street is 

at ])rc-rnt, and always \\ill~he,'.thc main thoroughfare leadini;' t'i-orn the hc.'>t 

rcM(kntiai part of the town. As soon SI'S theproposed_imi)royements as to 

w iiknin- anrl lighting are finished, the— street will quickly .4occome one of the 
main retail streets dl Victoria. — . :__ ■ ' :. 




■ ♦ 



Apply to 


» -»■ *> -♦- »'> U LtJ., * *'•*» • ♦ ■ >* • »•>♦ >' » » »»i »i -» i«i »ib ,» * . * »■ » ♦ ♦ » ♦ »-»■ ♦-•-» •*-♦-< •» 

I t m r T ' ' ' -^ ' • * * *■* * 

Home Close In for Man 

And Beast 

Tjve-roomcd house and good barn (8 horses), also buggy Shed. Lot 50 x 160. Price -$38^3. 

One-third cash. ■ ■; ' - ' 

■ A first pa>Tnent of $500 will handle— , , 

3 Lots 38 X 14S, on Grant Street. Price $1650, or ' ", , ' ^. 

4 Lots 40 X 170, on Sheftourne Street. Price $1200. . - 

Two Nice Lots On Which 
To Build Are: 

r Lot 6z -x. 140, on Chamberlain Street. Price $750. Terms. 
I Lot 60 X 140, on Cowafl Street. Price $650. Terms. 


1206 Government Street Victoria 

• - 



«* • ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ■*'* ♦ ♦ -♦-♦-♦-♦-• 


♦ ♦ 
t X 

I X 



Modern 1 1-2 Storey House 

With full basement. Princess Avenue, near City Park.. For quick sale,;only $2,950. Terms., 

♦ ♦ 



\ I 

Fire ! i '^pecialtv. 



Fire jnsuranc?' a Specialty. 

P. O.iox 11,7 • 

IJ05 Broad, Street, Next tp' Colonist Office 

Telephone 65 





We have some goof) .'jcrcisfe in 

"""'"! : Abaftin^ or Lake 



. ,."Phpnc 1518 

« J tjinall. hUn.;Ka.. for Bu!e 

.t i Wood, on very eHsy-ter-w*i*s>- 

♦ I" Several bloi-ks <■' land '^n and • ♦ X ~" ~~~~~'.' " '• ■ ] 

X I '»«ar iheiiONV .MtU Bay roaU. !"♦ ''"• acre's of i5rV»oT'land. 250 tt\.i\\. < 



near iheiiONV .Mtll Bay rtiatl. 

Also sevpra I bu^lneas proper^ 
itks tH the l,u- :t t>f Victuria. 

Cor. Broughton and La'ngley Streets 

»♦«♦ >♦♦» ♦♦♦♦«»♦ » ♦♦»» ♦ » ♦ ♦ 




4 I ire?3 bearing.) Close to »tcam- ' 
~f ♦"boat landlrvg. JSimall house, barn ,] 
?'■ f <it)<l stables.. An Ideal spot. 


♦ ♦ 

: /Jl 

'i» »««»»*••» 

i*» « « ♦ 


Near Fort Street 





rititt* Acoata. srorka. lu&uranit. * « T ^ 

4 St»' ♦ ♦ Iiupfi'M t'a; K CliRmhcrs." I ♦ 

T.V..L t- .,ll'.' i '>. lirinvT v^i t ♦ (-.04 Yatea StrMt' ♦ I 

Coo.m 10. Btaiiou aisrck. Victoria. J • 

^-^..^-^^^ ♦♦♦.♦<•♦ ^** » » • ♦ »♦♦♦"»♦♦ ♦-♦-♦^ 

• ♦ II \ f • t. ♦ 

water front of cxcellont Bftnclv ^ 
.bpBtrh ; prjee p.T •ncre'; ..... ...MSf 

JUot, Mentles St.. near Slni- 

!.Kaiaij-a.:^_J?C- per month aru] i.nt«^n':-t ^ , ^- ^ 

,.$1,000 I I 

BUSINESS PROPERTY., I. m^/^whID .ukI/A Streetrs; $36,000 * 

;t««>itt t * t-tt ii «ttittT*--'''^ **** ****** * ' ********** t ■♦♦*•*•»«•>*»***• »o »»•♦» •♦♦ 

"' 1 * ,,, .., * • » ♦ ♦ ♦■»■»♦» » ♦ » ♦ » ».»-»,♦■♦.♦♦ ♦»<>■» ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ o ♦ » 

T T 431 aires, nenr < l.i,\or(uot. -wHIi 



LaTK,- .it.. GOxJ to. t * 

ileai- Kovornni' nt bilge, .. .83100 If 

B'w Ihpj.M lo t. 00x120, ,Es<iiil'Tiall I j 

roBtl. Jif^tween Rock Bb.v and X- X 

Points Ellis bridges, price. .81C00 ♦ I 

t 3^' FIVE-ROOM MODERN HOUSE r.iid k ■I'd h,; "u S..ui!i|T\irn<^r ;fet»;cet. I. ^ 

f f . .!.!.iitf:.» wj^k f::bfn the pi.-?t (..mcc. ,Prb f. ..,.".. .| i. , .$3,500 -T ♦ 

* ,; . uts for fl'3 per lnoiU:u--vs4U- atTepjl 'bit aS' t\r|t. i.ay.impnt " on i :^ 

\ 1 .'u I'J 

•• Very (iesirablc modern Housc,^on lot 55 x 150 to_a lane in rc^r. 


<" Ow;»cr will accept low jyrice for this Avcck only. 
;:' listing— astc to sec this property. 

♦ ♦ 

♦ ♦ 

E. W HI T E 

604 Brougluqn Street. 


> '♦ <>■♦♦ -♦-♦-♦ ♦-♦ *-«-«.^« 


♦ ♦ 

♦ ♦ 

: X 

♦ ♦ 

♦■ ■ ♦ 

LOT— McPHERSON AVENUE, close to a 

BUSINESS PROPERTY/ 1 uidii. lui— u c/t, opp Ki 


'o.^s hotel. .$22,500 



, * 4 feOxl.'O Buslrn'SB <;orner, . .gi2.C00 < ^ 

♦ 4 COxU'O Revetiu.1 producing, la.OOC < * 

(iOxU'» N,»Hr Blhnchard 8t. . 30,000 ♦ 

SIX- ROOM MODFRN /house, on DAVIE STR BET. new and mod- ♦ ♦ 

.i-n. 1' ,allca8l/paym,ent bal. b/- th-- u.^'um I^'^^° X, 1 

Oak bay— i:..«e tp OaU Fay H.a,ch,yiie xwcllos/resUlfntlal portion tn ♦ t 

til.. ■;;. I.nts on e^isy torms v fihiri ono blocW of the Oak Bay car ♦ ^ 

■ :,n. :..:■.■:., Hay hotel, I'l i . . t /.n - V ." t-^'l.ttO". Easy tc.rros. ^ ♦ | 

JRlQidARD^QN, STREET—Bcautni Ifvl Msljn th«- Douglas estate; t ♦ 

jnst h*-l.j>v Oovernment i:oufte. /Thf»i' Wtnt hre' M^siirpassed-as .a 

.et-iib.iUmi a»:tHe' fash l.mahifA portion ./ the /cit\^ Is grrbwlng 

" thi'.ni. We fet'l fonhdo/it tli^v will' be .worth si.500 earh In 

Prik-e *650, on easv i.thu- s.wer» past t^f lots. 




No. 1075 — Lot on ^iQ^ntrosc 
;>iroct. Hij:;;h, sightly, faciiijL: 
city. Tcrrns 

No. ■iO(>2— Lot near Hillside. 
south exposure, level. j:;;(Kiil 

Xw. tjjj- — l^'ine Comer, near llill-' 

lc\cl. 'i'crni> . . 


>^'^'- yS*^)-^-^ Sigiitly I'air, o'n cor- ^ 
- r.cF ^lontr-ose ami l)lae-k\\ ood, t\ I | I if I 
facing the city , . ^t' -*- ? > ^^^ 

.\'(). lUV;— .\ 1'air miv 'h'aliaiuo 

.Street, Icvri. '^r,r,i\ s'lil and 

terms .'. . ; 

X<.i. n.>i)7 — .\ [)<->ti4Tlc (Torncr <.>n 

Cira-liamc. near 1 iil!-;iflf, 'a 

-teiii'!^ .... r.~777 

.\''. i!.^^4--.\ 1-iiio. Pair <>n a coi 

iier .-one lil''ck i'r')iiv lliM^ide.. 

$1 ,350 

- $1,450 











RIC.M.TY .\.\lVTlMIiER ' 

(iOxiao '.Nearer Blanclvard. . 31,030 * 


.\ liufl vMnf corner bit in a fine"' 

J Heisterman For man Co, i ; 

^' Uicullon. can't bo bpat... ...'. $36C * 

Easy terni.s on all these. 4 * 

HOLLYWOOD ADDITION— Car rans punt the door, leyel grassy clear- 
ed lot;, wltliincuio block of the Koul R:*y beach ;the/e nre the cheap- 
est'buya In t'h^i-.ity 'ii.; i---' •■ > '• ' 'I"''''. 

.<."iii c:i:tiy and the balance 

♦ Room 11, Mahon Block. 

Insurance — Fire, Life and Accident 





♦-♦ ♦-»,♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦ ♦ ♦♦ ♦ ♦♦■♦-♦♦-♦-♦.♦ >♦♦"< 

^ 1207 Government St. 

Phon« 55 


4 ' 

-»-»-»-o-»»^» ft >»«»«»♦»»• ♦ ♦»»>♦♦ »»*«» ^ 

^ . t*V 

. A. GJLSON . i 

mo* iiWfc _^^ P, O. BOX 45S. ♦ * .^, „„„ 

aeai r ctrtte ^A^i^t. !__, k__-Phone 1 800 


704 VATES ST. 


McPiiersoii & Fuller Ion Bros, 

618. Trounce jAyeo ♦ j 


Choice Property near||TOO LATE? 
,; Duncan for Sale 


I'oinprlalng -7 '/a acres ( 2.'H tlparpd anil ali.oiit, 1 Ti imilcrdriilned.) Ex- 
rpllont T-rnonT'd hous<^. with tno^iorn <;nn\fiiieiic(?p. (ireonhoi.i»e, barns. 

stables 1 ' -•■«.- Hay 'barn ( with 1 arrlcr, holdn 35 tons.) Orchard 

and sniaii ■ CJofid well anil livliiK !?prlng. .siiffldcnt Cor nil pwr* 
poaea q.f IrrlgaUon. AH bind well fenced, irrlce $11,000 

A. W. .lOiNES, lamited 

«♦»♦-♦ ♦♦-» * ♦ ♦-♦-•♦■♦-< 

• ♦ « ♦ * • ♦ « ♦♦^♦■♦-♦♦* ♦ •♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*•» 


• «*«4-«'*«' 

Beautiftil Site 

■C'ln^' liai-l 

• \\ (■■rli l-'i !'■ 

Ill' ill'" "lll,l,'ll 

.'m,! l^Mkl.iiii 

t Ve«l you viiw be, too rate fcr tl.^, 
foljlpwlng mopey niakers unlesjj 
you hurry. Thei^e t,lireo ,bu.V8 
ai'o, v*i'y cheap without car Une. 
BUI thifik of the big advance 
wh^n the cars %ve running. 
iro, l« iuBmchtoa— 56 attrws, ;b»a 
' mile frohi Haanlchtott, hotel. 
I 'tnaln rbad runs throiigli, prjce 
$20d per acre, ono-thh'd cash, 
liiiliinci- arranged; 
Wo. 3, Siflney-^r, nhd in «pr^ 
— libickH nil uii.l.T -i-iili i v(|,t,iii)i_,, 
^. nnd on main road. , l^riee $335 
^ ■ per aco. ' , 
-^^^ t -No. 3, .Sldney-T-R afr<^8. an In .-ii.- 

T.t tixtitlon, wire feni'Ing, 
,. I iMr.y from .school, tine f. ■ ♦ ♦ 

♦■ ♦ .ii- i.liii.j, $300 ■ per n. ■ * * 

; ♦ f,ARI>Nl.R KF.AITY fO. I * 

» . Pi ' lU' 1937. fi-IR Yn«PB St. ♦ » 

£ y»i »' r » ♦ t* **'*4 *'* •* »♦ ' ♦<♦ ♦■'4 ' » * * t < * > * *' * 

l,indcu Avenue 


i :: Both Good : 

4- THE -S A ivte-. PRICE -;-—■■ 


Fii:.: gra:ssv Eot with ()Oft. froma|.iC. 011 the ab<;vc avenue." just 

. J:>elo\v Eairfipld Road.' .Ml modefn convcniciices, on street, 

. • a.sphait roadway, cement sidewalks and .street car. close to 

hand. We €ian recommend this as a good buy ,at $1450, on 

terms.' ■ ■■'' '' , ' '_,; ..„......_ ..^: ._ -■ - ' ' 


, ' Real Estate, Loans, ln«uranc« 

Cbiiino ry CH«wber» ^ 1218 Langley Street 

J. !!'- 



12 acres 7 miles out or 40^ 

res On Salt Spring Island 

t .;;-.acr 

4 "' ■ '' 

60 X T20, next to corner. 4 '.': '• 

close in. vvitJi jjood rev- ♦ I a.. ..-wv,... r.,..vMu,». .»,vir-.,..".i»« 

/MTii.i Ti^i^'iR' KTiT liost I t "f '? "<"<>'>»"s, partially furnl.she4^ 

CnUC. 1 niS 'S /lie- I'<^>1 J » .|,„,.ij Tor 5 hoiTiws, eow shed, 2 

buv in the hlo^<. X*'<r ♦ 

. I 

^'ncr is lield at $^ 5,000. 

♦ I rir e 12 rtcres are . all under 

♦• cultTVaTion. 7 miles frrtm 

irla, good land, 25 fruit treeB. 
all fenctd. sidc/idld water, housis 

Milcken house*). Price. . $3,500 
The Salt Spring' Island pt-opi^rty . 
of, 40 acres haa .14 under /cul-.. 
th-aflnni 2(*(i frujt tree's near 


'■'ii-- « -♦■-♦-•-♦-•*-♦-♦♦♦ 

mill- ♦ ♦ 

»♦.♦:».».♦.♦..»-♦-♦.♦ a • a' . ai , * ♦»■»♦♦♦ * *->»» ; t '»♦♦*♦ ' • » ♦♦ '• 


barn, chlciren houBcs^ irurtnoff | 
ete.i', near sphool and- wlijtf f. ♦ 
Price —7^500 t 


,1 '. ''11 IK' 

mil I'M ' m1-. Mil 
bcaulilul .^ilC'- 1' 'I a 


BKCAl>b; ^(n'■ CAN'BUY.YOUiCHGUSE^ ■' 

\\:,IT11 Tl IF; RENT 

OX (',k.\!L\M S ^ 

Terms $4,000- 
.balance to arrange 

; t 



♦ ♦«o«*#*t-*. 

\n2\ A f ; R r; : 


y ill ., i\ fi i , It' I 

1,;;. 0(111 will hau'li.. n 

|'iill\- niniic! n, ;i'i • i' - '• l''""''^' 

Call or phone for Particulars. 

.<p. 000 Currie & Power : „ „ , , ; 

♦ ♦ * \ , ' 

Phone 3:i!>4. 

rtra. Mf*. Accident 

Royal Realty Co. 

61, "5 Tort Street. 

♦ ♦ 

4 * 
4 * 

t ♦ 

I J 1 .J I ^(iiii;l;i - ."■•^1 \'vK-\ 
I'll one 14^/) 

On the Waterfront 


By Government WireteiS 


Friday, Auguat 19, 1916 

The wholesale distributors for wesl- 

t-rn Canada o£, JIathl.'u's Nervine I'ow- 

"dnrs, and also" of Matlilcu'H Syrup of 

Tar and Cod I^ivcr Oil, tho groat rern- 

fdy for GouRlis, are 

Foley Bros. Larson & Co. 






Southern California 

ia at S a in.. AuK. 1", 2'*, 

.teanurs gvfKX OR CITY OF rUEBLA 


T-e»vt- .StattlP 10 a. m., uteamer pOV- 

KKNOn OH l'RKt>IDENT. Axis !!*•-,?•_ 

For^Southrailirn Alaska. COTTAGE CITY 

or CITY OF SEATTLE leaves Seattla i P. 

m AUK- 13. 19, 25, 31. 

Wharf Btr^pt, Phone 4. 

H. H. HITHKT & CO., Ltd , Ajfont*. 
C. D, DUNAN'N, Gen., PaBsenger Agrent. 

113 Markut St., San Franolaco 
For fur'-hor Information obtain folder. 

Inspectors Find More Starvin.a; 
Chinese in Chain Lockers 
Aboard Weir Boat at Port- 
land Yesterday 



"he Stowaways State That the 
White Men Were Not Con- 
nected With Their Free Ride 
Fed by Crew 


On the Seattle-Port Townsend-VJcto- 
a Route -wlthdra-vvn until further no- 


Phone 2364. S:;4 Wharf Street. 

Union S.S. Company 

Of B. C, Ltd. _ 

Direct Service Bet'ween Vancouver and 

_ST£WART- := 

The favorite passenger ■ 



Leaves Vancouver every Wedneg. 9 p.m. 
Ar. Prince Kupert every Frl. afternoon 
Arrives Stewart every Satur. afternoon 
Leave.s Stewart every Saturday 6 p.m. 
Leaves Prlnn« Ilupert every Sun. 9 a.nd. 
Arrives Vancouver every Tuesday 9 a_m. 
Tickets from Victoria at 1106 WUart 
Ftreet. Telephone 1164. ■ ,■—- 

T\V' ::i; .\ i .iriitlohal half-Starved 
Chilli se coojios were discovered by 
the L'nlted States Itnmlgrallon offi- 
cers on the steamer Kumerlc of the 
Weir" -fi'BEr" at Portland yesterday^, 
where-Ui« vessel 1b loading lumber for 
Oriental ports. Since the Kumerlc ar- 
rived at this port, July 8, a total of 
fifty-three coolies have been taken 
into custody by the Immlgratlou ot- 
,-fie^pa*..- .' ' - 

VShllfiL Kumerlc was at outer wharf 
two contraband Chinese •were discov- 
ered stowed away on her. A few days 
iatei* she shifted to Seattle, where ^5 
more were found by the Immigration 
i officials. Then the Kumerlc went -to 
Portland and although the boat had 
been there several days the discov- 
ery was made quite by accident yes- 

A few days ago one of . the" officers 
of the vessel made the unusiial re- 
quest of Inspector' Burdour that the 
Chinese crew be allowed to come 
ashore. This was refused. Yesterday 
a watchman employed in the immi- 
gration service discovered some of the 
crew on shore and hustled Them back 
aboard the Kumeric; In order to make 
sure that they liad rounded up all 
that had Uft the vessel, the Watch- 
man had the crew assembled to count 
them. While this was going on thtf 
watchman saw one Clilnaman disap- 
pear Into the forepeak, The watch- 
man followed and discovered the con- 
trabaqd's disapearance down a hatch; 
Into the chain locker. . , 

The stowaways said they had been 
fed by Jung Ho, one of the crew, and 
-that .they were put aboard at Yoko- 
hama by Jung H'onjg, who hafj 
Ijrought them , from Hongkong, wherta 
the.v had been lnduc;ed to make ttie 
trip, f(n the promise of ^t?od jobs In 
British Columbia. The stowaways 
implicated none of the white officers. 

Through tlc)<'^'ts iiud through- felUB Of 
lading are _now iBsutd from Fug^t 
Sotind and British Cojtimbia ports to 
Atlin. B. C Dawson. Y. T. and Falo-. 
liaiiks, -Vlaska: Connections made at 
ckas^wav with our dally trains. at 
White and Caribou with our 
river and l^e steamers and at Daw'Son 
with Bttamers for points on the Lower 
Yukon river.. • 

r-.:r furtlior Information apply, 
<i w h Bi.iiiiiiiK. \'ai!Couver. B. C 

S,8. "Gollege Widow" 

thp n. T. p. 

w'harf on 

Monday and Thursday 

.-M ;i. :u. 

on Excursion to Gulf Islands 

arriving biu'k at Victoria at 
8,'30 P. m. 

Round Trip 


Round Trip 

8 >. m. ♦ 

fatobsh.— Clear; S.; 20.95; •♦ 

51; sea smooth; fog in straits. ♦ 

Point Grey.— Clear; N. W.; ♦ 

thick aeaward; 30.0J; Hi; sea •♦ 

smooth. ■* 

Cape l.,azo. — (."leiir; N.' W'.; ♦ 

29.i>5; 59; sea smooth. ♦ 

Pachpna.— Clear; E.; :;3.93; •♦ 

55; sea aniootli; spoke Tees, •♦• 

().40 p. ni., arrived Sfchart, IL ■♦" 

II. ni., we.stboiiiui. ■♦■ 

^ Eatevan.— -Clear; calm; ::i.'.S2; ■♦. 

r.3; llKht swell. ♦ 

Prliu-e Rupert. — i''oK8y; ♦ 

ralm; :i;i.3'.i; Ol; sea smooth; ♦ 

spoke Prince Rupert north- -•■ 

bound. ■*■ 

Ikeda.--ClGar; frenh N. W.; •*■ 

"O.P.I; [.ti; sea smooth. ■♦ 

Triangle. — Dense fog; VN'., la ■♦ 

miles; i;it.40; ;)9; spoke Prln- ■♦ 

c.-.s.s Koyal, 11.20 p. m., olY Pine ♦ 

island, northbound. ♦ 

Noon ^, ♦ 

Point CroN. — L'lear; X. -B.'; "♦• 

ihUk seaward; au.d-; V" ■♦ 

t'a|ie I^azo. — Clear, al'n; ♦ 

2;'.i'.'i: i;:!: .sea .smootli. ♦ 

" TrlanMl''.— ' "leaj--. H. :> miles; ■*■ 

■JK.'.iT; ,'>S; .sea .'^inootli; in, "♦• 

.si. aimr ;<.;i'i a. in.; out, steam ■♦• 

schooner Stanley Dollar 10 &. ■*■ 

m.; out, two-masted schooner, ■• 

probably Senator, 10.40; out, -•■ 

baniuentlne Gardiner C, -♦• 

towing, at noon. ' "♦" 

Ikeda. — Clear; fresh N. W.; ♦ 

30715; 62; heavy swell. ■♦■ 

Eatevan. — Clea*; JJ— — W^; ■*■ 

29.87; 58; light swell. ■*■ 

Stranded C, P, R, Vessel Will 
Probable be' Pulled Off Sen- 
tinel Island' at High Tide on 
Monday ' 

.\lthough it was otherwise officii 
iUly aniionnced, an attcmiH to launch 
tli'e Princess May' will not l)e made 
until the exlremi! high tide of Moii- 
day, according to a THblegram re- 
ceived iby. . Captain Troup yesterday 
from Capt. Ijogan, Lloyd's special 
agent at the scene of the. wreck at 
Sentinel L-jland. As soon.Jis the ves- 
sel Is launched she- will be brought 
to Bsqulmalf forTdtJcklng and repair- 



(Continued from Page 10,1 . 


Mrs. McCalUiin, Mrs. Campbell Wc- 
Calluin, Mr, and Mrs, A. W, McCurdy, Mr. 
D. S, McCurdy, Mrs. S. Alton McCarthy, 
Mr. J. A. McDonald, Mr. aXid Mrs. J. A. 
McDonald, Mr. and Mrs. R. B. McMick- 
Inf, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. McKllUgan, Miss 
McKllllKaii, Mr. and Mrs. McCUire, Mr. 
and Mrs. Uerflck MriJregor, Mr. G. H. 
MacLoaa. Mr. and Mrs, Xi. Mackenzie, 
Mr. Norniau and Mr.s. Mackenzley Mr. 
Mackay, MP.P., Mr. Captain Mcl/onuld, 
M1.H.S lOmina McCandllnh, Mr. and Mrs. 
.MePhlUlps, Mr. and Miss W. J. McDon- 
ald, Mr. and Mrw. ,1. H. McGlll. Mr. and 
Mrs. R. Bruce Muekfimle, Mr. A M. Mao- 
donuld, Mr. O. A. McQuadu. Mr, K. C. Mc- 
QuiKlf, Mr, O: H. .MeKay, Mr. J. A, Mc- 
TavlBii. Mr, McTavlsh, Mr. MiicKenzie, 
Mr. 1''. A. .Macrae, Mr. P. Macrae, Mr. W. 
.!..Mt:K*un, Mj;. W. H. MacKay, Mr. A. 
D. McRae, Premier arid Mrs. McBrlde., 
Mr. MacDowall, Mr. M'cOaffey, Mr, Chaa. 
McIntoMh, Captain McLRUghlln, Bov .1. 
McCoy, Dr. Mc-Mlcklng, Dr. <;iilloch. Mr, 
MeVVhlttle, Mr. McConnan, Mr. MacDean, 
.Mr. McMillan, Mr. MacKenisl*. Mr.-. Mc- 


Mr. and Mrs. G. P. Nader\,"'Wr. and Mrs. 
PI. It. Xartii, M!b3 Nash, Lieut, and Mrs. 
R. N. Nares, Mr. Netrea, Mr. NewUnK, 
Mr. R. Nash, Mr, A, O. NoakeM, Mr. 
Napier, Dr, Nelson, Mr, Newton, Mr. 
Thos, NIchol, Mr. Nason, Mr. Nevln, MaJ. 
Nlchnles, iJr. Newcoriibe, Mr. Nesblt, Mr, 
Ilarol(| .Vutlon, 

.Mr. W-. K.Oliver, Mr, Frank Owen; Mr. 
L. ommunsden, Mr. H. P. O'Farrel. Mr. 
A.J. D'Rcillv. _ 


A temporary 9llp has *ern' con- 
structed By the crew of thp vessel and ,, „ t, .. , m r' a r »„.,h- a 
ill be sl'ra oft rnl& thB- - Mr. R. II. PoQlcy. Mr. J... A.__P^uJ»ne 

upon'^liis She wl 

water. The large hole In the side of 
the- vessel Is being temporarily- re- 
paired by the crew of tho Santa rfu/:. 



Interesting Article From Engineering 

Showing That Speed of a Boat 

Varies. Per Square Root 

Triangle. — Overcast; N. W^; ♦ 

29.42; 51; sea moderate; spoke •♦ 

Empress of India west bound ■•• 

lat. ,49.12.:...Iniig^ 127.54. ■♦ 

IM nce * ttrpert.-T-Clea,r; calm; -♦- 

29.29; 61; sea smooth. -♦• 

Pachena.— Clear; 6.- E.; " -^. 

29.97; 67; sea srhootlli- 0>^«l^ ■*■' 

west bound 9.80 a. ih. ' < ■•*■ 

/6 p. m. '. •*■ 

;. Point Grey.— Clear; N. W. ■•*■ 

wind; bir., 30.05; temp„_66; ■♦• 

sea smooth; passed in, steamer "*■ 

JPetriana 2 p. m. . ^ 

Capfe Lazo.— Clear; N. Wi ■♦• 

wind; ban, 29.95j^^ temp., 6^,^, ♦ 

sea smooth; no shipping. •♦• 

Tatoosh. — Clear: S. win*. -1^ •♦■ 

miles; bar., 29.98; temp., 56; ■♦■ 

sea moderate; out. barge Wash- ♦ 

Ington 4.45 p. rti; towing; bound ■•■ 

In, City of PUebla. 4 p. m.; out- ■*■ 

side, bound ili,.-3rigantine 4.40 ■♦■ 

p, m- ^ "♦• 

Ifceda.-r-Clear; N. W. -wind: ■•■ 

bar., 30.05; temp,, 67; sea ■*■ 

amooth; no shipping. - •♦ 

Erftevan.— rClear; N. W. '«1nd: ■♦ 

bar.. 85.95,; temp.. it; ' light •♦ 

swell; no shipping. > 

Triangle.— Dense fogf.' J^'W. '•» 

wind; bar., 29.95; temp., 6.6; ■♦ 

' sea moderate; spoke -North- •♦ 

western 12.20, lat 61.18; long., •♦ 

129.25 W.. northbound; spoke ■♦ 

Empress of India 4.15 p, m. ■* 

eastbound 470 miles from Vic- ♦ 

. torla. . . ■♦ 

Prince Biipert.— Clear; calm; -♦ 

Ijar., 39.64; tetnp., 56; sea ■♦ 

smooth; spoke Te/es leaving -^ 

eastb.ound 3 p. m. ^ 

■♦•-♦■-♦•■♦•-♦•■•--♦•■♦-■•-♦•♦•♦. ♦♦■♦"♦ 


Three Vessels Being Sent North by 

C. P. R. m Order to Catch Last 

Boats Down Yukon River 

••Ic^d" Tea 

How to Make It 

Use about one-quarter more of the dry leaf than 
you would when making tea to be served hot Pour on 
boiling water and allow tea to steep five minutes (all the 
good can be extracted in that time;). Pour off the tea 
into another vessel and allow it to cool gradually. 

Never use any artificial Ineans of cooling until 

ready to use; then ice and lemon may be added. 


Don't pour hottea on ice. If you-do its delicious flavor will - 
be dissipated. Don't put hot tea in the refrigerator to cool. 
If you do it will spoii in .short order. Iced tea should be made ' 
two hours before safving-, to g"ive it time to gradually cool. 

Ask your grocer for "Salada" Tea pr send 
for H free trial packag'C, WcmatI it without 
charg-e. Say whether you use Black, Mixed or 
Green Te,a and the price you pay per pound. 




^^Salada" Tea Co. 

A- 53 Yontf* St. 


Tue.sday. and Friday 7.30 a. m. 

for >Iayne— -a-wi - -other "4slahd'<: 

I .rh'ing Mayhe for Vlctoi : i 

v\>dnf."!day nnd Saturday at , 

ii 1.. S. . ■" i! time card: 

( I'l i.~lit acecpted," 

Prince Georqe Sails 
Will) .-very available accommodation 
liken, the Prince Gisflrge of theO. T. 
P. navlgailion company left for Prln<Te 
Rupert direct la.<»t night. She is due 
lo return to this pft^ with localrovnid 
irlpv)ers next Wedn^esday night, Sir 
WiitvM Latirler arid pariv leaving tho 
• Vftncouvpr 


Other things being equal, "the speed 
of a boat" varies as the square root of 
her length. According to '•Engineer- 
ing," we, can see the effect of this pro- 
portion, if we consider the history of 
the torpedo boat and destroyer. The 
original high-S'peed boat, from •which 
an these developed, was one called the 
Miranda, biillt by Messrs. Thornycroft 
and company, in 1S72. This boat was 
about 50 feet long, 4 tbns dlsplaceitient 
and with 72 indicated horse- power did 
16.2 knots, a speed as retnarkable in 
its day as that of the most recent 
boats. The early torpedp-boats were 
simply boats of vefry much the same 
size and speeds as the Miranda, but as 
greater spieed w^s desired they were 
miide. larger, is curious to see 
that in practice the speed has gone up 
verj' nearly as the square root -of; the 
length. Thus, , taking, the Miranda as 
the starting-point, a 100 foot torpedo^ 
boat should, have. 32 tons displacement, 
.■75 indicated horse-power, and go 23 
knots. A 200 foot destroyer in the same 
way, should have 265 tons displace- 
ment, 4.600 indicated horse-power, and 
^'o 32 1-2 knots, and' these are very 
nearly:, the proportions arid speeds of 
the boats of these lenft'ths, thbugh 
there has been a certain tendency, to 
increase both weight and horse-jKiwer. 
'I'hus, although the Mirantla was only 
a fast 'pleasure launch, she' was the 
starting-point from which a large en- 
gineering development procl-'eded antf 
wliieh 1>HS hiicl .1 \i-r\ I'on'iiiferable in-. 
i',',' :r '■ .h ii' the hy- 

irr.'..ijl.i;ej i,;,u. :. '- li.. - ■. . , - -ii.the sama, 

way fro hi the new Miraiida. wo should 
KCt a boat 52 feet long, 10 tons dls- 
placerhent With a bi-ake' horse- power 
{*(■■ 9-SO; — t o d o 46- kn»t«. S^^c•h— a—boatr 

ould be hoisted up on.? a battleship, 
and might have very great use.'< for 
despatch work, aa-tho speed id- 

errUiIy greiiter than that f\' iho 

■ fastest destroi'ers. With a boat 110 
j feet long a speed of over 60 knots 
I would be got,~ and with larger boats 
still higher speewls. The construction 
jot surh boats depends, of course, on 
! prigiiieers being able to build' larger 
engines without increasing the wfeighi 
i»er hprse-power, and it is not suggest- 
ed by "Engineering" that k would be 
possible," at the prencnt moment: to 
build a petrol-onghv mi- 

sand hor/e-po-welr, a;i ^.-ine 

weight per horse-pOWer as the .sinaller 
ones now In use; but there H nothing 
impt>Sslhle in the supposltlot ' ich 

I'iiglnt's niay bo built In th' in- 

ture. It would, for Instunr. . 
have bceri tjultc Impossible i ::i 

I large ntarine engines as iiglit per 
j borse-fiowor as tlie original Miranda's, 
j but with expcriejiCG It has since been 
I done even with horsp-powerH of ovsiL... 
1 20,000, Similarly in the last few years 
j the power put into motor-boasts has 
i gonf lip r^orfi a T(?W* horse- po'wer. to 
I sofi wUhout any Increast? in the weight 
per horse- power, ami the size of en- 
1 gines may increase just as rapidly In 
: th<^ ftitur-*!, if thero-ls a, demand for 
them. In a matter of this kind, how-, 
j ever, it. Is not wis^ to be In too great 
la hurry, and progress Is often miieli 
'more rapid when no attempt Is tnadf; 
'to take. too great a step at a time. 



July Report Which Has Just Appeared 

Notes Growth in Busines* of 

Yards on Clyde 

In order to make -*r^ effort lo get 
all interior freight for the Yukon and 
Dawson heforif the close of the season 
the Canadian Pacific SteaTiretilp com- 
pany is sending freigl*t-^i the .north by 
three ships. The freighter Princess 
Ena sailed from Vancouver last night 
anti the -Princess Beatrice sails for 
Skagway at noon today. .Machinery 
and cattle will also go to Skagway 
within ,a few; days ln.>a;,^i|fe towed 
by the tug Nanoose. "• ■ 

The Beatrice is taking the place of 
the Princess May and will alternate 
with the Princess Roy al on the North- 
ern Skagway run until the freight rush 
to tjie button moderates, or. until the. 
Princes^ May l^s in coipmlsslon Sgaln 
or some other arrangement , can be 
made. Tlie Beatrice was given a new 
(joat ,of paint a.t the C, P. R. wharf 
yesterday by an army of painters. She 
will coal at Comox before sailing from 
Vancouver Saturday night. 

: _ ♦—i '. 

Big Ship* ys. Swift Ones. 
While the length of transatlantic 
paaseoger** liners is iast reaching the 
:i'y-;Vut limit, havihg increased 60 
per cent In. the last decade, "the ton- 
nage husiisen during the aamo pe-. 
rldd nearly 160 per cent, or from 20.- 
^04 Joi the White Stut~ll.-ier-jeeHio to 
46,o4fl, tons for the and Ti- 
tanic, now building for the same own- 
ers, and 5^ Ouu ' ,ton» -for 91 Jiew liner ■ 
recently contracted for by the Cunard 
Line, it Is notable that for the pres- 
ent the nine largest transatlantic 
liners built and contracted for, name- 
ly, the Celtic, CedrTc, Baltic. Aariatlc. 
Lusistania, Maufetania. Olympic, Ti- 
tanfc and Cunarder (not yet named) 
.belong to the White Star and Cunard 
lines. The German lines, however,, 
will soon be vrepresehted on the sea 
among these giants as the Hambiirg- 
Amerlcan ' Line has already under 
construction a 50,000- ton ship at Stet- 
tin. None oir these ships, however, 
built or building, lii-e to make above 
22 knots an hour, showing that t|ic 
race for commercial supremacy > on 
the seas is not at present, at least, 
lb be 'to the swift,' tnrt tn the ves^ 

Mr, John Piercy. Mr. J. Prentice, Mr. 11. 
K, Prlor,^Mr. Power, Mr. Purdcy. Mr. 
I'eak. Mr, Palmer, Mr. Pondray. Mr. R. 
r.oltockv.41j.-~.JiaBfi.^r. Parsenon. Mr. II. 
I\ Pollock, Mr. H. B. Punnet. Mr. J. 
Piorson. Mr". U; J. Perry, Mr. A. J- H. 
I'oth, Mr, W. E. Pater.son. Mr. Perry. 
Mrs, H. M. Pierce.- Lt., Cirtr-lBr-O:" Prior-, 
Mis. Prior, Miss G. Perry, Mr. and Mrs. 
Peniberton. Mr. and Mrs. Pensse. "Mrs. 
I'enssc. mv. an d Mrs. F. B. P emperton. 
Mr. John and Mrs. Plgott.. Mr. and Mrs. 
H. P. Parrlgan. Dr. A. Proudfoot, Mr. II. 
G. Parson. M.P.P., Mr. and Mrs. Powell 
Mr, Sydney Powell, Mr, "George Powell, 
Mr.. W. B. H. Parker. Mri W. C. Playfair. 
Mr. aiod-Slrs: R. M. Palmer. Miss Palmer, 
Mr! G. F. Prior. Mrs. Pemberton, Mr. .-ind 
Mrs. C. E. Pooley, Miss Poole.v. Mr. and 
MiHS Pitts, Mr. A. Pitts, Mr. C. Pitts, 
Mr. and Mrs. B. Phlpps, Mr. stnd Mrs. P. 
Finckle. Miss Flnckle; Mr. G. Phillips, 
Mrs. and Miss Phlpps, Mrs. and Miss | 
Phlpps. Mr. W. H. G. Phlpps, Mr. U. L. 
Pac^ioow. Mr. William Pigott Bisliop and 
Mrs. Perr,lh. Mr. H. Phipps, Mr. J. R. 
Pollock, Mr. J. Paterson. Mr. T. F. Pftt- 
erson. Mr. W. Innes "Paterson, Mr. . Pal- 
mer. Mr. W. Perfiberton. Mr. Pope> Mr, 
W. P. Porter. Dr. Pope, Col. Pcterp, Mr, 
F. Peters, Mr. C, H. PcthrlcH. Mi^ E, M 
Prothers. . . 

■ ., ■ ■ ■■ ,'"- , Q' 
Mr. Qulnh. 

Mr. Rocjte Robertson. Mr- RyftV Mf. 
Ricards, ' Mi. A. Robertson. Mr. D. E. 
Reld. Mr. T. W^ Reynolds, Mi-. Rhodes, | 
Mr. Riddel. Mr. Raymonci, .Mr. Bud. Mr. 
Rlekaby. Mr. Jas. Rutherford, Mr.. Up- ; 
ton Runnalds, Mr. C. H. fte^ifarn, itr. W. 
Russell. Mr. A. C. RomlC'^tf^.' F.G.~ftlWr-] 
ards, Mrr W. -A. Bobbins, Miss Agnes 
Blnny, iMr. Hon. G. Riley, Mr. J. Roth- 
well, M^; A». Q. Russell. Mr. and Mrs. 
StuartTTRobdrt-TOn. Mr. and Mrs, J. L. 
Raymulf, Mr. Kenneth Hayinur, SSr» -S. 1 
Roberts, Mr. H. C. Roger*/ Mr.. P. M^ 
Rogers. Mr. H. O. Rogers, Mr. Hr^B^TTpb-n 
ertson. Mr. C. Arthur R«a,^^_JIr.^j;:harles 
Redfern. Mr. J. Robson, Mr. FieetTtbb- 
ertson. Mr. R. A. "Rehwick, Mr. and Mrs. 
C. M. Roberts, Mr, -Tloss. M.P.p.. Mr. and 
Mrs. Rebbeck. Miss Rfibbeck, Mr. and 
Mrs. Vji. p. Rltbet., Mr. Jack Rlthet. Mr.-s. 
Rhodes, Mr. Arthur Robertson, MIk.4 


9:00 a. m...Kxpress for Winnipeg 
and Montreal. 

5 p. m E^cpresB for St. Paul 

7:30 p, ni. . . Kxpress -for Wtnntpeg 

and Montreal. 


2:15 p m.Dally except Wednesday 
11:45 p.._m Dally 


6 p. m Dally 


6 a, m. . . . l'.\ I ly Tuesday 


6:00, a. m. ....... Kvery Tuesday 

TO AZ.ASKA. . . ■ 

'11 p. m ■ .Au gust 19 and 26 

_-And every J^lday thereafter. 



11 p. m K' and 215 

And every Fildiiy thereafter. 




11 p. in.,.. i... Aug. 22. Sept. B-19 


12 Mldi¥!i^4 Kvery Monday 


Empress of India August 17 

Empress of .(apan ::?vv^~T- 


Zealandia. (new) . . Sept; 9 

Marama ., Octobe*^ 7- 

For. the Vancouver exhibition tickets 



(\f\ "in For the Vancouver exhibition tickets 

[j 'I /jj will be -sold $2.70 return, good going 

IJ / / jj from Aiig-uft 10th to Auguist \M\\: re. 

UlLiI U turnimg until Aiigust 2l8t. 

For further particulars apply to It. 3p- CHETHAM, 

1102 novernm,'nt Street. Citv Pas.srMu:. ., .\i-:. ni. 


GLASQd\y. Aug. 18.— The oiftput of 
Clyde shipbuilde r ? ! fo r Julyis jclose to 
double that of the ^ame month a year 
ago, and (s greater than that of aiiy 
corresponding month since 1907, • . 

t>uring July 26 vessels of about 38.- 
000 gross tons, as comijfared with 30 
vessels of 82,000 tons for the previous 
month, and 20 vessels of i9,800 tons 
for th6 mqnth of July last year, were 
sent off the stocks. 

TJie total output for seyen months of 
19i0 was 164 vessels of 254.360 tons, 
as compared\wtth. 128 vessels of H8,- 
827 tons for the corresponding period 
of last year. The jmost -'itnportant 
launching was the steaniifSf 'R^torua of 
11,290 tons built by William Denny & 
BrQs.. for the New Zealand Shipping 
compa*iy. This veasel will be propelled 
by a comiblnation of turbines and re- 
ciprocating engines, as In the case of 
the .sam.e company's Otaka, built and 
englned by the Denny's two years ago. 
In respect of naval work, two intcrr 
f.sting items launched were 'the torpe- 
do-boat de.-ftroyors Acorn and Gold- 
smith, the former of 800 tons displace:- 
inent, having Curtis turbines of 18.000 
horse-power,'- by John. Brown & 'Co..' 
ciyiL(:-butik,...and,.the latter'.of 920 tona 
displacement with engines of 12.000 
horse -poiwer. by the .Fairfield Ship- 
bulkHng and Engineering company,,.:._ 

xxnLy—A- verj^^rnQxlerate -amount 

new work has been placed during 
July, the principal items lieins two 
large Intermediate steamer 
Luhd liiTo service of the P. , 
pany. to be.bviilt arid englned by Caiiil 
& Co,. Greenock; a steamer of aljout 
7,000 tons carrying c.apnt^ty for Glas- 
gow owners, by Russell & Co., Port 
Glasgow, and a large steawer for New 
Zealand owners by the Clyde Ship- 
building and Engineering cOmpBBir, 
Port Glasgow. 

sels ha;vlng the largest passenger and 
cargo capacity, as thobe i^re tho ones 
that pay the larg^t dividends.-r-New 

York Marine Journal. 

Ravmur. Mr. and Mrs. Baynes Reed, Miss 
Reed. Mrs. J. A. P. Romes, Mr. Hugh 
Rogern. Mr. Rant, Mr. Norman Rant, 
Captain Lloyd. Roberts. Mr. Reade. Mr. 
W. Reade-. -Mr, M. Rose. Mr. T. J. Ryan. 
Mr. Rykert. Mr., Robeirtson, Mr. B. Rich- 
ards. Messrs. RusselB, Mr. D. H. Ross, 
Mr. G. Ross, Mr. H. G., Ross.- Mr. H. A. 
Ross, Mr. L. Keismlller , Miss -Marion 
Roberts, Mn Russel. 



After Gonference, enjoy the beautic- 
and grandeur,. of tiie Pacific Coast - .v 
\iewed from Our Palatial Steamers on trip 
'a> Prince Ruperfir Stewart— Unique, In- 
structive ?nd Inspiring. , 

. Via yam avier 



'every MONDAY, 10 a. m. I EVERY PRJDAT. 10 ». 'ttt, 

FOR Seattle' AT.JtfiDNiGHT 


BBT tntKCSrO— Leave Seattle _.QSL_Sunday« and Thursday, at Midnight. 


■ f . I 


R^ H. E. 

Vancouver . . " 10 ■ 2 

Seattle -0 2 8 

^rlckson and^ugdew. Hennlng And 

R. H. E. 

Tacoma 6 .6 2 

Spokane ........... 5 6 3 

Matson and Blankcnship, Holrq and 
Ostdlek. ' 


SAcrttpiento . . 
Los Ahgeie.'s . . 

Vernon ..... ,. 
San Francisco 



•-'* ♦», ,»., 

























Ref ornr O dim ve rttlftrt Has Pronounced 
Against Gift of California Pro- 
- . duct to -War Vessel. 

—^ ^ .- g- , . . 

Mr. W. S. gtaneland', Mr. Stanton, M'r. 
Jack Sweet. Mr. Skene. Mr:^ p> 
Stevens. Mr, SprlnKett.,u' Mr.^ Savannah. 
Mr. Suttle, Mr. Simmons, Mr. Spalding. 
Mr. Smart, Mr. D. Spehcer, Jr.. Mr. Slat- 
er. Mr. Spain. Mr W. H. Sparrow. Mr. 
K. Hha rn. Mr, W . ■ Scbwcrof t, Mr. A. *G. 
Sarglson. Mr. Ghas. ^t. Barke, "Mr. M. J. 
Scott, Mr. Shakespeare, Mr.^lScholefleld, 
Mr, and Mrs, l'., St Clair. Mr. A.' C. St. 
Clair, Mr. and Mrs. Savage, Miss 'Savnp'^ 
Mr.* and Mrs. T. R. Srtiith. Rev. J. H 
Sweet. Misses Swe^tr^Mr. George ili:.., 
son. Mr, l>elgh Spencer, Mr. and Mrs. 
Sballcross, Mr; and Mrs; C. J. V, Spratt. 
Mr. J.H. Schofleld. M.JP.P.. Mr, Mason 
Stevanson. Mr, and Mi-s. A. E- Smith. 
Miss Smith, Mr. and Mrs:. L. H. Solly, 
Mr. L. C. S cott. M r. T.^S^, Stirling, 'Mr. R. 


Reaches All Points In 

Michigan, Ontario, ■ Quebec, Markiitie Provinces, New Eng- 
, land; New York and South and East 

^ • . Via Any Route. 
Finest roadbed, modem and luxurious trains. For Information as to 
fares etc. also for folders and particulars re Grand Trunk Pacific points, 
apply at temporary office. G. T. P. dock. Wharf Street rear of Post 
Office. Write or telephone: . _ 

"- — vy . E. DUPEROW. — Tblnplnjne 24.11. . ■ IIAROLD RBOT\ N , 

C. P. & T. A. 

General Agency 

■ Dock ai»d Freight Ai;ent d T. P. S. S. 
Trans-Atlaritic Steamship Lines. 

■A<t^gr'~l- B." 't -t. f ■ th e 
delegates to tho convention of reform 
ulii<ii Ik In sesHlnft here under .the aufv- 
■ il;. W..!ii.n's Christian Temper- 
i.i.jii Mii prevent i't,' the officers 
of the armored cruiser California wHP 
not be- given 8» chance to enjoy the 10,0 
cases trf— California wine which _jvere 
presented to the •i\-ar8lilp"'JvfSV-before she 
sailed from VaJuaralpo last Saturday.. 

The. rfsolutlon adopted by the con-- 

ifross today denounced the pxcseiit4tkih 

as a' violation of, thT> antl-canieen law 

Ti. 1- I*" I'lterproted by former .Secretary of 

-, Aagot Passes Through. .j,,^ Sitsy Long, and_.dallF upon Presl- 

The coIller^Aagot passed through |TicntTaft to stop any furtlR'r use oi: the. 

here \-eMtorfl;iv h.iinul for CoiTio.x for 1 r.,.o«,.,i u-inc mid prevent . further 

l"rlHeo_ .1, gifts to warships. 

♦ I , WH.-: iiresented to .Admiral 

ho Pnclfi 

alirornlB wine 'mon.'tvlio ac- 
companied the presentation with ."an ad 

dress ,adyof.T'T- - •' '■'' "-'■» v.-'' 

i br tT-ic""aI-1i I 

I ,St(lt..N 



f I, 

City of Pufibia Arrives 
I'li'e steamer Citj'* of Puebla of the- 
I I iftc Coast .Steamship company ar- 
rived from S-.ii l-"t-,\ii' Is. M I ■;!• lii'^ 

Sadie Launched 
The tng Sadie. ,.i tli.- rTToOregor fleet 
was launched fruii, ilir Victoria Marine 

Ways, at Point El lice bridge yCstGrday«|*WTun,- onO' of the ..•tpumiBwlonere of lii 
■ afternoon, where she has been under- 
going extensive repairs rendered ne- 
ccssa^y-by , her fecent stranding at 
Boechy Head. Upon the recommend- 
ation of Messrs. James & Jarvis, who 
surveyed the .vessel,, Jt was ?lccldeil to 
put a new keel and ten ne'-v lOanUs 
into the vessel. 

H. Swlplerton, Mrs. D. Spencer, Mr, C. 
•Spencer. Mr. and Mrs. Rose- Sutherland, 
Mr. W. S. Sampson A. Sher^t, Mr. H. R, 
Sllngby, Mr. G Sproiift. Mr. Seabrook. 
Mr. ShOtbolt. 'Mr Sylvester, Mr. C: B. 
Sylvester, Mr. S. M. Sturgess. Mr. W. W 
Suttle, Miss Bell. Mr. J. .McB Smith, Mr, 
St. George. Mr. C H. Smith. Mr. R. Scott, 
Mr. J. A. Sayward, Mr. Edgar P." Smith, 
Mr. Sorby. Mr. Ralph Smith, Mr. S.vdney 
Si. .Tbhn, Mr. .T. J. Sarglson, Mr. Scott. 
Mri k, P, Shaw. Mr. E, P. Shaw, Mr. 
Walter: Scott, Mr. Stewart Mr. W^. K 
SftPtt , ' 

. r ' ' 

Mr. SB. Tuck. Capt.'J. Wv.Trmip. Mr 
and Mrs. Talbot Capt and Mrii. .Tooley, 
Mr. and Mrs. C, T. 'Todd, Mr. W. O. Todd, 
Mr, K. D. Todd. Mr. J. It Todd, Mr. A. 

'Rrr xaiTd. m. 'TniCngr, "Mr. T.vtcr.-'ivriKij 

Tu'dorr~Mr, aniT M'*^- Thomas, Mrs, antf 
Miss Teague, ,-Mr. and IVtrs. Roy' Troup, 
Mr, W. H. Travis, Mr. Timward, Mr, J. 
C, Turner. Mtt-^:!. D. Twigg. Mr. Tis- 
dale,' Mr. Templeman. Mr, Tllton, Mr. 

TTipiT VLv. ' X t ^toinH ~TayT7vrf'TiiTt:" C : 'Tl' . ' 
Thornton, Mr. Tllaln. Hon. T. Taylor, Mi^. 
Toinire7-Mr. A. B, Taylor Mr, Tubnian. 

"Mr. Tatora, Messrs. Thompson and Mr. 
G. B- ThompstMi. 

. \i , . ■', 

Mrs. il. q. Underwood. Miss Under- 
wood and Miss Clin.- , . 

Mr. (>. <i. vtniers. Mr. vantreight, Mr, 
E^ Q. Vantreight Mr. Vaughn. ,r Mr. 
•Voweit. M*- VliiKent. Mr. J. D. Vellclr, 
Mr. 3: D. Vlrty*, ind Dt. Veriflnder. 

: Slrigletrtn Wise,, Mr. And 
Mrs; Ste^cart Williams, Mr. and Mr,« .1 
M. Wark, Mt,HS Wark, Mr.. R. Wiekni;iii 
'. and Mrs,, J. K.' WorSfoM 
is. r. C, Worsfold. Miss U'. 

i;,i„i Mis- I-', '■; \'- 

i Walk. 1-, .\!i ;in.i : ' 
i Mr. and -All-'- '1'. A. '.\ .i : 
i-.:ink VV.iit, S\' " l-'i;i 




Skeena, Prince Rupert and Stewart 




i34 Yates Street 

Phone 1925 

Notice to Contractors and Builde.r^, 


"Are prepared to furnish Wa$heciv Screened an<|^ Graded Sand 
— ■— ; and GKiyeloi-iviBrj Description - 

' ' Lowest Prices Qti6t fed fo'r Quantities 

P. O. Box 762 

\ id 

on a 

i'. c. 


! Mrs.. 
\vy. MtV 

toysiX navy of China, Is due to' arrive In 

ban Francisco on Septfimber 16. aennrd- ,-iMr.s. VV. A, Williams. Mi^h Wmlams. Mr. 

ing to an official nbtlllcatlon coiiveyed 
lo the state department today by Chang 
Yin Tang, the Chinese minister. The 
prince heads tho committee which will 
.«pf.nr1 ."■•■■veral wcelfw '1ft this country, 
rnaking a study ot the V 8. na^y. 

and Mrs. T. . E. -W'llpoh. 

niggerstftff Wilson, Mr 

Mr. R. P. Wllmoi. l.t. 

and Mrs. 
A. Wilson, 

W. M.. -W*<ftJ:b"''y. Miss E. While, Mr.. 
Roger Wtllv, Mr P.. A. Woolt, Mr'.' Wax- 
-sloeU, Mr 1, I Wooton, Mr. M. V. 

-VV , M R. William.'^ Mi N\'hlte- 
head, Mr; l->. Keith Wilson,, .Mr. VV, N. 
Wlnsby.^Dr. 'VVasson, Mr. Wyman, Mr. 
H. O; WlTson. Mr. J. H. Watts. Mr. H. 
A. V/lllla,ms, Mr. Chas. Wil«on. Mr! N. B. 
Ward. Mr. D, N, Walker, Mr. O. White, 
Mr. F. N. White, M^-. Watson. Mr. A. 
WriKht. Ii'lf- Wnpttpn, Mr, .1. M^ Wll- 

i-ol. ah-^^rr-s~Ttom«, Mr. F, O. White, Mr. Walker Wil- 

son, Mr. Charles Wilson. Mr. W. Walk- 
er, Mr, Wyde. Mr. Harry Wright, Mr. 

WaiiH, Mr AVnlklnn Mi. U'llUs, M 

WUmot. Mr > Mr, Wii 

H. - ., Wilson 

Wilson. .>' Williams, > 

n'alker. .\m. ... d. Whitney, .\.-. 
Wilkersbn. Capt, J. F. Walbran. 
Y. Wooton. Mr. T. E. "Woo'-'' 
Wollfiston. Major Rliig^'ay \> 
Wolf»*ndeh, Mr. Joh.^nYl W'l'! 

.Mr \ roung, : 

r > 

Friday, August 19, 1910 





Aiiicr. Sufiiif 
Ann I'. Tob. 
Alii.T. '■Te\. . '. 
Anicr. Woolpri 
] Anariijiiln . . . . 
A I Ian I ii- ( '(iri^ i 

j B. ;ui(l <>. ... 
! M. K. T 

Ill 1 I .1 t ( :? 

I 111 1, 1 IIIJ 1.^ 1IHI-''J, 

ll'V !■„. I'M'. In;. ';. 

W ' » 7 6 % 7 6 % 

I ". I ' 


!■ i; 

I : 

I'l I 

Price Fluctuations am Confined 
' Within Narrow Margin -- 

Foreiftn Advices arc of Bull- 

ish Torior 

I 'fin. i'^^^^ 
''orn I'i-'mI'i. 

I' .Tllf) II 


l.Pf 1! 

.n-i \:\\' 


|-, '>\ SlP\.-Tisr.n' A- 1 '.., i 
All!.! I^. Tr.-ni.-r.'^ ^. - 

I he nui 1 !;•■ 1 i inl.i ■■ 
:m Mch ', niM ki i,^ I..., ,. 
1, ,t ..... ,.f |,r.,., -. , , .,, „ 
i;i>p.irl.w I|-..i|ii in 
IViclHc criitsl II,.,. . , ',. 

i. . ■• i.ui't"niri!JTffps»'"" iiciitii 

•■ \\n 1VHS niiHlfffilPlv 

r. p'.rt.s HHyliiff hiirvpBt 

d i sn 1 1 1'ln i 11 1 1 iiK . F <1 vi.^rpiyo 1 

• I <<• '» «»ont lUKhpr »mi 

■ •' 'i'lif hlfch.- luiiiifi.sih! 

ill, rash men re- 

•h demand and 
ih.'i-. ■.' . i . -.I'l' .' .1 iDuqEe' pott ' of 

the ; I ii ; I wtl) be iTuivfld' 

raTfr Its Kiiciii iifi buala can ho ■oblaliiprl. 
Moreoxt-r; tlic li'i-uvy re<:elpfn oi "wintr-r 
wheat are pnXd \i< ho iV'-Jirly over. Nurth- 
wotit reports wprp fa\iirablc and hlg 
prinB wlicat niuvoinent 

Si^PI ... I'M 'i 101 S 

l>.-' \«iVi lOr.ii, 

I ' 


■ I. 


' '. I . 

\'a\ I- 

Is .rxppctPd, 

*fk H .yj'. ^ * r\ I.I 

.1 'H % 


Sweet Caporal 

*'The purest form in which 
tobacco cajj be smoked. " 


I •tt|»n1sh«!«l: by F. W. Stevenson 

•^lOcft--^ . P.M. 

• i; Telei)hone Hi! 

'an. Cons. Rubber ..... n4 

do pM ..'.... i. ... .. no 

•rtr'olt United ...'.. ., 5i ■' 

>"m. Iron and Steel "pfdZl 104 

B3 . 
104 ^i 

IMtm: Tcxtll<5 .;....... 

tio pfd ; . . . . 

Halifax Tramway .... . 
Illinois— Tpactlon pfd. . . 
.Lakf of Wotrtjis ....... 

do , pfd ... 
.JiftVirfntldo PapiJr 
Mex. LrfTir and Powfr. . 
Mont. Xi^rbt and Pow. . 


133 'A 

.Mpnt.-^trwt Ry. 343 

Vor. Ohio Trartlori' 

Nova , Scot In. . Stf>p| < t , 

■ d" pfd I 'J'l 

Ofiilrie, MiK. '"", 1 ;>> 

OitawR MKhf -an^ Pow.. . in 
Penmans }AA. . . /. ...... :■>; 

Qiii'bpr RaMwBys' ... 4<i*4 

Rto de Janeiro Tram. . . 


4*1 ■■ 

62 Ti 





I'S.M IS. 70 



, 9.80 


37 »i 



t l.SO 



\\"M. irnton -,. . . . ; : fi:t ,63' 

^VesUnffhouBo . .. ^I'l 61 
Wisconsin Cent. . . . . 

Money on. call. i.K^ per cf^nl. 

Total .spIeB, 544,600 Khaiesr 


(FuinlRhed by V. W. Stev-nson V: lo. ) 
NIJAV I'ORK, Aug. IS.— Political hews 
■»va«. th© chief- facH^r fn d.eterjTilnine ihc 
I'OuiBe of' the , market. London • sent 
lowtT quotations and foVlnwed the name 
up with.H m'xlerate voliitnp of tef-llins: 
orderfi due principally to rfporf-s emtin-: 
aliiig frorn tills side. Ah esprps.sed In 
recent advices the InlerehLs responnible 
for The sip^word movement ha\e been en- 
deayorlbB to attract our^ide panictpa- 
tlon b> lioldinfr prices r'latlvery sti?ady 
and advapeinK fame gradually whenever 
favorable developments i;ijuld l>e the 
hanis of enrli movement. 'I'h^ reapoime, 
li'iweve'r, haK b«»en. light and JnaBtnucii 
as the liRchnical po»l«ioBsof the Ilei haTt"B7~C. Perm. Lpau 

I»«;en somewiiRt n-eaKe.ned. by nhort cov 
erinB ther<* vvas notmnrh ,f^>lsiari«r of- 
ff«rpd ilijrlne th«» esft-Iy "tV-adlnp ludii.v. 
On the df-eHjre. howtfv er,' sottJe support 
«a« noted In Hteel aii*:' Union Pa.iric. 
I'lit judging H' Ih" ar-ffo^ of the maj-- 
Re< during the lasri houb the proHPtit 
-fteHIng movf in' It i«i ■ llkeij- to be per 
.JBiltted lo i-T 

(Stock — 
,\mai. Copprr 
Am. Car Fdv 
.\m. t.'ot. <M! 




W.. , 

I'ilr-r. . , 
.\or, I II r 

'iL^Noi'. pAl 
■rMlnolei Cent 
:TiTref?ATfTr— . 

Int. I' . 

Int. I'l I nip . . , 

I 'Ml, ,-i I 'I'iftr . . 

U. and N. . . .~ 

Mar.kay-. . . r* . 

Mexican Cent. 

M. K. P., S, S. 

M.^T attd t! 

Allstiourl Pac. 

Niat. .Lead . . . 

N. Y, CeniE. . 

N. T. O.. anil 

f<. and W. ..,.».. 

Xortliern Pacitttt 
TCclfh: -t ?on» t ... 

Pa"cifle Wall 

Peniisyl. Ry, 

Peoples Oas 

Preshed Steel . . , 

Reading , 

do Is pfd . . . 

Rep. >Steel ...... 

~R5ck Island . • . , 
■Slo»» Steel , 

Soutiiern rarr. . , 

Tenn. Coppf i 

Texan raclfir . . 

Third Ave. . . 

-T. *>, l/.-ania W,... 

union Parlfii- . . 
do, pfd . . . . . 
K t;a*t I. 

1 1 1 

I ■:.() 


14.2 ^ij 



183 U 


1 .'.ii 

• 37 — 

1461,6 144 Tfr 


H4-% li-i-'i. 

27 tr 

- 3«U 


Bevan, Gore & Eliot Ld. 

St' " k .tiul I'.iiiiil llr'jkcra 
Mrmliri'- Xicturiii, \ .tih > 'ii\ fr ami S|iiik;uir Sl'nk k. xrliaii;:::^- 

H,i. .\rri\ r; ,•- r^ kk.s lu .)i..j; iir am ' :•' m.d ,'.),\\c<.)M 

M ISSM i\ 
■ I'RI \ \ kk W I k' \- \ U T< 'IC I \ I < 1 \ \. M I n \ k kl 

( I !•• n I 

.J.j^U.i...-\:-.Xl£Ll': '.. 1 Iv A I ■ M 1 1 ■ ( > I ( n ■ \ T, 1 1 . ^ c; 

Phones 2/170 and 2471 ii53 Govcmmrni St., Victoria. B.C. 


93 Vi 

I'. K t;a*t I. I'ipe. 

I.T. R 'Steel 72T» 

do pfd 117' 

I'tah Copper 4T i,*, 

VlTRlnla Chem. ... .'..SSj 

Wabnsl) r;t . 

1*3 Vfe 



(Kupniphnd |i; I'. W. 

Alberta .'-'an.'idian •>il .. 
Anier. Canadian on . . 
Cnnadlan North'«vp.f!t°^lll . 
Albcria i'oal and-f'oK''. . 
DlamoVffrV'al.? t.'. and <'. . 
Jnternafionai 1'. an'd,*' 
Hoy»l <'ollTerl'»s ......... 

AVestfrn «'o«fl arid Coke. 




Ot.._ Wef-_L J^ermanfnl 

Pacifh; WhultnR c^Vn. 

far. VVhaMnB pfcl. , . 

.St<; wari l.iajid 

S. A. ."'^rrtp 

BHTie Creek 

frlaviT Crpi.K . I . . . . . 

Main Reef . 

O. K, Krnetlon ..,..! 

Portianil <'anal 

Strnari M and \\ 

\'an. Pfirtlan-l (Vin,)l.« 
.\"uggp| t}Olil 
l/asn!ip(i . .• - 
Lilck.v faUini'i 


Raniblfr ('ariii'M . 





Maricona Oil 

UtKtoT Canadiuri 



of Los 

Under Canadian 

I'lnri I!,,-, 3i 
U'.' .'^itfw all 


I '..ili'viea. ia< 2 1 ' . 
l.fiiid al fJl 00. 


lE 5 ICE CO, 

Victoria, B. C. 

Goods received at nil hours. Expert attention 
ffiven. Consisfnments solicited 

Telephojic 2282 

P. (X Box 875. 

Phone 2456 P.O. Box 79i 

If .\'iiii lia\f aii.v , : li-n-es in 

Pacific Whaling 

(ireat West Permanent Loan 

Vou wish Co' sell, i.-'i 111." v,i I 
a bid for them. 


iStock and Financial 
_Agt. Member Victoria Stock 
Brokers' Aiisociation 
Room 16, Malion Block 

I'hono 235S. 1122 Govt, St. 

Oldham k Mattersnn 


.\"u i' the .time to buy 


Call nil 11-1, foVparlirUlars 
Office to tat. 


Actions speak louder than, words. Stewart has 
now settled down to work. I-NT_RlNSrC VALUES 
are steadily advancing, as the development of the 
country progresses. At present prices, lots in Stew- 
art City are a splendid investment. 

Offices 0. lo. ii Board of Trade Building, Victoria, 

1 "1.1". 



Stu'iiv llia-iV)I.!u\viii^ j.; :^ :. , ul III] >!' 

\v4iM this Com{>any's i>rosi>ccts arc.. 

hucllc ;. . . . . . . . . . 

.Sa.uef Dotig-h .... 

Sterling . 

Caribou . 

San Francisco and 

^l-cKittrick ?ro 

■ shares- . .....:. 


'rc-ciil iVice. UividcnrJs. 

S I > ( II I 

10% monthly 
107J;. mianthly^- 


Tiiis Company owns a lease a ffo a cre s : in s ect ion ,^2, ^2-23. in the very 
heart of theMaficopa Sunset Field, surrounded by gpushcrs and flowing 
wells for a royalty of 1-7 of the oil produced. ' ■ • 

The Lake View Gusher, w ithin 2 miles, has produced over $3,000,000 in 
Oil durinfj 3 month.s. Xow flowing 40,ood"barrels per day. 

31l .g...pi>i^l>t>.-vdtjiinji:mile of our property, br ought, in a mrytn harr^i.. ♦ 

W ell on 5<Ji June at l.Soofcel. . ' . 

The Midway Konhcrn. within' 300 yards of this Companv > property, 
brought in a similar Well on July 4th last, at a depth of i, 920 fertr^ 

(Copy Telegram Received) . 
To A. T. PVampton. X'icturia, EJ.C. \ Auq^iist nth. 

Drilling unavoidably delajj^ed now proceediiig very rapidly, WILL 
BE DpWX 300 FEET TODAY; sut-e to be in oil 2ooo.fect, perhaps Ie.s.,. 
Condilfitons could not be better or outlook brighter. 

(Copy Telegram Received .\ugust 15th) 

, , .pO\\ .XFOUl^ ill :XDREP FEET TODAY. Formation from now 
on maP' reduce . -speed, but .fapid work assured. 

CnntractoTK exprcttrr reaqh ail in 90 di^ 

fTancouver Stock Salaa. 

I'iOm I<ortl,ind Canal, at ..''..'{>?. 
'"'" },a»i(uet( Miniss at .'OS't. 
■!aW8t(.,)riii • ' 1 

Brigands piffro"'^'*^'"^ 

MIl.A.V. Antr . \r \ .)f Bci- 
canrts wliM lifii*! fl.esrenUed the moun- 
u< Ins a rourui Paligitio' Wn a b ig t-attle 
raiding cxpedlttun wti.^ ■ fntrr.pptPfi 
near Par mla b> a strung nwster of 
.farmers. After t-n i> of the brigands 
hud been killed the rest scampered 
;ivva>', 'lcn^lng a trail of blood from a 
third member nf their party, ^\ho liad 
I'een scveiel.v . wounded. , 'Avn**vrg the 
il<'?i.l is the iiotnri"'!'- rMfftqJn t'ap- 

- ♦ , - 
Most people are irir-li'ned to b'eit«>\p 
th*- "dope" iKsed .on Jpffrie.s was con- 
tained In the flve-onnce glove.s •worn 
b>' Jnhnsoil. It wapii't " In'" 
t H i r e r, — t ia ii i r a l ly — ha i mnefO( l' " l iv. '' \i 

The Doiiiinioo Trust Co. 

1; . prrpitred t" .irt >+~'- I K' "^ ' 

K - ^A'. i'.\T AJ^ij. ia-:i.;is . 

'I'K'.VR, < . .ii!iti-,i -iMMM'^ .(ii'l I !, 1 1 II \ 111- ill'' i-'Mi'r - I't Si<"-k', ditI 
r,,.,Mk~-.-4-A444«4aK .ui'J '_'lb'lj r..T77[;.iii;i -I' iM- It- .kk-i .■ Jiriji'"! 

,i--~m-C'l 1,'t i>ri''r'~k ' M.,,in'l •■.ik.i i.j 

A. E. PLUMMFR, Manantr 

■ tempo rary Offirr*, mn; Langlcy Strrci 

, tvM rit.*'"'; I— limwjwi if»jw^«i»r*l 


I'lrst ninrtRaco on farm propfrtj, 
n\«, voorH at 7 per f-ent. Good 
security aiid moral, risk, 

- $15,G00 

This win .«iland the closest Inyes- 
tliiratliin and contains ever.v es- 
denttal of the. soiindfijt neeurity. 
Full partlrulars on renilewt.. 
'■•OLONTST BOX NO. 3S.'-, 

HPH wii iwiiiwi ii 

A SNA!*! of these cbiTipalTiTrs pav speefaTiwrnp^^JThT''''^^^^ per day 

..ddJlfcn ■ ' ■ "■ - \ . ^ ' "foTRe Company ' • ■ 

Dividends^n Li§t?d Stocks for May > Unsolicited Testimonial— -Extract from Letter Received August- i6th__ 


I visited >-mir property a few dlyslfgb,. .ind- found, .\Ir. U. S. (.",. Todd i-i 
cUajLse--fUid-operatirig one of the best equipwciils I ever- saw in any oil field, 
"i nil cannot licjp gcfting a gtishcr on, ihaL^roimd, and thejieople who . 
Ivi.ught'MaricopaOil, arc in great luck.' ' Yours v,ery truly. .,,, 

■--^^- "; 3;irSigtir.tvC. Ji, TREAT, Secretary,' Midway View OiTro. 

Drilling Commenced JLulyJZiltb. Watcili tli0 D|iE^ 

Qypr agaoiXJvSliares Jiavc been $old px.\xMis^:j^l^J^nn!C.t■Kvt^^c1:±,.Js^ 


This-pftvpefty .was being held at .$1400 jicr acir. 'Npw "f 
. fercd for a- quick ."^alfe at • 

$1100- PER ACRE— $1100 

Jj. B: MAYMlTli it Compaay,,^^ 

Phone 1500. 

"St.fthon .RniTdln 

n' lwj — uri i iw i i Mi m9mm mitB m s'mrm»>w>' a»"vm miwan-'^vwv:!mm t-rarwrw 

TolalJDividends to Date,. 

Sliare?r"df^l VwlW VtM aiidN-aasAssessable, n()N\ each 25c 


fitobktiroka'-p and Plnanclal Agranta, 
■Vancouver. - 

. Pealera Iri Government. Mirnlclpal.- 
Rallway. .Trust and otnor debenturea. 

' Stock-'' on Ijondon, New .York, Alon- 
treiil 4nd Toronto Kxcliangea bought and 
Bold on Commlsalon. 

Funds 'Inveated for Cllen'ta on Mort* 
. traces and Real I^stata. 
■yon can deposit your money at 4 

H th<»re is; atiy *toek left f" 
• i.Soof^'V' •' 

Will Pr- , ■ '•■ ' ■ 

--.. V-T 

i( ih( .IriH reaches I ooo feet, the pr ice will .r)g..'adynm:MJi:^jJtOC;a3 ta5' sha Oil will be ^' 

ill' II -iikj'-n to quotation on the 'f)!) !'',,,-<\ 'k-ck/v i-.u l.ny dollar bills for 25c^ ' , 

" base These Shares Any Time Within Six Months at $ pcr-^Share 



Fiscal Agent, Mahon Buildin;\ Vic'oria, B. C. 


Tansfer Agents, Dominion Trust Co., Ltd., Victoria <S^ Vancouver, B. C. 





Members Chicago Bokrd'of Trade 
Victoria Stockbrokers Assn. 

14-16 Mahon Bldgf. 

1114 Government Stree 



.ORDE.RS EXECtTT-FTi^mr^i ; , \c\\x-^i^v,s- . 

.Qealers. in" Local Stocks, IMunicipak Cjovo-nnicni. Railway, 
'' Trust and All Other \Ucbentuics 

R. D. MacLachiar 

\'f.rnli \ I !"r' . Stocl;br(.)U«r»' 


B<<'ard nf Trrirl» IlulMlns:. 

J'lionn .i 1 1"). 

ri\-atc \ ■, 

I'l ^ iiM ,1,:..;'.). .'•-. t '.'.■ \ An k, I'd .f .1. 

I Subscribe for The Col jnist 

U ,aW'J'*Ml' '' '*''*'* < '^'^ '^ lf*^"'''^" ''*'''' ''""" ''"t^"' '^*""' " '"•V f "-^-!!-*"*''— ^Y**™** ™* -■''1*^ 



FHtl«y, Augutt 1«, 1910 





Onr cii' n h ord rach Itnerllon; 10 per., 
roBt. dlwcount tor »lx or more toiiiueuilv* 
Innfrllons -cmih with order. No advertl»o- 
iiiitnt at(;cplpd for Ions than :'5 c«;nl», 
*Luilnc»» aiul I'rnreiitiiiial Cards— Of four 
Itiiv* ui- uiuJ.r- -»l.uu i)vr Wi^uk. 
No udv.'rliB. itu 111 tUttikj^a uu account for 
Kn* Ihaii $::.^u 

Phone No. 11. 




■ -— - — T 'ill' 




iRirriTH. H.. B.. 

Llovfrnment St. PhomV l<*>'''_ 

H^"" o c ) i">E u? tiVoJ>7as7 ''' Alt cnf i't KCT— 1 N 
prartlco In H. C. for twiiuyllvB yi.iirii. 
I'lanB and HpifullU-alkins lurrilahod nii 'iPpll- 
tatio.1. Utttcv. b sistiTs muc k, Phone U2,,^ 

-0 A.NU 7 
Ki:s , U-TiM ; 

buildlnK. corner Brond lU'd Johi,i.«ori 

Muaerri utflcoa 


Flvi' Klstcrij lllock 

'IV 1; 

ufilCf. 11&7. 

(Iri'i'l, Vlii iiiia. 
nl»liid loiiniii 

ni'vvlv lUU'd up frnni bottom to top, 
(food Hccoinniod.iiit'n. uporllns gallery, <-otn- 
prUlnK mu-»Ufd photo* ol ttll Iho noted 
.pons and athletes up to i Iw- pttsuat-- ^ilJi*-. 
Bar always supplhid with UlsI fc-uoUs. Ihos. 
L. MoManu»,/l>roprl«tor. 

cation In Victoria, nicely furnlahod 
rooms . at niodfiaio prices. Weekly rated. 
All curs pasH Uriel. Two entrances, corner 

Yates and l>'),uglBS. Phono 317. ^ _* 


J. ■ i;ouK»us and C'ortiioriint St» . upii^oBUe 

City Hall: Iteiiovaied throUBhout. lloomi 

sffcomj/'to none In cliy. Bar 

the ,V(est. KuropeaU' plan only. -- 

In cv'>''-ectlon. .1. ■ Lucns, Prop. Phone^lTOJ. 







. ■ iiii; uicvKKICtX K.MI'I.OY!HKNT AM) 


LriTll PS A SHAHP. CONTUACTOU8 KOU I | v mM i - A PPlll'lNTK' K \V.\NTlOi)Ai APP 
S uph.dsterinK. ;.mov.n« and pacWlng ij.) „. . ■. Urn« Htor-, ^^jJ:^!:!tJtl!:ll 

carpels cleaned, etc.. lurnlturo repaired and 

St. Phono 214U. 


1009 Korl Street. Hours ;i:3U to 5.30 
Tcli'phpno 4 17. 





oollshed. 8U6 12)rt 
N ST/Jt .WIin/.KIft. 

ut. llooms 

(•plot 9 with/ 

Pool rooni 

^ili^*:;.-"".'-- -.-, - „..„rTrr-r~ IVrONEV ■l-POPicKLV INVKSTUD LKADi 

CKLWOOU WATKINS,, AHL.Hn.LL,l— /JJJ_ ^^^ fortun.^. This result may bo at 
. Room lU Klvo Sisters Block. Mctorla., ^^^ined by purchasing the best :iBc ""il H 

B. C. TcUplKUes: Oll;..L. ■:l!M^. Ueaiaoivce ^^^^ ^.^^ ^^ .^^^^ strand CaX«- ^ _. 

L-lSlS. __-/!^ ':.~ZT7'^,7^^,:~n,\r,~,^i"~~»^-i'j\'r'i.wv. — aI.L UN 

rnTnTN7;ii~Bii;t;T'oN""ca,, ltu.. wholk- 

1 sale dry goods. Importers artd inanufac- 
-tur-ot's men's furnlshlnKS, tents. »'« ""'^" 
brand, shirts, overalls. -Mall orders attended. 


JL St.. Victcru— Wholesale only, all tha 

leadliiK brands of Ihiuors; direct Importers. 
Wrltu for ll»i.B and pilcus. 

\\ '.\Nri';l)--.ST|tuN(! BUY. 

>> ham Broa., Mary (iireel. Vh- iurla W ■ si 

u'^iTv T'<-) I '- ! \\/'A NTBD—fA IlPKNt K RS 
' V try nt once, ft day. 


% irANIMCD— ,STU<.)Nt 
-^ T house. Box 3*> 


U i;olonl8l 




VV'KOod fireman; nisrlit worH- Ajiplj 

Box !»71 I'iMonlHl. 1_ 

\V,l'Ai\'J'KI)- (JOOD ftK)KK, ALSO THTlfCK/ 
*V housemaids and several K.>neralmaids 

I want work. * 





Idn help, BCO 

. li ghts lor 
ffwelTlliifa." £>»!. 

churches, schools /and privaLi 
\Vork3 lUUl storo/84S VatLb bl. 

4 "^•'' . ttOV, OVKU TaUt.3 
aV. experk-ncij ' hi" '~XfV~ ttU 

Johnsnn Kt. Why pay 
mor« Avhtn you can Btt the bi;»t for less. 
Meals 'Juc; rooms 2f>c and - up. .Bar replete 
with best i-oodfl.— Jo&«l>h-I3alaueim_JlXS'aii 

"(i "-W. CH ISUOLM & i.;&. MAN UFAt.'T LI R- 
bo ers of leaded arl/klass. Sec us betoro 
placing your order. /Hepalrlns a specialty. 
Phone 2268, 803 Fo^< street. 





Dsny./R. P. Clark. MannRer. Role 
aifenls ■ fp<^ Bulcks, Franklins. numbers. 
Clemettt/Talbuts and RWtfrs. Storase. sup- 
plies. >Oe8 all sizes and makes. Bulk gaso- 
line ^d oil. Repairs, complete vulciiniailnS 
plarfL High class livery. Telephono MKe. or 
iy\iue busy 2067. - -_ 


ulwavs open. European plan; culslno 
unexcelled; bar best goods; rates muderatu. 
^yrlsht & Faulkner l^hoha llOS. J 

. agement. Most central In -i'^ lin* 
meeta all steamers and trains. t.:,>li.u:i S- 
Grant, proprietors. Phone 480. ' 

W1L.SON HOTEL. 64«-(l48 -nTTES '^PT. 
European plan; large anfl alry^rooms 

bar supplied with best (joods. 
proprietor. Phone 1032. / 




of minwood, wood, hark, etc Four- 
toot lengths, ♦i.fiu Per cord; stove lengths, 
la 00 double^ load. 326_John Sl._ P^'^^Ji^lt 
?SuEAF~iurEL^TR'Y A "TiEAPlNa pOU- 
Kj hie load of short cut ■""' 'j^^^f.'n ,",- 
Uverod to any part of ^'ly ?'«*•»" Vli"' 
hy Cameron LMrnhg*- '•"■• ^^'^- P^one 8»t. 



\> trade. Apply Ih" <:'"ll^'>'-t PUimt'l"*.' 

,V: Heullng Co., Ltd.,_7jif;_Jl^'^JlJjl[.\.'"_i:'2':. 

1 V yenex ..f Mge. 
< •<). , ' J-.l d - .. 

vv^prEi; v. .x.ntkd at stuanu cake, 

VV 550 Johnson street. . • 

'.,___ , \1EV.ERAL CA1SAK1E.S FtVR SALE— SO.Ntl- 
lAHN '^ »''''■"■ ■■ ' 

ms available for the suUnon 

fishing season... .\pply S^ Dlghu.-n. _^ 


under new management, good boaUng, 

bathing and fishing. Hotel can luge m. jts 

trains at Cowlehan station. For li rms apply 

O., B. C. 

and Kiom 



lols, eaeli (;()Xl,rfi; no roik; level; rlo«. 

t,j two car liViei'on easy terms at Jl> 
, u.'h Pemberton &: Son. ,8M F ort street. 

rai ni»iu». j^^,,,, ^^ cawivhiin sialloi 
IMAKKK5 T. L. Forr.jst, tiorfleld 1^ 

14 OR In 
(•hftUoner & MllchoU 


to take orders lor be.ii 
imlves' In Canada; hlgheNi 
1, , liillorVng iv'u-. Llmiii; 1, 


every iMVvn t( 

'I'oronio, On I ______ ^— 

y t-jwn io take ord. la i;;; best 
custom rn;,.|.' .-lothes In. Cann.hi IhKhest 
comntlBs;..^! \ y 'raUQrUie'^iO . I'-'i. 1 <■■ "> 
to. Oht. • , 


• L capable ciok. housekeeper for bacli 
elor's establlshmeiiL 

References nioal satis- 


•* . -UeepiiiK rooins; fr,tH> rontj foi building a 

_ room ■ eotloge In 
Princess' tiyenue. 

■pttre IHntrr Apply li.'ifl 

IJ ■ .Icwell block, corner Yates and Doug- 
las Btreets,— -VlOM^rla. B.- C lelcphones— 
Office. 557; Residence; 12:' 


a Lb. 1 1' 

to 6 p. 


HENDERSON, Dl-.i- lloT, LEE 

,111.),- corner Broad and Johnson 

i.u ;:;«0. Ofilco liours: 'J. 30 a. in. 

Evenings by (appointment. ^ 


Yates St.. GurtSche block. Utflcu 
hoursi U.3U a.''' lit. to S p. ni. » ,^. 


VV everj 

1I IKT VOI'R llOI"SKKRf''l' 
I • ■^ with lis; no charge un^l 
:a tenant., VVurbtirion ^ tVi., 
nient St rpei, ..upstairs. 

I NO noi:)Ms 

we flnil yo\i 
lOO.I Goveiii- 


guests taken. 



Rates ILbO per day. 'Vf'- 


and. Seaside summer resort, a few 

ge garden, beautifully sltXiat- 
,d, nesr sea. On ,oar line. Terms moder- 
ate. Phone L72e, ' ' ' 

road, lart 

1^ suitable tor .voung or old,coUl>lt.-;_Jllod- 


HM BUiWOOD, mechanical engineer 
. and dranghisman; machlntry InstalL 
drawings Prepar'idjU^^ijni """ " - 


I I- iilng looms; gas for cooking; ■ 
-111.' 1022 r'andora street. 

eel ; 



' a lid 

cHglTieir — iv— tl< — uo*. 


pany, 7:1 Fort street. phone 24al. 
I'ontracts taken by week, or moplh. 

T pany, "2l 

<rn; P. 0._Box. m. 

T r m\'''l\s~T HI -^ :-'•'' WNER FORCED T' 1 
11 K" 10 EnKlun.l. v^Ul sell GO , acres h'». 
land ii» Saanich dlslilcl, .'iO acres cleanse 
■^>^ in /limber; no<,d - runnlnK .. 9^<-i-Hi>\; ". 
newly 'lenccd, Mr »;!;<'l I'V »;'''■■,'••'.•'', 'V' 
|olnin« property caJtnot be bought at Ji" ' 
-Tier acre. . Box 8S3 Colonist. 

^OR "«A^^"'^I ^' K -l'<->0 M ^If l"* KR>' ' ^ " '■ 

■" lase 1 lid of cat- line; good lfi,wns; ba»' - 
inent, eli.-." Pr^ce 1(2,000; easy terms, -'i'': 
Colonist.. ,: . ■ ■ ' '_. 2 :: .- 

,->OR HALK— A 8NAI'— -LOT BOxlI*: hlgW. 
il«i.,ro(;k, close North Ward park,' »«-." 
Box .la'B Colonist. ■ 

■* lot. 5BxlRr„- neiir T^F»*^11 Ria;mm. ; A| • 
ply'lo c. PruvlB, 107. Wilson slrpct, \l 
to'rla Wesi 


\V cover British Columbia with stapl.i | „^^,,„ ,.,..„, .h„,, „ 

line. High cuminlssl^jns. with »100 monthly 
advance. Permanent p.)«l.iauxi....l.a .rlglLt man. 
Jess. H. Siiilth Co.. Windsor, Oht. 


..jeov-a. atJUMH.. 

1. psrrtly ftirnlshed or unfnrnishtd. 710 
Biirdptti- avenue; phone 1112.11. 

JL two bedrooms and kitchen. 437., Bell- 
vtlle street; opposite C. P. R. Docks. 

pphone 129.. 



r.iapB. Electric 
l.lh Langlcy St. 

A. NY "length IN ONE PIECE, 

per £(i- — 

Blue Prints anU Map Co. 

JL six "cents *per"*£ooi. limber and land 


3oatB ind launches built; estlniates. 
rtpah-B. designs. Shop. 424 David -sXreJl. 
W. D. Buck, manager. Phone 205. 




vatpd throughoot, and equipped In the 

most modern and up-to-date stylo, and sup- 
plied with best goods. Alex. Llpsky. prop. 




specialty of English watch repairing. 


zinc!, lead, cast Iron, sarks. bottles, 
rubber; highest prlt-cs paid. Victoria JunJt 
Agency. 1620 Store street. Phone 1336. 



i). ver Civil, criminal and commercial 
investigations R. S. Baron, Buperlitten- 
rnc Head office. Rooms 207 and 208 Crown 
building, Vancouver, B. C. Phonu »-«*. 

liloudhuund tr ailers kept. 

1 gem^ral Un« .rlminal and c vll private 
deterfive work, or will find rlho whcie- 
Mh.uia of any pel sons Whoso. Indentity or 
addresses are JnknowB. -»01» .Govorninenj. 
street, phone 2171. '■ ,____ 

>V crtiniry, working hg^is.k' !•■ ■ .,1 m.h- 
eiiil set^vant tor rainily of four. Apply stal- 
ing. wages rcnilr..! to .Mrs. KtrattleliJ .Mount 

.\i \vlMh, ■ I ' • ■ '■ • ' ij. 1. .-, 11. . ~ 

..■,.,.. liceilr 

rooms; new house, 54» RIthet street. 


■-'■ctlvc Hues alt-ied; grates re- 
Restdenco 253b Blanchiuji. oH'eot; 



1}.I.\9.C.5; l-'J.'.l'*' 



.\pply ! 

nr l:i'V iinn:«>; mum 
O. Box 1'iA, 



J equlped bookbindcry In the province. 
in- result is equal In pr oportion. , 

BOTTLES ■ . ■ ' . 

T AJ*D{*C A 115-0 VH D BNKH — **•« B; 
XJ son. »r.l Johnson -UTreit, phone RIISO; 
expert on nir garden, ami orchard deiulls; 
Pritnhig and cl.-aning from liiHecls. roses a 
special tv: lawns graded aiid flnlBhed In lust 
second or third quality, at:<:ording to con- 
t ra'^ ct. ... 


i\. (Sbod Pflces paid. . Victoria Junk 
_A£eni^y, 1620 Store Titreet. ■ j;h<)ne .3,.u. 


JU builder. Plans and speclttcatlons .pre- 
nared for approval. E8tln;jates furnished 
SS any Class of structure. Offices Cor. Rol- 
and Ave., and Oxl'ortl_.Sl..__P^O._Hox !,.■ 0. 


' X26. Best service In the city. 


W'A.NTWD- A l'tiR.-^f>^ TO TAKE.J KN- 
>V lire charge ot a baby three nl«nthB 
OKI., JCtply stating I' riiia to Box 40^ t.oio- 
nist. "'— . ' ' ' , , ,1 ' 

-^ KXPERiiiNCKD ttKinr 

maker for hiuh cla jg l»dlP » tallorlni;. 
•crd. yuinker, «.5-» \alee, ^ 

1 V maker 

VV Cumberland Bloiv; must be experl- 
i!nc«d; good wagfs. AppLv Siinon l.eiser 
& Co.. Ltd.. "whoita»le grocer*. VUnor ia. 

JL ronrn *lfh. use of dlnlngropm, kitchen, 
bath and telephone. Apply 120 aovernment 
street; Jamoa Bay. No children. 

. ■ housekeeping rooms, one as bed-sitting 
TooiTV, other kitchen, gaa cooker, sink hot 
and cold *ater, etc., bath, <M V«ek. Barnes 
834 Cotirtney SI f c f t . — 

Irno to order bulbs If you wish .vour 
garden to be beautUuJ- 1" t'"' X.'^<,\y "111 /'l 
snowdrops, crocus, tulips, daflodlls, 1 lies, 
hyacinths, eu. Dutch, Japanese and local 
s.'ed. S.nd V. I.', for particulars to T. E. 
Woolatone, . Beach House. C^dUoro Bay, or 
I ■. < ). B ox 1020. _; ^ 

disposal 'of needlework; handicnat 
.iiiil ev. ry branch of woman's work will be 
held in the vvoniah's bulliling at the fall 
fair Ladl*<- Interested may obtain fuller 
particulars <in . application^ Ay Mrs. A. " E 
itlchards. Royift^^Oak, P. O. 


To L.BT--Ki;.RNlSH^D HOlMS BKgg y 
inK rooms. 819 Pandora avenue. 

S2a North Park street. . 


VV key-fluiilloating -■•-maohlne in Vic- 
toria for Yale and poslolflce keys. Insuring 
^.p.rf.ct (U always. H. M . Wilson. Hi 

EASY Tl"Tllin.T;"N'KW r.-ROOM 
cottage, one block from paik 
half biiiclv from /car; halls and dlnlng-rot.,,i 
panell.d and burlaped plate rails. ''"'''"' 
sideboards; full " slsed basement ; inwralrs 
lUlert so Ihflt two more, room •< > i" i"- ii-li 

f.(X Ht ■,'mr - thit.-, i-VwviM^^t' ■■ ■■- 

Fort Btri'ct. • . 

Jo froni Victoria, 02 acres. U rlearerl. 
new modern (!-ri«)ni house, all conyr-nlenc,-^. 
four good wells and engine, , l.,40ii appl. 
trees it'.a ve a r a; -&a-old In full ^bearing, ov..- 
100 varieties of Irult irei'S. also e«"d I.- 
rooni eoilagi-; four 'nodci-" <Milckeii 
h.iuses and- large barr.s; 2.000 „XPrds 01 
wood. Price $14,000; S5.0OO on niortga^. 
for four vears. Apply Fletcher, fiox 100... 
Victoria. Also for 8,ale. eight miles from 
Victoria, 20 ai^res. li cleared with Iwo gooil 

wells. ■ PrI 


i»ee-- acre. 





• Embossing — Nothing too large and 
nothing too small, your stationery Is yo^^ir 
advance agent; our work is unequalled west 
of Toronto. The ColonUt PrioUas aod 
Publishing Coi. Ltd.' . ■. . , ;.. . 


son .& sons, proprietors; R. D. Thotnp- 
son, manager. Corner Carroll an^..,^Vaier 
streets, Vancouver, B. C Vancouver s list 
hotel. SltuattU In the heart of »»!««:">'• 
kiodcrnly laiUluped throughout. Midday 
luuch a BpocUiiiy. European plan. JjaiUttd 
lor goo d whiskey. ■ . 

■ burn, propTHitor. This w»ll-known i# d 
popular holtl entirely rebuilt .and refurnish- 
ed U now open to Us patrons. Steam heat. 
fine 'commodious rooms, Hrst-ciass dining- 
room best attention to comfort of guests. 
American plan »i.50 to t2.00 pur day. Euro- 
pean plan. 550 upwards. 318 Westminster 
avenue. ' ... 

VV . c»r« of two children. ««'' Colonist. - 


liAJ^TBD^A, .W AlTRKSd. Al'PLY O0^ 

cottage, ample grounds an,d every 
conven ience; situated near Four-Mile House. 
P. p. BBx~"8ST~Vlcmrlfl. 

minion Hold. 

T UNEY BROS ^-r'~.,i»^ ..cle-s on 

Ll tl-aciors. are prepared to give PtH^:^u. 
all building and Jebblng w 
We attend' to yOttr— nrtjier. 


Fort street. 

CHIBOI*0»ia* . Wt 


U\l, C'R Room 8. Lee Building. Broad 
,tfcet. Telephone-, 377, P.' O. Box 542. 

PG ALDOCS. C.E.— AJl kind* of civil 
. engineering, and surveying undertaken. 
Koliroad location and construction a spe- 
cialty. 1107 Langjey gtrjset . • 

new parts of all kinds made In brass, 
copper and steel, or any sort of motal. Ma- 
chine shop. 1S9 Government. St. Phona »3U. 


baths; medical massage. 1006 Fort St. 
Phone .B-1965 . ■ : >. , ' 


quarter ot:*_c«niury*» experience, and 
modern equlpmdnt at your service. Free 
examination. Lenaea girouu* on ipremlsea 
Phone 2259. ' ; [_ 


W.rA N 'lf B U — A~ 
\ V housework. 
i:tO Men'/.i<s street. 

Apply .Mrs.. Owen Copas, 

work. ul5 Siipcrlur atrcet. 

fprtabl<^ home; . City; must bo lair 
cook; Stale age and uny references. Bo* 
2S3 Colonist.' -. , ' ■ ' - 

VV hotel, Langlpy atrctjL ADuly bo 

. . ..^..-, Langlpy 
tvveen 5 and fi p. ' m.. 

ings and Camble streota Headquarters 
tor mining and commeiclal me-n. Rates »2 
and upwards. Atklos, JoUnsoa * btewart. 

propriiitors. , ■-■^'. ,. 

V V glrf and assist 
.Mrs. Ale'Cllnlock 
1 'and 2 p. m 


In liouscwork. VVpp'-y 

Dallas Hotel, ~ between 

galow, furnished; »30 per month; good 
ba«; gas atove for cooking. 241B 
Douglas slreel. j_.. 



"furnished, $20 month; corner Badcn- 
PowpU and First aveI)Ui^, Ladysmlth. D C. 

JL three months; Improvement on BeilHz 
method. Trial, lesson free, 1309 Stanley 
avenue, phone RltJll. _^-.^ 

'" your own matcilal. Ordcca taken'.' at 
.Vs. Turner, 817 Fort airi-iL - 


n (Lato _Se rgt. SolQls.t^^ aijii teagltx 

lixl V and ~Lon- 
puplls. 10l>5 

cr, Royitl Artlliirry-*fl5 _ 

doD concerts, etc. Desires 

Rich mond avenue. " — 

cutlon and expression, 1202 Vancouver 
street. _ ' ^ 

i> the original buyers In . Ea'Fkdale a*H4^ 
now ..n sale an^OO per lot with »25 <-«»h- 
and »10 inonthl.v.; 50 per cent lia« already 
iM-en made bv Investors In. Parkdalr. All 
but two of the original .^.55 l'"« li";''! "j^" 
sold. These two lots are offered for Jloti 
each on same terms. IVmberton & ""l^' 

014 Fori •gtr oi-t. ■ ■ 

Ji\. for $no; »10 cash. $5, for a lew 
days. Bo x X Y A Colonis t. 

townsite. Mr. Child hiialB^ne to Fort 
and on his return In about two 
-w-tt- H-.vmt- aH «bi> u l-tho — lovyJiattc.^ 

Child & 

C'o., 707 'ii Yatrs alrinn:. 

. purchase, vicinity of Beacon Hill park 
and Vancouver street. ' Warburton ft Co,, 
1005 Govern.ment street, upslaira 

rlvfc at Vancouver take largo auto bus 
which will take you to this hotel froc. Our 
service Is the best obtainable al the price. 
American plan. »1.50. to »;s.u0 P-j^ day. Auto 
makes one trip dally around ataauy Paik. 
F. Bayncs, prop rietor. ■■ ' '. '■ 


KJC Uregor:- Mgr. Land ^Surveyor _ and 
civil enginccrsT : :C. hancc ry Chambers^ F. O. 
Box 162 Tcl. A601. Fort Geor** offloe. J. 

F Teinplelon, Mgr. > " ~' """.' 

bia Land Surveyor. 522 Fort ■treet. 
VliTCorla, B. ,C. Telephone L-16i7. J?- O. Box 
•:t3. - • • ® -', :. -, ■ ■ 


\J factory, Alfred Joaea All kinds of 
aUeraitons. Jobbing work, 1003 Aancouver 
and Vatea atrJanlj «tftce phone JB20U. itea. 
R79B, • • ■, . ■ ^ ~-- . • 

trastor. 112S View street. Phone 1564^ 

kaJsomlner and paperhanger, 749 Mar- 
Ret Btret, Victoria. B. C. Estimates cheer- 
fully given on application. _ ^ _ 

O brushe*; apeclalty of wallpaper. , the 
newest pattern*. Give me a calL .Store 
1B07 Douglas street. Phone R-1084. 


iVl Lachlan buggies, traps; cannot .be 
beaten for durability. Warehouse 717 John- 
eon tl. Phone V336. ^^ 

CLOTHES <;leanino 

■ repaired and pressed; umbrellas and 
parasols made, repaired and re-covered. 
Uuy W, Walkifi-,. 708 Johnson St., Just east 
.,( Douglaa Phone L-1267. ■ 

X undertake every branch of the palatine 
ani decorating buslncsil and giiarantee aat- 
Isfactlon. — 

^^. "noT 6935. meets at Foresters' Hall, 
Broad street, 2nd and 4th Wuduesdayg: W. 
F. Fullerion, secretary. 



\A7ANTEDr-TO' K*I*P .•HOUSE iwt 
V V three men. Apply »>a7 North Park 
street, between thfl hours of 6 and II P- J"^ 

V V cook I n g , ■ isrri all ranitly^r^itchcn— rmttd- 
kept; good home. 183 Colonist. <^ 

modern conveniences, on Fort street. 
Apply Ro om 2. CPU Government sireet. 


Hillside a v«nue,-«l«sc to Do&gloa 8t,reel. 
H. H. Jones. Ilooiii SO, Promis Block, Gov- 
( rnmenl street. 


X 1 


\\7ANTiCD -A.smSTANT .NUf 
VV . Kclowmv Cottage Hospital, 
month. State nualirteatlons, 
experience and agv. 
Box «S> Kelowna. jB. 

., salary »30 


c'xp<;rl'0nce_ and ag»<^ Vl^pply ' +0 secrtlary. 


Xv Attorney. Patents In all countrlea 
Fairfield building, opposite P. O.. Vancou- 
ver.' • ' _■ 


dry ele^nlng,' {pressing and repairing 
„.. short notice. 1736 Govel-nment street. 
^'Ictorla. a,ti.^ ' . 


i on 


of *ood and coal. Delivered- to any 
part of city, at current ratea Phone 823, 
yards. 735 Pandora. ' , 

vT ^xsitat "Wpott piled In- yard or lot be- 
fb'fe cuttln'g.' Meaiuri guaranteed. In cords 
or over. Tel. 1 49. ' 


llerles Coal. Comox Anthracite Coil* 

Blacksmith's and Nut Coal specially prs- 

'pafi'd,rTtl S3; V232 GoV er^imcn t St-____V_ 

KINOilAM. J. « CO. '-r oirFICK 1203 
BROAD St. Coal delivered to any part 
dl the city at current ralea Phone 647, 
Wharf, loot o't Chatham St, 

Ltd— For first Class workmanship In 
the above line give us a tjlai. Temporary 
offices TS5 Broughto n St. . P hone BS3. 

'T~x;~atSS^''so.v, plumbing. «t<jvb- 

A.. fltting.; 3 541 Bla^n^^hal'd;-^^^^on^^ Rl»l '; 


Friday, Jg. 6t P. Hall. cor. Douglas 

and Pandora streoJifc^jJi U .SouUl, K. ul «; 
and S. Box 544. ^ 

So Lodge 116 meets -1st and 3rd Wednes- 
day, K. of P. Hall. W. Appleby. FouPBay, 
Prtildeht; J. Crlicbley. Secretary. Sidney. 

B. C. . ^^___ . 

C> Lodge. A. O. i'. Hall. Broad street. 
2nd and Uh Tuesdays, President fc Pom- 
eroy, Victoria West. Secretary. W. Dawson, 
ri^tead Street. Esqulifialt.- „ .-.:„ 

cruelfy to Antmala Office 1212 Broad 
street. Phones. Inspector Uussel, l«Jl, sec- 
retary L2343.^ '_ .____ .1^ 


baby and do light housework; would 
like her to g» to Kamloops tor winter,. 
Apply- «:» Andrew- stt^elrcarner^JjimiA 

cvehlng s; Victoria . W'St. , 

■\A''ANTEDl-A'"'''NUtlSERY GOV]gBNB8a 
V\ ApWy .Mrs. Si^'-^r H; Matfpn. Mount 
Adelaide, Esqulmall. between the ttoore ot 
J-1 am. and 1 

X. ■ nlshed at 1485 Foi't Street, for sU 
months or one year from Stptcmbtr 1st. 
Phone 2180; no sraajl children. 

Co.. Ltd.. have removed their farm Im- 
plements, buggies, wagons. etc., to TS3 
Johnson street, east ol Douglas street. 

q\ilred for land ■ clearing, logging etc.. 
Free trial. Prices and terms apply The Du- 
crest Stump Puller, and Tool manufacturers, 
466 Burnslde road, .Victoria B. C. 

all, bulldker and contractor, has 
removed lu Hill Fort street, abovu yuadra. 
Tel. 820. 

' chango for lots; new home and horr 
acre of ground on beach. Price »>l,.50. 
Owner, Munday's shoe store. 


land ; 


Distrlcl,- 320 acres^ near lak". • 
a mile from station. rall- 
and main road run through prop- 
also 'streaHirvlenty of ■\vnter and good 
small, log cabin. I'rlce .»20 an 

Tenns'io b« arranged. 
Box lO'iS 

Apply Owner, P. o. 

X furnished six-room cottage, all modern 
convenlenci'S. near beacli, and car line. 
Apply 31' South Turner street. James Bay. 

long ladders, stepr. meat sate, dog 
bouses In stock and madi to order. Jones. 
Capital Carpenter and Jobbing Factory. 1003 
Vancouver and Yates street. . ■ 



r^ ioria; splendid anchorage; inagnlflecoL 
view- good land and wafer; nice tarjarhes. 
For price, et c., apply Owner, V. O. Box 1063. 

townsUc, Child & Co., Room. 9, . 707 ',3' 
Viites street, " . ■ ■■ . ' 

10 rooms with all modern convenienc- 
es. Jsrge garden with flowers and vege- 
tables, twenty-four, fruit trees,. thirty dollars 
per monlh or would lease lor onp year. Ap- 
ply Viclprla hotel. ' '". 


board optional, 334. Michigan street 
phono L1446. > 

VV ho 


X erators wan-fed. electric power mar_jmsht. bath, hut and cold. 
chines; eight hour day, union wnses.^ Be- 
gmners taught. Apply VlU i n w P <-« t" «-*,<^'>,; 
factory corner 0' Bastion and Wharf streeU 
Victoria.' . . ■ J _^_ 


tfsekeeplng rooms to lut ; electric 

813-817 FortJiL- 

go-cart. Apply Box 400 Colonist 

■ ■■ -ZTr" purchaser irom xen acres up, 

I.-^OR SALE— A SILVER PLATED ,^AXAs- j,eid twlco the price 1 am 
phoj^e E flat, deafly new; ih'e latost good, sc<^enty-UVc .»i;r<>, f«J'i 
model. Aopiv 521' 15fllcc iife.t , concerns, can Show fifteen 

.. . . ' — ' ' »«...n..i. Invnutftrl If VDU 

In 4-foot an.d short 'lengl ha. close to 
tfeep water, at Cosl «T cQtring 
Birch. Sldiiey. P. O 

.^TPfy «^*- *. 

P5 feel- high; car line; n.^nr Government 
buildings, »850: terms. Owner, Box 161, 
Colonist. ~ . . , 

VT from Victoria on E. & N. Railway easy', 
•to clear., closo to.. K Pfld market, tlosi to 
school an-d" churcTiJa Will cut up to suit 
Durchaser from ten acres up, land adjoinin;? 
- - - ■ -■ --■ — ' am asking. ' Also 

rm, as a' going 
concerns, can Show riitcen per cent on 
money invesleA. If you mean business , 
write for particulars. No a«ents need apply;. 
Box S.^3 Colonist. ' ■■■' ,. 

VV.^ea Appiy »1>.» Angus. 


3 rd fi 

ces. Appli'.^illBS Alcillilanj__3rd floor 
Spencer's ■ . _ — . — 


e-*«»f*K' 1' 

1 »i<Hi STANLEY 

JOUt/ RISII. (i'AtWfortahly furnished 
t'ooms; board optional; teims inodcrate; 
close In: ol«<:;trltJ . Ugh* and bath. Mi"* 
McAndreWi ,. . 

1^-gtt t--^ I, F^ -T >:<.>»-. i.\M--: HoR.sft.POWEU 
X boiler and engine, fiisl class condition. 
Apply Parsons Brldgt Hotel. 

L ...iiarved and Inlaid, In good- order. 1214 

Broad street. 

ij^oR s.\T,E::::rri'Tn 

y Xlt.l N 'il ' DTNGHV. 

.' Burnsld 

M.V rjurusldo road, close to Poriago inii t 
and prdp' Ogoa ltllM. 'T7 acre* ul. J2C0. a Siiaii_ 
Holmes, ' Burnslde greenhouses, bira'.vborry 
V'ale, P O. ' 

_ 8-l2-ft.i beam : sail MoM tlttinffS 

Donaldson. Work Point Hanaiks.' 



■nilRD-CI.ASS B. f. 

.latt" 'and goo.l prueili-al knowledge- 

of generators anil a. runiulajocs, wanuiwoik 
or anv kind. AiHiiy H.I.X 38« Colonist . 

J' certltlcj 


' xlerlcal work, sinan at «;ures. well 
reiommenrted; marri.d Ro" '•O* 
Colonist., '■" ■ 


Fire Clav. Flower Pots, etc. B. L. 
Pottery Co.. Ltd,, Cor. Broad and Pandora 
Sts-. Victoria, ,B. C. 



X laying birds for ^sale, also on« nale 
bird; one brown Ifghorn ; ime maW; one in- 
cubator. 2024 BelmoM, ■ •■• 

mare,, broken single 

galns Victoria Real Estate " Inyest- 
ments. timber and fruit lands 616 Fort st 
Phone 1610. Cable . address, "Cuthbeft. 

tate, loans, timber, mines and. rentals. 
Ofttt'PS Vancouver. New Westminster and 
Victoria, 619 Trounce Avenge. Pho ne 646. 

PAl^s'Xt:R. J. E. * SONS— COAL. WOOD 
and Eiark, ot lines; quality at current 
iBtes. Try our' new and specially prepared 
nut coals^-Phone 5»8. . Office 611 Cormor-^ 
ant St. 


tate Financial and Timber agents. In 
•tmsineBs In Victoria for over twenty years; 
office 636 Fo rt street . , ^ i 

estates, timber loans. /rentals. eollectlonS 
OfOccs: Bcglna. SasU.. and % ictorla, ». L. 
Office : 1310 Broad St. Phone 1<23. - . 

B'AILMAKF.iIl5_ •_ 

d awnings, camp furniture.' Warehouse 
670 Johnaon St. Phono 796. f , ^ 


._, cream, milk and buttermilk; re- 

ilabli* for quality and pijrity. Dairy 1110 
Douglas St.. or Phone 188. ' 


gle and double; weight 
about- l.lf^O, : or 8 years old; sound as a 
bell and not frightened of anything; a Kood 
driver an* cant H« heat for delivery. Prlc«i 
»250: pho no Ml 867. 

\\rA:sTED. 'ro...PukcHASK. a Gordon 

VV setter ptJp; "must be cheap; 'for cash. 
Apply Box 362 ''Luawnaat. 




'• Vorkshirri swlneO both sial^;* Uie bil 
growth V, early mn4urlng kind. Appry Har 
lap Bracfoot Farm, Mount Tolmif,-; B. \. 

T,-^XPE»1EN!CKD TR.^VEI.ER and 8 

l^^vjljac— ilIeUmxi_.x-x4^"/ 1' 1?"' „ ''^'^'j'//'. 

iiation-,. any .capacity 

A i ) ply 



' Box '8 6 * '' O l* " 

rno LET— comfortably .. furnished 

X front rooms with Use 6f kitchen if re- 
quired. 328 .Mifhigan Street. James Bay. 


■^ room with t-very convenience. 860 John- 

son street; phone R906.' 

X onable rates. Hottl Canada, 1318 Bro 


Street. Phone L391. 

X sitting room.- e.v-Va bedroom It required, 
use ol klt-chen, bath, electric light, quiet, 
ple-asant houso On car line. Mrs. Walker, 
city Umlls, Esquimau roadv Phone R1627. 

zltis street. Two minutes from^C.P.R. 

miles from Victoria on main road, 23 
acresr pretty six roomed bungalow, recently 
•painted Inside and out spf^nS t> iter on 
house, barns, stables, five chlcketi house?. 
100 fruit trees. l,t)00 strawberries, kitchen. 

___________ — ^— garden, all small fruits, about six acr«s In 

7\OR .<<.\J.E— OAK StliHmiARD WITH ^^^^ ^J,^ peas and .seeded down to clover 

and grass. 80 chlck;?ns. -ducks, three Incu- 
bators, brooders, good family, cow . nnd a 
quantity ^t farm Impl^tnenta ,'A genuine 
going concern. »2,0U0 takes Immediate pos- 
session. Price 17,000. 10 years to, pay ths 
balance. Apply J- K. Colonist office^ 

_ bevelled Ijlass ihlrroi 
1534 Fllford street. 

Apply vvenlhBs. 



ll p I Mgitl- 

V 1. Heck, May'nc, 



S.\,IVE--.M'Ol'Olt L.Vt'NVH. 
nnB; i 
,\ppiy caretaker 


'Gladys. " 18 feet long; alniosi new. In 

first class condition. 
Bay house 




1931 Shares al 34c. <i B , P. O Box 

365. 'X ^ • _.. _ 

Xl-^ANTEl^-A LOT- ON 1.1 
VV nu.'-: stale terms: own. 
■37.1 Colonist. 

rs onl.v. 




pr'nclloal req^rrirn-"^. t 
dress- with pa-rtleu!.!' s._l^' ^>_ 

-wniTts wf jt*kr A d - 

o Box 3i)r>. 

shuatlon, on ran-iv 

wife, dairy work 

-m oil private plat'*-. 
Kite keeper. Box 338 

on ranch, li( ■ 
kind . of slock. Bo;. 


'. ~.\u lif-oce wllh all 
wv.t Colonist- . 

Ii^OR \\SALE — THOHOCUMiirtJiu WlIiK- 
: -haVred terrier pups, 937 Port street; 


_ -haWed t 
phone .R21.9T. 

j/itjR SALE— CHJOO .MfLJilNG COW,. J50. 
X^ V. tlij'gory, Ml llStrea m. ^ 

ISTENt-llJ AN» ^«5A». KMOBAytSa. 





JOSEPH — OFFICE 66 'Wharr 
T- ; ; ■ 1 • worre I.TI;— — r — — - — •. 

V'B.'TllJtl.V 'till i.'K 
• Telephone 13. ^ 

, ANCt DBA?. CO.- 


c' steam' dye"w6rk8~thb lar- 

g»st. dyeing and cleaning works In the 
pin\ln<:e. tjountry order's solicited. Tcl. 
;00. J. 1.'. Renfrew, proprietor: ' ' 


X streft. - 'We clean, press and repair 

behind Post Office 

N Cutter, Geo. Crowther, 1* Wharf St., 

X" Terries puppies from English imported 
prize winning; slock, Scotch Bakery. Doug- 
las stT'eet. , -• ■ 

frli-r bitch for Salf '" 

■'Bfnx' R"3 Colonist. 

taEVEN gIjATH »"0U sale C'HEAl'. 
K? Alipiy 1. V. t'ooppr , P. 0. Box 161 <'Hy- 

\j puppies; 
Mnd further 


tANTED— srrr.viu 

H. M. 



I > N 

. Mlilil'll" 


kind' or'uk nlsH' watchman 

,\ N Y 

l.«ox 311) 

.'i/a' Warburton & Co., -WfOS Government 
stree't. ' : , 


\\,'ANTED— TH 

-7V-V- 61oiidSo Cor 

take In exchange 

(!bo<wv Bl'V.^l 12.-ROO.M • FURNITURE 

W*»>"'J -b<iaraing house. La'ly,smlthr-B. ** , 
lease one year, rent only t: » Cor. Bndcn- 
Powell anrt-'Flrsl aventr.--. - nanssmBh r' B. ' 

thousand dollars to take a working 
interest In business. Apply Box 341 colo- 
nist ■ 


.lorilal for\sale; for particulars apply 
Box 322 Colonist 

W'WTKIl- KOIR. '1<» I'iVE ACRE.S 0> 
VV bush l-«Ml, inufi he -heati; uplghbor- 
hood «r iJo,.|..n "llend or lordova Baj.. 
Ma'rinan * \,.,.|.ln.i ;..'!l Vat. a street 



i I'l^ANTED- TO EXt'HA.NGF 25 A' 

' VV linpruve.J .^aanlch pro.|.. rty f^'', V'*-^ '•<»'?%- 

mpany wiN elih>-r bm 

I Otik Bay. 

\ t. ij .-.»., 11.'-'. |.. ■-■.I- . -., - . 

PhutiB — U231J, ■ Iti ' JO — Uulton — Vt-T- 

. VV dIUm slird—dump 
Apply Box 395 Colonist 




carclaki'.r . or .laniiwi 
work. Box Sit Coiofllst 

any light 

'TlTANTED BY A vol NO MAN. STEADY -- ,^jn 
VV. work. Apply Box 329Colonlsi_ -^ )*. 


X contents of a 20-room board and lodg- 
ing Irouse loiBied wllh'tn five minutes of 
the post ottlce, lias a splendid connection 
and Is alwavs fli.lj'v occupied. A Splendid 


VV .Anialgamai.d ' ix-volopnun' ' ■ 

shares'.- Apply 357 1 'olon|»t.- '^ _, i 

rpo THE "citizens of ah'Toria: 
X Names and addresses wgntrd of 
pectlve- settlors and home-buyers now liv- 
ing In British Isles and Canada. PW-hsh 
Send names to Vancouver Island Devejnp 
menl i.eague, 534 Broughtpn ftreel Vl. 
Ioria. Literature and full, informstlon 

sent to all nattiJ-s rurnlsbrd 

I'li.oi.' .'I 1:1 


I •■\ !■: 


$";.I10I), ea.l* 
$7" per ni.'ih 
111... ii1< I m He u ' 

rpw'Ki.x 1-; I'lu It 

I I lOlnlnc 

1 .,ni '< a; 
, ,. „ ,11.3. I'i 1 
lialaii' c sfiiall 111 

"f'^t-rn'^s '"lit ' 'a''?e%"' t^^U:?? ^^Iray^S;ni^h-'"«-V booi:«, d;op me a card jT^^^^';^' 
T^Olt SALE- A , PAYING ROOMINC „cw And old book »\Mt;i, 783 Granville til-- «',';,""''" '', 


1-v 'ii-r-rrrrr 



1,1 . ' ni JUIIeS" - 
!,l^h nnd dry}- 
.MS ■ 4,.,0 cash, 

. m ' n t p ( • 



VV 'tbe country. Ar>.l>is R"^ ^''^ 


I "iilonlsi 

Ur^N^'B" BY ENtVLl.MUMAN, ' .I'oB , ON L«!^t »20 p^r month 
VV farm; has had experience in t;niarlo »"•' ^ » 

house. Apply "621 '^""ene^slrt-eC 

. ...„.^. iJ.-i.... "JSOO. three year lease, 
Room 2, 715 Yates 

•■^ inHiinN — n ou> - ;■; 

iiindcril con - 
• >raledi (Int 

■8. J''rlco 

t rci 

280 t'olonlst-. 

-sr y ATitDALia T ERuiEU 

SAND AND ^i■&^\'EX. 

B_^jC.. .SAND ft .G.RAVEL CO.----FOOT JJ1» 
. Johnson St. Tel^ 138ft. "\Va8hed' afn 
gradeid Jiand ; gi-avel for eon,/rete^u£k.-JJe~ 

SIIOK I 11 V M> 

pedigreed slock. 

„,,,^ Information write 

Leach, Brllnnnlii B"aeh, B. J,'. 

For prtce.s 
Robert M. 


-- 4-W6 or thrt'fi rinonth* ol*; dejiyervd 
in. Victoria; lowest caslt . price to F. c. 
|one« Fcpneh tjreuk. P. .O- 

X^ ■wl.ceVdog-T'iiia With rubber tires; anc(' 
H gh'f -g-w heel ' cart. Apply Catit, 1 ooker. 

Corlleld, 'rost-. Office 


cashier; slight knowledge "' ^ ^'*,'*- 
keeping;! exsjullenl ic-fcnnres. Box 896 t.olo- 

nUiv. , , . ' ' ■ . ' ■ 

EXPBRrEi?^ElJ,. MIDDLE-. VUED .Lt^l'l 
---p;nit^'r""K-~ l l'' »' ''^'^*"'**'f"-^:7'^.'?."."'l'." 

.. jnfl- T-aok.- | l'' 8l i - . . . 

keeper to i,-e.nnciiinii ei nurse ad.ndant to 
ttn':C''i^ ...,,.,. iHO- .,.Jrlr^. . l,vruckc.riiH'r|f 

to dastrlous blacksmith and ^voodwor■^er. 
newly- built shop will bo rente d ■ tn. tl i^-»^k.t 
person. For further pnrtKalars^ftpply to L. 
Ci. Demers. (.'blwood. Oak Dell Pftrk,_ 

r Slmroo Street, block 29, l"t 2« «f',^"«'« 
sh«p* Price $3,700. A-p ply 1700 Gov't St. 

1 ■■ - ' '■ " ■ " ' '■ ' " 


VV King and roneroto work. R, Alexan- . X ic 

» t '-Oe. < a?'- 

"ii ,^ ' 

Kl I 

der. 2540 Third street 

■Mr: ll' 



.^current rates by ths "Victoria Ti'ansfpr i $?,.7^(i 

Co., Phone 129. Office open night and day. I pieasi 

i:KS 0.\ SCT- 
.\alk from lb ' 

' »i-i y eivay .nii'i 
I'll? ai'r 62'xll7ii 
hili.l home. Pri'- . 
.11' .'" as rent. , -. 

WANTED— TO PCXttrM-nrSB'. "OtfJ- »tA- 
hogany furnliure. 'clocks, grandfather 

clocks, coins, stamps, eta 
85 Johnson street. 

A. A. Aaronson, 


to Victoria. Shorthand, — r''\vpowrltlng. 
Bookkeeping, Telegraphy thoroughly taught. 
Graduates till good positions. E. A. Mat-- 
mlllan.- principal. . • ' ,' ' 

ladles' and gentlC" 
new. Ph\jne'624. 


-VTU'i-ORlA -STE.V.M UYL WORK,^. S4-1 
V Fort street': telephone 717. Ladle.s' 

■,ind pentlemen's garinents cl ean Bd or dyod. 




-. E. 


rs. M 
Phono A-144,6. 735 Fort St. 

Tj^tiOT €«, *w...»^... — 

X^ ' tractors. Motor boats, gasoline englnea 


Electricians; all kinds of supplies 
I arrled Installations and repairs promptly 
n'^ ■ ■) i to; prices moderate. Phone 643. 


dence 428 Cook Ht. Phono 1799. , 


1826 Government streeU Phone 662. 
Ashes and rubbish renioved. , . 

x'l'lNC ON. 17«'> GOV'T SX, IJHO.NB %%. 





\ji Plate. 

Hheet, prismatic. ornamental. 
l.a.Ud. etc. Th.- NLivi" I'o., Ltd., « 1 8. Fort 

Street. ' ., _ 

HAKDWAKB^ ... _^ 

ements. Corner of 

"Of Sts,, ■ 

. , steel, Jiaidwnre. cutlery, 30 
'sl.reet, \i.lniin, B '" 



it; commission, Storage, 'ware- 
housing', manufacturer's ag.tnt nnd l}ond 
No. 10. P hone 384. P. O Box 4"S in^ 


O feet of Jlbbr space. Ai'V'^' """• 

can. B35 Yates. P. O. Box I 


I >i'i . i.1;;R' *KJFFEB & . si' I 
X Ltd.. Pcmbroko strt'et. \ 

phone, 69t. 




' 1'219 Cook. 


X pics, six months' old; Lowen property. 
Ektt|iiir» on Gorge. E. Ca rroll- ' 

' • ' ' » ■ — ^-^ — " ' "■* " — " — ' ■ . 


in. ' .-^Ufi.. . l,vruckc.rtiH'r|f, »-><H'vi4W -7\->H>' HH.> RIJ- IN ALJu .PA.R.TS. 

1.' ■___^^ \\ 'Uie cltv: no char.(se. Warb\|rton &."* 

Tvo.M AN WITH 7: YEAR- \ii^%J\\^^-rnn\!-^yfJ>\l^^^ ' ■ ': 


old girl, wish' » Hii.ifiUon as . hoO* 
koeper for gpnllennv •' "»»^" *" f , ' 

whi-rti Ibti chlltt ■ni'iii'l 0"' t." oi.i I '■' 

Box 388 Colonlit. 

\\-'AN'FRD----gim-ATI('.'^' .\x tl.ooi' ."•-.'■■ 
VV' cook hv vnuni; K nBlls)iwomwn ..when- 

TioARD ANlV' ROOM. 152 Mfiialcs •trfct, 
X> 4.*4v.-_mlniMp« fronr post offtte. Prk^es 
moderaliP. , ^ ' . ' '.^ 

money and r*cplt*L bei'Wepn .1 B. A. A, 
and ijostonue. Reward <jt< rmiMnin* J« 
COldnlBt ofl'lct'. . ■ ' 

* 08T— A BUNtJlt- ^3» KEYS. ^INDEB 
XJ plfa».e •ro.ttirft to Oblofillit offjcitt wid P - 
reive rewartl. 

ITiotrND— A pRfc;; 
. Appl'y B. & N' 


F R E N ( ' W^'Qa^lM 



J E. I'- 


i.ain enntalnin-g.. sum. of 
Box S;iO CololllKl. 

hoUH<iiiahl fs Uelit ; snoii 
Piiulter. Mount Tolnil. . I 



^SlTl-A i-io.'^' wBT A- • l!'t:j1'N(l- 

.-» bookl. • I" ' 'i-wtdo olT'cc work. 

Apply Sn'v .;ii<4 I'oUoiiti' ~ y.^-—y , 

CvTANi V (IIRL oK l'4, HlTl'A- 
W ti"' ■•■■ ■ 'for oiij' c hild with young 
p^'ople,' ;!;;,', t'ohmisr ^ , ' 

jr_-."jy(,li;("":;ti.^^.,ti.l.*iOT,»u..-jClose IP 
strt^et car Tune; five' mlnulee' >vJik itom 
Gov> rnrrtv.n t Street f _P'"'" '' '^"-A- ' 

TjfifLf Ef.1-^ 776', 001"!?? NE'S' ( LATBr*lflAK) 
tei. 1.16 In. lloottt .and bo ard; .Itrms 

iivoderalc, .VllsB HIH. ' .■ - .. 

■y ,^ST- i-i^ ; , AVA'I-CH BETWEEN' 

IJ^Jordon H(«ail nnd (loodacre's slauulitr.r 
linii.x'' R'\varfl for rel\ii-n to 42K Kin^'gtotr 



\\rANn'ED— BirUAI-inN A>« -WORjKlNU; 
VV hluisekcper to P'ti'ly of hjicHeifirs or .^50 C'oH'inlsi o'f ' ,'' H ' >■ -- , , . 

Xroi-NG -wo.n'ian" 7scOT('^4 I 'W^HH ES 
X sIHiallon as niirs-'ry ''>•' 'sewing »«ufd. 
Apply Hox .118 Col<>nlsl._ '-• . • ■ ., 

T.^i; RNrsirED . JlOOMS AN l> Bl'W \\\>- 
r comfortable .horn'-! best English conk- 

\T?ANTED— SCRAP- BRASS, O P P E,R, 1 r|1l 1 K i:i' 
VV tine. lead, cast Iron, sacks and all 

kinds of bcules— and .rubber; , highest calh 
prices paUl. Vitlorla Junk Asency, 1620 

Store street. Phone' 1836. __^ ' 

nd .sold. 


— 'k r av l n -ge and p t c tu it ws ho ! ig lU_aiu3 

. . . . .- U f- 1.^1......... at,.,., 

Mra A. ,A.'^ Aaronson,. 85 Johnt,on street. 

II- ss' 

..TS ON PKK'l: 
I'rice $3.*0B; If rni;i 

' CORNER Kl'Ni; 

,,iiri street. '. Prlc ^ . . 
.snap; , termseas:' 

UANr T<rsR,LL YOUR- Hl...- 
If .VI jie.. lis; wc hBv< . bip.V'Vif 



Room .. Chal.oner B^.e.k, Jat.S - 

■ trest. 

FOR . SALE -? 
..utslil. 'city Ur 




tSAXENHUR-ST, ,._,=.^.^ 

J5 Street, qlQSfcjjlBfllajngnth"'' jl""?' )^^^J^- 

^ -- •- ptacc- tor TTomu coin- 


new„ management. 1 

fiiriii, also labli) board; sure 

worth p trln'I. Phone 2441. 

ate, Angel Hotel.. Lat>|lcy street, op- 
po»H,-' (ouri, h.-iwe^^ . ■ , J , 

XU r tifck'e petmnticnt place,. 336 

Uo'' . .; 

v\-AM'i;i) by' ENnUSU 

VV lion as <oint>flntt)n.'Oi;_"ompnn_lon help 

ii% ...I'll, f i,,.fW '" -*•-—- '■■— 

7-4 APT. C. J. , BROVVNRHiO ^. 

\j lan-iisl tnltilifg. Office! Imperial. Hotel. 

P.O. Box r>«8. 


O lege. Catalogue mailed free. • Dr. 
Keane. IMR Market 4itreot. S.F. _ I 


LADY PrtsT- 





II M )i i us WAltfTKDi 

.- r 'i 

►si*)/j«jir»«ii'l«'i t.y \.\vh ni<»«)in*l profession f« 

• Govt St. 


I 01 it 
Tel. 2235, 2236 ,2237. 223S, 
J239. Prompt attention. Chas. Hayward, 
Pres. ; A. Hayward, Sec; F. f'.aselton^ Mgi\ 


loiB '.>:!n Yates .'<l. GrndUtllo U. S. 
Cnllese nf Kml.n inil n.g Conlr.nctor to H, M. 
.Suvy OrH'-e ptl'Pli' Vit. HCB, iHl'm.. I.'. ! kI 

CI. j 

::5nNff"^ 1 'po cAMPHB«--»oafKB lake cabin to 


rinf with siov'-, I'ooklnR Utensil", col. 

LSI' ^olU BuARD and Roo.M.-i WjiH 
us. Wnrburf.Tn-«r Co.', X005 Goyorniiient 

street. . •_ _ _' _ —__- 

X to 7V4 Firt «<r''e«, r\-K\\ Uoiistlns St. 


. r.l. , ...... IHR ' i'OR • MOt.'TH 

..llano t.l'lntiiper rassKiimlc or Ic- 
"'"IliiK- si-ccnd or lltli''! elsss 
- N/ii. A\ Ifte 1:lini'ly ' 
■ nienc.:- jtri's nine 

\\ . 11' u 'i li I . r. 



WAN*Bt>--TO JiBNT., 

\-t''\NTElr -- FUitNlSHED .. BEDRiJOM. 
VV ' "pi.rman r.-i i.t: nbout $U-50 pPi' Wejk; 
i.hone,'r.n"thio(jnr Apply I'oloinlUt Box 40.1. 

■ Id' cltv limits, hnir block 
.hrer.KO'Ml lots. Price »3.1ii", '^k^-. irn,?. 
20- t'oloriist. . . . , 

^;s.x^j.S — 01 'I'SHU^ CI'I.V. LIMITS.. SIX- 
n room inoderrt cottaitc, iwo large lots. 
Orchard, el... on *. corner: »»<'a'»tlTul vlfrw of 
tITp city. 12. .-.00 -oh .easy terms. Box 31»o 
Colonist. - ,. ■ ' ■ . 

t. Challoner 
osxi bank. 

liair rnflo' Bcaf' ' 
^. - mv„u. bt'ach; all iinc Und: l-ni 
hoen logged ««d if a df« W.lS j'lttt-Uir'.URh 
ivould iiiake (i fin.. Uhf^^ of eattlv- pust c" 
For Imm.'rilate sale: i)ri'-e !i.:,,iiOO; '^ c:. 

A \ ACRE'.". 
I 4- -Siindy 



X room In pMva,l(5 hotlBc. Apply Box .1.- 

ColQhlpt. ■ .. 


_ or wlfliout board In refined chrlstlaii 
f.imllj'T no oh.leetlon »?," ''!!.'', '•",1^, »',»,'" '^" 
partl.'ulars In r.p.y lofl .Umilst 


ilhoitt liiuii'.li; slut" 
s lo B.i.N .I'I ''oinillBi 


by tl 

Y .\nv ■•wi.silij;.^ 





he uhrters' 
August 2it. for lli' 
mnlier of East Wai.i 
salary !|«o pej «vonlli. 
nei'rt Vary. 

l'*.iiik J 



'Iney, B. C , 

.M., Norrls, 

: '. 'lUn 1, 
'plv ■ li 

•i'tl RENT -Ni' ELY FUR- 

liouse in B^iod locality, by n 
1 . (iiiple, about. 1st .Sept. Ap- 

^.'ttMi -stv+xE— s+ii-tM'^br of land WlTtt 

X' loke ai«d-a large deposit of tHncslftn.e- 

analyxlrig ffS P-m' ■'••"» «t*r''*"„*"l.''V''^'',. ' 
properly , fronts on ilh«' E. & n t„i!..-.> 
airmgside of station and Tifar to s 
Arm M«lerH«l Dech -tfStt'd by Flafto 
London. England, fof cwicni. aiul i>.> 
Ibeir crrtlflca'..,' tor sHnie. Apply -I W ri;cl. .1- ; 
worth, 17 .Mile. Post. rC'. Vfe. N . RtiiUvaN . '.___ ; 

I.-^XTRAOnDl>\.^«\' S^ALE "I M.BERNl! 
?J lot's; ■ 10 heaur ' 

rrmarkahle, lerm? 
weekly. I'Vic Si'V' 
111 school 


J|P.,.,,UU ' I'airfleld lot. or nii-1 hit. or 

lu\s acie, t;onultlam. Gamti;.' 'ir 

Sh's.wnlgan L ake. R ""l' 2. .7i'» '.N ' 'C 

, LE IS 3 ',11 blocks from Uie t,'ar 
The lot* are each 50x1 1 '^'4 feet, 

jirto with $2.S cash ' "' ' 

Investors have alren : 

on lots pur<'bHSed tl. 

Son. 614 Fori slreel.. 

Ai'RES,' 44 ,ACrM 

iargii barn, win 
«-,room hDUSi>; large 
Giroiigh property; slaii-. 
line bottom lanll. ^ tin.- 

■ ( \- \ t 1.- 1 

'..n on - 
dairy far. 

Q/\ Al.?RBS, K A' 
o\» acres good 

I, and ,1» a deep 
i'oain. i'.i^ .' '■■■ biiiai. •oliicl<'.. 
ahd jfhcr lioi.^i; iti-c well fencd 
.lashed. Prici. '.:,,"i"'t; ?;,'in!) _i;:a«h 


y.U .port, sttri-e', K'"'!.! 1. 1 I'lfi-iii 


'* tiOO'casli • ■' ' a." ''•'•Ill k't * pff f" 

,lt' . ...- — - . 11 . ' ■ — 

ly. 7 per cent. 

bft^ tnce $50 moir 

:.Uavert!S«' iiV THE COLONiSl 

rnoinp. liirec-iiuai let 


on. Ml' 1 1 .1 
per <'»iit 
berlon & 


liorsK. Vl(-ToRTAWEKT. ONE 

r«. live rooms, 

.ark; Ijm'Sc lot, 

. ^■,.., .. 1 ( I.-,.. . 


I A A I ;! e 1 1. 1 
X '--Ullvv 
»TO0 eiuh : 

A »<;'^ 

J A 1.1 1; 

1 .1. n 



r« 111 r- 

1 I ll.q Ml 

dir. ei; .'foul' 

,,«1i «infi nt 


• 111 r 




Friday, August 19, 1910 




RKAX tSl^VriC— (tunt.) 




(Cgrutnued from Page -1.) 




Ui'uuU and 

VI.'W Slrrrll 

bulldlns on trlanguliyi- 
locMlon for \)u«ln'ou8. 
rea»onahlo termd. 

lot; oxccllmit 
yrlcc 15,600; . on 


from city 

hall. I'rlce $"1,200. 



ruad, oiH- blorl 

:'n'.'iii oar;, _|150; t. > mi 


P, p. Box 1/7 



Now (Irarid 
Ttl. 66;> 

& SON 



Saanlch Armr-neor Mill Bay. $5i) 


ICE LOT. DALLAS ROAD. 63x120; price 
11.365; turma to suit purchaser. 


•.Oi VaiM btroat. ° Ph««e 1!W8. 

OU uevon mllea from city. Very cheap. 

S3. 200. - ' 


fine view, good land. 


tage, stnble jnd chicken house, only 
«oven miles from city, good roads, good wat- 
H-. nice location. (•b>-ap $4,000. 

cleared, under crop, g^ood house and 
outbuUdlnga. ..conBlderAbl£..JUaSiSi_ift!U;^ft^'?* 
from city. $15,000. Kood terms. ' 

all cleared, nlee new house, good out- 
tulidlngs. good ordiar*. » barsam a^ $3,500. 


Sylvester Block. Room l>uc, ^^11 Xates Street 

JLOU part of Manitoba, n^ar church and 
school: one. mile from town; price $20 acre. 
Will exchange for city property.'' 

street; ■ fruit trees and all modern, con- 
veniences; will sell at a reduced price If 
taken on at once. Pi'lct" $2,750. 

In and near high school; at $SBO each. 


COM PAN V. - — 

R«ltl Estate I'lnnnrial and Iniiuriuice Areata 
I*hone 2162 . C18 lutes street. 

on one of the best strfels in .James 
Bay, .. ,only one block from thp parllam 

buildings; lot 60x120. 
ment of fruit trees, 
$,3,200. on .terms. . 



a good 



VV junt outside 'of city > lljnlis; close to 
car; high and dry. with a good view. -Price 
$450 .per lot, on very easy terms. 

veloped Die great questions of trana- 
l)urtiltion unci tindt: until today con- 
ditions an: vastly: dlffurt'ht than they 
worn fifteen years agn. Then Caiiudu 
khofked at the door.s of Wa.shingrton 
.svi-kinK more advantaKcous trade a'r- 
runKenienls with the gri-al republic 
to the south. Today '■ Washlngi|tVi 
scads her representatives to (.;unaiiu 
In an effort to secure equitable trtida 
relations. The^jirosperous times both 
"Past and west are' due t« the prp- 
phetlc visidn of Sir Wilfrid ,Laurien 

."Fourteen years ago Canada >wa.s 
faced- with. the questions of race and 
rclljj'lon. Vou here ,i;i the per- 
haps suffered lea.-^t in ilu. i.siiect. 
T.. .'-^ir -Wilfrid cii.i ijc .t.srnlii.-d the 
!"i:il dlsappearivne.- ni iho.'ie vejcjA-,. 
I.1M11.-, questions. The one pcjlicy fol- 
lowed by our leader was that no inat- 
tpr whiit his race, what his rellRion, 
to what party he beloliKed a man, so 
long as he is a Canadian, a true son 
of Empire, he Is at homo. , The pre- 
iUi£ui-i» an ■exp<K-»«rtrt-of-trtt--thoFcriap'.'iS"' 
which make for progress and for un- 
ity." • ,. 
. __ :: Canada's Future. _., ,, .^ - 

The speaker confi-ssed he was a 
•tenderfoot, In the sense implied hi 
the west and one thing which op- 
pressed One In coming for tha 
first time was the tremend<.)u's ' con, 
ceptlon_of the greatness of the coun- 
Xry-lhe common heritage of all Ca- 
nadians. "There are today " at least 
eight millions of Canadians. WTTo 

•gmy " ■L'uat ' vive wff >rr" T roSTtion ' Uhritxia ' 

win occupy In trtenty years timeV 
There are those wlio believe Canada 
will then be Independent. Sir Wil- 
frid Laurier does not think so. Then 
Canada will be the foremost of the 
Empire's colonies working with tha 
oUier sections ofr-the Empire in lay- 
ing the foundation of that GreiUer 

Empire which will continue through- 
out the ages to come. There are 
those who call Sir Wilfrid the ex-. 
pi>nent_t>f separation. Ten years ago 
he was the first to come to the altl 
of the Old Land when in the time of 
stress and storm he inaugurated that 
closer bond and the blood of Canada's 
sons dyed the field of ' battle in South- 
Africsc; This fact alone tells all the 
world that Sir Wilfrid Laurier is the 
grreatest of Empire builders. He it 
was who in 1897 inaugurated the Brit- 
ish preference which informed the 
world at large that while Caniida was 
ready to trade with other nations the' 
motherland wasjtirst in hef niipd and 
heart. ItWi^ an expression of the 
great thought that ties of trade as 
well as ties qf blood should bind to- 
gether the mother and her offspring. 
"Whoever heard in the old days of 
Canada assuming her share of the 
resi)onsibility for the defense of the 
--Km<iirp7 WhcL-Was It.thfit inaugurated 
that policy'/ Sir Wilfrid's position 
has been beclouded. On the one hand 
we are told that his naval" policy, 
means a "tin pot" navy, ^n another 
that that policy .means the abandon- 
ment of all autonomous rights. In 
Quebec they declare tljat the Liberals 
are bartering away the rights of Can- 
ada. . Others call It 4i policy of sep- 
aration. We are tald that Australia 
is doiflg-something different. Canada 
in her relation to the Empire, in re- 
gard to maintenance of the navy is 
doing the same, as: Australia. Bi«t 
there Is one difference. Whereas 
-•Vustralla goes to the different ship- 
yards of Britain for her ships S* 
Wilfrid X^ufier believes that in Brit- 
ish Columbia and the other provinces 
of the Dominion tliefe exists the ma- 
terial with which to build the ships 
fanada possesses the m^n. the nljckle. 
the timber and every facility fori 
building and manning a navj-. The 
English shipbuilding firms will come 
to, this country and there will be a 
navy built by Canadian money ' by 
Canadian men, and by Canadian re- 
sdurces. That navy will ever be ready 
to go to the assistance of the Mother 
land,' to aid her in times of strpss and 

but by parties of all political creeds. 

This reception led by the Cioveru- 
ment of Ilrllish ("oluinbia hud been 
at once general and spontaneous. As 
aq a-jsociate of NN'il.'ri I ..Luui'ler he 
t.iianked Vic'or'ans for tlie liiiii-^r tlivj^ 
had done to a man in \Vhoni lit- dc- 
llglited to. honor. 

"Peace, iirogre.HS and prosiierit>-," 
those, words on tlie banner ubovu-hku-i, 
told tliat in no' land undervth* j;anopy^ 
of Irleaven are the sontj/meiitij ex-*" 
pressed by those words la niore ac- 
tive operation than in the broad Do- 
minion. .Xu concrete form he would 
give his Impres-slon of the meaning 
of the second word of the motto. 'IJ.e 
would give the cold ligures and iif'So- 
ing- so hi' made no apolog^y to the lad- 
les bei:ause he believed lliat the ladled 

at some lime, in ,some pl.i,ice sonvj day. 
hoped to have .some man talk lnislne.s,s 
to tliem. 

Trade of Canada 

Wondi-I ; ; 11... I'll 

aniouiVled to $ 
liad reached thi 

of $r>;t:i,ouo, 0(111. 

\\ er<> valued at. 


lie 1 

3U, 000,000, in lyin ii 
magiiillct'iit aggi-' -.■: ■ ■ 
In IX'JB total exidirls 
.MiiMiS. $S.,i(.l 1.000. 1010. 

$40,630,000; , lisheries, ISilG, $11,000,000. 

-1-iH *v-<v-iS4-rr.4 fiOi^e^r- fort* .>? t s, -,i-}«9-s; — n*-?; - 

3:^4,000; 1910. 547,G8K,000; animals, isiit;, 
$37,404,000; IIUO, $,-.4, 693,000; agricul- 
tural prodiict.s, l«!ib-, Vl.iiUMO;. lyio 
$102,347,000; manufacturers, 1896, $10,- 
:J00.000; 11)10, $35,963,000. 

Hon. Mr. Graham stated he had.noi 
been'uble to secure ligures of the r.x- 
ports from the various ports uf^ tin 
west through which the~e-xpopta go bu; 
u -study, of the ret-urns show whatthu 
people, of Canada were able to, buy In 
KS90 and now. In the former j'ear the 
l?fet»jtte <jL. Ui,c ,-w,eat„Imjjorted $S,400,0ou 

increased but 69. Last jr»ar there was 
41,000 homestwwls taken up. The laic 
Sir John had had a vision of wliat the 
west was to be and no one today will 
ques.tlau that the policy of building 
the C. P. R. though on tlie matter of 
terms there Is .some difference (jf oiiln- 
lon.-Bul when he passed away liis 
policy was forgotten. H was not until 
Wiif- Wilfrid', Laurier toolc the reins of 
-TM>s\-er iluu rall.way extension was un- 
dertaken along progressive and ex- 
■lensive line.-*. Canada todio' has over 
aC.OOO miles of 'rail\>, i, . -.iistructed 
and when ' the G. T. r i, . onipletcd 
thei-o will be over ;:'(,Oui) ],i !• ''.u 
aila has the greatest mil. : ; - ,.i i h.-,"i 
of populu[Xion of a,n.\ iiny ,,iu, the 

world,, but lis I'egurd.-^ m. i i.-i mileage 
Is the sipallest. The peopiv >limikl re;i! 
Ize the difficulty the goveniment iiuei, 
in reaching oui to meet the deuiani,! 
oi' ilevelopinenf. .Xew areas are yeaii., 
!"iii; M,,r'nGtl, up- tq^^ettlers wlm lur 
I .\ !i:; !"f more railways. Ciiluida li i s 
I I.-. I 1 ,1 lv> iT s~to the extent of $400.- 
I 'jii.MiM,^ 1,1,1 ^vas tliat extravagant? 
What ia extravagance? Spending more 
than your income and getting' nothing 
for It. Eighty per cent of the . old 
BTveTi—br- the™ 'EirbGrffT 
railways is for the 
tilling the soil and 
in exceaij: of 

partner in' the Emijlre. W* In British 
Columbia, witli many thou»an,d niUes 
of coast-line requiring protection, ap- 
preciate the linportunce of naval de- 
fence. Moreover, wo have a senti- 
mental aitachi'uent to the navy be- 
cy,use' our harbor at Bsqulnialt has 
Ueen ,a naval base, and we are more 
tb.aii pleased tliat the day Is at hand 
when shii)s-of-war will Ijc unchoied 
,there again. Your policy reflects your 
faith in the loyalty, capacity and -steal 
of the Canadian people, and your re- 
alization of the truth that in nu way 
can he' Empire eniturd except In tlio 
'levelopinent of Its c:omp6nent parts. 

W^'e (l( sire, to refer to a feature of' 
>'"in- I . eiird /which has -won the ad- 
l'i:illun of all ( 'aii:nll.'iii:--, ivrf'spectlve , 

see that their interests were conserved. 
Ife Hymputhlzed most heartily with the 
Hlrouuous efforis .of tlie citizens to bring 
these i-eserve lands Into the pale of 
civilization. He added that' HnyVhliig 
that tlia Federal powers could do to as- 
sist In it reall-iatiun .of their ambition 
would b'e *lone. (Applause.) 

Oriental Immigration. 

iM' ..ill .|iioni|iiii:-] the "quc'hilion of 

(lui'stioas" in the wesi. he was persuad- 

pdr'Wttf?" thnr nT'O^leiiial lininlgralioii 

Mil. I ll.s .•t'lr.-! nil lal'i.r. Ife nvlshed , to 

il.'iil \MMi Uii.s /li.'.-uu.-e iJomlii 
Kvivernineiu. Iiuil'bei-n niisr.epreseiii . .1 

Canada's neightjors? China, Japan 
and India, all awakt'ning to tu>w life. 
On the other hand there were "tha 
United States, JCngland liiul (iormany 
malUiig evei;y effort to secure the de-> 
veloplng trjlldo. Should It be said of 
Canada, with lt.>f ad\antages of pro- 
liinqulty that she. had not ' made a 
.■struggle to obtain u share of the good' 
things? jNo! ■ Canada would be found 
in the vanguard. ' AiVd fi'(> If was" n^- 
e.ssary, as Well as pr?Iper, that TfTeso 
nations should be treated with res- 
pect. After all U wn.s In accord with 

Jjomliiion I the best traditions of Christianity to 

ij-i-at all iiii-'U .■illki. 

■ ' . ■ nienting in..i . 

\ ,1 I 1..IIS I-.-ll-l S ..! I 

n.'.n n ,-,..|iH i..n i. 
lr\ WMii li ;, ,,1 Ml,, 
luir.l r.-i I ill 11, ih. 
Time lioes not 


^Vernnierit TTTf 
benelit of the men. 
tbe returns arc tar 
the expenditure- Hon, Mr- 
(Jraha'm cited the case of the man who 
lived in a town where he, had iw^mty. 
trains .a 'day and a mall every hour, 
who jobjectedjto the governments poll-^' 
py of ratlyvay., ^ e xtfcin slon. He had 

worth of goods; In 1910 they purchased 
$61,000,000 worth. These figures would 
lead one to believe that the people of 
the west are Just eight times as weal- 
thy us they were in 1S98. The in- 
crease In the post oftices has been 37 
per cent; money orders and postal 
notes 87 per cent; saving bank re- 
ceipts 46 per cent; number of letters 
writti.-n 257 per cent; articles carried 
through the pest office 206 per cent. 
The Increase in the amountof money 
sent through the post office^waa .241 
per cent. The total immigration in 
4897 was 21.716, last" yea*^— U was 
208.794. The homestea<ls takiuv up In 
western Canada in 1S96 were 1857, last 
J ear the nuniber was 41.568.- In the 
western provinces this year there are 
2.000.000 affres more under crop than 
last y ear- In 1S92 some 24,o6o,OlWl tons 
of freight were carried on the rail- 
ways, in 1910 there were 66,800.000 
tons carried. Bnak deposits in. 1S96 
aggregated $194,000,000; In 1»10 they 
Hgllwd-JUiSUglupehdaas -taxal o f . .$86t,. 


"If I apprehend the spirit of this 
great west aright riot only the Lib- 
erals but the shrewdesi; of the Con- 
servatives believe that Sir Wilfrid 
exemplifies the greatness of this land 
arid Its gr e.^ t conceptlonB."(A D{:>laUse. ) 


phone 10l»4 707 h% Yates Street 

Nine acres on Cedar Hill road, only three 
miles from City Hall, for only $4,000. That 
Is less than $<50 per Ac re. The adjoining 
acreage (with rock otr)- lr~TSSO acre. This 
la one of tha vtix beat propositions wc have 
ever (inown to Victoria, InveisUgrate- and 
be oonvlnced. , . 


I10> Broa.l stravt. Phon* IT'Sl 



trict, 120xl00,teet. <$500 cash,) 






good vlriw; 

Victoria Arm (Pprtage Inlet); 
good well of water. 

per acre. — • 

-28 ACRES. |70( 





acres with small house, partly 



ACRES, sproat"xi:ke;":4(> chains 

.. wait>rfr(MiU $70 per aere^ . I— 

on. DousUs. Johnjon^-.a,n^-4:^u»«- str e e t.- 



Douglas St.. Op'poaUi! .Merchants 

$1.900 17 


ay, lot «0xl20, 

BUYS 6-R"fteM. COTTAGli. 
,Fernwood road. 





^rn 6-room cottage, panelled 
and (llnlngroom wUhrTRrate and plate 
rack; good baspment, rlose' In 'ami close to 
car line; lot 60.\135 to: Jano;,.r«ir»«,ll rash 
payment, balance $20 nionthlv. This Is 'loss 
than tha oott«f« l*. rented for. . 


Beal Eslnte and Jn«Nrnnre Acrnii. 




Hon. Oeorge /i. Graham, minister of 
railways and canals, was ■ gl 
hearty reception when he rose to aipeak 
"We .who come from the east have a 
grdat deal to learn from the west — 
and from what I have seen and Iparn- 
ed you of the west have something to 
learn from the east. .While Kipling 
says: "•East Is east and west Is west." 
In this- ominlon. In the discussion of 
matters political there Is no east, no 
west. We are all Canadians ahd 
British subjects. Hon. Mr. Graham re- 
ferred to the gr^at reception accord- 
ed 3lr Wilfrid not only by Liberals 

strong enough to ask the Mother lahd 
to abrogate, the treaty with Germany to 
rrtiit Canj|.da to. .afiCtire her rlgfitsT 
The result hati befiri the surtax which 
recently force-d llfirmany to come to 
Canada to have that same surtax re- 

The Preforenco 


R«om 7. UahoB Bik. 1113 Oorsmment SL 

T»L i«sa. 

«JPO,UV/V .iamcs flay, six 
easy terms and shnal) tntsrcsU- 
slrabln proper^- - , 

rooms, very 
,, A'-ivery. jde^: 


hniisp lyllh 

TaSd. ad.lntnlng ilty limits. 



»" ariin at- 


psta.\illBhcd concern, ' available ' at a 
vvry reasonable flgUrf-., 

ablo . and well established; a gfnulne 
bargain. ' • ' - 

D, Mcintosh 

Seal Entntp and 1 Iihiik-IiiI .\Keot. 

UabOB Bidg., Oovrrnmeat HIreet, Victoria 

B. C. ielephone 174l». 

'John sfrect.'lot -ST* feet frontage; only 

$3,500; teriiis.' „ ' ' 

Third striTt, only $1,850; terms. 



(67S. BACH. 

Wo t.6*fl .' Clit)SS! TO CdOK "^ R E ET, 
»J56 each. ; — •— 


mm Kreet. 



mod p'rini buB'e 





Rpal Kstat', 
Phonp V -1 

Insiirnnci. ' &Ion,ey 
' 1 •> ."hambc^rs 

to I.,oan. Eta 
Baktionr St. 





ROO.MKI) (•<,)T- 

o«' Cfnnniso'n si. 

M-m« In Maiiitiiba f<ir 

il Victoria homes for 
ices and terms. 

, r ■ 


To Whom Due 

"These figures are the effect of somx; 
tause. What is it? I am told provid- 
tncp'. •V,'^ all bow with deference and 
humility and acknowledge what prov- 
'.lience has done and what We owe. 
Htm. We owe Providence the heritage 
be^ u o o i ti we l u s. but that heritage Is 
the same as fourtt'en- -years ago. There^ 
were then the same vast raw materiala 
awaiting development. Some ascribe 
the grfRt developmenr under Sir Wil- 
frid Laurier to his lucky staT. If It waw 
luck it was the kind of luc.k which has 
lirouglit good things to us all q.nd we 
ought to "stick to It. Without de-r 
predating any other iilfluence la thefe 
not something in a government which 
can make- or unmake a nation. Whcli 
Slr^ Wilfrid ciime into power he decid- 
ed to readjust the tarltt. That ^=eed- 
justed tariff has enabled the govern- 
ment to expend millions fqr_the bene- 
flt of the country and stili leave mil- 
lions at the erid\ of each fls^al year. 
The tariff question Is a very large 
one- with its varied phases in various 
sections of tlio-couot py„ Ont; w jtq ban 
traveled through the Dor hl nlon-?tirtid 
Ustt^ned to various deputations . soon 
realizes tha.t the dlvers.lfled n.tture of 
the country's Interests. Heje one detui- 
tatlon wants reductions In the tariff, 
another wants increases; there out- 
seeks restrictions on Imn^lgratlon. here 
another asks rhat the barriers be lift- 
ed to admit more labor. "Hut the-^e 
probloms were tackled by Sir Wilfrid's 
government. The tariff was adjusted, 
some Increases made, some dutled re- 
duced, the speelfit.- duty pr.aotlcally 
wiped out with the result that no In- 
dustry exists In Canada which is not 
fairly nros uerousi" — 

Referrtng trr the Imposition of the 
German surtax Hon. Mr. Graham de- 
clared that Germany had not treated 
Canada as Canad^i — felt she 
have been treated. Cana<lia became 

answered, "If I. -were you I wouLdob- 
^ect, but you have no -right to obje^ 
until every section is as well served 

as Is your own."* - , =-^— 

Labor Bureau 

Hojt. Mr. drahanx referred to the. es- 
tablishment of the liiliur — bureau, of 
the^ Hte]) of the government's to send 
a commission %o^ the Old Country and 
Contineiit to study . the subject of 
technical education in order to place^ 
In the^hands of evel-y young Canadian 
the opportunities possessed by the 
youth of other courftriea and closed 
with an appeal to all to work for the 
4>e«eflt of the country, to light for it- 
ahd not forget that tlie upbuilding of 
the moral fibre is tlie oivry thing that 
makes for ^— imt-Jon's greatness. "Let 
us as Canadla.njj glv.ii^an exahSple to 
the world. Let u*-follow the example 
of the fathera of coniederation and do 
our utnrost to develop^ our country, to 
work for the weal of tlie millions yet 
to reside within the borders of the 

Hon. Mr. Graham vvas repeatedly 
cheered as he toote his sear ~- 
— 1* oilowirtg ""JrtHi ttn-d prevtTi 
"address by Sir AVilfrld Laurier Mr. 
Pauline, the chairman, called upon 
Lieut. Col. Currle, president ^of the 
Young Liberal assi>clati<>n to read the 
address presented on behalf of the 
LItyerats of Vancouver Island. The ad- 
dress follows • 

Address Presented 
To the Right llonoriii)lc Sir \Vnfrid 
Laurier, K C, G ( , .M. (J., Prime 
■ Minister of -Qanad.i, 

Right Honorabief Sir,— Qn behalf of 
the Liberals 6t V'am ouver Island, we 
extend ^o you, our di.stlnfjfulshed chief- 
tain, a moat cordial welcome. Many of 
us recall your Hrst visit to. th.i8 city. In' 
the tour .preiminars ' tu the trreat tri- 
umph of 1«96, and slnt-e that time have 
followed with undiniinlshed personal 
Interest your brliUani record of states- 
miuishlp. We have beheld th-e evolu- 
tion of our country troxn a coiiipara- 
tively obseure ( olony Into a prosperous 
and resourceful nation jwithin- the Kin- 
pire. With unbounded'^ juatlsfjuitlon we 
have contemplated the tre4)ling of our 
trade and reveiraes, the remarkable 
iriiprov-ement of our Industrial condi-- 
tlons and the tremendous growth bt 
our Immigration. You.*Slr U'ilfrld-. and 
your gover nment, to a large (.'Xtent, 
liave betn the in.splration of fhaf, pro- 
gress to., w'hi<>h the people ()r Canada 
hsi.v0 abundantly tostifted by repeated- 
tyisustainlng you at the polls. May we 
refer, for the moment, to what we re- 
gard as the outstanding features of- 
your admini.-itratlo'n durlnp; ih-- it t 
fourteen years. 

In the numerous trade ncgutiatlons- 
and adJustmentH oT the tariff to which 
your government has uddres.sed itself, 
the most Important and slgnilliaiit 
achievemput wim the British I' refer- 
ence. This vvas aii irnpres-sU'e 
stateisman'ship, iheing the first 

what Eng- 

- The present government 
to show Its appreciation of 
land had done for this country .In the 
past taking the position that the chil- 
Tlren should not "wait to 'show Its af- 
fection to their parent until that par- 
ent shows a disposition to buy It. As 
a result (Canada had- freely given the 
preference to the Matherland. She can 
give Cariada what she likes and Can- 
ada wMI' accept, it. but Canada's ac- 
tion -was ta,ken with no thought of re- 
turn. As a result of the preference 
other nations In order, to sell their 

jy.area .lurOre Domlnion.-must meet the-|aillli?'i-;i-'aJiadjajia-.isd: 
better terms .at which English pro- 
'ducts are sold here. 

In regard to the tariff negotiations 
With the 1 United States Mon. Mr-, 
Graham stat-ed that thcfe was a, time 
wfipn Canadd was_jiiet at Washington 
with gooiJtiTreala oTie o:otits# bf which 

ronslBtea oX cold 
started to flnd-^and 

develpi> new trade 

routes and wl'thTT the preTerehco TiT 
force iriste/id of trade being north and 
south iV,h.ia developed eawt and west. 
"We are willing to .trade with a-)iy 
couintl'y which wlH trade with' us on 
^n even basis. But we have spent' a 
good, deal In developing other ' trsoe 
routtjs and nnje.ii Itncle Sam Is wlll.lrtg 
to .give us a iiuld Jtro <iuo- in any 
treaty to be negotiated between Can- 
ada^, and the United States we_ ivJU 
Tirive nothing t<n do with hltn. Uncl.f^ 
Sam l a romar kably ^edd at looking 
iift^r hum'bpr oneofid doiibtless he 
Is right, But Canada ^has also showh 
that in looking After. Ji'er o\m Interest.'? 
.she is fully capable.- - • 

ImmigratTfin""'""*"'^^ " 
On.tjie point of Ihimlgration Hon,\ 
Mr. Graham, flechired that every aeVe 
tilled meant 8otiTit)thlng to every resl- 
-d-^frt— of- eH »n.' d ^.--^f^ht! west finises a 
biff crop British Columbia benefits; Jf 
British Columbia produces fruit ii 
market liv-tfte ea«t means much 1'or , 
the gro■l^^oF^^^ere.-■~-'^=Whtrt■r%t^T^Trltff• ^^l t l;» ^ | > ' ''irt- 
,per9o.ti_jj.T_i;f!nnda benffits pyeryono. If 
the, governnip.nt had' .sat .'^till "westiTrn 
pnnin'M's wunld have stood still 
.-i fortnln (^r.tent diirlnp- the rei^'in - 

e X - 

act III 

,stpp tov'nir ds the inid /e <;onsfalldat-ion "-f 
shoaltr|the Empire. VTii gratifying tV. recall 
that in this great movemeiit , (Janada 
led the way, her ex«mi)le' being, toll.iw- 
t>ri li v the: other colonies. We also wi-sh 
to emphasize nour satisfaction at the 
enlarged powers now cJijoyed by ( 
ada .in her treaty negotlatUHift, as 
empWfled In the Kn>nch Treaty i! 
conventions with the United Stat 

We in Brlti.'^h Columbia share wlTli 
our. friends in the east the Incalcula- 
ble benefit of your Northwest policy. 
To this source l,<i due the proSi>erity 
the -Pacific proviiice enjoys. It stimu- 
Yate'd pur luml'frlhg, created. our fruit- 
growing industry and promoted settle- 
ment which constantly is inrreusine- 
it IraVe Canada, as a whole, luStiilus 
In the world nev.-r previously attain- 
ed. Since the NuPthwest i>oiicy was 
inaugurated Imniigratlon and grain 
pitoducitionhaveiiu-reased ten-fold, ihii 

.value of- the erup .now being, estimated 
in terms 'of hiindreds of millions. The 


iiial'.. couil- 
iiKh iiliu c il i.s dc'8- 

pi-nuii lit* to ih-al 
with the many other accomi^jllahments 
,of your government, such as, for in- 
stanccr .the creation ..I iho railway 
commission", c o n i m 1 s s 1 u n_ on _c y n sg,r y.^-:- 
-tton -ornaturar 'fe'soui-'cesi the" depart- 
ment of labor, the department of mines 
with a British Columbian as. the first 
ininiBter; or with tlu; generous treat- 
ment .accorded our prdvii^ce In, respijct 
of public buildings, harbor improve- 
ments and the protection of shipping 

on our coast. ^ ^— . __. 

?t g ives UB pleasure to 

to its attilmli' towards tJie proliU-n,' in ,. 

i...'ii! ■•!( cHon. '"Tlierefore he iluiuahi 

li.- . .i.M rea.sonalily put i'orvvaid il 

. .claim to liiH.-'i- Il more es|).'ri:i ll.\ :is 

l.igetbcr the, n ^,,^^ ^^ inini.i |,,.i-ii<,-uUirly mi.i.ri 

111 the com- 

I lull 

I Inn 

1.. \\'eKli.-riTr:r.s iiii.l n w..- i i -; '''■", I 
I h;il (liey Khould 1,. hi ,;iii i " H"- | 
■ 111 :- ti; if.i 11 ,-is lie iindt riiluod it the 
\Miv. ;, iK,. iiaaUu-d, it sliould appeal, to. 
alt fair-minded citizens. "-^ I 

IV^Iany, he was inclined tc) llilnU. had | 

i -»St!l 

' 1 1. \'a.i 
! Th.y 

Must Be Regulated 

li.' wi.sliiil 1 ) 111,1k.- lilnisi'lf 
Il wouldn't i,iu to aiUiW liu-ni to 
ihe country indiscriminately, 
would nut a.'isiniilati;. Th.i.v 
would create discord and would ,-!■ m 
the march of ]iro.Tjn-rity. IJcii. r m 
have. ii.i.p.'.-Y-.l .,■. .ii.lii ,' ," "'•'. !■ :-tr:.- ^ 

lilt .,'1. ! !,.■: 1 h. .11 T ,' .1 

would he observe. 1. 
There liad been Xjujse- who had al- 

have. ii.i,p".'y.l .,..1! 
tions .iinl J' i-h I'.i 
xN'atlQiis Unit tJiey 


TTeartv- welcome, to your atetc colleague, 
the Hon. George Gri^am. minister of 
railways and canals, ^whose admin- 
istration of his department K&jk won 

wide-spread adiji.ira.tlou, and- -to^>4he - 

other inembers dr your party, wHo. 
we knOsk', are profoundly impressed 
with the progress and prosperity of 
the Canadian West. 

In conclusion, permit us to congratu- 
late you ujjon your continued excel- 
IttU health and vigor, notwithstand- 
ing the^cnnstrint demnnds upon your 
time and energy, arid to express the 
earnest hope- that" j'oujmay be spared 
for nia.ny years to discliarge the Im- 
portant duties ^devolving 
first minister of Canada. 

upbil f,-ihe f'avorage Caucasian ntJrtrhrg ■more— ;th6«- 
penury/ Thus when 'the yellow laborer, 
" in direct contact-and competition 
with the white man there was intro- 
duced a situation fr au gh t with serious 
consequences, (Applause.) 

In British Coltirhbla there appears to 

Signed on behalf-of the Liberals of 
Vancouver Island. 

Before calling on Sir Wilfrid 
Laurier a moment was craved l>y Mr. 
Pauline In behalf of the children of _ 

Vancouver Island who, he said, hadibe'aii VpinVon 'rhlirThir^ncUnation of 

expressed a desire to be' given an op- 
portunity to present the guest of honor 
with a token of th^r respect, regard 
and love.- 

stipiJir^Ilss"^gne8 Klhgham, on 
the arm of a member of the Boys' 
Scouts, a detachment of which was in 
attendance, walked up to the platform 
and handed Sir Wilfrid a , beautiful' 
bouqUet of sweet peas. 

The graceful ^tribute was acknowl- 
edged by the preiftler with his peculiar 
inimitable courtesy. He rose and 
.walking to the little girl, asked her 
name, and kindly thanked those whonx 

she represented. "The crowd burst into P^.!|2: 
lirolonged and enthusiastic cheers. 

Turning to the audifence Sir Wilfrid 
with a. gesture converted pandemonium 
into absiolute quiet, and began his 
address — the speech for which every- 
one had been waiting, all with ill- 
concealcd impatience and some with- 
out exercising control over their feel- 
ings. . ' . 



He said that it w as the duty of he! 
and ills- friends to endeavor to' find 
words ad^ciuate to an expression , oT 
their deep gratification at -the more 
than royat- hi u loom ^v — In doing so it 
was his desire to couple' with liis 
.words' and with the keenly felt senti- 
ment the' name of- Richard Mclpride; 
Premier of British Columbia, (,Ap- 
plause.) i^lhce he and his party 
crossed the^ bord<?r of mountains p<-'\>- 
aratlng tlie middle west from the ex- 
treme west of Canada tliey had had 
attentions .showered upon them by the 
first, minister of the provincial gov- 
ernment. Il was true that Mr. Mc- 
l-!rlde and lie did not always see eje 
tf< vyi^ .(Litusht'er.) When they did 

try during tJuL ri^githe Of yuni' , jirnde- 
tpsaors have been more that) regaiined; 
and, notwithHiiindIng all this, . we 
realize that tjiis great Canadian west 
Is merely .at the Ijeginntng of Its i>roj>^ 
gres« and prosi-n'rity^ 
"'^Reference to the^ i mr nig ratterc which 

I liad I fuliawed tljiejiar'ptidh ol.ya^^ 

.suggests a question 


nuj. agree they agreed to disagree. In 
the latter Instances, douittless. It \Vas 
more his, misfortune than his fawlt. 
His c o ndu ct had been on a par With 
the best traditions which charai'ter- 
ii-.ed' polltfr,s in th<- >ild i-.tiinlri'. (.\p- 

piatise. ) ^ , 

" Eulogy Pot Victoria 

He wished, as well, to thank ' the 
mayor, and cVnnielllors of Vktorii^for 
their charrhlngly' worded address^*'Trr 
welcome tendeied him Immediately he 
had placed his foot on these shores. 
He had noted that In this document 
Victoria was referred to with pardon- 
able, pride as "Tlie Beautiful." He 
wished to atlA that It ■tvas.oiui-.of- the 
most t)eautirul cities on the .'continent. 
Sine*' his , last visit much had be^n dohe 
artificialiy to accentuate the beauties 
vvith'w,iiich she was endowed by na- 
ture. "And," he added, "I wish to say 
ht;J:e that you're legislative buildings 
are not <>nly a credit to the City, .but 
to British Columbia as a -whole, and 
ti the gl'nlius of the arch itect whom . 
' -M«»}erjrtr>od. is uiiS' bt ydilF citizens.'' 
,(Applausc. I 

British Columbia was' in a fair way 
to dtnhrone <lntn'rio as the banner 
province (tf the confederation. When 
h«- went back East he would tell the 
peoiile of that section that they would 

vlewtr-a the pioblum' froin the stahdpoint,, p.ged, at the time when hi.s colleagn. 
of labor ajone and liad iiOt attempted toj-jon. Mr. 'rernplitnaii, vv;is lightlhg hi.i 
kH-)lt---nt--T-t-frt?ttv--;th© --bi»o»fUM'--*liuidpuUit.i-bH.t.t4»^ — Ih — ^'i^.+t^*r-!a that the -Graiui 

of Kmplre. While It'inight not be ad- 
mitted by some the tjuestlon was of 
ju.-st as much importance to the~TSRst as 
to the West; in -fact it bad an even 
wider scope, affecting the weal of tiie 
tntire IJrItliSh lOmpire. .^ ■ 
""Mark my words." Sir Wilfrid ex- 
claimed,."! agree witli. yoii that Iniinl- 
griotlon from the Orient must be lim- 
ited and checked. I differ, however, 
from some of you -as to the' methods 
through which this shal} _b^ accomi;- 


lie asked, ''wftis "ft 'alSsotute- 

Japanese, Hindus and others of the l''ar 
Kast should be held down.'' Becausie the 
population of* these countries, the great 
mass, through centuries of endurance 
of dospotistiL had been so ground under 
the heels of those in power that their 
standard of living had been reduced to 
tile lowest point; to such on extent was 
this -SO tliat -what appeared to the 
Chinaman absolute luxury was to the 

the Oriental population to invade Can- 
ada should be stopped by the medium 
of a .harsh act,' of parliament. This was 
not the proper, the wise policy. The 
end was to be reached not by Teglsla- 
tlon but by conciliation and ,'by di- 
■ plomacy. 

Here Sir Wilfrid referred to the head 
tax. In 1886 the go\;ernment of Sir 
.John A.' Macdonald (applause) had In- 
troduced a TnSffd tax of tlOO on the 
Chliwse. In 1896. when his party had 
come Into power, that was the laW upon 
the statute books but, on tlie reception 
of petitions, this had been Increased to 

Then." Sir Wilfrid said -'ithero were 
more Liberals representing British Co- 
lumbia than at present. We listened and 
liad tfo hesitation 'in so increasing the lax 
We had no ^Chinese Consular agency at 
Ottawa. But when-we-wero besought to 
deal similarly with the .lapanese it- w.ns 
a different matter. we refused, and 
why?" • . 

Cenolllatlon, STot Coerolon. 
The Piemier went pn.-tu point aut-tUat 
the K mporor -of .lapan then, was on terms 
of friendship with the, British Govern- , 
ment. -Still he had taken •immediate 
s.teps to check the inflow. There hud 
been a Consular Agency in the Capital 
and ^lio had I'aken occaslorv to explain to 
the representative of .Japan the situation.' 
had Informed him that the "t»»**»we* 
Influx of hiB CDTintrymen- conrt d - h. - rv e 

Trunk railway wduld b(* built -Ijy Asi- 
atics, -• Two years had elapsed, the 
14ne was well underway, .•ind yet not a 
single ma'n of that foreign race had 
been Imported for any such purpose. 



Turning to the question of the Cana- 
dian Navy Sir, Wilfrid Laurier re- 
marked that he gathered from the 

ly necessary that the flow -"Of ghln« » B,.. .Uenor of ther-addresses with which he 

had been presentctl — that Victorians 
fully appreciated the object of the 
jjollcy which had been formulated and 
adttpted by the Dominion Governrhent. 
Having reached the status of a Nation 
within the Empire, it behooved Canada 
to accept the duties and responsibillT 
ties of Nationhood. 

"Do you not believe, my fellow coun- 
trymen," Sir Wilfrid went on, "that , the 
time has arrived when we should take 
the necessary steps to relieve the Bri- 
tish taxpayer of, the load of support- 
ing the means of,^our defence." (.Ap- 

When the resolution proposing that 
Canada should establish a navy had 
been laid before the House at first it 
had been accorded the unanimous sup- 
port of the representatives of the peo- 
ple on bot h sides of the House. But 
when 'it came to the impieinenting of ■ 
this resolution that Ganjtda should 
have a navy the^eonservatives- were 
found divided. They had , no united 

The party wa? s^veroa;~lnto- well- 
detlned- wings, that jcaptained by R. t<. 
Bo rden rfnd that le d by. Mr. Monk. The 
former's pqlicy, briefly stated, was 
that instead of a navy, Canada should 
present the British government , with 
$25,000,000, or the price of two Dread-, 
noughts. This had not been considered 
for various reasons but chief among 
them was pie tact that it not 
thought to be' in keeping with the .dig- 
nity of Canada. 

He looked upotofhe British^Bmpiro 
as a wonderful fiTOrlc, a galaxy of na- 
tions.. If the young and growing na- 
tions were to be of a.'7si3iance they , 
should work Indepeh^n^tl-j^ and yet 
unitedly towards the sdme -goal-r-^ho 
maintenance of that of which they each 
were a Upk. In discussing thia ques- 
tion he was reminded of the oft-quot- 
ed remark made by John Bright, 
"Rome, the dead mother (ft dead na- 
tions; Britain, the living mother of 
living na<tlons." (Applause) . 
. "And so I prefer the Liberal plan 
to that of the party led. by Mr. Bor- 
'ffen'." (Appliiuse.) , ■■ 

The other section of the Conserva- 

no other effect than the degradation of 
the labor market, the crontion of dlssen- 
.sloii and dl.scomfort to both nations. . Hi.s 
,nrK+iments Jind had weight and an ar- 
rnngement was entered into to have the 
immigration' checked. From 1900 tnl90B 
thi^ had proved siitlsfactorj- In tjle 
year 1905 the're had been an e:xpositton nt 
Tokjo which liiid opened the eyes (>f the 
meriTTanf.s of Canada to the fact that 
lapan .had developed to such an extent, 
had advanbed so fur ahmg the ron<l to 
civiMzatloti, as to make her., a valuable 
market. And there had followed on the 
realization of tliLs petitions to the V„- 
inlnion frovonimont the res hit of whUMi 
was the decision to tjecomea party, to tin. 
'Commercial Treaty sitrned betw.cim CJrent 
Britain and Japan in Jt<9r>. '' 

It was suh.serjuent to this, ttie i'romler 
continued. Hint tl|e iine.'cp.'<.ti'd hfipi>enpd; 
that the I ncide nt occurred which ha.i 
given rise TrPSuch a furore In the Cana- 
.illan West, "Tiie-aapnnese began Vl) poul" 
inti) the country. The r<--;\son was tliat 
the .Iapanos«v Government appeared to ho 
under the Ithpresslon that the tretity | 
.Huperceded the in\mlKration nrranK- -, 
motit- . ' ■ ' 

\\'lthout ' delav t'lo T>..nilii l.>n ll.ivoiii- 
rtient had taken the only nuional ,step. 
They had made representations to the 

Japan£se.adjnlnltjU-iUi4Mv-«fl i»«'rHngeme«*|-'i\'^'r ^ ha\:e„ 'SiJfJke:! 
was entered Into, ll+e-,tccins of wlijVh 
provided that at "the oiitslde only fom 
hundred .Iapnii<^.se shouhi he admitted to 
(.'anflda per .-inniim, and sincf tinn this 
coveniint had b.-.-u ■-■■rupuIouMly olieyed. 

"Which 'I- ank. '>ou wn.s t'ho be.«t?" the 
Premier adije'd. 'To attain nur object in 
this di(a:niflo.d mririnGr. a r,oliC.v ■ which 

was' <Hr-<M»-tT — tr>«n4yr-«nd coh4«,1 pot inter- ( 4>U--lo-i'^'^'^'^' ujiut explaniitiona of tjie 
"fere in, any way with the or 

live party, that at the haul of which 
was Mr, MonJc, ad vocatsed "noiiavy" ; that Canada take no jiart In the 
defence of the Umpire. "A ctaven 
policy," Sir Wilfrid concEiided. 
Personal Attac4<8 

Since the exposUiori of the Dom- 
inion government's j\aval policy Sir 
VSllfrld asserted he ^had been the suib- 
jeci of personal attacks tvom dllterent^ 
p.'irts.of the country assallUig the sin-' 
ferity of his loyalty. Oiuo of these' 
came from Mr. Samuel Bai'ker, . of , 
Hamilton, Who, In a ,i»aper' A-^copy of 
which he had in his liand, declaxed 
that his'was-only "Up loyalty." 

"1 i^iT -Hot think," HlrJ\VilJ'rld replied,- 
"that I wUl ljje_lakiiil--wlth upjiue pride 
if I say that the sincerity utl my loy- 
alty vvi.ll stand Just -as seaachlng an 
tnveatigatlori as that ol' Mr. fSamuel 
Barker." .( Laughter.) 

"In a tH>c«'nt address Mi!?. .G. Ft 
Barnard M. P., representing; Victoriu,i 
has accused me'of sa>i:iK in J8»9 thab 
not a lYian nor u gufi wuui-d no to ,thor 
a.s.slstance of .Great Bflta'in, iu bee 
time of need. 

".My .reconU" Sir AVilfrld sadd, "lar 
an open botik. Whene'Vor and -wher- 

- iny words hava; 

gone on record. \ chalk-nge Mr. Barn- 
ard to find .such word.s in any of my ; 
iiflterings " ', (ajiplause.) I am accus- , 
tomed to sucli atiaciis. I liave been J 
in iiubiic llfi'- for' a lung time. ' As 'U. , 
rule they don't i|-oulj,le jna. Buiti 
whc;i ' 1 come fo ', Briti-'^iii Columbia, 
where I am' but little known person- , 
all\-, I think 1 owe it to ii:iyself to re- 

west policy. 
"w hich 


WILL BTrt"' -I 
Kingston stre<' 



O.VI.,Y— FOR A hl-JVK.\ Hi) 
pd bungalow on_JIi>nzli',s st. 
modf.rn In rvery rr»)ii>oi. 


ide Bldg. 


on Harblncor avrnue. 

4- for on apBrtmont house or. hotel; a 
bargain. Terms easy. 



.li.I I'.i--- ;;. iil'ii;; of 
I'ri.Pi t)i.. !..i!|r\- I 

Incrva.scU-uurUi;; ; 
Statesman, biU at 
i under hi» ,»uc. ■ 



.f that 

■ uilier 
yea rs 

num'ber ;had, 


irately co'ncerned— the difficult 
lem of ' Oriental immigration. \1>iii^" 
attitude on this vexatious subject pro 
tected the interests ot oiu- .4jrQVince ' 
and expressed yOur appreciation of 
the l)fnpcrlal con-slderatlons, Involved.! 
Vi'e are pleased tO| assure you that, the j 
immigration which caujsed complaint 
has practically ceased, and- >ve desire 
to congratuhite you upon attajfiingl 
Tliar^object withou arousing Interna-v 
tlonal iri-will and with the entire •^ap- 
probation of file Imperliil authorities. 
Your narifie wilT be inB e.pai;ably llnk- 
ed vvPth tjle Grand 'i'i'ii'n'Tr'Pacil'lc rail- 
way, which 'i.s raitldly i^earing. com- 1 
pletlon. Already many to.wns, full ofj 
the pronvlse of metropolitan growth, ■ 
have risen, along the route , and, the | 
fertile vallfysi the" rofi'diVllT'ira verse ' 
are dally feeling the quickening im- 
pulse ,of sottement. Anothtfr feature. 
of 'your i'ailvjftty :|)ollcy "in the West 
wa^ y'oXtr encourngemont of the Crow's I 
Piws line, which wholly altered j 
the outlook In southern British Co-' i 
lumlda. These great systeins ah*} 
.)ur gen<;roiis 'siibsldles for rallw«y| 
instruction in our pruvince. afi'ord I 
nif. (.if > our appreciation of the 
..ut.stnnding need nf the -vvestorn 


,uuii.\- rr:<iH jiollcy 

ornjiiur Koverniio 11! i;s thi- iii.i.Mt ino- 
mentoiiH f<!atLirp of thin country's iu'll- 
tkal hlstpry since confederation. U, 
Is- thfe unmlstaltnble'sign of C^anada'a 
dieveloiuip nl"Uil' 'II' 1 'sitiun Of full 

\M nt (in, "tenfold .magnified. I have,lio...AJi,>Ja. Jajud I have seen ttm 
Rockies, and there Is no comi.iarlson. 

your magnlfir«int valleys without inr 
f<invenionce." (Laughter and ap- 
j.i.iuse.V ' 

There'll: i I...;, som'f remiirli, h- 
tinned, tlial Hiitlsh Columbia owotl lilin 
tluinks for hfivliiif chosen h<»r represent- 
niive, Hon. Williarn "Tcmploman. ari one 
Of tils r»,lrfrcrci!»*>--l-t -was true that some 
yoar.i5 agn tip hsd appointed that gen- 
tlemen to one of the governrnont's most 
linpoVtnnit portfolios. '■Kor, f h'Sl,' 'Ti'ow '-' 
pv.>r, I claim no thanks," said 'Sir Wilt 

,. to 

endanger serious Injury to the varied In- 
terests of fhp'KmpIre l.y the hurovluciion 
of harsh restrlcfise lo«-iHlnt ion? " 
The Hindu Problem. 
In 1907 the HinduK had besrun to nr- 

lave La lo^k to- their l^vuWlsT 'BHtith f^'^^-^.f, .^'^f^'?' .*,", ^■^", J^«.-^flid,"that.. 
4.|««vl4t.i_ffia*-tl.^-.*iM4f*erland^f Am- - n(^l' ffi" ^ait"; W^ ^!'^' """■ 

^rlca. "Hut It I s a .Switzerland." he ^iTl J^l '!'"i::'?^":/:'^';" ,'l'!' r'':'- I 
,.,._■ — ,--— —;--',—, ,, ' ■ .„.:„„iyi„j , V infiiHSia n , e t K nun with ti s , - — Wlmn n n \ <i tt . 

mi matter wlmt his race or creed, be- 

comes a British subjfxct he ts entitled ti 
nil' the, respect and. Protection of the na- 
llon's.IuwB. (Applause,) And so long an 
] aril Premier of Canada T shnil do my ul- 
■most to ^ 

Hut the same ecom-Hwleal prim Iple 
upplied as well to the Hindus as to, the 
t'hinese and the Japanese. The policy 
of the Dominion government, it logV- 
ciilly, followed, was We same. Hbn." 
William LyOn Mackenzie wa.a sent to 
India by the Dominion , go'Verninent 
rind !isn-4^«ult of his visit not a single 
Hindu had como Into Canada after thi'" 
rush. (Appliiii.s'e.) _ . 

It vyns said, and the argument had 
often been lhrow-n»tn the face of meni- 
iLCrjS-of the Domjnlon government, that 
-Australia enforced Jaws of tot*il ex-, 
elusion. He rltd ' not ki;iow whether 
ihls was corrfct. If it was oorrect It 
tlld not elTect Canada. "Even If it is do 
you think that the • AustraliarrTias" 
more to be jtypoud .of tban,,.the Gana- 
_ dian?" The tiFue~ " pOll(;y ivan then 

However, til r Wilfrid proceedttdpi^^opted'— to restrict Immigration bv 

negotiation and to do nothing likely 
,to impair thefriondb' rr' • ,,r ji^. 

empire wlth'ihe countri. '.vhich 

she .wn^-tradinp 

During the p:i ir.1 .Japan had 

awakened from :... J«thargy an'd- 

had become an Important factor in in- 
ternational commerce. It was a cred- 
it to Lord Lansdowno that he had 
foreseen this and had negotiated that 
historic treaty b in Tjcaeo- -Great Briiian 
amf' .Tnijnn "offensive and defeiislv(''" 

Here on thi.- I'acliic Coast, vvlio tt'ert^ 

frid. "bPTBUSP I know a good, thing when 
I Hfc it. ■■ ! will he pardoned In Na.Vlng 
that- In thi."i I |mve the ridv.antage of the 
flvctors' of Vlclorlrt. -rlTnTrgtrti^nrnd <np-' 
pUu'Se.) But V\-Ti'«n I learned of the 
ni'ethods. used livjjii .accomplishment of 
his defeat I ■cninejjn^jjj£^i0.5a+»MrtirTrTi(1 
I. am I sure' that "\iyerybody will ,n,gree 
With me, that they were not calculated 
to ledect' cTPrti-t tttf— t+i-e .Conservative, 

"he -atUUlflUls a neat In British Coltjm- 
Irln- and his services were notr-losl." 

The Songhee? liesei've queiAtlon wfi$ 
mentioned In the' elvTS* addrea,<i. I'je 
couldn't Htty how thtts, had crept in but 
It was there. (Laugiiter.) t,Tntpjestlon- 
ahly it was a sore spot and wliat coulil 
be dojie would be dono- to have U re- 
moved Rut, he Wished to explain that 
the !'■ . >70vernmeni > iiie 

guard 'lie Irrdlnns, i h'-! 

Doniinioi, i ■ ■■ ■ ' !-''..| t,. .: , ■.■, ,, , t., 

ind necessary.'' (A tiplaiii*!;) 
What, he a.sked was the truth dboiit j 
S'l^ith Africa and' thi-; parl2 of Canada 
ill it. l-ilood was thicker 'than water.;. 
Therefore It was but naitural tha-tA 
those with. British blood' flowing, , Ii> . 
their \-(in8 should respotKJ to the call;., 
fn fl'rTn?!frrm% liritalih tlian his couti- V 

try men of thi;; llruyi.aci'L jjt .QK;teb,ec.-v-. 

lUit he liad." gone to hl-s people and ,. 
had htslu'i l — liiiiiii , tt ' i do iJLJ i' grtUitud'o/' 
whaj K:iglish Canadians were dolnjg^ 
for 'onthu»i'ai[<rn and ,'wflthih thr^ei > 
inimtlVs their nieii- were on the wuter 
bound for th'V Transvaal. (Applajuae.) ' 
,« iv,.,„. .1 . /L ■ . ■ , ' "I do not ,ap)irch(>nd any dangier to 

.t^Hintain thHtjiicJnclii'lc-Ju.Uo.-H^trrTrr-'m-tTatnr-^ir V\ Hfrld cOn el»«?ed., , 

"Croat' Britain does fiot f«ar any foe. 
I!ul the time may \'ome when shei; 
will lie placed otLjiliai and then th'ei^ 
youiig N,atTT)?vs which .she has niioth- 
cred will rise in )ier defense. Mean- 
whilp. U'-t iis ahyays endeavor t(^ deal 
with those questions \vhlch aCfoCt ua 
OM their merits .and always so be'^ 
have that our fl.ig, wherever it fliesj 
shall 'represent freedom. Justice, 
emancipation, and justice.", 

".\s sooh a<5 Sir "Vvilfrld Laurier had 
takeh ihls seat tlie" crowd rose and ■ 
tendered him . three rousing ■^h/'ors, 
whlle^he bflnd roflderM "God gatoi 
the King." 

Th« Oepartupo. 

- At .the conclusloh oT ttPr Tfi^MIn • 
niimiy ff-iehds of Sir Wilfrid and oM. r 
theinbers of hi.s party pressed f '>r\v;trdj 
to sa;. fiirevvpll. The party 
whlfki .1 Into the ,clty in autoa .vnd,} 
[u'oceededf tUri-ctly to tho G. T. IV 
wharf where the Prince Gp.Tga #M.s.,i 
boaj*ded, . Parting lifjnd shakos, goud'i 
wl.'«hes and ,rjte*.''-a.'».>:ijhi'lud^d tho'piinioi 
■ml-nlster'» visit 'o Victoria ;ind f.i;..: 
welled him on his trip to Ui<' uoith: 

The city of Galvt-ston Is ■ spendlnc* 
$1,5,00,000 on a iTOjected roaduiiv s ' 
concrett^ arch bridge and a lift 

bridge. «»tb cohnrct IL-witli tho 



SH t ^ » ^ y J" 'i^ <%4* «.4 M 


g-t;jjijiJU4* ^ . Siw i '<"' >« ' i 

>iiiaW«wi>i«l«ifaW«'*tt, M 6» M ^ ^ ^ 




t ^k tim fm^- iii mmmnm 

<HrtiiP iM M p»ii j* « i ) ^)M«(-i' ; «»i^i#t^<. jp>w w^ «»-^)<»)p^ ',»mfV^ ^ > H * |<m m'^ltl'lf i m i ^ iJwwif^W jt yw^ 



Friday, August 19, 1910 


A complete list of Local Improvement Works, authorized by Bylaw, from time to time, will be found 
posted on the Bulletin Board at the main entrance to the City Hall. 


To authorii^ the entering: Into an agTo«- 
ment with the Brltl»h Columbia Tele- 
phone Company, I-lmlt«d, concerulnif 
the removal of telephone pole* and 
overhead wlr«» from icertain etreete, 
and to rnUe the Hum of f 100,000,00 on 
debentures for the purpoees therein 
■et forth.^, 

WHERIOAS tliQ Corporal i'ln ft 
■City of Victoria has nrraiiK.a iiu aKn-e- 
■tnent Avith Uio Hcltl.sii ('oluriil)la Tnl»'!- 
"plVone Coinpiuiy, which iirr;v:iiK''1iit'"t *» 
net foi'tli In nfi aKiiH-menl appi'oveil by 
the Couiurll amr executed by the Com- 
pany, and which siiUl tiKrcftinfiii is in 
the words and flfe'iirea l"ollu\vlnK 

THIS INDK-Vri-'HIO Viade in dui^li. ate 
tliLs ulutli duy ulf Aiignst,«<-in thi- year of 
■ (Mir Lord one tlnuLsaiid nine hundred and 


THE COUPUJiA'1-1' i.\ 'iK THE r\T\ 

( Ilrrrinnrivr r:K'i-' 


-- :md 

(rier.lnali. i , .,|1.V| the COMPANY) 

■r the Second Part: 
\\ llElUOA.s tiio I'ouipany carries on a 
toh' In the City of Vic- 
toiia. In the I'rnvince of British Colunv- 
1>Ih .and oari-'leB-ke Cables and wires upon 
pide.s placed In the streets of the City, 
AXD WHEREAS the Cqmpany at the 
refjuo.>Jt of the City has consented to re- 

movo^Jt.s r<ald, poie.s, cables and wlre«. 

from certain .streets hereinafter set 

— fortli -atul t.'ii. .pliK^-lts^-cftlUfj anfV w.lrpia 

In iinderRroimd conduits in streets here- 
inafter mentioned and to provide service 
b\- moans of uoiiernround conduits and 
poles in the interior of the block.s havlnK 
connection with the conduits In suld 

llMl. or at the option of the Company 
to h,- redi'iMuahle al any lUne upon six 
montiiN' notice to tlio dehcnturo liolders. 
sucli del)entureB In eitlier. I'ase to liear 
Inleiest tiiereon at tlio rate of four pet- 
cent. (1%) per annum on tlie lilsl <liiy "' 
January and .July In each year. 
""Tr^Vhen the City Electrician >n- the l-.y»iJ 
City Ennineei; shall cei-lify in writing 
that tile Companv ha\ e expended JLTi.- 
UUO.OO on -said worlts. llie City will liund 
o\er and deliver to the t:'ompany <lebeii- 
1 ores. lieluK- a portion of the said hsstu- or 
the par value of ^liH.OOO.OO. and there- 
the' whenever an addlllonal »jr.,00().Ui) 
shall have lieen 'e.\p(mdiMi and have been 
so certified by the said I'liiMTlneer or lOlec- 
Irician the City VvlUhaud over and do- 
Itver to the Company further <lel)entvn-es 
of the-par value of $L'r.,Ol)0.00 In each In- 
stance until the Compati\- iHhall ha\'e ex- 
pended tlie sum of iTri.OffO.Oi) and shall 
liave. recelvea debfJitures ot'.a..iuir,._val)ic 
of tltat sum. The City will hand over to 
the said Company the balance of the said 
debentures when the City ICiiRineer or 
City Electrician shall liave certified that 
the wliole of the work mentioned In Var- 
at,'raph (2.) hereof has been completed. 

•S. The City shuU upon the sufflcleijt 
eomplotion of the work iQf.„establlshiuK 
and construction of the said conduit sys- 
tem give aulhorily and suffer and per- 
hilt tiio Company to exchislvely use and 
operate tho same and to maintain, recon- 
struct, alter and repair the calfles, con- 
duits, "wires and other apparatus ao con- 
structed for tho purpose of suppl>4ng 
telephone service until default for three 
months bo made on the part of the tele- 
phone Company In tho payment In the. 
next paragraph provided for: 

IS WlTWEy.S WHEHEOF the parties 

■horeto have caused iiieir respeclUe cui- 

)oraie seals to he hereviiiio atfixea inu 

dav and vear llrsi auovo written. 
Tiie Corporate Seal of tliu Corporation 
of me City 01 \ icmrlu was nereunio 
. aifjxed in iht; pre.-sence of: 

iiu'Voi'porateJSeai of ibt: BrAUsh. Colum- 
bia Telepliono conipiiny, Limited', was 
hereunto aflixed in llio presence 

[Seal J \V. iCARREX, President. 

UlCU. 11. HAbSE, Secretary. 

.V.\l> WHEJiEAS the expense and cost 
ut tlie wont vvulim the said, ai-ea and ex- 
itjnsKma lliereoi, as in I'aragrapii 
said agreement set out. »« eaiimuted at 
uiie hundred thousand dollars t»ltti',- 
UUy.OU;, and 11 la proposed by tblsjiy- 
l.uw to uulliorii'.e tho raising of suHl 
sums-jviid llie delivery ut lUw-authorliied 
ueliynl.tU'es, at sucU-Uiaes as live. same are 
required lo be deliveied oiidei- llie 



pointed the Returning Officer of tlie said 
vote. , - 

E, W. naAPLEV. . 

A<'llnK' C. M. C- 
Cily cleik's i if flee. A'ictorla, H. C, 
A u Kn 'wt 17th, 1910. 


To Enable the Borrowlngr of a further 
■ um of 950,000, secured upon the 
frontaffe Beut* or Taxeg and Sewor 
Connection Rental, with tho guaran- 
tee of the City of Victoria. 

WIIlOltEA.S, ii is Inl'mdcd 1" li. ii"\\,i 

upon the securltv of rents or ta.xcs and 
sewer connecilon riii tills, imposed by 
the Sewers r.v-law, 1H(12 (,\o. 400), tho 
further suln of JfiD.Otli), to be' expended 
In and for llie extension of the sewers 
wittiln the City of Victoria, and the • ro- 
(layuient to properly owners of ar sum 
of, »L',220, advanced for .special .pewer 
construotion, under By-law No. l>94: 

AND WHlORKASj, It Is proposed' .(o 
KlvtuMhe guarantee of = the ■ Corporation 
for secui[lliK llw niom-vs fn iniciabd to 
■be btu'rovved : 

AND WHI'.KIOA.S, llic .-aid .'A.;^ 
1902," %vas validated Ijy Section :;», of 
Chitpter .4 2, oft he n^t^tuUiia .of .1 !|ail:J— ill 
• M i,u as frontage reulH^^a.Cj-M*'" &!M' 
s. vv.-i cnnection rentals were thereby 

the said Mayorlsaiil dr-bentures at a rate below par^/and 
>riiatlvely cause j t« nullKuIze the Treasurer to pfty olit of 
ir,-n (o he made, ihe same so raised by the « of the 

No. 516; the ".Sewer Eoaii (Inarantee ] It shall be lawful for 

By-law 190S No fi.'iT the "Sewer Eoan ; In Ills dlscriMlon to alter ._.^- , - , , , ., „*!. „# .i, , 

lAia. clua-aiu.v By- a,v 1^0° No Siii;, each of .Uie .said d.^he utvuvs to be made, [.he same so raised by the sftlc of the Hj-ia.v., \ ;,,^^^,; | ,,^,,,.,,,,.„ .,„,, js.sned for an amount of , said debentures all expense connected 

' loilliK) .sterlliiK and one. If neces.sary. for wlt)i the. pivparatlon and eng.ravlnK or 
tlio'a h!ss sum in sterllnj,' money to com- liilioKraphlnt,' t)f Hie debentures 

the "Sower l,oan (Uiarantee 

lib)!) (.Vo. :;)." Xo. tilO. be suffieienf to, fliiO sterliiiK 

provide the annual iniet' on 


^uuiiuiis..„yr any discount or commission, 

of the .•said aBreement. . ^ 

ANIJ \\'HEI{'EAS a petition under Sec- | .lyfjossed and levied upon the owners of 
tioii 1)9 of the Municipal Clauses Act lias 
been pieseiiteil to the Municipal Council 

AND WHEREAS by the provisions O 
Section fifty (50). subsection 18 (ar and 
IS (b) of the Municipal Clauses Act. the 
parties hereto have the right to provide 
for such work to he done by the Company 
at the expense and cost of the C^lty; 
AND ^VHEREAS It has been so aereed, 
TURE WITNESSi^TH that liv considera- 
tion of the premises and of the mutual 
. ovenants hereinafter contained, and of 
ihe-iHMTv-f»f-Ont*-I.>r>fhM* ($1.00) of lawful 
iiinney of Canada pai<l by each of the 
I ■iirtlea iifireti>-to tlM» otheH-«>f-tlten» t the- 
1 ecelpt wheref(f Is hereby by them re- 
sriectlvoly acknowledged) and pai^tles 
hereto mutually covenant aa follows: 

1. The— (rompany will immediately pn- 
leavor to secure such rights of wuy or 

' ,'iseinents over or throusrh private pro- 
perty within the aVea heieinaft.-r men- 
tioned and also property abultinp: on 
l-"'ort Street between l~)o.uKlas and Cook 
streets and on Yate.s Street from Doug- 
las to Quadra Streets as they niay deem 
necessary Jjjr the purpo.«e aforesaid: 
■•Should tho fi'ompany not be nble to se- 
cure .without payment therefor, all the 
rights of way or eiisement.s for such t>'>r- 
poscs. tho City undortaKee to immediate- 
ly, provide aapie. under their powers in 
said. Act set out. 

2. Upon the Company pr the Glty hav- 
ing acquired the rights and easements 
!set out In Paragraph (1). iiereof, tho 
t'onipi^ny as contractors foi- the City 
Vhall immediately proceed to conatnict 
and establish An underground conduit 
sv.'iem for tlt« car ryln-g'~»4?— cables and 
v.ires for the use. jind only for the pur- 
l)oses of the Company's business, within 
the area hounded by the following 
streets of the City, namely: ■ ' 

Wharf Street. HutlTITOtTrT; Douglas, 
Burdelto Avenue, Blahchard, Cormorant, 
.Store and Johnson .Street.", as shown on 
the plan (ittnched hereto and also on 
Fort Street from Douglas S^treet to CooH 
Street an<^l Yates, Street from Douglas to 
Quadra ■Streets,'*^ i.-.v^y- 

Withih sutph area ithe\compahy cdiven- 
Jints on qr before the'SOtlj day <»f Airnvst. 
A. D. 101121 tq. con^pletifly rc'mov**^ lill 
tlieir presppt ov.erh^iad i apparatus Vnd 
f(|Mlprrienf of, pViles and wir<?s. p'roviBeil 
nil such rikht]s and easements shall hAve 
been. obtaihetV f*" or befork the list <l«iy 
of .Tanuairjr, A. D. 1913.1 Btlll fender^ng^P 
all cuslr^merji of the Coitipany a sati 
fne'tory slervlce. i 

3. For such purpose! the Company 
.shall have 'authority foj enter upon ti) 
and. eveify road, street, r alley, or " thor- 
oughfar^ within the said area, and Port 
Street /between Do tiwla's arid • Cook 
"Street.^, land Vafef* Stre;et' frnm "l^tlglas 

to CJuaqra Streets, anci to dig up the 
road bed thereof, sub.iep.t, however, , to, 
and the ("ompanv. shall first obtain, the 
written' direction otthe.Clfv Engineer. 
^<>ho shall hcive sole authority 'to direct 
at what particular point and at what 
particular time the snid road, Street. 
allev or thoroughfare shall be dug up. 
and in what order aBito time among- the 
various streets: • • - 

PRO VI DEI), however, that the said 
work shall be carried out as expetlitlous- 
Iv as possible with ea* little Incoriveni- 
p'nce to the pnbllo traffic as possible, 
and all ahd every street or «tre*fB re^ 
stored or replaced In the same condition 
rp before the work or repair was com- 
menced. , ' ■ 

4. The Company agreftfc.W /provide, 
erect, and -maintain all retiulalte bar- 
riers, rcnc<*s aniTT)Ther proper protection 
and to provide, keep lind maintain tnuch 
watchman, and lights with red globes ns 
mav be necessary, or as- may be ordered 
hv the City Engineer in order to irisure 
safety to the public an well as those en- 
gaged aboilt the promises or works; and 
agreei where it Is practlcahle in the City' 
Engineer's opinion to. keep any roadway 
open for travel for the use of the public, 
for •=iich width ns the City Engineer may 
direct. The Compn'ny also agrees to pro- 
vide n sufficient number Of V.N'O 

' THOROrnilFARE" or other' proper no- 
tices which they must cause to he 
placed and maintained Iti good ordPf In 
eonspieiioiis' places wherever any, road- 
way, sidewalk or thoroughfare l.« torn 
up or d.nngerous. nnd '.«o long as Jt re- 
mains unsafe o)- unflnlsli'e<i; and when 
the work Is carried on at nifc'ht the Com- 

pan- -wtH-suppl v iit-t- h'd i l U'. n expeu. g e a 

sufflrtent number of elec'trlc or. o thBT, 
nnproved and effielent lights: to piiable 
the same to be done In nn- efficient, and 
sattsfnetorv marjher. and the CRy En- 
gineer jshall have the power to order ad- 
ditional lights to be put on at the Com.- 
pn.nVs expense If In the CM v Engineer's 
onln'ion thev are or may be required;; and 
t.he' Company hereby agrees lo Indein- 
nlfv "and save harmless the snid C'ltv of 
nnd from nil loss. cost or dnmnge bv 
reason of any net. matter, enuse or thing 
done or omit led to be done by the Com- 
nanv. for the protection of the nubile 
dnrlne Iheir oper.itloTVtt — cither .of eon- 1 
!"!!netlon or-pepalr. 

r,. The whole of tl^ 
eonslrtieted as aforewal,!. .-xc-ni ihl: me: 
Central St,Tt|on and contertis and'nil tele- j 
nhone Instrumnet..* ■">•' m ;ii,,,/ M'MUln 
buildings, but Iticl ■ rty ] 

rights. iiower« an'i 'he j 

Mho\'e (lesrrlVied area, and/ on I'ort 
Street tipfween DouglxiJ* 'and Cook | 
ptreets otdnlned bv the CompanX- or C|(v 
under Peragraph (1) hereof, sji nil -from 
r^^.^. fn day. a" ♦''** «anie are 'comuleted 
l,i. :ir.l become the absolute nfonertv of, 
■ ril r. r nil purposes veKfed l^n the City. 
' ■.- .fothe eveluslvo rlirbt of. 
•ifter nrovlded: and In' like 

, ,,.,,,. nil substitutions for nnd nil ed- 

dltion" to the snW works or nnv nnrt- 
tl.ereof during the usncre of the some bV 

, the Company, and nrlor (o the final mv- 
' ^.^lerefnr bv the Comnativ. shall lie. 
"nrie nnd be the abflolute property of 
and vested In the said Cltv. 

A r-or the pnn>ose nforesabl the Cltv 

PROVIDED, thai' should the Company, 
at any lime within three. montliB after 
any such default pay to the City the 
principal and interest then lu default to- 
geth^tr wltii int,erest on the overdue -in^ 
terest at the rate of Five per cent (S'/e) 
per anniim then thil, rights of user of 
the Company shall continue in all re- 
spects as if ho default had been made. 

9. The Company shall from and after 
he date of such handing over of such 

debentures, and during the whole life 
lliereof make a semi-annual payment to 
the City equal lu amount to tho Interest 
and sinking fund upon the amount of the 
said debentures on the 15th duy of Janu- 
ary .and July in each year. 

10. Tfpon payment by the Compaay of 
all the seml-tfnnual payments of Inter- 
esi and sinking fund upon the said de- 
bentures the City will trt-AUt and convey 
or otherwise transfer to the Company 
free of encumbrance the whole of the 
works 80 to be constructed, and substltu- 
tUujs- aiuT^aiiWTilons tnerettj and which 
have been herein agreed to be vesteil In 
the City and also all rights, property, 
powers an(l privileges obtained by the 
t^ompanv or the City as aforesaid .or en- 
joyed by the City under said sub-sec- 
tions IS (a) and 18 (b), .so far as the 
same- relate -to telephones, to the end 
that the City shall vest In the Company 
all the title the City-»hail haVe In the 
underground system to be fcompleted un- 
der this agreement: — 

II. .In event of the Cflmpany requiring 
the' City to issue debentures redeemable 
as proyhTed in Clause 6) hereof, then tho 
Company may at any time hereafter pay 
to tlie City a suni .which added to the 
amount of sinking" fund wljich at the 
time oT'sucli payment shall have been 
already paid to the City be sufficient to 
redeem the said debentures, and there- 
upon the t-'lty will grant and convey, or 
otherwise transfer to the Company free 
of entjumhrances the whole of the wai;ks, 
substltutiolis and additlonit so to be con- 
structed, which have been herein agreed 
'to be vested in the City an«l— «+?•»» all 
rights powers and prlvlU^ges obtained 
by the Company or tlie City as aforesaid 
or enjoyed by the City under said sub- 
sections 18 (a) or 18 (b), to the end that 
the City s'haJl vest in the Comiiany all 
th6 title the City shall have In the un- 
derground system to be completed under 
this agreement. 

12. If at any time the Company shall 
find it necessary to excavate, open up. 
reconjStruc't. alter, maintain, or repair all 
or any of the said conduits, or to affect 
atiy repairs to any of the fixtures or ap- 
iPnratus used in connection with the said 
systenT the company .shall have' the 

land and buildings, and power was giv- 
en by tho roclilng section to revoke and 
resgiud the assessment and levy made 
by th(i said- reciting BylJiw .upon occu- 
piers of laud and buildings, and such 
a«»«essment and levy upon said occupiers 
■jvus accordingly revoked by the "hewers 
By-law. i!»02. Amendment By-laW, 1904 
(numbered 424) : 

AND WHEIlEAS^-thfi- amount Of the 
said frontage renta or taxes and sewer 
connection lental.s, chargeable for the 
year 1910 la catlmaled at »2.''i, 528.10, and 
tho sum- of $49.1,000 has been already 
raised upon tlve security of the same 
under the provisions, of the "Sewer 
Loan Guarantee By-Law, 1-902," No. 40'J. 
"The Sewer Doan tSuarantco-jBy-hiw, 
ISiori," No. 456, "The Sewer Loa+t Ouar- 
tiTttee By-law, 1907," No. olfl. "The Sew- 
er Loan Guarantee By-law. 1908," No. 
557. "The Sewer Loan Guarantee By- 
law. 1909," No. r>92, and the "Sewer Loan 
Guarantee By-law 1»(W, CNo. ' 2)" No. 

AND WHEREAS, the moneys inten- 
ded to be borrowed pursuant to this- By- 
law will 1)e primarily charged and se- 
cured upon the frontage rents or tiWes 
and sewor connection rentals, asseijsed 
arid levied and to be collected annually 
under tho anthority Of the said -Sewer 
ByTl aw. 1902." now tinencumbered, 
amouh'iing to 12,481.10; 

AND WHBUEAS. the amount re- 
quired to he collected annually from 
the said' frontage re nts or taxes and 
sewer connection rentals to pay Interest 
pon' the said a);sr'^g-!ITF~7retTt'Of-f4»^.^W**. 
arid to repay the said debts by sinking 
funds within rtfty years is $'23,047. and 

of -lite Coriioraiion Of Uio City of \ ic 
lorlu, signed by the owners of more than 
one-cenrii of reut property in tho City 
of Victoria us shown by the last revised 
Assessment Roll, re.inesilng llio City 
Council lo Introduce a By- Law to raise 
the said sum of One hundred thousand 
dollars (JIOO.000.00) in and lor tho pur- 
poses aiforosald, and the Council desire 
tiA_glvo effect lo Huch potUloM i- i an- 
ner hereinafter appearing; 

AND WHEREAS the whole rateable 
-land and itnprovcmenls or real property 
of the City of Victoria, aocordlng to the 
last revised Assessment Roll for the 
year 1910 wifs *32.0S9,937.00; 

AND WHERliAS the total amount re- 
quired to he raised annually, by _rateLjfo^ 
paying the debt which wili be create« 
lierein and the interest thereon, and for 
creating an annual sinking fund for the 
payment off of the said debt within 
fifty (00) years is Four thousand six 
hundred and iifty-ttve dollars (»4,- 
655.00); '' :■: . . - . ' 

AND WHEREAS this By-Lawjnay^not 
be altered, or repealed, except with the 
consent of -Ui9-- Lieutenant-liovernor-ln- 

NOW THEREFORE _tlie Municipal 
Council of the Corporation of the City of 
Victoria enacts as follows: 

1. The terms of the agreement herein- 
before fully set out in the recital of this 
By-Law shall 6e. and the same are hei-«- 
by accepted, and the British Columbia 
Telephone Company, Limited, are hereby 
an t h o riVredn.cV 1 1 JCveTTi oTiT a n d e.verctse the 
rights ?itid privileges in tho said agree- 
ment mentioned or referred to, subject 
to the covenants, conditions and restric- 
tions binding on the said Company in 
the said agreement set. forth. 

2. Forthwith after the requisite — as- 
sent of the electors of .the City of Vic-. _ ., _._ 
torla entitled to vote thereon shall have }25,a76, and having regard to additions 

to the final passage of this ^ince January 1st, 1910; 

est thereon. ■ sliaU be allovved lo accU- 
tnulale and thpreout ahali ■ bo paid the 
principal moneys borrowed, as tiie sa-ld 
debentures Issued hei'eundcr shall fiom 
tlnlo to. lime become due. 

9. This By-law shall, Ij.cfore tlie linal 
passing thereof, .receive th'o assent of 
tho electors 6f the . salt! Corporation in 
the manner provided for In the Munlel- 
nal Clauses Act. and Hliali take effect 
on the day after the final passing there- 
of. ' 
repealed-save with the' consent of the 
Lleuteiiant-Oovernbr in Couiicll. 

II. This By-law shall be clted'.as the 
"Sewer Loan tftjaraTrtce^ BT*law% -19.H*r'- 

Passed "fne Muiilclpal Council on the 
ir>th day of August, 1910. - 

TAKE NOTlt.'p; lliat the nhovo is a 

half-yearly, "j, r . > day of .laVuiary 

and L'lst da\' of .luiv. a.l' such place. 
In the Dominion of Canada, Great Bri- 
tain, '■■■ ti... ri,it -.1 siMi."- •>r -Aiio-i-ici. 
n.s I, , ' .. . ■ ■ . .1 I :i'' ■!•'•'■' ■^' 

i»nd '!' 

■5. If shuil be lawful fi»r , the Mayor 
tin cause' the said ■ debentures - and 
interest coupons, either or, both. Jo be 
made payable at such place, eitTier in 
tlie Dominion of i 'ana, In, (jt;eat Britain, 
or the United St. Anierlca, as may. 

6. It shin be lawful for tiio Mayor 
of the eatd Cor.poratlon to dispose of 
the said debentures at a rate iielow par, 
and to- authorize the Treasurer to pay 
out of the sums so raised by the sale, of 
the sale} debentures, ail expenses ' con- 
nccted with thp propagation and' engrav- 

truo copy of the proposed- By-law, npoh+nig-Tll'' "11111 (ifi'l-ffphihg of the debentures 

whloh-the vote.of -the MurUciiiailty_wJIi he 
taken at the building known as humbei-s 
1417 and 1419 (Mr. MestOn's Building). 
Broad Klruel. on Monday, the 2i) 
of August, 1910, that the. polls will be 
kept open between the hours of 9 o'clock 
B.rn^ and 7 o'clock p. ml, and that Mr. W. 
W. Northcott has been appointed tho 
Returning Officer of the .said vote. 

City (::^lerk'8~Offloe, ' 

Victoria, B.C.. A'ug.. 17th, 1^10. 

and coupon^ or any discount or com- 
mission or other charKes incidental to 
the .»iale of the said debentures. 

". If deemed advisable by the Mayor 

"power. '^i'n so far as the City t^re author- 
ized to give the same, to enter upon and 
dp'sald WQfk. nT)d If necessary, shall for 
suRl) puijpose ha/ye. upon obtaining per- 
mission njomthe^Mty Engineer power to 
block or divert the vehicular or paf?sen- 
ger traffic tomfiorarlly as may be sanc- 
tioned by such permit: 

PROVIDED, however, that th« work 
shall he carried out as expeditiously and 
with a»-Uttle Inconvenience to thj-- hi i hllc . 
traffic as possible, and the streets, or 
street, restored or replaced in the same 
condition as before the work or repair 
commenced, " 

13. The Company, undertakes, when re- 
quested isojo do In writUuc. • . '■ r. iiL 
change, at Us bWii exp.^'iiHe, • : ion 

of any conciuit, cable, wire or .pli- 

ance constructetl or affixed to the In- 
terior of any of the? blocks pursuant' to 
tiie"' provisions of this agreement, nnd re- 
place the same In some other convenient 
position in said' blocK or any of them 
whenever or so often as such alteration 
auii replacing is made necessary by reas- 
on tff~th^C.on.structlon of a new building, 
rebuilding or the. alteration -'r extension 
of any building In said or any of 
them, and so that the Company will at all 
times do ahd execute all necessary works. 

been given ^ 

Bv-Law, the said agreement shall forth 
with be executed by the Corporation, 
and the agreement when so executed 
shall forthwith be carried into effect and 
thenceforth observed, and the said agree- 
ment so executed ,1s hereby Incorporated 
with, and shall be deemed to form part 
of. and be read with, this By-Law in so 
far as the same contains any covenants 
On the part of the Coriioratlon and by the 
Corporation has to. be performed. 

3. It shall be lawful for the Mayor Of 
the Corporation of the City of Victoria 
to borrow upon the. credit of the said 
CorporUtlon, by xvay of the debentures 
her;?ln after mentioned, from any per- 
■Ron or persons or body or bodies corpor- 
ate, who may be' willing to advance the 
strm?'~tr!ntloan, a sum of money pot ex- 
ceeding in the whole the sum of One 
hundred thousand dollars (»10O,O00.00) 
currency, or sterling inoney, at the rate 
of 4.86 2-3 dollars to the one pound 
sterling, and to e.ituse all such' sums so 
raised or received to he paid Ihto the 
hands of the Treasurer of the said Cor* 
poration for the purposes and with the 
bbject hereinbefore recited. 

4. It shall be lawful for the «ald 
Mayor to' cause any number of d(»ben- 
tures to be made, executed and Issued 
for the sum of One hnjidred thousand 
dollars ($100,000.00), eittier in'currency 
or sterling money (at the rate -afore- 
said), each of the said debentures being 
"of thenmotant of One thousand dollars 

(jl.OOO.OO) or Its sterlinp equivalent (at 
the rate aforesaid) and all such deben- 
tures shall be sealed with the seal of 
the said Corporation and signed by thft 
Mayor thereof. 

It shall -also be lawful for the said 
Mavor Itt his discretion alterhiitlvely to 
d.aiise the said debentures ^o be made, 
executed ahd Issued for. an ahiount of 
£100 slei-ling. and one. If necessary., for 
a less sum Jn sterling money to_com- 
pleter-the authorized issue. 

'5. The said debentures shall bear date 
of the ifst day of .l a nt iar.v^ A.-pr 1911. 
and shall be made payable in fifty years 
from Sttld date, at siich place 'or places 
either In the Dominion of Canmtia, Great 
Britain or the United States of America, 
as may in'the discretion of thi* Mayor be 
designated' thereon, and shall have at- 
tached to them coupons for the payment 
of tntere^st, and the signatures to the In- 
teres.t coupons may be either written, 
stamped.- printed or Tlthographed. 

6. The said deheniiH-es shall bear in- 
terest at. the rate of foui- per cent, per 
annum frpni Jthe date thereof, which in 

_ A BY-LA¥/' 

To Authorise ttae-Vse of Corporate Xonda 
at Springy Bldge for Sohooi FurposM 

WHICREAS on the appTication of the 
Board of School Trustees the Council 
have resolved — to^ grant the corporate 
lands at Spring Ridge liereunder de- 
scribed, also a aiim.aJ:,.TU,QQ.ij.JXL„}.lI4ri'"?- . 
the purchase for_the School Boartr^d'f 
abutting lands, the whole to be used as 
and for a High School Site, also to do 
certain works to make the site sult.ible. 
said sum. of_|.13J)po to be raised with the 
school rate for the year 1910. and the 
cost of 6ald— works to be raised with the 
school rate for the vears 19><r. 1911 and 
1 » i-2-a»- tnnr-be-ei 
res.sof the ■Works 

The Municipal Council of ih'e Corpor- 
the aipount to be collected to pay thejntlon of the ^City of. Victoria enacts aa 

' follows: .1 

1. It shall be law-ful for the Council to' 
use the corporate lands hort'lnafter de- 
Borlbed for school purposes: 

Deaorlptiou of Iiands 
Sections forty-eight (48) and forty- 
nine (49)^: 

I>ot eighteen (18) of Section Flfty- 
lhr?^rTS3>. Map 205, , 

Lots "C", "D". "J5'*. "F"'. of Section fif- 
ty-seven (57). Map 123; 

Part one hundred and fifty-five (ISb) 
feet bv forty.-four (44) feet of Section 
FIfty-clght (58). in a square block In, the 
Southwest corner thereof; 

Lots "A". "B '. "D". "E". "F", of Sec- 
tion SlJtty-fnnr cr I) Map 123; 

South hall -I of Section Slxty-flvo 

- Part one hniidind and flfty.-five (155) 
feet by elitbtv—ight (88> feet Of NorUi^ 
half (\4) of Section Sixty-five (65); 

South half ( ^ ) of section l^Mfty-four 
<R4), CKce-pt that part thereof conveyied 

there s bpH , in the Said debentufes. he 
reserved to ,the (Corporation the right 
upon ar^y futitre consolidation of the 
debenture indebtedness of the City to 
-STibstlTTrte debentures of such ccmsollda- 
tlon secured upon the credit of the (Jlty 
generally. — Such consolldatetl dcbon- 
tures shall contain the like covenants, 
conditions and restrictions aa arc con- 
tained in the debentures. Issued in puT- 
suaiTCe of _thtH"^^y-taW7 and in each de- 
benture Issfued hereunder a clause con- 
ditioned . for such Bubatltutlon may b«-ithat Mr. W. W. Northcott has been ap 


8. For JLtie purpose of raising annu- 
ally the "'required sum for the payment 
• 'f ihr int^-rest on the said debentures 

i.iiiiw their currency, there shall be 
raLsi'il annually the sum of noito. and i 
for llic puri-iose of creating the sinking 
fund aforesaid for the iiayment olY of 
the debt at maturity there ahnll be 
raised annually tlie smn of tll'l.'Jn and 
both said sums shall bo raised annually 
hV a rate suiX'xienl ihi-refor on all late- 
ahlo land and improvements or 
property In the city of Victoria durlnt; 
tho continuance of tin- said debentures 
in- anv of tliciii 

9. This bylaw shall before the final 
passing theronf receive the assent of 
the electors of the said corporation Iti 
the manner provided for in the Munici- 
pal ('Jauses Act, and shall take effect 
on 'the llftli day after the final passing 

10. This liylaw may be cited aa the 
Dallas Road I'oreahore Bylaw, 1910. . 

■Passed the Municipal (Jouncil on the 
15th- day of August. 1910. 

TAKE NOTICE that the abov^-Is a 
true copy of the proposed bylaw, upon 
which the vote of the municipality will 
l>e taken at the building known as 
Numbers 1417 and 1419 (Mr. Meston'.s 
building) Broad street, on Monday, the, 
29th day of August, 1910. thfet the polls 
will be kopf open between the hours of 
9 o'clock a. m. and 7 o'clock p. m.. and 

interest upon th(' said additional sum of 
»50.0«0 is J2.000. and to repay the addi- 
tional debt by .''Iftkins fund is $328, 
making together the aggregate sum of 

estimated at 
$500, it is estimated that there wITl not 
be any U<;(lcleniiy : ' ' 

^ AND WHEREAS, it is proposed to 
borrow tlie said s'rm of $50.00« upon de- 
bentures as hereinafter appearing: 

AND WHEREAS, by the said recited 
By-law, No. 4a0. the sold frontage rents 
or taxes and sewer connection "rentals- 
when received arc ilirected to bo carried 
to a Joint fund pntilied "The Sewer 
Rental and Sewer Tax Fund." and .are 
to be expended In the extension of the 
sewerage system of the city, and the 
construction and maintenance of the 
same, and in making provision for and 
the payment of principal. Interest and 
sinking funds w here 'money s are liitr; 

pointed the Returning Officer of the 
?Btd vote. . 

. .. -. B, W. BRADLET, ' 
.- -.- . U Acting C. M, <X 

Clty._. Clerk's "Office, Victoria.. B. C., 
August 17th. 1910. -,.,„.^_ 

mattPis and things which new conditions terea/t' shall be payable half-yearly on 
in real property affected may require..K^,g^,j,^ ^^y Qf^«n„ary and the 2iat day 
AND in default the (.Mty shaij have the „, /,„,y Spring the currency .of the de- 

right to apply to the Court for approprl 
ale relief In said premises notwithsr&nd- 
Ing that It may suffer -no da'mage-or no 
special damage by reason Of such de- 
fault. ; . 

14. Except as herein set forth no statu- 
tory or other right of the City or of tho 
Company shall he abrogated or waived by 
reason of this agreement. After the. date 
hereof, the Company will not in any 
streets or squares of the City from 
which It has removed, or at any future 
time may remove Its pverliead telephone 
wires and system nnd substitute a ser- 
vice from underground conduits in. man- 
ner provided In this agreement, place any 
pofes for their telephone system; and 
the Cltv shall not at any time lie'reafter 

nlln w any telophone perviCe through 

of fbe said 
ner of' wefci 

Tvhich is the estimated cost 

work*", nnd upon, the r".""' ,, .).» 

bv law agree'' to ts(«iie debenipr'-v '■''♦';'' 
laid amount „-!"vo;- ' r..iv.b,'e <n ^.f«« 

overhead wires on poles' along, across 
or over any su^h street^^ Or -squares. -,— 
" 15. The Company fiirther agree that 
hereafier when the City shall pass By- 
Laws for permanent^jiavements under 
the I,ocal -Improvement Clauses— rrf-rthe 
Municipal ■ Clauses Act. which toge/ther 
form a continuous permanent pavement.'Trhm the tirea set out, In Pari}.- 
graph No. 2 hereof, nnd fnrnlshe* the 
Company with ))e'rmanent means of nc- 
ee.».s to. and distribution frffin, suitable 
points within the Interior of each block 
abutting niHin such rtreefs. tlie Company 
will lav eondiills niuli^r such streets nnd 
.1. r. its wires Ibei/eln. and Install all 
I usary apjiarntus for an iinder- 
■, I telephone i^vstetO such as Is eon-' 
lenipliiled unil/r the foregoing, then the 
Coniiianv may be assf^ssed as an owner 
under siieb lYv-TJawp for the amount of 
r.o'iv — of (lie/co.«ts iif llie condtilts and 
the Inyinnr thereof. 

AND the/Company further covenants 
Immediate!.*' upon completion thereof to 
use tho jsiime ahd renxive from such 
'sii^ee'ts""a?l their tiverhead ^^;ires. cables,, I 
and all .tbelr poles, and such eondiiitM 
shall thereafter ve,«t In nnd hejymie the 
-property of the Chmpany, and lhe t'lty 
■n'iH execute lotUa._C.onjU).any till gt:ants 
necessary tf/ vew in: the iCompaii,v_Uie 
same"condttll.«i ail,d tony-, rights of- way or 
other enseiTients u-so'l ',ln connecilon- 
lliereWrni. nnd thereafter the Company 
shall have Ihe same rights In respect of 
"»uch streets or tho telephone system to 
he constructed therpln. an are corr<*rred 
bv Clause (12) hereof. In Tesppct of the 
street B and ftystoms. to be conslructett 
lliereln within the said area." 

IB. This n'greeme"' ^<...\] hf. binding 
from and afteiM+''' ' "f the said 

B.v-Law -ftMHieriitlni: ^ id dohejitures. 

'T7. This agreement and everJ'thlriBr 
herein contained shall respectively pu- 
ure to the benefit of. nnd be binding 

. , ydnr ... . . 

beiiturei*. at sudh plac^" or places either 
In the Dorriinlofa of C&nadn, .Great Brit- 
ain or the United States Of America, a.s- 
may be expressed in tho debenture a|nd 
coupon.' • . ! 

7. If the British Cohimbla Telephone 
Company, Llmitefi, so reqijiest Ip writing 
hefoie the'lS8U;ance of the' first series of 
said debentures, each debenture author- 
ized hereunder shall be marked "Ke- 
deemahle at par at the option of the 
Cltv upon jtlvlng six months notice to 
the holder thereof, such notice explrlnii 
on hny interest dn,y.'* and in such c(»se 
such debentures shall be. taken by the 
holder thereof. 8Ub.1ect to the said teilms 
of redemption. - I. 

8. If deemed aflvisahle' by the Maiyor 
th e r e nliolh in tho said rTohenture s.l be 

.-enrs from the! 

'reserved f« the Corporation the rl|ght 
iipnn any future conBoHdatlon-Tif-HTC,:-(l^»-»- 
benture 'itidebtednpss of the City to j<tib- 
stltute .dt*benture» of such consolldjFtlOn 
secured /nion the credit of^the City gen- 
erally. -/Such /consolidated, debentures 
shall contain the like covenants, condi- 
tions arid restrictions ns are contnltjed In 
the debentttre's .Issued ■ in pursuance of 
tht.i Bv-Iiftw. niid ,in each delienture Is- 
sued herpundeiyn clause conditioned for 
such fltihstltutCon' may he Inserted. 

9. tHirlng th«* inriknry of the said de- 
bentures there. sha.n be ral.sed annually 
bv special rate on all the rateable, pro- 
Tierly In the Corporation of .the City of 
Victoria the sJ^ld sum of. Four thousand 
dollars ($4,000.00) for the payment .of 
the Inler/st on, the said, debpnttires. and, 
the so by. turn of SIt. hundred nnd fifty- 
five (ioJnurH (J(inr..On) for the purpose of 
crPatIm' n slnklnir fuml for the pnymei^t- 
of the debt hereby rreat<>d. ninUlntr In all 
the sum of Four IhnuSnnd sir hundred 
and f! ftvrf I vo dollars ($4,(!rir..00) . to be 
ra!op<l ahniiallv by «!ppclrtl i.''le as nfnre- 
s,nid during each of. the said fifty (50) 

10. This By-law shall.' before the final 
pa.ssing thereof, receive the assent of 
the electors of llie said Corporation In 
the manner provided for In the M.unlci- 
pt't Clauses Act. ami sliall ta)<e effect on 
the Fifth day after the final iwisMing 

■ 11. This By-T.a\( 
Underground Teler: 

Passed the Munlcip.-i' ■ : ■ \\ on the 
15th day Of Augtist. ,1 !' 

TAKE NOTICE that llie above Is a 
true copy of the- iiroposed Byr-Lnw. tiprjn 
■which tlie vote oftlie Munlclpnllly will 
be taken' at the building knovvn aa 
.N'limbers, 1417 and 1419 (Mr. Meston's 
nnlldlng) Broad street, on Monday, the 
29lh day of August. 1910, that the polls 
>vlH be kept open between" Die hours of 
t'lpori.' the, parties hereto, t4-r«!tr'"BticceBsor» 1 o'clock a.m. and .7 o'clock p.m., and 
ri<'-'irp" i'r«it'-c|l\'cl V. 'tb'i* Mr W \\' N'orllv-M Imp t'pen .np- 

rowed on the security of tho pame, nnd 
in such manner arid at such tlmtf or 
times as ' tlie Municipal Oouncii* shall 
from' time to time think expedient And 
if is desired by this l^y-law to give ef- 
fect to s.uch provision: . 

.THEREFORE, the Municipal Council 
of the Corporation of the City of Vlc^ 
toria enacts as follows. — 

1. The moneys raised under this B>'- 
•law shall be. expended' In the construc- 
tloh of 8e^Vers and -for the purpose gen- 
erally mentioned In this By-law. and 
for no other purpose. 

2; It shall be lawful f'r the Ma,yor of 
the C'orporatlon. of tlie ''iij- of Victoria 
to borrow upon the security, primarily, 
of tho said frontage rents or taxes and 
sewer connection rentals, aijd by wa y of 
guarantee upon the credit of the said 
Corporation by way of debentures here- 
inafter mentioned, from any person or 
persons, or bodies corporate. Who' may 
be willing to advance tlie sainr-nss a loan, 
a Bvm of m.oney not ex/^^cdlng in' -the 
whole the sum' of $50,000 currency or 
■sterllttg money," at th". raie-ef- 4.8fi 
2-3.rds dollars to the' one pound sterllnfi'. 
and to cause all such s imV' so T-alsed or 
received to be mild Into th.. hands of the 
Treasurer of "llie -said Coporatton ■ for 
th'e and with I lie objefiLJie 
before referred to. The said g'uaraatee 
of tho city to be eonlalned in. the said 
delientures shall bo- in the following 
terms or ajt near theiet^i as may be: 

'"fhe payment of the prim-lpal mioneys 
an(\ Interest thereon nn-ler this deben- 
ture at thP~nPHpectlve dates when the 
same fall due Inuler tU.- terms of this 
debenture, is hereby gnaranieed by the 
Corporation of the City of Victoria." 

3. It shall be lawful for the said 
Mayor to tfauae any tiiimi>er of dehen- 
tures to, bo made, ext-cntid and Issued 
for such sums n» may be required, not 
exceeding, however, tin Mim of $50,000 
either in currencyor sterling money (at 
the rate of ■♦r86. 2-3rrtK dollars' to the fine 
pound sterling), each of .ihe saici deben- 
tures being of (he nmoiini of $1,000 or 
Its sterling equivalent (at the rate 
aforesaid), and all such dphentures' shall 
be sealed with the seal of the said ("or- 
poratlon and/slgned by the Mayor there- 
of. .- ■ : ■ ■ — 

It shall bJ«' lawful for the stHd Maimer 
irf his dist;r«lon to alfernaUvely cause 
ench of the said debentures to be made, 
cxecufed anil Issued for an ainoi^nt of 
£100 sterllnk. and one, if necessary, for 
a less sumf In sterling money to com- 
plete the liuthori'/ed Issue. 

■1. The sallddebeiituies shall bear date 
Of the da y n fiAr the. hiiai pa.i. i in^ - of this 

hv Mafia Ooodacre to George. Stelly by 
deed dated the 14th March. 1895. 

All In Spt-Ing Ridge. Victoria City, and 
snid lands shall henceforth be held by 
the Corporation, for school purposes. 

2. The said sum of $13,000 shall bo 
paid out Of coi-porate moneys and raised 


8. For the purpose of raising annually 
the required sum for the payment of the 
Interest, on the said debentures during 
their currency, 'there shall be raised an- 
nually, the sum of $2,000, and for the 
payment off of the debt at maturity- 
there shall be raised annually the sfim 
of $1,200^0, and both sums shall be 
TBised-f annually by a rate teuflicient 
therefor on ail rateable land and Im- 
provements or rea^property In the C^lty 
of Victoria during tlie conttiuiance of 
the* said debentures, or any of them. 

9. This By-law shall, before the llnal 
passing thereof, receive the assent of 
th*~Tl*.otwrs of . the said CorporiUion In 

-provided for in the Munlci- 
pal Clauses Act, and shall take effect on 
the day after the llnal passing 'thereof. 

10. This By-law may be cited as the 
"$50,000 School Loan By-law. 1910,!' ' 

Passed the MuniclpaJ Council On' the 
15th day -of August. IMO. .. . .... . 

TA-KE NOTICE that the above is a $15,000.00. and of w'hicb the, Province 
true copy of the proposed By-law. upoii of British Columbia will provide $5,000, 
which the vote of the Municipality Will be ANJ). WHEREAS, the whole rateable 
taken at the building, known ii.s- Numbers i^,,,) and improvements of real properly 
1417 and ,141 9 (Mr. Meston's Building). I of the said Oirporation of the Glty of 

Victoria . accoi-ding to the last revised 
Bssessm^'nt roll for the -year IftlOj was 

$32,OS9,537.00. , •'. f"'": 

AND. WHEREAS, (he total am oOtit 
reipiired to be raised annually by rate 
for- the paying of the debt which will 
be created hereunder and the InteVest 
thereon, an<l for creatine an annual 
•sinking fund for the payment off of 
tho said debtvvlthin t-wenty-tiv6 years, 
according to law, Is $960;15. 

A.N'I). \VHFRE.\Si this byjaw may 
not bi- aUei-ed or repeal«d-except with 
the consent of the Lieutenanl-Governor- 
in-Council ; 


To raise $15,000.00 for the Erection of 
an Isolation Hospital. 

Whereas the Council of the Corpora- 
tion of the (Mty of Victoria have decided 
that it 18 necessary to reni'odel and mod- 
e rnize the p ie a q nt Iso tatton , Hospi tal, 
and to erect certain otller buildings In 
connectloji the.fewith; ,.^' ' 

AND, WHEREAS, it is estimated that 
the said works will cost $20,000.00 .. of 
which the city, by thl;s. bylaw, provides 

Broad Street 6n Monday, the 2! 
Of Augu^t,^ 1»10, tliat tho' polls will be 
kept open between the' hOurs of 9. a.m. 
and 7 p.m.. and that .Mr. VV. \V. North- 
ro-tt has been appolnt'-d the Ki.-lurnlng 
Oflicer of the sald"Vot<>. 

I-:. W. BRADLEY, ; 
• ' , Acting (J.M'X;. 

('Ity Clerk's ofticc. 

Victoria. B.X".. Aug. 17Mi. 1910. 


To Kalse 875,000.(X) for the Protection of 
the Foreshore of Dallas &oad 

WHIOUEAS the Council of tlio Corpor- 
ation o,f irre City of \'ictorl'a liavo declde.d 
that it is necessary to .le-^-t .i permanent 

f the sea 

Site and the said moneys so paid shall 
be raised annually with the school rate. 

3. Thlj^ Bv-law shall before .the final 
pa.ssing thereof r<'ceUe tbe nsseiit of the 
electors of'tbe i:ilv entill--:! t'i'\'')!e on 
monev By-laws. ^ 

4. This Bv-law ni.iy for all purposes be 
cited as the "Spring Ridge Lands Au- 
Thorlty Bv-law" 

.Passed the Municipal '1 

dav of August. 1910. 

TAKE NOTICp: th.1t t'he abo\e is a. 
(riie copv of the i.roposed Bv-law. tioon 
which the vote of tb«>Munlolpntltv will he 
taken at Him buibllnc kiioWu n" N'mnberf* 
H17 and 1419 1 Mr. Meston's RiHIdlng) 
Broad Street, on Mondav-. fhp 2ftth dav of 
August! 1910. that tVie polls will ,be kejxt 
open between the hours of (ffTSIock a.m. 
and 7 o'cloik' p. rp . and tliai Mr W. W. 
Northcott .has bPPn_n{ijii>l>ited ' Hi". Re 
twrnlng Officer'oT'tl'e said' vole. 

Arrtng C M. C. 
City Clevls■^^ i>ffi<'e. Victoria, B. C.. 
August 17tli. inio. 

limit 1 

f Wtlife l,.-^v.lf< : 
.ouch Ih'r seijHiioii 

sa'ld fiffcshore !■> oieaij-J ■•■I' a i-eiiiforced 
com rele wall on iilan.-j' a|iiii'oveil liy the 
l-;iiglio-er of tii>- I >epa,i t iiiwit of Lands 
and W'oriis of tlo- I'loxince of British 
Colt'imbia and to .•xten.l from -a solid 
fouO'lalion lit :i;.i.l'i'VtMi:!tr|v lowest- tide 

to tin- lu-ik'lit -'11 

lialliiff lioa.l'. 

AND 'Wlll':i:i;.\H it 1.-. i'-i;ival,-a that 

the sai d wo i lt wil l .t'owl i4-UW,iloo, , of 

whicll sum llieCitN pi-ilvid'-.s li.v this.liy- i;iieihi. ji'nd iJie I'rov itic>*-tTf llritlKli 

TIlfc:REl<X)RE, the Municipal Coiihcll 
of the (Corporation of tlTe City of Vic- 
toria enact,s aa follows: 

1. It shall be lawful for the Mayor of 
the Corporation _of the City of Victoria 
to borrOw npon'' the credit of "the said 
Coi-poration by the way of the dehen- 
no ad, I turea_li.erelnaf ter mentioned^ from any 
person or- persons, 'or TJOdy or *v«ltescbr'- 
porate, who' may be willing to advance 
the same as a loan, a sum of money not 
exceeding In the whole tho sum of $15.- 
000.00 cur4-+ncy, or sterling money iat 
the ratV of 4.86 2-3 dollars to the one 
|.i..».ectinK the Ijjjjiind giei-llng., and to cause all such. 



itrt-i.'i produced 


To Saiaa 850,000 for School Purposesr 

\VHEREAS. tlie Cciuncil of the Cor- 
poration' of the City of Vhnnrla are re- 
quired to'i-al.«c the sum of $:,e,oo.i tjrn«s | .niu 1 
on. tho reituli'cmonf r.' 
School Trustees, for ^ 

Slte-and the ereCtbui of a new (;<c!iooi v. n o I 1 

Rchopl groilnils at the corner of Bank 
Street and Leigh+on Kt reel, and for cer- 
tain additions to t)\e school a.nd grountls 
at Victoria 'W'est. and, for the iniprove- 
-tVK>H^^f- -t h e achn n i slle ami g rmuida al 

Columbia' agrr-rwl 1 

A .\ 1 > w 1 1 i.i I m; \ 

laii-il and imiO'-'S'i-: 
of .1 he said 1 ■-oriiii.Ui: 1 
\'ic|orla ac. oi-hnl-'^o 1 
•^1 s.-<nn>nf I'i'l I ''■" ' '"■ ■' 
• '<'< '1 :i 7 . 

.\.\D \\-!i! 
1 1 11 1 red t . 1 
II..' |Mi,.vni. 
. re.ited lo-i ■■ 
1 lufreon. and 1 
l!ur fund r-'" ' 
, 1 . ' 1 1 1 \\ U[ 
is r: KM ■ 

,.\.\ii Will-:' 

I,.- .ilt.TCd 'or 

f .|!..- 1. . ■.' 

.\-tTtr. j.:r,.iit)(); 


' 'I'.eriy' 

Inline 1 'It y of 
lii.'-t re\-i...,.(i as- 

' '.'la wuM $-'i'2,- 

sums so j^aised or received to be paldJnio 
the hands of the Treasurer of the said 
Corporation for the. purposes and \rltli 
the object hereinbefore recited. 

'2. (t shall be lawful for the said 
Mayor to cause any number of deben- 
tures to iVe. made, executed and issued 
for such sums fis may be required, not 
exce.'dlng, however, th e su m of $15.- 
rion.nn either in curremry of sterling 
mom-y (at the rate aforesaid) each of 
the said debentures being of the amotint 
of $i.tttHl.OO' and a-tt, such deb^ntu.res 
•siiaM" be sealed" with the seal of the Haid_r 
('orporation and signed b-y ^he .' Mayor 
thereof. , 

• li sliail !■•■ l-.wfiil for the said Mayor 

in his discretion to alternative ly ea«««^^ — — 
eacii of the said debentures to he made, 
pxociited and H**ued for an amount of 
tioft sterling, and one If necessary for 
r»js -Slim In sterling money to com- 

n.- .lu.Tcu 

Leu...)-. ..^etl't of 
I Couilctl • 

I cpt with III 

I ' n).\ "nior-in- 

TMI'i'l 1 ■ 


Kingston street. Including In each case 
the purchase of the necessary land: 
• AND. WHERF-AS, the whole rateable 
land atid Improvements or real T>?^opert5;^ 
Of the said Corporation of the ( 
Victoria kcc.ordlng to the last revised 
asses.smp.nt roll for the year 1310. was 
$32,089,937: , .: 


( 'oi-oora linn 
herelnaf ici 
or person 
who \un\ 
as a Ion I 

', I :- I 1 

r the 

■ r v.'i 


>-t,-i',or of 

By-lu\\'\ .« nti - M I a II be ^m < vai>le In fifty 
years from tlie paid date tti such place, 
either In the pominloii_oX..<Jajiadfl, nrynl 
Britain or /the United States of Atnericay 
ns may' be/ designated tlieneon. an<l*hall 
hiA-e attaji'hed lo t.hem coi,')ponH .foi- the 
payment of , I'n terest and "n he signatures 
of the interest c.oUponii may be elthei: 
written, TBtamped, piini.-.i 01 iitho- 
graphed,' -. ' 

r>. The Said debeft'liires sljrtll' bear in- 
terest a.t- the rate of .four pet- rent, per 
annum from the dale thereof, whjch in- 
terest shall be payable balf-yentiy ()ti 
the Zlsfdity of .laniiai'v and the 21st 
day of .luly. at spch place, either in tlie 
Dominion of Canada, tireai. Hrltath.or 
the Itnl.teil Slates of AiherUn. as'nTmy 
te expressed In the debenture and cou- 
pon.. ^— 

6. It shall he lawful . for the said 
Mayor to cause the said debentures and 
4n.t^^F»tRt,.-) .- ou pm ia..-.4>.l4twp— or.— both, to be 
made t>!^yable" ill Kucil place, either In 
the J)oinltiion of CaiuidiJ. Orent Britain, 
or the United States of Afaic rlca . as 
mav be desired. 

f. It shall bo lawtul for -the Mayor of: 
the said corporation to dispose of the 
said ilebenTnt-es at 7frn-tTr-lTfftwwT(raT-.'Ttrnr' 
to authorize the Tn-asurer to "pay oift 
of the sums so raised by the sale of. tho 
.-aid debent»rea,-^aXl. n x pensr r^ cnnnprlod . 

requlreif (o be ral.sed aniVujBlIr by rat<j 
for paying' the'~'IleTiT vCI'HTTpivTn- T5?-(n^ir^ 

ted hertuutler ami tlie interest llie're<ui. 
tti)a for creating an- annual sinking fund 
for the payment oft of •"»(?*" ffWl debt 
within" twenty-five yea.r.s, n'-ctding to- 

AN'^v WHEREAS. It. will r'-qll.ij:e .an 
BnTitfffl tn:ttt^Jif-.lU'7_of <m e mill on tlm 
dollar for paying the new neiil In-^ 
tereSit^ ... ., 

' AND VlTEREAS. tiiis By-law inRy* 
not be altered ori retii-aleil excM^i-t with 
consent of tlfe L!eulenant-Governor--4Tr^ 
CoiMicil: , " ' 

TIlERl3i'''ORE, the MuhU-jifinl Council 
?rlhtliv Corporation of the <'i'y of Vic- 
toria enacts as follows :- 

r it shaU be lawful for the M'avor of 
the Corporation of the City of Victoria 
lo borrow .Vipon (he credit ol,.Jiiii"^aid 
Corporation by tvay of the debentures 
hereinafter inenriotied,' fom any "peFsoii 
Or persons, , or body or bodies corporate, 
-who- mgv .be. Willing In n<l\mico the ikame 

!in(omt re 
', rale* foi 
I ,w lit bel . 

,1; -ninnual" ink' I P'nte the authorized issue. _ 

,,,,,,?■",.. !,.1m! 3. The said debentures sh^ll benr 

,, '1',,,.^, ,1 It.- of tlie day after the .final paasltik" 

ji-l tills bylaw, and shall be made -ppv' '-■ 
i.iu ni\y not' aide iii twcnly-flve years from said da1>-. 
'at .siicii place either in the Dominion of . 
Canada, Creat .Britain^ or the United 
States of America^ as tnay be. designated 
ilierccm. and shall have atta-iliefl ' " fij 
!!icm coupons for the payment of in- 
;. rest and the signatures of tU^ Inter- — 
, St toiipons may he . ettlier Written, 
''.itv oj, ViotorUi I lutaiTippd. prLnted. lithographed or en- 
' graved. 

4. The said debentures' shall bear Ih- 
terpst at the rate Of four per cent, per 
annum ft-pm th.- date thereofi which 
interest shall lie payable half-yearly on , 
the 21st day of .lanuary and 21st day 
of Julv. at such place, either in the Do- 
minion of Canada, ('treat Britain, or the 

, „ United .States of America, as may he 

pceivi-.l to be pnM Into the hands of the | expressed. In the dehebtures and coupon.' 
Ti-i--i-<iii'er o.f the. said Cni-norat|on ' for .:>. H shall be lawful for tlm said: 
(he pnrpo'^.-s nnd with the ob.iect hereln-f Mavor to cause the said debentures on.d 
before red leM Interest coupons, either Or both, 10 be 
b-ilTTV,- lawtul for the said Mrtyor made payvible at such__PMce,^ cltheXfln 
uinibev of debentures to be tlie Dominion of ( anada, threat Britain. 
— ti i,- Uiii i ed t Hato a o f Amo r-lea . g s m a y — -.. 

i-edlt of tho said 
of.tUe (iebent\ires 
from any person 
; bodies corporate, 

advance the sanie 

li)Onr>^' not (^Xcci'd-" 

Ing In the wholn 1.he "iini of $75,000. cur- 
renr\ or sterling money,,- at the rate of 
■i SC) '"i-n didlni's 10 the one pound sterling, 
and t" cause nil sticli sums so raised or 

2. It 

made cxer-iirf .t a"T'id Is^Hued for, siicn sums 
) , ,, ,,.,w:iil i -. ,1 nut- exct-.-dlng . Iiow 

as a'loan. a sum of riione.v_ not exceeding 

Willi the preparation ai9d llthogrnphl-nj; 
,,r th.' debentures and foupoiis. or any 
rllscoiini or coinmisslon or other charges 
iiu-idcnial to .tin- sale of the- paid d'ebefl* 

S. So much of the moneys ciiUecled 
for and received by the (.'Ity Treasurer 
under Ihe provisions of the- said ".Sev 
By-Law, 1902" (No. 400», ns, sliall af' 
complying with the directions eontalneo u-i 1 
In the said "Sewer Loan (.!naranlee My- J>ent 
law. 1T)02." No, 402. the/ , "Sewer Loan alid 
('iuarnntpe By-law 1905/' No. 4.".(), the witli 
"Sewer Loaia auariinte^ By-la.'vi', 1907," land sign 

In the whole the *nm of $50,000, gr.»fl» or 
filbr)tqg pioii0y,- at the ratir;of 4.Sfi il-itrds 
Xil«i^'t^"Tli^~iWe'~Trotind'.*«lerllng, and 
t<j cause all .pitch, sntns so raised or re- 
ceived to be paid Into the hands of the 
Treasiii-cr : (it tljo said Corporation foi- 

the purposes and ^wt|h ' thfl-phjcct here 
Itiibef ore 'recited.' ' 

2, It shaJl he lavyftil ti« 
Ma^or to cause any nurnhei 
tures to he made, oxe<Mitf><i.aiid in.-.ied 
fill- such sums as mny be leqiilred, not 
ding, however, the sum of $50,(10(1, 
In currency or sterling money at 
,i,, , .. „,-,.■■.:.., i, I), ,.a<di of rtTrr"«i.ild de- 
i the anmniU of $1.1)00, 
n!urriT-?lTall bi,' sealed 
M-,'il ..1: the s.-ild CorporatljSn 
od by tlie Mayor tliereof. / 

Ti s may- , , > 

f.,-f.r the 'suni of JTFiiOOO, either In cnr- 
rencv ,.or sterlinu money (*( — the > ra1o 
Hforesalill each of the said debentures 
being of 'the nmoimt of $1,000. and nil 
such debenture,* slutll be seal<>d- with the 
seal of the said CoroorMtlon ahd signed, 
b.v" (he >'a> •<!' thereof. -• - . 

It .«h:ill V.e -111 wf I'll for the said Moj-oi- 
In hi« discretion to nllernatplv. cniisp 
e.ich of the said deKentures to'' be made, 
e'xt-cnted and' l««iied for a-n amount of 
£1011 ptpillnir and one If necessary for 
„ Ip^ib sum in sterling money to , cam-* 
pb-te the aulh"(U-i7:ed Issue. .."^ 

;t The ^aid debentures shall bear date 
of the fifth day- after the flnal- pn.estng 

be desired. 

6.. It Hli^T~i7frT"irwTin" "Tof "TtTP^'Wa'ywr- -- 

of the said Corporation to dispose of 
the said dehe/Uui-es at a rate below par. 
and to inTTTiorl-/.e the- Treasurer to -pas' 
oift of tlii^ sums, so raised by the sale 
of the said dehehturea all expenses cfln- 
nected with the preparation and en- 
graving or Utho'graphlng t»f-4he deben-. 
tures ai)ii coupons, or any discount or. 
commission or other -charges -Incidental 
to the sale of the said debentures. 

,7. if deemed advisable by the Mayor 
there shall, ih the said debentures, be - 
reserved' lo the ^Corporation the rfght 
upon a-nd futiy^, consolldfttlon _ of the 
dobentnre's indebtedness, of the^cily I'l 
substitute debentures of'surh consollda- 


pons I'M HIT- I-". ;■■- --■ ■ -' 

the signatures of. the Interetst coupqhtt 
may be either .written, Stamped, printed, 
lillioi^raphed or engrilved. 

4. The -said debenturea. shall bear in- 
t<^rt*st - at the rate of- four per cent )>er 
annum from the. date thereof, which in- 1 
terest shall be 'payable half-yearly on.' 

dllioned for such substltuMon nnVy !..• 
InseVled. . 

S. Foi--_ •the 'puipo.H,' of raising annu- 
ally the required sum for the payment 
of tlie "intpresit on tho said debontTires 
diirin'g their currency, there shall . lie 
Jhe 21st flay of .Tanuary and 2lst day of j>'nl-d """''"^'^iX/he sum of M00.()() and 
at sucji place, either In .the Dp- | puipose ot the sink 

n of Caniida. (Ireat Britain, or the 


1 1 1 i I li 

tates Ot America, av may. be ex- 

iii t'br> debentures and coupons. 

■ ■" ■ i 1 wf.iil - for liie said 

alii ileben lures hnd 

jii,,.,,,., ,..'.,, ,..,. t .ilier cir both, to 

made pnyabKi at auch place. ?iilir-rj,ln 
the Dominion of Canndn. <lr.-ai nrlialii, 
or the United l-^ia' 
Hiay be (It'sired 

afore.«iald fqr the payment off *■- 
01 111- debt al uraturlty there shall b« 
niisc-d iuiniially the sum of $360.1. '5. and 
both .'laid sums shall be rnl-^ed aiinually 
by a. rate suffit-lont t' on all 

ratoablo land and Imiiri- - or' real 

properly In the city of Vltrioi la, durln?: 
the continuance of the Bftld debenture.^ 
oi.--Any oL.ill^.m.,-;. '._, ' 
' 9. Thl.i bylaw xtihn befo 

ft. It. shall lie lawful foi- i.!i<. .Muvor of | passing thereof receive the .Tr-.,put of 
thte eald Corporation to dlBpoae of thai the electors of tho said Corporation in 




»iaMeaiM*<!UM«iii»aaiW;i<^^ ' 


Friday. August 19, 1910 



the manner pmvided for In tlie Munici- 
pal Clauaea Act, and" shall tako effect 
on the tlay after the final pasMlng 

,10. Thl.s bylaw nia-,- lie died as the 
l>olallon Hospliul B,\law. IHIO. 

Passed the Municipal Council on tho 
16th day of Aujrusi. 1910. 

TAKE NOTICK that the ubovo 1» a 
true copy of tlio prnpusiMl byUi", \ipon 
wMch the vote of the WuiilclpiilUy will 
h* taken at the hnllriint,' knnw n its Num- 
bers 1417 and HIM '(Mr. M<>s';ou'k buihl- 
Inffl Broad .strcfi. on Monday, the 'JOth 
day of, IPIO, thiVt tho' pnll.s will 
be kept open between the hours of 9 
o'clock a. in. and 7 o'clock p. ni.. and 
that Mr. W. "W. Xorlhbott has been pa- 
polnted the IteturnlnK Officer of the 
nald vote. 


.•\(MhiB c. .M. r. 
city Clerk's Offlr'', \i.;^iil.i, i; \\. 
August 17lh, 1910. 


To Kalaa «ao,000 for the 
tha rubllo Conrenlance. 

Erection of 

said municipality, on Monday, the ".Jnth 
day of AugUHt. 1910, fi-oni !) a. ,m. to 7 
p. m.. and to record their votes foi or 
asmln,^! the paswage cil' the UndtTKr^nind 
Telephone By-Law'. 1910; Hewer fjo«n- 
(luaranlee, 1:410: Sprlnif KUlK'^ 
huiul.s .\uih(ii'lly By-l>.a\v. $,-iO,iiOO ..t-.i-|,l 
l,n:ui B>--ba\v, liHO; |jallu.s lloiitl l^'uie- 
.sliore By-,La„w, 1910; iMolallon H^i.spital 
BylHM', 1910; PUbljc Convenlonce l>oan 
Bylaw 19 1"; H cojiy'of which by-laws are 
publlshrd In ilie Victoria I.>;illy (.'iilonlHl, 
and (.-(ipb'.H whereof are po.sitid up at the 
t'ity lUill and In each ward and at the 
poHlpK lihK'e. / 

'/Atiil take n<ilU-c that llu' l>>lliws wUl 
tiot be Viillil nr iiCauy effect unlewH.the 
vote polled In favor thereof be %t least 
Ihree-fU'tliK nC the vote polled. 

Given u:idiT nty IimuiI at V'lctoj-la, 
British J.'ulumhia. tlil.s 17ti, i]ny of Au-, I 91 n 

w M \v' xonxiK'tifr. 




(Coiitlnucil from I'aiire o.) the Importance of skilled ine- 
i-liaiilcs. Of courso/Ui«y can come to 
the DryTiinlou, Inijr the Koi ei-tinien> 
d"e« i>/)t lake step.s for their inipor- 
tutlon in numbers. The Ki>\eriinierti. 
therefore, nwing to the situation, has 
tn uttract iigrJculturfillHts. 1 find 
that here there is n great demanjl for 
white lithor, (ind I fully roeosnlze the 
im.portanci' ni' keepiiiK It a white 

Sir Wilfrid, with a few, coflckui'.nK 
remarks, !;h»;'i) 'rtlsmissrd the deputa- 
11. ui, Kreetin.u tlnin iiulix jiliiall,\ as 
tlie\ left. 

—/ - IZ . 




Sir Wilfrid I.aurler .nhi his iiarty 
|)as.sed a ver>' bu.s.\ hut cn.lo.vable 
moriiinff >e8terda.\'. At 11 o'clock the 
party werr— thp"Kiiesta of the, Victoria 
LIheral. A-ssoclation in an autcjnioblle 
rid<' about the (-Ity. Several points 
of iiitercst were passed on the Journey 
and were pointed olil i" the I'rlrfie 

'l^be part>' waK i.nii' I In M''\ cii n'la - 

ZiOBT. ~ 

liOST — At reception rI Parliament 
bulldlngB, pearl brooch In shape of leaf 
on jjold bar. Reward if returned to XI', 
Oolonl it office. 


In tha Suprama Court ot Brttlah Co- 

In the .Matter of the lOsiate nf .Liba K. 

Scott. Pecea.-sed, 

In' the Mailer of the Cfflclal .\dniliils- 

trutor'a Act. ,- — 

Tender.s will be j-ecetved by the iinder- 

I slxned until noon on the 2.5th day of 

AuKust. 1910. for the purchase of' the 

unilermentloned propert.v, viz.: 'iSvelve 

I I i; ) .HhareK. repre.sentInK n oni'-lentb 

Municipal Notice i 

Municipal Bye-Election, 19 1.0 

WHEREAS, the i-onn<ll of tlie forpo- 
ratlon of the C'li.x- nP\ictorla have de- 
cided that It is noce.sHary to erect «> 
Ptiblic fonvenlence upon properly of the 
t-orporallon situated on the vvest .side of 
Government street, south of the post- 
office and north of the Cau.seway. 

ANU. WMKHKAK, the whole rateable 
land and improvements or real property 
of the said Corporation of the t'lty of 
N'ictorla accordinK to the revised 
as.seesment roll for the year 1910, was 
$32,089,937. — r-::^ ;' 

~" AND, WHEREAS, ila total Ainoiint 
required to be raised annually by rate 
for the t>ayinK nf the debt w'hich will 
be created hereunder and .the ihterest 

. thereon, and for orcatins;„.AJa anaiiiij.. ">' 

Kinking fund for the payment off of tnc 
saldVcJebt within twenty-five yeaj-s. ac- 
cordin^^to law. i.s $1,L'S0.85. 

ANIJ, WHKRKAS. thi.s bylaw may not 
J;>e altered or repealed except with the 
consent of the I^ieuiei?ant«liuiLe£iiur.-in- 

THERKFORK, the Municipal Council 
of the ■ forporatl 
toria enact.s as l^bllows 

1. It shall be lawful for the Mayor of 
the Corporation of the <:^lty of Victoria 
to borrow upon the credit of the said 
Corporation b>- way of the debentures 
hereinafter mentioned, from any person 
or persons, or body or .bodie.«« corporate. 
who may be wlllinK to advance the same 
as a loan, a sum of-money -not. exceed- 
ing: In the whole the sutn of *20,000 cur- 
rency, or sterlinsr money, at the rate of 
4 Srt I'-rtrds dollars to the one pound 
si^rlinc and to cause all such nums so 
raised nr received fo be paid Into the 
liands of the Treasurer of the said 
Corporation for the purpose and with 
the object hereinbefore recited. 

2. It shall be lawful for the said 
Mayor to cause any number nf deben-, 
turcs to be made, executed an^ Issued 
for such sums as may be required, rot 
exceeding, however, the.eum of $2X1,000, 
either in currency or ^terUkiK money 
(at the rate, aforesaid) eacfr of the J'ald 
debentures heinff of the, amount • of 
ll.rtoo. nnd all .such debentures shall l>ft; 
.sealed with the seal of the said Cor- 
poration and signed ' by 'the Mayor- 
thereof, ' ' 

It shall be lawful for the said Mayor 
in his di."scretion tf> alternately c;ui«e. 
each of the said debentures to be made, 
executed and i.s.sued for an amount of 
£100 aterlinsT. and one if necessary for' 
a less sum In sterling money to com- 
plete the authorized issue. ■' 

3. The said debentures shall bear date 
of the day after the final passing of 
this bylaw, and shall be made payable 
in twenty-five years froill said date, at' 
f^uch place, either in the "Dominion 
Canfidk, Great Britain 

I'lBLU,' .Xt.crii' 
the lOiectoi'S ol ' 
City of Victor , 
presence ot ' 
Coufl .Room [ 

afot't'said ciiy on 

im RAID 

iiitrresl In the <'as(<lui' racking CuPl.- 
pnn^. l.iiiMi.'.l. fur fvili piirtlculnrs ap- 

litlcii.. -uJi ..-douiLUuLi I >i 111.- .ni.-ariiuii 
Ij.v i)r()minptu citizens .•• \ i^torla. Sir 

\Vilfr,i(i rotle. in thciav ..; .Mr. David ! ply k. ilif im.|ei Mi^ned, The hiphest., or 
Speiicor.'nnd ncconii)anyiii(s; him were! an\- i-'inlfr not necessarily accepted. 

. ' !:■ III.;, ^i\ on t.'> 
\i iinliipalily of the 
I reijuire the ! 
Klec'tors In ilie I 
'■ily Hall, in tin- I 
Ufdnesday, the 21tli 
day of . A.uj,'u«l. 1910, from 12 ( noon I to 
2 p. m., for the purpose- of electlnjj: a 
person to rerirosent therti in tlie Aluni- 
cipal Council as Aldormau for Ward 
No. 2 to liJl the vaoanc.v cnu.>*edbv tlu 
resignation of Mr, 
jtiiTnl>er. ■ 

Tlie inode of nomination 
dates shaJl be fts follow.n; 

of . candlr 

renian Bald 'Veterans. 
l.'ollowinK ll.'.e witli.haw al ..f ih" .lepu- 
tullon from the Trades and Labor Coiin- 
Wni. Henry iius.sell ''"• Sir XVUfrid received the Veterans of 
ihtr.J-'entaTt Raid, who are residlnk in (he 
c'ity rtHit the vicinity. The I'rime Min- 
ister o.^pressed hl.s- ."ifrprise that there 
were .«o many of them livinif Iri-thls part 

•■' [ytTllow lns: 
Kor th 
Ward No. 

The candidates shall be nominated i'n ... 

writing, the wrRinR-Khall be suliHcrlbed ; of the noniinlon. As they entered hia 
by two v,oters lof the municipality as private I'oom lie shook hands with oaeh 
pl-oposer and seconder, ami shall be dj;.-. of them, and In his pl*4i*«.Hiu»«wmfM- en- 
llvered to the ReturniiVjc Officer at any I „„,red of them names, places of rcsl- 

the Hon. William 'i\'iiipli'iniiii, Sena- 

to!- Riley, .Mr. V. \. Pauline, the uoting 

\ president of the Vi('-ti|.riu I^ibcral As- 

soriation., and Mr, Chris. .Sporicrr. 

'i'he other aiitomobilcs in llie pr'iccs- 
.'-•ii'ii \vfro th<i«e i)f His Honor laeni.-n- 
aiii -< ;o\ernor T'aterson. .Mr, .V i; 
Tudd, Mr. 15. I- IJrury, Mr. K. 1' 
I 'lurk, .Mr. AI'S. MclDermott, Mr. Cr... 
C. M.^shf-r, and 'i'hoa. ,R. Cusack., 

J.favinK''ithe J'JinjH-ess Hotel the party 
proceeded out t'iovernnient street mid 
then passed over the Point lOllice 
diridge. Here the idle seiillng: fleet of 
the VIctorlii . Sealing: coinpany was j 
pointed out. (joing up the hill alter 
Pii'SsinK over the Vn-ldge all the land 
comprising the famous Stmghecs re- 
serve was «Ibo shown ,htm. The i>arty 
then turned about and carne hiitk to 
the city, by way of Go vernm ent St., 
find up Yates to Cook., thence around 

f>fficlal Administrator. 

time between the date of the notice and 
2 p. ,m, of the day of the nomination, 
and in the event of a poll b'eltiK nece's- 
•''aj'X.such poll will be opeji on .Sn(^|i|-.).,\- 
the 27th day of August, 1910. from 9 
o'clock a. m. to 7 p. m, in th^j ma 


-j«>l>ERMA:N for 

In the Ppllce Court at the 

City. Hall, of . \ylittJh every person • 1» 

hereby roqulred to take notice and 

govern liimself aceordlnRrly, 

The per.sons ((Lialifled to be nomlnafei} 
for and elected as AX.DKRM,\.N' of. the 
City of Victoria shall h<- such persons 
aa Jare male Il i jtl.^li hubji'cts tif^ tliji f-til l 
a?e of twenty-one years, and aie not 
disqualified under any law. and have I 
beeii" for the six months next preccdinR 
the day or'iVrtttttnation— the reglstei-ed- 
owner In the land rcRistry office of lami 
or real prnpertr-l n - th e city tf t-.\'iti(.ixria 
o^ the assessed value on- the last mu- 
nicipal aMKC8,sment roll of live hundred 
dollars, or more, ovcl- and above aiiV 
FvKlstered Ju'lKment -^^f•.^p.lw^•sec;ttfll^"W•lTo- 
are otherwise dijly «|uallfled as muni- 
cipal voters." 

Given under my hand at Victoria. 
British Columbia^ this 16th day of 
August, -1810. -— ^- 


jg4jjjr> n iiii i r, — fin til Mo pr o '^ oi VtBi ' I "a pStlTTbn 

donee, an<l about the pmrt which, they 
had plai'.ed in.repelllnB the raider.-?. 
]_Mr. W. M. Wils on, P xcaldent of tlie 
Ke«ian Raid Vg'ierans' Club, spresented 
the tnenibers rif the deputation to tho 

RcturninR— 4iifJcer. 

Stales of America, as may be designated 
thereon, and shall have attached' to 
them coupon.s for the payment of inter- 
est., and tlie sig;natuxes__jjX_jhe_jnterest 
loupons may be either written; 8tamp5d7 
printed, lithographed oi-_ engraved, 

4. The said dehentureisTiafi' bear In- 
terest at-the rate of four pei- .'cent, per 
annum from the date thereof., whicli lit* 
tjerest shall be payable 'half-yearly-"Tjn' 
the 21st day of .ianuary and 2l8t day 
of July.! at such place, either In the Do- 
minion of Canada. Great Britain 'or the 
United States of America, as may he ex- 
pressed In the debenture "i^nd coupon. 

5. It shall be lawful for the said 
Mayor' to cause the said debenttues and 
Interest , coupons, either or both, to be 
made payable at such place, either In 
the Dominion of Canada. Great 'BritSilri 
or the United States of America, as may 
be desired. 

■6. It shall, be lawful for 'the Mayor of 
the said Corporation to dispose of the 
^aid debentures at a rate below par. 
and. to authorize the Treasurjer to pay 
-out of the sums so ral^e<l b> — th*^ Tsale 
of the said debentures a,ll expenses con- 
/#ited with the preparation and engrav- 
Ing or lithographing of t,he debentures 
and ' coupons, or . any dlscoimt or com- 
mission or rfther charges incidental to 
the sale of the said debentures^ 

7. If deemed advisable'by the .Mayor 
there shall. In the .«ald fjlebentures. ' he 
reserved to the Corporation the right 
upon any future consolidation of the tle- 
bentijres Indebtedness of Ithe city- to 
substitute debentures Of such consoil- 
datlon secured upon the cr«llt of the 
city generally. SucTi consolidation de- 
bentures shall contain the like cove- 
nant.", conditions and restrictions as are 

The Board of . Railway CqntmlsAloh- 
ej-s for' Canada will hold a. sitting, at 
Victoria, B.'C, on or abouftl'ie first 'day of 
September, 1910. at the hour of 10 o'clock 
In-the forenoon for the pttrposo of' hwar- 
In;? matters, applications .or fComplalnta 
tiled %ylth. the Board and served up<?ti 
the parties Interested ' In accordance 
of I with the. Rules aod Regulutlonil. of the 
or the United i Bt>8 id. 

By Qrder of the Board. 


— ■ is:ett<ita.i:i: 


contained In the debenture issued In 

pursuance of this bylaw, and lij'encTn'^^^*'^*''^^^**!''*^ t*ay of Augtist 

debenture issued hereunder a. clansc 

conditioned for such substitution may 

be inserted. 

For the purpose of raislrig annually 
the renulred sum- for the payment 

In the rhatler of. the Estate of John '*E. 
--rctchoJU, latf, of 'Silnneapolia, Minn., 
\S'. S. A.. di.-ceaBed^_^^_^. ' , 

All persons having -elalrrt 4 n«altist tho 
estate of th.'^ abovt; named .John E. Xlchotlj 
are requlmd to send, particulars t,hort>of. 
duly verlfled. to tht- undtrslKned an or lie- 
fort- the 10th day of August, It'll), aft*r 
which date the Undcralgnt-d attorney for 
tho px<>cutot« of the will of said deceaseil 
will pvocer-d to dlsti-lbuti? the airscts of th« 
said deceased among the peraons . ontitlpd 
'thprptO\ having ri'sarU only, to ih« claims 
ot which they then ha-ve , nolfco. . 

Dated this 9th day •'>r August. 1910. ' 
TUB fin'lTlSH rol.lMBl.v 


12S2 Govprnni. Ml >:., \'l.i.,iia. B, C. 
• Atlornf.vs in !;i< i fcir Kv.-i-uttvc. 


In the Sitprcuie, Court of Uriilsii Colum- 
bia. In tlve' Matter of the l-^state ()t 
Blanche Gcancini. .Deceasr'd. 
Tenders will tu: received l>»k' the tinder- 
aigned ttntll noon of the 31»l day of 
August, 1910, for the purchase of the 
following described, luopcHy. viz... lot 
11 of part of section' Ti.-nnip 252, Vic- 
toria City. 

"the highesLjor any tender not neces- 
sarily accepted, 

Wft^. MONTKtTH. 
Official Administrator. 
Ad'mlnl.<iterlng the Kslate of BLTiidie 
Orancini. Deceased 

from the club ant< In Uoliig so he-aaid: 
"The gentlemen who ap|>ear- beforo 
you at the present time and whom I 
have the esteemecTprivMlege. as president 
of tlie clubl of p,resenling to Vou, coin- 
priso a representative delegation of 
Veterans of the Kenian Raids of 1,S6G 
and o n tintH" the close lhoi;eof, but who 
are now, und wlto liave for- many years 
"illaiing hack close on to ttie Confedera- 
tion of the province b aen domiciled In 
Bf-ltMi, <-olymbia. 

• aI?rT?i11ffon''1?eT^t'e-^^^ at 

this pre..Jent time Is of a two-fold na- 
ture; first to wish you a warm and most- 
hearty welcome' amongst ua.r assuring 
you that you are n o strangei- to most of 
to •p.resenl "W 

us: arid secomiiji to, 'present "W s^svir 
hcMtor, personally, our claim as ■ siu^h 
vuterants. We cannot look to the pro- 
vince of our adoption in this connection, 
us It was then only a crown colony. 

'•To avoid taking up too much of 
ji-our valuable tltiie. Sir. with words, 
i(nd lirioWTng your thonnigh know ledge 
and touch with every detail In the his- 
tory of oUf" coyntcy, we ha\'Vi prepared 
the folloVing short address,' yr mem- 
orial, which' will suffice to lay the mat- 
ter fully before you," 

•i'ho petition read as foUo-wa: 
' Rt.' Hon. Sir— While It Is the very least 
of our desire to burden or worry yoii 
with business ditring yoiir very welcome 
afid much appreciated sojourn amongst 
us. yet we" take tt as a. most opiwyrtuno 
titne wherein to lay our long-standing 
grievance before you, feeling that In so 
doing wejtro approaching the very foot 
of the throne Itse lf' o f our Dominion 

. We" are a deputation consisting of 
"Veterans of the l"'enian Raids of 1S86" 
and following years until the .close of 
those troublous events, humbly praylnj; 
yoiw n'losf Uonorahle body for the same. 
dr equal consideration awarded to vetcr- 
at'is of rlie Northwest Rebellions' or the 
.South African War. • 

We feel , sir that our inervlcea at that 
niost'«irltlcal and wti e nu oua period in the 
histojyof our glorious Dominion should 
trierll the very highest commendation 
nnd appreciation of all those In author- 
ity nh'd' presiding over the destinies of 
our young, and at that time, defencolesa 
country. ' when there vi-ere none of Her 
rncsT^ Miijestry's regular line regiments at 
hand to render awslstance. 

if. ever, that Can- 

Rocklaiul avenue and down Oak Bay 
avenue and around tiie murine drive 
and golf links to Beacon Hill park. 
They passed through several of, tho 
jiretty roads of tlu; park, and then con- 
tinuing their jounie,\ along the Dallas 
road they returned by the outer 
"wharf and BJelleViWe street to theJSm- 
ljres« Hotel- ■ 

-^ Enjoyed Ride. 

All the members^jjf the party were 
greatly delighted with what they had 
'seen on the trip, and Their only regret 
was that they, had not had mor^ t' 
at their disi^osal, so that thf^y rnlght 
have had a better chance to see th« 
other parts of the city. 



OF - 

1 ' 


fn^ie^OwnsTte of 


Coleman, Alberta 

Situated in Famous , 
Crow's Nest Coal 

Dumping Oarbnge. 

With r eference t o my lette r of 

a f«w days ago re the- dumping of^aj' 
large Quantity, of matting sacks In the 
close- In waters of the/stralts, Captatn 
Gardiner has calle^ on me to explain' 
that he had. nothing to do vsftlT — tTRT 
transaction. Hti explains timt he has a 
contract from the city to dump' such 
stuff as will not burn amj that liis men 
have instruction's to tak«, it a mile and' 
a iiftlf, I think he said, beyon'd Brotchie 
Ledge. I am Ihcltncd to think from 
the results that thls^ Is not far enough 
however, and that they should gq thieo 
rnlles outside Brotchie. 

I did not lnte>nd to, infer that Captain 
Gardiiicr or any particular indlvldi'iul 
had dumped the 8ack.'< I liompUilned of. 
as I did, not know who had done the 
job, I simply wished \v report ijiat the 

waters frequertted by numerous small t Co.. o f Vi ctoria, having: bccn duly 

power craft had been converted Into /^ " ' " . , , . • i 

a miniature sarsa.'iso sea. 

~ ~^ WILLIAM CIlRlSTii;. 

Headquarters of the Gigantic 

Collieries of the International 

Coal and Coke Co., Ltd. 

Messrs. Stewart.. Williams & 

ill arrive \ 

instructed by the . International 
Coal and Coke Co., Ltd., will sell 
by Public Auction at Victoria, 
B. C, on Monday and Tuesday, 

Excursions Coming 
The steamer ^nTp ird a wi 

here tomorrow from Taconia witli a Nu^ . igth and --30th Soptember, 

14rge excursion pafty. The vessel Is [^ ^ . . , , 

due from the city pf.DSstlny about 
2 p. Jii.. and will .sail again at r> [i. ni. 
It is also exi>pcted that another will 
be arranged for the fullowing Satur- 
day from Everett, 


the interest onthe said debent'jre,s dur- 
ing their durrency, there shall be raised 
annually the .sum of $800, and for the 
purpose of" creating the Blinking fund 
aforesaid for the pa'yment off of the 
debt at maturjty , there '^hall be raised 
annually the sum' of. J4S0.2.=i and hoili 
.said sums shall be raised an- 
nually by a rate sufficient therefor 
on all ratable land, and Improvements' 
or real property in tlie t.'ity of "VrrcforiH 
during the continuance' of the said de- 
tientures or an.v of them. 

!>. This bylaw .shall before the finfll 
passing tiiereof .receive the absent of 
the electors nf the ^snid '('orporation In 
the manner provided for in-the Munici- 
pal Clauses Act. and shall take effect 
on tiip day after , the Hnal passing 

TAKE NOTICE tha.t the partnerwhlp 
of heretofore subsisting between S. L. Wll- 

m. This hylaw may bff cited, a,s , the 
Public Convenience .Loan Bylaw. 1!)10. 

Passed the Municipal Council on ■'the 
iTtli day 'of .luiv. IPiO. ., -.• , 

, TAKK .\OTli"i': that the JUhovfl !*( ' a 
tri/e copy of the proposed ^i^ylaw. upon 
which the vote of the Mimiclpallty Will 
be tjSkpn at the building known as Num- 
bers HIT and HI!) fMr. Meston's build- 
ing) Broad street, on' Monday, tiie 29tii 
day of August, f:>10,that_tite. polls <v)ll 
he kept open betvNeen the hours of !i, 
(I'clook a, m, and 7 o"clot;k p: m., a'ntl, 
tb*it .Mr. W. 'W, .Vnrlhcott has heen^p 

pointed tlig RetUMilug Officer »f 
■Vaid "vote. ' '-.■'■■ ^ . ' 

Actlnj? C.,M. C. 
citv Clerk'.* Office, .Vfctorla. B. C, 
.\ugust 17th, 1310. 

Municipal Notice 

son and ,i. Kennedy at Victoria. B. C.. 
under the style. »1f "The. 'V'ictoria ' (Jar^ 
age" was' dlisso'ved on the 20th day of 
July, 1910, and that the^ said business 
will In the futui-e be ctirrled on by S. 
L Wilson to whom all outstanding ac- 
counts arc payable and who will be re- 
sponsible for all Hallllllies in connec- 
tion, with the said buslnej'S 

J. KENXKDY. "•■ ._. 


Tenders for Sidewalks ^'"^•'' 
_ — and Sewer ' — 

I( waf then, sir 
fida's sons aros^ in tUeir might to tlte 
occa»ion, like men and soid l«Ma»_ -riUiy 
left th«T~r'louBh, tlie factory, the desk 
the anvil. ,tho last.- the plane, .and any 
other' vocations of life then available in 
Canada, and rallied forth to the defelue 
of ■ their homes and their country, very 
many of whom^nevvr affain refurned; 

In presenting you. honorabl^e sir,. Willi 
this, oiir humble petltlon^"we feeil a cer- 
,taln twinge of_£(infldence that we have 
arcoftiplished the wiping from tho hiit- 
tortCHt,.«'late of a' grlieyance and a caiUier 
which iias hung firp for now .14 years. 

Thanking yousir. in anticipation. "an«l 
-w4j»tilnK you a very pleasant and joyous 
tour tif the country, wiiieli we pray" Gad 
may licltlM^ meauE jif nat -«U li' ieOBLti" «>>• 
Ing your days .on earth and benefiting 
yoii bolh montaily and physically, but 
that ,lt may also be the means - of 
.•itrenVtberiIng your hands in the, perfor- 
manco of your duties to liie jjlorlous 
bomihltms oVer whlcii you have the' 
honor trt so ably preside. ' 

We the honor to rertiain; sir. 
Your obedient servants and defenders, 
W, M. WijBon, president, 1i:tl Johnson 
street; i.I.'A. Treen. secretary', fi;!4 View 
street; ,iohn KrankR, .). D. I-'raser, K: 
Shrapnoil, WU^nrt'cy. W. aactle^-J^y, 
.ionea. Oeorge Tlte. GeWge. Black. W. 
i4 Davis, isaac^ Sumner,. Thomas Williams, 
S, Creech, C. H- Wiiickler. ,1. M. Gamble, 
R. H. .lameaon. W. IC, James, T, Lus- 
conlbe. .1, K. Betsk, A. D. Dupont, .1. C 
,Sproul, VV. Rrntvh: W^.I, Tuggan, D, Mc- 
intosh, .C. O'Brien, E. Martin, J. 1)11- 

Notice to lyiariners. 

A concrete lieacon Zt feet liigh has 
b^en erected on fhe easternmost rock 
of ' Banfield r<»et'. Malacca passage,, 
souUiern entran(;e- to Chatham Sound.' 

Also notice Is givert that a tefnpor- 
,apy white light instead of the regulaJ- 
llghUng.. »tjJ>ji44(Jifitifs mny have to be 
be shown for .a few nights from Port- 
lock point while tliat station is Atnder- 
gotng repairs. "~~ 

i9io> the remainder of the com- 
pany's Real Estate Holtiings in 
the City of Coleman, Alberta, 
comprising some Three Jlundred 
eligible lousiness and Residential 
Sites, located in this tlixrving in- 
dustrial ceiitre. 

For further and full particulars, 
plans, maps, phpto gr a jih s , et c, 
apply to The Auctioneer, 

♦ ■♦-♦■♦■ 

* Births Mamages;DEatTis 


.IQHX-'Vi 8t. Joseph's fiospital. TjiVirs- 
'^lay; August IHtli. IfllO. -Rose Klla, 
, wife, of lb., late' H. F, .Tohn. 

Kiineral win take place from- elfe late 
residence. Mouth .Saanlch, 8unday, Au-' 
gust 2i, lino, at J p. m, 
.Friends ami nciiunintanoes piea-se ac- 
cept this iiitlminif.n. 

HiTt:HlE .Si 'i. family residence, N<i 
4C(t Cornwall ^l^ect., on the ISth Inst., 
James Itllchi.. a nStlVe of Carluke, 
Lanarkshlie, ,-! lahd, aged 02 years 
The funerai wl'n t.ike jjlace from the 
residence- as «bo\ e on Siiti(iii,\-, .\ugusi i 
::i8t, at 3 o'clo.k, I 

Friends will ple.ise accept this Inti- 
mation. . ' •' 
' Iiitcrmeht ' In Ro,<" "sBay cemetery. 

Stewart Williams 

637 Fort_Strcet, Victoria, B. C, 

^aynard & Son 


TBiVDEJRS. seated, endorsed ahd -ad- 
dressed to the' undersi'gnwi, from whpmt 
cotiifs of specifications, ■ etc., ntay be 
Obtained, wilt be received up to twelve 
noo n on Mo ti day, the L'Und day of Au- 
gust, 1910. for the cohstrucilon of: 
Pcrman(a5Ll_&liLewalk» : -7 

Moriterey Avon uw. N. (Bast and Wffst 

sides. _^' "" ' 

HBTniJshtrcr^ltOinJ,— K. TEasi-aidfi; .> 
, .Brighton avenue, (South -sjfje.) 
.Sewer :-n- .. , ' ■ ' > 

■ Mont'o>''ey nvonuo, ' H . ( l ' > t >w . tM li l ilwy 

avenue to .'•aratogn. aven .n',) 

1 - t ■nd<-rKr."i'nl 





■■^prliin Kidge 

I.nnd'.- V"H, 

,,,-1 1 ,. p, _ 

I f ' ".OnO Srfinii 

I,-..: ■ 

1 ml H« I'-'. -1 

). - . . 


"fi Isiilntlon iiosp" 

7 i'lihlic C'onveni. 
l«in, ' ; 

r hereby give n.oi . \\\<- \. 

elecKirs of the muni> :;'.i.:: . ...:■ rtn- 

of Vlc'torlft ns are entitled to vf)t.e iot 
bylaws for ralj«lng money Upon the 
(■r»dli ipf the mupiclpallty, are re<|.u'pated 
to attend at the polling place known as 
.No, MIT and MIS Bro.i.I .'■■l.reet, iii tiu- 

Tenders niust l)e , accompanied Tiy a; 
/ertlfied choMiue equivalent to 5 per cent 
of the amotint of tender. 

The council do h'otv*Hilnd themselves 
j to accept the Jo West m- any tender. 

1 \X. f-'OWLER. 

I Englnee,-. 

j Law {:;iiafhbcrs, Bastldn Street, Viecdfla,' 

Companie* Winding 'Dp Act, 1898. 

■'!Ti.-!i iii.^(liiiK [iii i-suant to Section 19 

■ '•; i !' !i - i.rn.e of .r. c. rniiott 


\.\(\\\\^\.^ . ■■ 

i ' ■ • • ■''oinp.'i V, 

Fremier^a Rapljr. 

' H iit ^« ' *' 'tf " ' 

w ' ili ' rif ' it' ' 'tlic 

' S i t- ' Wlifi i d " < X - n rt- 

I'^enliui Raid medal ii'irttlo a brief reply, 

arid promised that Komt«thlng would be 

done. He^sMtU_-„_.. >• 

. "T had no Ide^i, so lUttfty veternna who 
fought to repel the InttefenVible attack 
iin t he prQ v ificea--of- ■Qnt-at4o a i iit QuuH ec 
were-, in the west. -To you, Ijnilher.s In 
nriiin^ who ihav,e broiight th e (lu estifth 
lip, r wttt •.■JH;j-'rit' w i soiu tion. 
.\fier tlie .South .Afficnn.- war It was 
thou«Tit atlvisnbli? , that tiic reluriiiid 

TO .'70, at t^ 

g?fve ( n tne.nt o'f i^i: ,IohH 

tian raid, the 
A. I, Macdpnald 
was In office atitl'doalt'wltH the (iiie^tlrin, 
"^Ybu Htate that some were killed and 
s<)m« w^m •tnjtrrert^ :1^'^«^-*^«^«''"«'*fl^^-f^^t—i he .office of 

.^Dated fit X'tnorl,-!, I! 
of Jufy. i:m(i. 

Advertise in THl C0L0!^IST 

took care of wlflmvs and the ln.lur(?d 
at the time and we arc stUl paying some 
fif the pensions, although they ate a? the 
i'S^M so on, becominiir fe^\'er. The re- 
on$inlh|f oif the question is one of dirn- 
ctl.lty, Wfe have jiilil it itntler consldt^i,'- 
ationjiSOlIK'' hlllblhs, ntidi.wlthout making 
ni^y J can say ."that ■something 
niaylie done.. "~' , 

"There are. 2.5,0^0 yetffrftli s. t tt Tli one 
iii>seif, altlioiigh tiier-e was no. necessity 
for me to Ji'iit'ieiir upon the fielil of linltle 

'■■nil ;, 11. .1 -.■'■i 1 i.-.l ;; 

I Win iiiiike it my <i • 

'" -alle,! i,. 

' iem;ml." 

I'l, .. :i I ler :i tew of Us 

a«cain npproacheJ ,,Uie 


Granite and Mari)Ie Works 

■' M.6numen'ts, . Tablet^, Granite 
Copings, etc,, at lowest prices 
gQ^slsteni, ^ith t)t' ff t ,:,< ; }aa8 atpck 

and w' rkniarshlp. 

Cor. Tates an d Blanchard Rts; 

■— niSi— >— — Mil 1 1 ■lilllllUM^— — - 

instructed ue will sell' at ouir Sales- 
room. 1314 Broftd street on 

TOUAV, 2 P.M. 

.Mmost New 

Furniture and 

Inchidlnfe:: — HtUne's . upwrljfht piano, 
potn. organ, iollc.d top office desk. Oak 
boak case and desk comfilncd, ladies" 
uak secfetiiry, handsome oak .side-' 
tiowrd, mission bu"ffet, 2 good bed 
lounges. 'KOOfi hall racks, centre 
la Ides, rockers, leatlier covered couch. 

OA.vczi^XiATXOir or xxasByz. 

NOTICE 1."! hereby given that the Ite- 
serv« »^xlMtlnK on crown lands In tho 
vicinity of Rabine Lais^. and situate 'u 
Cassiur iJlstilcl, noLicb of wiilcli brar- 
Ing date June 30tli, 1808, was pub- 
iislied ill the Hiltlsli Columbia Ouviullo, 
dated July 2iid, ll/iiS. is cancelled. 
RC>Hl.:itT A. Rl-:.N'\V'R'lv. 
Deputy CoiunVlB.-iloner ot. liands; . 

Lands DeparlmeiU. Victoria. U. C, 
June 16th, I'JlO; 


.(E-stablished 180&.) 

Capital dnd Funds for security of 
policy holders exceeds$26,000,0a0 

'.rhe uiidersigncd has succeeded to tha 
agency of tlila company formerly held 
by ihu Stuart Jtoberlsoii Company, Ltd.. 
uiul will Kivo prompt attunllun to all 
commuiilcatioiiy rei^^ardiiiK new business 
or altorailoiLs ^-eciuireu on cxitstiiiK poii- 

ciea. ' Pleaso address all ctnnunicaMons 

TO — ,1 G. ELLIOTT, 

.'tSpccial Api-n 1 ' \ .mcouver l.sland. 

i:;i:: Brorf.d..iL.. victoria. B. C. 

P, O. Box 400, Phone 660. 


S'l':,\ l.t';!! ' TI'l.M i1':KS. kuP' rsrrlbrd 

"Teniir-r for .Silio.i! ,ii .Mission, H. (',,' 
will be recel\''il li.v Mie Honorable ilie 
MliilHlcr" of I'ubllc Works, up Uj ntion of 
Monday, the 'J2nd Ausust, IJt'lo, for .tlie 
orcilion .iiid completion "of a ffaur- 
i-onin.-.l tiiuliei; iranied- schoolhouso at ' 
Mission. ...'•— ~ 

I'laiis. specifications, contract, and 
forms of "tend er may be seen on and 
ai'tei- the 4th day~6f"XuBust, IS 10, at the 
offices of the Government Agent, N<>w 
Westminster; R. C Abbott, Es<|.,--i~ecre- 
tary to School Trustees, Mission; J. H, 
Bowman, ftscj.. architect. 112 Crown 
Fiuildlng, Vancouver; and at the ti^- 
partment of Public Works, Victoria. 

1-Sach proposal must tie accompanied 
by an accepted bank checjue or certifi- 
cate of deposit on a chartered bank of 
Canada, made payable to the Honorable 
the Minister of Public Works for a sum 
eQulvalont to 10 per' cent, of the amount 
of the tender, which shall be forfeited 
if the party tendering decline to enter 
into contract when called upon to do so, 
or if he fall to complete the work con- 
tracted for. The cheques or certificates 
of deposit of unsuccessful tenderers 
will be returned to them Upon the exe- 
cution ot the contract. 


"In tlio matter of an application for a 
.liiliiicate certtlicate of title to Lot^T'l 
of Sublbt 61',' Fern'wi.oii i:,M.>ie (.Map 
262),' YUitoria City, 

NOTIC'"!!: is iie'reliy gi\eii llial. 11 I.s ni.>, 
intention at tin.-. expiration of nu': 
iiibntii from tiie date of the. tirst pulUI- 
catioii li.^r. ■!' |.) li ;<:.■■ a .Iniilicatc certl- 
llcate ..I ml. lo Mii.l land Issued t,) 
John I'uvld Lundcr.s on Lho.' day of 
October, inns, a.nd iiumbi^ied 181)6-1 C. 

Lbnd Ilegititry OtTic , \'iiMoria, B. C, 
J,uly 23-.- 'ISro. 

, • ■ '■ ' J. B,' Mel, KOI). ■ 
T)f n.'.tty. RegliU,! ar„iJcncra.l 

Tenders will not Ire considered urftess 
made out on the forms supplied, signed 
■with the actual signature of tlie t e'n- 
derer, and enclosed in the envelopes 

. • The lowest or any tender not 'neces- 
sarily accepted. 

Public "Works Engineer. 
Public Works Department," 

Victoria B. C; 2nd AugiJst. 1910. 



Be CaptT Edward Earkley, B. N., D», 
_, _peased. 

All persons having claims against th<i 
estate of Ca:Ptain Kdwardliarkiey, 1;. 
N ...deceased, late oi^Wcstboligie, B. < ' . 
are required to -send particulars, duly 
verified thereof to Me.ssra. -Crease k 
Creas e, 531 gort^ls treet, Vicjjiria, JJ. ., < " . 
on or before the -Slst day of August, 
1910. '■'!'■■ 

Pated the 30th day of July. A, D. 1910 








In the matter of the estate of Blanche 

Ede, late of the City of Victoria, B. C,, 

widow. *~* 

All persbns having claims against 
the above "estate -ove requested to- send 
particulars thereof- to the urtdersigpcd 
on ^r -fee fore August< 22, 1»10. after 
whlcli date the executor will proceed to, 
distribute thfe assets of tlie deceased, 
having regard only to the claims of 
which he has notice. 

t)ated this 2l8t July. 1910. 

Victoria; B^ C. 


Solicitor for Executor. 


In the Estate of Thomas H. Towers, 
late of Victoria, British Columbia, 
Deceased, Intestate, 

' All per«oni< having clalrn.-? against tho 
deceased are re^gue sted "to '.send partic- 
ulars thereof, duly verified to tha un- 
dersigned on or before the 1st day of 
September, 1S)10, after wlilch date the 

adh1inrstrinrix~wm 1>i:dte«cl to distribute 
the assets of the d ecea sed ■^ ain.opg . the 
persons entitled thereto liaviiig regard 
only to the claims of which siie then 
has notice. 

Dated this 29th day of July, 1910. 


651 Belton Ave., Victoria West. 

Victoria, B. C. 
' A'dministratrix. 

CorporatiGn of the 
o f Vern on 


NON, B. O. 


Appllcatlons w-'lll 'jc received '"P to 
29th -iVugust.' inio, by the e.ouncil of the 
City of Vernon for the position of Clerk 
and Treasurer.. S.alary Sli'O'per month. 
•.Applicants wifh i)re\loiiH municipal 
expel^ience preferred.' 

Apply stating U'^'aJlficatlon and refer-' 

-ences, to .-l . ^ 

. D. O. TATE, 
Aotirtg (('!i> Oerk, 

Vernon. H i"*. 

NOTICE Is hereby given that the re 
serve existing upon the taints- embracea" 
in special Timber Licences No. 202S6. 
situated near Sechelt Inletr New "\\'est- 
minster District. Is cancelled, and that, 
fhe said lands will be open for location.- 
under the provisions of the Land Act, 
at mldiiight on October 14; 131U. 
Dcp u t y Com m i88luin.fiX--QfL-. i iP nd « 

Xahds Deptr, Victoria. July 14, 1010. 

NOTICE "^'^- 

irariffable Waters Ffotection Act ^ 
NOTICE is liereby Klv en tliat John 
Raymond of the City Of' Victoria, Brlt- 
isli Colunilila, is applying to His Excel- 
lency the Governor General of Canada 
ih Couficil for appioval of the plana and 
descriptions of site, of ivdrks proposed 
to btt constructed liy him In Victoria 
Harbor Immediately fronting Lot 562A, 
Block 41, Victoria, B. C, and lias de- 
posited the- said plans and description.^ 
of '.site Willi' tlie -Miniater of Public - 
Worljs at Ottawa and a d.ipilcate there- 
of with the Registrar General of Titles 
in the Land Registry ,OKlce, Victoria, 
I^, C„ and that tli <; mat ter of tiie said 
application will be pi^>C6Vded with at 
the expiration of one month from tlie 
time of tlie publication ot this no- 
lico in the "Canada Gazette." 

Dated this 26th day of July. 1910. 
. ,W. n. LANOLE-1i, 

111: OOverninent fe'treet 

Victoria. B. C. 
< .=;ollcitor for Applicant. 

"■WTATEB ACT. 1909/' 

TAKK .NOTH-f^ tliat J. Frederick N, 
Norton, of tlie cttTTrf-^ancOuver, I?,.C. - 
lumliertnan, intend to apply to the Lleu- 
teiianl-Oo\ernor In Council on Tuesday, 
4 be nth day of October. A. 0. 1910. at 
the hour of II n'cloclt In the forenoon,- 
or so soon tlierenfti'r as tlie application 
can be beard, ftu- a filial license under 
Pa Its XI. and XII, of the "VVater Act, 
l.'ttJ?. ' to clear and remove ol.istacieH 
from .'Salmon river and Orford bay. an 
arm tif Bute Jnlet. Columbia; 
fur the . . 'pnrpoH i ) of m . nt>ij' , g thb uamu tit 

for ratting and driving logs and pen- 
ning back and storing water, ahd for 
ei(, ting Ijoomlnx-grourids in said Or- 
i..r.| bay. approximate maps, plane and. 
paiiiculars of wblch undertaking t»r» 
llle.i in. thn offices of tlie Cliief Com- 
jiiisslonei of Lands and Water Commls- 
.'^ipner nl Victoria. 

Pated'tlila I'ltth day of ,Tulv A. t). 
1910. l'RI':nERiCK N\''NORtT)rJ,''^" 




B« b«pt.. Sdward Barkley, B. N., Se 

All persorls having claims against the 
estalo of Ca4)laln Edward Barkley, R. I 
N., deceased, late of Westtiolnie, B. C., | 
are required to send particulars. '.duly 1 
verified . therc.of to Messrs. ' Crease &[ 
t''rea5»o, 521 P'ort- street, VIctoriaT B, ,C., ( 
on or b&fope the Sist<day of Augu.'<t, j 
1910.' . i 

Dated fhe 30th day of July, A, D: 1910 
(Signed) ' 





JTeffotlabla Waseh'ouse Beoelpts is' 
■uetl. Furniture and Household O-oods 
oarefully handled. Stone Biilldlng' aind 
Ziow Insaranoe. 

Phoitie 1665. 

535 Tates St. 

K. iVloore and H^ .1. Scott on Douglas 
KoldlWrs siiould be rewarded. During 'fiO Victoria, are invltetl up toDoon 

lounge., "good pictures,^ ovf^r mantel, 
mirrors, very good '(^arpets. carpet- 
squares, rugs, e.vtension tabic, dining 
''+T.mtlrs, very good oak bed rooth suite , 2 
Ktr^Tin-c Tr\ r-rxMi^n a /-.rr.v^T-.rr '-'^^y f^"<' ''■'^" bedsteads, sprihgsand 
NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS matlreaa»s. child's <-t;^jioo6 Iron «ot, 
"" — ,, I .dressers and stands, toilet Het.**. towels,, 

TBNDER.S for the .coHaJnict a spreiads. blankets, etc., kitchen cup- 

brlpk hulidinB,' and for the p mm 1 . i n gTiyiritrfl ',•' 'K: " t aW gff : - y.-yrtrhf ortr-ttWlt tng 
and electric wiring iherefor. for Messrs. utrnsila, carpentersT tortls, two cooK 

Of Monday, AuKu^'t 29th, 1910. 

The lowest or any tender jiot neces- 
.tarily accepted'. " 

Plans ant? speclficatlonn may be seen 

'Mlivrnu, Architect, 
1006 G|ovemmen{ .St, 



] I lie al ' ■ 
I The di'pi.iiaii 
members had 

I riini. Mini i.-t- 

trWO Li^RUE LQTS fo OakBav 

miinlcinal H.y, "100 3?Rrd,«i from 

sclioo'l and car lln6. 'commanding 

1 nice view: miis' ' .ij m 

lice,, owner neeii Price 

■ .o'li. fei-m-.' . , , .9680 

Piummcr & Rideout 

Real Enl.ftte and TmiliBr 
ma Br..n(l St. Phon* 8392 

stoves,, lawn mower, gent's bicycle," lot 
of (|ui>ra, etc." On view this afternoon 
ntuT mornltiK of sale/ 

l''.Mtr-.\ear-pUl horse, gre.V horse, hay 
marc, and other*" part .Icrsey cow In 
calf 7,-tnonths, 2 cows milking, express 
wagon with brake, alriii'wt new harness, 
light wagon, 8fi,t of harneHS, buggies, 
carts, et<„ Me,xlcan sftddfe English 
Saddle, Ijtdies' side saddle, lot of chick- 
en^, etc. 

^— Sii^^l^^- 


NOTICE la h ereby given that the r"- 
serve existing upon ttre^andst -em braced 
)n' special Tim-ber Licences Nos ' 'iS'Jii 

SSQe.-? and. 28964, sltuatFTITT lillld>^l?e'a'iTT 
■Di9ti:lct, la cancelled, stnd that the" said 
lands will be open for lotalion .under 
the provisions of the Land" AcTat iniii- 

niitiu on Ocreuef iT.'^i^io. -— 

Deputy Commivistoner of r,,ahd8. 
Lands- Dept, Victoria,. July 14, r»ii). 



■•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦--«-• 

• ♦ > •■ g '» * ■* ***■*- 



To Rent 

T-foiise -and cottage., central, for ."tale, 
pianos, sealers from 3.ic dozen, beds, 
bureaus, cliairs, blinds front 25r: and 
lot!^ of other goods. Dnvles fk Sons'. 
AuctionocrR. 5S5 and 82S Yatos street. 


Stawait, B. C, and Princ* 
-t — ■ Runait, ^Bv C. ' — ""^ 

Fiscal Agents for the 

M^in Recfjining Co. 

Tlte propfTfry-of^thiti cOTff^ 
pany adjoins that .of the 
SteAvatt 4d^ining ahd Devel- 
op men t Co. 


"MOTICJJ fa hefetijr g'v*ft that tha it- 
serve, existing In cro-wn lands In the 
vicinity .of Bablne Lake. situate in 
Kan'ge 5, Cost District, notice of which 
was pliblished' in tlie Columbia 
Gastet-tft, dated December 17th, I'JOH, la 
cancelled in so far as sal<l reserve re- 
lates to lots numbered Ifii'.i, 1.518, lull. 
ir>)»i. 1515, 1510. 1607, 160B, 1806A,. ISO.",, 
ir.Ol, 1602, l;")!:;. I'Sll. 1505. 16'04;, 1513, 
l,'')i4, 1B09, 1508, 1530, 1527, 1528, lD2!t. 
lfi:il, 15-82, 16a.1. I.i3'l. 1535, 1637, 153y, 
1686, 1638, 15'tO, 1541, 1514, 1,-.13, 1545. 
154S, 1542, 1547, 1648, 1549. 1650, 15j() 
15^1, 1522, 1623, 1&2'1, 1525, 152S and 

Deputy CommtKBioner of Land^. 
Lands tjepiirltnent, Victoria. B. C, 
,lun«< 16lh, 19 10. 

Advertise in THE COLONIST 

Canipcrs^and ric.uicer.s ^fc 
not pcrniilterl to land . ori 
.Section 96, Esquim-'alt Dis- 
trict, otherwi.-c d<nown ^^^ 

Ro'schaitlct '" ^"'"' "^'^' 

Inne i.'^th. lorn. 


MILTj wood AWD stove Vi'^OOB 

R. DAVERNEr545-Do«^la& St. 

OppoKite City Hall. 

n r.^ivEBWE. T-r <•■■ 


K<!!)p.!!l.»BR' •'»=■< - ■* ' "» 



Tf^' " " ^ ^TK ^ T^jpyvjq; ^ ^t 

* ■ ■ 

V 1 




Friday. August M9, 1910 

". i ."l ■.tl '! , i ," ' 



Visit Our Tea Rooms* Third 
Floor. A Cup of Good Tea 
Is the Best Refreshment 
You Can Have: 


All of Our Chocolates Are 
Made on the Premises. They 
Are Pure and Wholesome 

A Large Shipment of Ilockers and 
i Arm Qiairs Go on SsJe, Todeiy 

ROCKERS at^.90 and $4.90 Arm Chairs, $3.90 and $4.50 

A splendid line of Arm Chairs and Rockers has just been opened up. These are being placed on sale today at extremely lovy prices. They are in Early 

English finish, are very comfortable, and, at this price, should sell quickly. — -^, 

Brussels Carpet Squares Special, 

T oday, ^13.75 

Brussels Carpet Squares— This make of carpet has a unrM-wid'c 
repvualion for hard wear, au.l m "ur iniin.Muse stock can he luun.l a 
ru.c^ n-hich will luirmonize with every -rlunie ..|' .jecoration. TIu-n- 
ci'uic in reds, greens, fawns, floral, ctmvcntional and Orienialodc- 
Men-. AngiiVt is the mouth to purchase carpets at 1>ars:;ain prices. 

, Sizes 3x3. Price - ••^l^^'J'S 

Today's Sale of Men's Crush and Stiff Ha ts. Val ues 

to $3.50 for $1.75 

1 f VOL! even have all the hcaclwear you want for present uses it will pay you. 
t.i ptirchase now fr.r future needs. These are in' a number of sha^^des and 
are exceptional hfir52^ain'^. Today .....'»• .«.»#. • • J|>1.75 


Pongee Silk Sale, Today 

We are left with about 200 yards of Natural Ponj^ee Silk. 36 inches 
vviile. Regular 75c, 8^c an d 90c. Today we ^ y ill close ihe surplus 

at, per yard 7 . , »'^» • • • • • • ..• . . .-..^ ^ 411 ii i y./ ...... '.'.♦ ..•. . .50o 

Be here early^ asihis quantity will noUast long~aCSasIIow price 


Tapestry _Caj;pe t Squares, $8.75 

Tapestry Carpet Squares— Thi.-^ make -f rug is now made in a l^rge 
and varied number' of dcsi^ius and colorings. Many of them are 
rcpro.luclions of the higher class carpets and are very hard wear- 
ing. We are placing on special sale for today the remainder of 
our stock in ihis side. The price should sell them out quickly. 

V ■ „ '^ ■............$8.75 

Price ^ 

Wilton Ru^s, Today, $22.50 

Wilton Pile Rugs— This make of rug is unsurpassed for quality and 
< 1 u rahil i ly. There is no carpet turned out of lootns .ils^ •^•^zx.s 
,o the exteiitiJJi at the Wilton TPi^t'taor- These rugs are^in' a Jarg« 
a<<ortn'cnt of designs and Colorings and are .suitable for every 
room in the house-jr^isit'tj^d ilpor i<)r big tegains in carpets. 
, Price' ..■...'.. "■' •-- .A.,.-."i--..>'.... • ••*•••• -^22.50' 

A Popular andliteresting Dept. 

That is what our cixstomcrs iay of our PATENT MEDICINE 
and TOILET ARTICLES DEPARTMENT. Our aim is to keep- 
i! ., ' V .ivingvou the advantage of our extensive buynig facditjes, 
whereby you can purchase your needs at low and reasonable prtces. 
^ou can always rely onoiir goods being genuine, and our stock fresh. 

The following list picked at random from oiir stock, \yilLgiye 
you an idea of our prices: 

Seidlitz Powders, 8' in tidX, .IJC, ot 2 for ............... .^ • •"•^^^ 

r 50<^ 

' .[[.}\. 75^ 

Abbey's Salt, large .... . . . 

Enos Fruit Salt, size 

Three Great Specia l Bargai ns from the Mantle Section 

lor Tod ay 

There is no excuse for not haying £^ linen Suit or Linen-Dress now,' especially^ 
when such tremendous bargains are 6ffered. •. . 

Linen Costumes, regular $15.00, Today, for $5.75 

lust a third of their usual worthit Sdme of these are, beautiiully trimmed. They 
are. In :v^tiit€ and numerous col r^ Ij^day^e mean to cjeai: tiiese $5.75 

tinen'Suits, regular $25.00 to $35.00, Today, $8.75 

.just^hin k of gett ing a splendid quality. Linen Dress at siich a, remarkable 
price *.^ thisT But our intention ,is not to' carry oyer a sirigle^suit, hence, t|iis 
remarkable reduction- Thesr valuer range from $2?.o o to $3Q -00' Today's 

$1.90 Buys a Fine Linen Suit regularly sold at $8.75 

These are in all colors. At this trentcndbush/ilow price they should clear out 
quickly}^ Made of a fine linen rep, in .latest styles and finish, at such a price as 
this it will pay you to purchase a suit f0l^ ne.\t season, if a suit is not wanted 
for presentuse. Regul|itr;$8.?5. for . ./: $1.90 

Today^s Clea rance of Staples^Values to 20c fo r 10c 

Today we are u^t\^ drasttc measures to ensure a cleara nce of 

staple lines— such as Toweling, Ginghams, Prints— in fact, 

'■everything in this line will be cleared. ■ You will also find a 

large variety of Flannelettes, Glass Cloths, 

of these values go ashigh as 20c. Today, per yd,, 10c 

Bargains .^in^ to Drapery Dept. 

'OtifT!)rapery Department opeas up this morning with some fine 
bargains in Afl Draping Fabrics, includin g. P ri n ted Sateens, Cre- 
tonnes, Casement Cloths^ Printed Muslins, Erinted Canvases, 
Madras Muslins, Art Serges,_Tapestries, Silks and Brocades i^ 

Drapery Fabrics at 15c to 35c 

Arts and Crafts Draping Fabrics in every style of design and color- 
ings that is required to make the .windows look neat and.daintv. 
Today, i^^g. sssc, 20c r^ J : 15^ 

Madras Mifslins, Today, at 25c 

Printed Sateens in_a ,big variety Of c#lbrs and daintyTTToBay, .^5c, 

Madras Muslins, ecru shade, double width. The^e mn.slins makr 
dainty- curtains for .bedroms'and small drawing-rooms, and arc 
largely used for .casiemcnt curtains, and come in a large number of 
designs. Todaj' .....•...;... .25^ 

. i . * . » • 

> V I > t .< 

Sal Hepatica, $1.35, 70c and ......,.'.. ■ 

Bromo Seltzer, 5^1.00,-5 0, 25c, 

Sodium Phosphate, r lb.- 

Fluid Magnesia .... ..,•.■ • • • , 

Fruit-a-Tives, large ........ ... .' • • 

Dodd's Kidney Pills, 50c size for ...... 

Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, 40C.-3 boxes for 

Chase's Pills .• 

Carter's Pills • ■-• 

Eclectric Oil ......... • ' 

Minard's Liniment • > 

Chase's Ointment 

Culicuia Ointment ............ 


^Orange Quinine Wine, 'P' 

Beef. Iron and Wine . .... 

Scott's Emulsion, ly r\nA ••• ... •• 

Nestles' Milk Food • 

All Baby l-nod-- at Reduced Prices , . 

Hind's Honey and Almond Cream '. 45<^ 

Holmes' Frostilla - - • • 20f^ 

Almond Cream ., '• . . • 20^ 

Oatmeal Cream . ^ - • • •, ^^'<' 

Witch Hazel Cream .^. . , . .20<^ 

Hazeline Snow ' ....•■ 3.5<* 

Hydrogen Peroxide, . I r.z. -i/,c !'■.-■ R .,/ .^i/c, jor, K . , ,/ xi/f ,..3.5<^ 

Calvert's Carbolic Tooth Powdci . ; - , . v a it! ^. 40<* 

bottle for 



. 20<^ 





. 20^ 


. 20<^ 



........... ;.40< 

*,,.., \ .40^ 


« > • - •:;•:• 

Today Will Be a Big Day in the ilandke rchief Dept. 

Our European 'buyer has been sucdftssful in picking np. a manufacturer's clearing line 
of Oddments at his own price, and today we will make our first showing of them. Our 
Handkerchief Department is well known for values, but .never before have we sho\j'n Such 
values as wiH'be on today. . ' ° 

Today, we quote a few of tfie leadinij lines : 

On the 5c Table will Ixf Plain an<l Fancy 
Hemstitched Handkerchiefs. 

At IOC there are Plain Linen., 
ed Unen and Fancy Mer(: 

kerchicfe, and Bar I 
and Silk Handkerchiefs. 
Fancy Initial . Handkerchi^ef s, Plain Linen 

.1 w 

I ' iiit- 


Handkerchiefs "and Fancy "EmbFoTaere~ar 
'Handkerchiefs. .\ splendid variety on 
this tabic at, each 1-2' 

Dainty Lace Edge Handkerchiefs,, Cross 
Bar Linen Handkerchiefs and Fancy Em- 

, broidered Handkerchiefs. .These are great 
value at. catrh-T—. . i 15^ 

Fancy Embroidered Handkerchiefs, witli 
lace edges and plain hemstitched borders, 
fine quality pure Irish, linen Handker- 
chiefs, ' This table ts worth your s pecial 

attention. Each 



Two other good lines in I^'ancy Embroider- 
d Hafldkcrchiefs at, each, 35c and. .50^ 

Latest Productions in Fancy Scarfs 

, -^ — '■ , .- | ,. , . ,,. .1 — ..1^ — .-I. — ., r , I I. ■■■ 

We have just received a delivery of Novelty Scarfs direct from London and Paris 

Some Really Fascinatin g Effects in 

■ I. I'l. .I. .11 I - .1 ■■'■ ■■' ■■ I I ■■^■'■1— ■■ II I ■ ■ .1. I... I .1.11- ■■■-. .1 -— I- -.11 ...i.i. »■ — — ■ ■■^■■^M^— MI M I MM.MI ■ 


The advatice styles shown Jn felouses this year are in- 
deed interesting both as. to material and finish which weT 
-are satisfied you will say represents the maximum of v alue 
for the money ex.pemled. It will prove a pleasant -surprise 
•indeed to yoti, t o come in arid-look them over. 2nr| floor. 

The New Fall Goods, Are Showing 
Themselves in Ail Departments 

Every.dcpartment is showing somethi ng' new for Tall 
use, mo-i notable a mongst tllese are the new D resden ef- 
fects in .silk and velvets, our Government street windows 
are at preseitt reflecting a splendid arrav. Vou will find 
them interesting. 

^x *i^ua ,• .)«. t :ttt 

The New Costumes Are ^lasterpieces 

_: '. — -. ^ — — , — ■ : — ■■ — * — ' '—■ 

•' 1 . . ■ ■ ■ ' 

^ a- , ' ' ' ' ■ ■ ■ ■ — ' . 

Xhe new su its tor women this fyjllare parficulaTly in- 
t e r c s ttngTTTiriHwTm-nT ^ li o" W fish ^ ')met hi ng smar t in we ar- 

Edward's Harlenc. 

Newbro's Herpicide, X.^c 


Seven Sutherland Sisters' Hair Tpnicj [}Oc and 4.5^ 

Tatcho ..'.-.: 45<* 

Lambert's Hair Growth ... 45^^ 

Cuticura Soap, per cake 30^ 

Pears' Soap, ])0r cake 10^ 

Wright's Coal Tar Soap, per Itnx 40^ 

Roger & Gallet's and Pivcr's Perfumes, all odor^, jxt n/ 85^ 

471 1 Cologne 6''>«^ 

Gosnell's Cologne 35f^ 

Hair Brushes, Tooth Brushes, Combs, etc., all at low prices. 

Rich Satin Scarfs, \vil1i heav\ 
;!r( III'' \ < 1-^ i ill .-1 W'l^ bavr 
Icrciit -liadr • '.i \<\- •■' '' 
cream and hhn k. I'.nli 

na\y, mrilc, 

$.» rr-r 

Fancy, Lace Scarfs, with and without siilk 
fringe, .in prcjtty shades of pruiielle, reseda, 
rose, etc. .These Aft a good izj^ yards 

long .....:>'..'....«.... j> ....... .^o.7«> 

Better qualities up to ; $25.00 

Ladies' Imilation Chamois Gloves, per pair, 35c 

ing apparel, part icular attention seems to have been given 
to the tailoring a nd fitiish which, we tnigh^-sa^y, is far, to .sa y 
the lea st, in advance of any previous season; Yoii will.find 
man y new imiQ.vations heretofore not seen, .fflany new 
shades ar e shown, also materials, we wbiitcl be p leased in 
deed t o show yott° these and wotild considet' it a fa \ 
"a pleasure to show them whether you purchase or not, 

This is a'splendid Clove for everyday wear,, and just looks lil- 
a splcndidWashinp; jrloVc aufl i<^ specially priced. In natut 

d rlTj.n,,is' jtIovc. It is 
I'cr i^ajr. .35iC* 

Black L ace Edgings and Insertions, yd., 25c 

-This is exceptional value aiul vary in width froni'iV^ to 4 inches wid< ^ r- 
jet heads. Others are with fancy dr<i{;ns. A II in one lot, at. per yard . . 

r tanrv 

NewFaii Mo dels In to adies' Headdress 

\ p!",;; II! Government Street wi ndows or our Millinery De - 

])annicni, srijoud floor, will show, you the latest touches in artistic 
creations in P"all Millinery, imported by us direct froni Paris It 
will show you how closely this stQrc keeps' with the \^n\d < 
rcct fashion. This season the predominating style?*, arc principaiiy- 
pari-^ian studies in black and while in the M<M»ii .!i tiirban and^ 
lliidn turban effect. Trices range upwards^' fi .,$5.7^5